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Kawasaki October 21, 2011 posted by

Green Machine-1990 Kawasaki ZX-7

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Mileage: 35,897

Price: Auction, $6,000 BIN

Many a ZX-7 is featured here at RSBFS and usually the bike featured in the homologation special ZX-7R, a bike Kawasaki built for racing that featured special items like flat side carbs, hotter cams, and an aluminum gas tank. Very cool stuff indeed but also notorious for difficult tuning for street riding. For those folks who couldn’t afford the hot rod version or even didn’t want the extras (hard to imagine), there was the ZX-7. All the killer looks, still solid performance, but a little more rider friendly.

Here’s some more pictures of this one-

The seller’s brief information is here-

Here it is!!

The Mother of all 750 Super bikes!! 

The One that started it all!! 


A prime example of a Great condition, Garage kept 1990

Ninja. Never ridden but started weekly. Sounds great. Not to be disappointed.

All original fairings, tank and seat. Light scratching fairing but no cracks.

Muzzy Exhaust, tank bra, extra seat with stock rear seat cowl, front fender, vent hoses, green wind screen, 2nd Look tank bra

Should be serviced before ridding.

Liquidating my vintage Super Bike collection. Checkout my 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 and 1986 Honda VFR 1000R

Buy all three for a instant collection

Feel Free to call with any questions. Will help arrange shipping if needed.

$500 deposit required upon purchase

This bike has some replaced parts, including a fairly common Muzzy aftermarket exhaust. The seller also describes some scratches on the fairing that aren’t highlighted in the photos so getting some up close shots would be good. The bike has been sitting, and although being started frequently, probably need some work to get back into riding shape as the seller states. It’s also sporting about 36,000 miles, which is quite a bit.

So taking all of that into consideration, the seller is asking $6,000 BIN. That seems high for this bike, more of what you would expect for the R or RR versions. Something closer to $4k would more in line with the standard ZX-7.

So there you have it. These are cool bikes and maybe the seller will entertain offers. If you like the looks and rider friendly nature of the ZX-7, then by all means, give this bike a look.


Sport Bikes For Sale October 7, 2011 posted by

1990 Yamaha FZR 600 Survivor

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Mileage: 9,388

Price: Auction, current $1,322

What we have here is a survivor from the start of the 90’s, quite possibly the best decade for sportbikes. The FZR 600 was a great bike (had the chance to ride one back in the day and it was awesome) and more a track bike than what I was riding at the time (’88 Hurricane 600). The 600 class was very competitive at the time and the FZR’s Deltabox frame, race orientation and killer paint spoke to many of us. I just didn’t have the money at the time.

This seller found this after years of storage. Here’s the rundown-

This is a super clean low milage 1990 FZR 600 RA.  Just out of long term storage and has not run since 2008.  Purchased from the estate of the original owner.  Only 9,388 miles. The original sales reciept is included along with the original owners manual.

It will need the usual service, maintenance and adjustments commonly provided to a motorcycle that has been in storage since 2008.  The tank will need a general cleaning but there is no significant old gas residue as the tank must have been drained before storage.  The battery needs to be replaced.  Tires look good and are not cracked but may need replaced for high speed use.  Carbs may need to be cleaned.  No visible leaks or drips.  Shifts through all gears and has strong compression commensurate with the low milage. 

Photos show small to tiny scratches on front fender and right lower fairing which can be touched up or buffed out.  There is a section of the front right fairing that is broken/missing, see photo.  There is a very small nick in the seat which is an easy repair, see photo.  A great low cost begining for a show bike.

Good Ohio title. Build date is 10/1989. 

This is a great example that has seen limited and careful use by one long term own.  Lots of miles and smiles remain for the new owner.  A lot of near classic motorcycle for the money and it will appreciate in value every year.

Please study photos and call me for more information.

Sold “as is where is” without mechanical gurantee…only my description is guranteed to be accurate and is back by a 100% money back pledge if I have failed to provide you a materially accurate description of the FZR.

A $200. deposit is to be paid within 72 hours of offer auction ending.  The balance is due within 7 days auction ending.  Paypal is ok for depot and for the remaining balance. 

I will assist with shipping on this end but you must make all arrangements. I will provide indoor storage for 60 days. I may personally  provide enclosed delivery within 350 miles of Cincinnati Ohio for additional cost.  Call me for quote.

My feed back is 100%.  If yours is less than 92% and or you have fewer than 9 Ebay transactions you must call me before you bid or your bid may be cancelled.

