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Honda February 7, 2013 posted by

One of the Most Coveted Bikes in the Rare Sport Bike Universe: 1990 Honda RC30

 Englewood, CO – 7,102 miles – $20K opening bid


It’s been a few minutes since the last time we saw an RC30 for sale here in the States, and this one comes to us from Colorado. In 1987, the VFR750R was only produced for the Japanese market and featured a restricted 77hp motor. 1,000 of these JDM units were produced and are distinguished by their smaller diameter headlights and black mirrors. The RC30 was produced for other markets around the world in 1988 and 