And photos with more in the auction-

As the seller points out, this bike has been in storage for a long time and will need the necessary work to bring her back to life. And it does have the one broken piece in the headlight fairing and small spot on the seat. But otherwise, this is a clean, stock FZR600 that has survived pretty well over the years and comes in the best paint scheme there was. It’s simply gorgeous in my opinion and takes me right back to that day outside of my college town when I threw a leg over, grabbed some throttle and hit the first corner. Awesome.

So I don’t know where the auction will end price wise, but I think there is an opportunity here to pick a great bike at a good price. There will be some work to be done and the fairing may be difficult to replace. However, if done, here’s a great bike that will bring happiness and probably increase in value as the years go by.

This FZR is clean and the mileage is fine. If you want to pick up a great example of the beginning of a decade of many cool bikes, then make the jump!


Kawasaki September 8, 2011 posted by

Clean, Original 1990 Kawasaki Ninja ZX750R

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Mileage: 11,705

Price: Auction, $3,800 BIN

This bike really brings back the memories. I’ve written up a ZX750R before and I have to admit that I think they are stunning, especially in the red and black. All the sportbike worship during my college days comes back when I see one. The entire Ninja line was just so cool. Of course there’s also the fact that the 750 sportbike for all practical purposes has gone the way of the Dodo, with the exception of the ever-present GSX-R750. This bike goes back to the days when 750’s were an option in everyone’s lineup. Man, I miss those days.


In case you’re curious, here are some brief spec’s on this particular machine. It came with an in-line four, twin cam, 16-valve 750cc engine (claimed 106hp), anti-dive technology in the forks and a 430 lbs. dry weight.

Here’s some more pics-

And plenty from the seller-

Hi everyone,

Up for sale here is a beautiful 1990 Kawasaki Ninja ZX750-F4 (750R), it is red and black in color. These bikes were made from 1987-1990… 

It is a 750cc DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with a 6-speed transmission.

This bike was kept in storage for the last 19-20 years by the origional owner until I purchased on 7/29/11… It still had an inspection sticker on it from 1991…but is now currently inspected…

The bike has 11,705 miles on it. 

When I first bought this bike, it didn’t run, when the orginal owner put it into storage he stored it incorrectly, he stored it with a low fuel level which let air and moisture set in the tank and caused rust build up inside the tank. Upon taking it out of storage he went to fire it up and the rust from the tank made it’s way into to the carbs and gummed them all up.

I am happy to say that after about a weeks worth of work the bike now runs and looks like it came off the showroom floor.

Since I’ve bought the bike I have put a lot of work into it to get it running properly which includes removing and draining the fuel tank and cleaning out all of the rust that had built up inside it using a fuel tank rust removal and acid neutralizer kit, removing, disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling all 4 carbs, synchronizing all 4 carbs, performing a valve clearance check and adjustment (all valve clearances were in spec except cylinder #4, the exhaust valves were tight but are now set to spec), I installed new NGK plugs, an inline fuel filter between the petcock and carburetor inlet line, I changed the oil & filter using a Fram CH6012 filter and Mobil 1 10W-40 Full Synthetic motorcycle oil, I changed the antifreeze and flushed out the cooling system, and I also just installed a new Mega Sport Extreme Power Sport Battery that is maintenance free. Reciepts for all work done and parts purchased are available and will go with the bike to the new owner. I also have the orginal owner’s manual and Haynes Service Manual that with also go with the bike to its new owner.

This bike has the Electronic Suspension Control System that you can adjust the damping force with on the front suspension and an adjsutable air shock on the rear suspension.

The drivechain and sprockets are in good shape with minimal wear…

The front and rear brake pads have plenty of meat left…

The bike has 2 new Pirelli Sport Demon tires front and back.

The bike has a Muzzy Competition Exhaust system that the original owner had put on.

This bike is mint, has been adult ridden its entire life, and now runs and looks like new.

The reason I am selling this bike after only purchasing it about a month and a half ago is becuase I already have another bike, a 2004 Yamaha V-Star Cruiser and I just can’t get comfortable on this bike riding in a hunched over postion. I am 6′ 2″ and weight 230…this was an impulse buy, my buddy has the same exact bike (same color and everything) and said I would love it if it got one, and as much as I’ve always wanted a sport bike and like this bike, I now know that I just can’t get comfy on one…I will stick with my crusier.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

The bike is also is for sale locally and the auction will end early if the bike is sold.

Good luck and happy bidding…

The important thing to note for me is that the seller highlights that the bike didn’t run when he purchased it but it seems that the work was done to get it running. The seller goes into quite a bit of detail on the restoration, which is nice to see, and the bike certainly looks clean. The BIN price may be a little high if you look at blue book values, but a lot of work has been done and you may be able to get it for a little less.

So I said this before above that I think this bike is a stunner. Even being an older machine, I still think it will be a fun ride and will only get more attention as the years go by. To take this one home, make the jump!


Honda August 31, 2011 posted by

Red, White and Bitchin’- 1990 Honda CBR1000F

Location: Saltville, Virginia

Mileage: 33,000

Price: Auction, BIN $4,000

In the 1990 liter-bike world the CBR1000F (or Hurricane until Honda pulled the name) wasn’t the most aggressive model on the market. The GSX-R 1100 and FZR 1000 were more track focused, edgy machines. However, the CBR brought a lot of things to the table that made it appealing to many riders. Honda build quality, still serious liter bike power and ergonomics that would’t pretzel you meant a pretty solid choice for many everyday riders. I also happen to think the bike looks good, even today. I stood in awe of many a CBR1000 as a younger man. That awe still sticks with me.

Only a few more picks of this one-

Info from the seller-


1990 HONDA CBR1000F ‘Hurricane’

33K miles

Red/White/Blue Color Code: NH193K

Excellent Condition – 9

Superb Build Quality, Fit, and Finish!

All Decals/Stickers as from factory.

PRICE: $4, 000


Corbin Gunfighter in Royal Blue Connelly Leather

Second Look Tank Bra


K&N Airbox Filter

Fresh Michelin Pilot Roads

New Sprockets/Gold Chain

Carbs Rebuilt/Synced

New Battery

All work done by Atlas Honda of Bristol, Virginia.  Sale includes original owners manual, tool kit, and navy blue seat.  More pictures available upon request.

Buyer responsible for shipping arrangements.

The seller highlights some modifications (the Corbin I’m sure is an upgrade from stock, but the original is included if desired). The rest looks to be good modifications and maintenance. The overall condition looks good too for a 21 year old bike, a testament to the quality Honda consistently puts out.

So, the question here is the price. The seller is looking for $4000 BIN. That’s quite a bit for this bike considering there’s 33,000 miles on the clock. Granted, clean versions of these bikes are not really around anymore. And this bike, if it has a solid maintenance history, should run for many, many more miles. I will also say again, I think this bike looks as good today as back when it was new.

But still, I think you should ask yourself if this bike is worth $4,000 to you. If you have decided it is, make the jump.


Honda August 21, 2011 posted by

Another Great 400cc Option: 1990 Honda CB-1

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mileage: 12,920

Price: Auction, starting at $2,500

The 400cc bike market never really took off in the US. Although the advantages of the 400cc sportbike were many, I think the reality is that Americans need large displacement to feel right about their bikes. And this isn’t only in the sportbike world, my buddy catches endless hell for riding a Harley Sportster, cause it’s only an 883. Anyway, it’s too bad, because the 400cc has it’s advantages (handling, accessibility, pure fun) that larger machines can’t provide. I think though for the RSBFS crowd, these advantages are well understood.

While not a horsepower monster by any stretch, the CB-1’s 16 valve, in-line four does make a respectable 55 bhp with a redline around 13,500. And with its light weight, it’s certainly enough to have a good time on a twisty road. Here’s the description from the seller-

Background: Having owned a CB-1 back in the day, I searched for a long time to get a pristine example for my wife. I finally found one on a forum. When it arrived, we realized it really was an uncomfortable fit for her due to shoulder injuries. If this sells at or near reserve, we will be taking a significant loss.

THE BIKE:  When we bought it, the bike was described as in great condition, looking more like a 3 year old bike than one of its true age, getting many compliments on any ride.  Relatively new tires and new fork seals.  When receiving the bike, I asked the seller if I should change the oil/filter & he said, it had been recently serviced. I am not sure what that means, but the oil looked good.  The bike started right up (after we filled the tank drained due to shipping) and idled well. We decided that, since she felt uncomfortable on it (man, we all hate getting old), we would just sell it before paying for titling, insurance, property tax, etc. She insisted I ride it without plates through our cul-de-sac to make sure everything works okay. I think she was a little worried about me getting a ticket, as I did the whole sub-division. Everything works fine. This is a sweet engine; redline 13K or so, I only took it up to 5-7K, and it was beginning to howl, pretty quick. That said, we usually buy all our bikes new (being stupid), so I cannot tell you the history of this bike. It certainly looks like a very nice example of a CB-1!

Please feel free to ask any specific questions in case I am forgetting something.

Do not have capability or time to crate, but will be home for shipper pickup if needed. Will provide name of shipper who brought to us (mostly does East Coast, I was told),if you do not have a preference.

And some more photo’s of the screamer-

This example looks fairly clean and stock. The seller highlights that the bike seems to run well and that everything works, although they haven’t really ridden it much. Starting bid is $2,500 which seems to be right in there for a bike like this, based on some other listings. Since these were only made for a few years, I can’t imagine there are lots around.

I love the 400cc sportbike. While this isn’t the more track oriented FZR 400, or one of the many grey market import 400’s, it still maintains the basic ideas of the 400cc sportbike – good power, light weight and great handling. And now, they are also rare. A great combination in my book. If you agree, check out this auction!


BMW July 29, 2011 posted by

Is this from Tron? – 1990 BMW K1

OK so this won’t be to everyone’s taste but no denying BMW were thinking ahead when they designed the K1. Here we have an example from 1990 in Red and Yellow, you’ll be noticed!  The design of the K100 that BMW used to produce was a cruiser/tourer design and BMW marketing wanted a sports orientated tourer to appeal to a more youth orientated market perception, and compete with the Japanese factories. BMW was committed to the manufacturer imposed 100 bhp (75 kW) limit for motorcycles sold in Germany, so decided that to address both issues it needed to turn to aerodynamics to solve the problem.

In 1984 at the Cologne Motor Show, BMW design created the aerodynamic “Racer” mockup, based on a standard K100 chassis. At the 1988 Cologne show, the production K1 used the same large and all enveloping two-piece front mud guard mated closely to a seven-piece main fairing, that included two small panniers. The resultant drag coefficient was 0.34 with the rider prone, the lowest of any production motorcycle in 1988.

Lowered since new and includes all replaced OEM components, new progressive front springs, newly rebuilt master cylinders with new pads front and rear. New paint, tank badges, windshield, AGM battery, front tire, coolant hoses, fuel lines, smog hoses, fuel cap gaskets, front wheel bearings. New powdercoat on all black small parts, custom engineered, chromed front bearing dirt shield, other small parts also chromed. K&N, fresh synthetic oil w/new BMW filter, new fuel filter. Matching BMW, new in box saddlebags and tank bag currently being used.

I bought this bike in 1991 with 770 miles on it. With a few other bikes and sports cars in my stable, the milage on this bike has been kept low. This bike is a daily rider so milage is increasing.

You can find the eBay Listing here

They are certainly unusual bikes but like so many BMW’s seem to again high mileages with little effort.  You want to be noticed at bike night then this might just be the bike for you.  After all there are loads of lowered ‘busas out there!


Honda June 27, 2011 posted by

1990 Honda CBR 1000F (I still say Hurricane!)

Location: Boynton Beach, Florida
Mileage: 30,512
Price: $2,750 BIN

Up for auction here is a Honda CBR 1000F, or as I still like to call it, a Hurricane 1000. I’m sure you all remember the Hurricane (my first bike was a 600). It was a great comeback to the Ninja but by 1990 Honda had unfortunately dropped the name, I think due to image concerns. It’s too bad. I still remember the ad campaign with the tag line “Even a Ninja is afraid of a Hurricane.” Pure gold by my standards. But I digress.

Many may not consider the CBR 1000F “rare” or “sportbike” enough to be on RSBFS, but I am here to argue different. While not as aggressive as say the FZR 1000 listed here a few days ago, the Hurricane 1000 was a powerful, balanced, capable machine back in the day. A 135 bhp, 16 valve, in-line four with full fairing bodywork and a relatively comfortable riding position made this bike capable of sport riding or touring. Liter bikes weren’t a big part of the Honda lineup back then but this one represented the company well.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

1990 Honda CBR1000F Sport Tourer

All the power and handling of a liter bike with the comfort of a sport Tourer

Absolutley Mint Condidtion- Looks and runs Flawless – Clear Title
4 to 1 Kerker – silencer repacked with Jet Kit installed
Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen
Fully Serviced within last 300 miles
– New Continental Motion Tires
– NGK Spark Plugs
– Air Cleaner – Filter
– Mobil 1 Synthetic 4T and Fram Filter
– Brake Pads all three sets

– New Battery on Tender
– Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Fluid Flush – DOT 4

Will Consider Partial Trades – Bikes, Guns, Tools, Etc

Unfortunately, not a lot of  photos-

Although it has relatively high miles, this bike looks clean for its age. And if cared for it should continue to run well for many more miles. The only modifications I notice are the additions of the Kerker pipe and jetting and a Zero Gravity windscreen, both noted by the seller.

Although this may not be the most exotic sportbike, I think you could be getting a lot of bike for your money. I will also always have soft spot for anything Hurricane that came from Honda. My 600 was a great bike that, even though powerful, was well-mannered enough to help a new rider find his way.

To check out this Hurricane, make the jump!


Reader Rides For Sale March 27, 2011 posted by

1990 Suzuki GSX-R750L For Sale in Phoenix

The last time Mike contacted us, he was listing his GSX-R 1100 that looked flat gorgeous. This time, he’s got another survivor for us in the shape of 1990 GSX-R 750. While this one has covered nearly 21k miles, you can tell it’s been well taken care of in that time.

quote from seller’s listing:

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale. We picked this bike up off of a friend who was going over seas and needed some quick cash, so I will list as much information about it as possible. It had come from California as he had owned it for the last few years and was taken care of. We also checked the Vin with our local Suzuki rep and it cam up that it is a 49 state model. We have only had the bike for the last month, and I have put about 1k on it in a few trips up North. Runs well and really needs nothing. I will list below what the previous owner stated he had gotten done before he left and what we can visually confirm. The bike is actually really stunning as you do not see too many Suzuki’s in this color combo.

Low Mileage for the year, and well taken care of. Bike has 20,956 miles, and has newer tires with less than 500mi on them. Tires are Pirelli Diablos with a 180 rear. Forks seals were recently done, and carburetors run good for our altitude here. So no cleaning is needed. Bike is being ridden every few days. Chain and sprockets were done within the last 4000mi. Front brake rotors were upgraded to the drilled ones from later years, and we do have the originals. Frame and Swing-arm look to have been polished at one point and has some real luster to it! Looks good. Bike does have a Vance&Hines SS2r slip-on, but as far as we know all the internal carburetor parts are still stock. Rear turn signals have been relocated to under the tail section but have not been drilled into the plastic! Plug in’s for the front turn signals are still in the front but we do not have anything hooked up as we do not like drilling into factory plastic. We did get the passenger equipment with the bike, but it is not installed. Bike is factory Red/White/Black and has some real good shine to it. Bike does not have the rear seat as we did not get that, and it does have a Suzuki cowl on it. Bike does have a few nicks here and their, and I will post pics to show what I can find. The only real thing is that the left mirror housing is discolored and a little bit of the mirror at the bottom is discolored. I also noticed that some paint has lifted and was touched up right were the tank vent is. I will post a pick and we did not do the touch up! Fender has a few marks at the very front shown in pic. I just want to point out what I have noticed, as we have not done anything to the bike ourselves.

and had this to say about the final year of this body style:

The GSX-R750L was possibly the best of the oil-cooled models. Big changes included inverted forks and, importantly, a return to the long-stroke motor (the short-stroke wasn’t so good in race-trim but was OK for the road). Other modifications included a 4-1 exhaust, steering damper, 38 mm carbs (up 2 mm on the standard K yet 2 mm smaller than the RK), smaller valves, new conrods, lighter pistons, large capacity oil pump, larger curved oil cooler and the rear rim became the ‘standard’ 17″ x 5.5″ item. Power was up to 115 hp at 11,000 rpm while weight was down to 193 kg.

Drawing on the invaluable experiences gained racing, the 1990 model received many of the features of the race version GSX-R750R at an affordable price. The same long-stroke engine (70 x 48.7mm) of the ‘Double R’ became standard, with new pistons to match the new combustion chamber design in the cylinder head and strengthened connecting rods. New 38mm Slingshot carburetor, Curved-core Radial Flow oil cooler and stainless steel 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust per set were adopted. Both 41mm inverted tube front fork and remote reservoir rear shock became fully adjustable. Rear wheel rim was widened and equipped with Michelin radial tyres.

The bike sounds like a really honest example. While not totally stock, most modifications are period correct anyway. And with a buy-it-now of only $3500, I’d say this is a damn good price for a modern-classic rider that’s ready to go.

Good luck with the sale Mike!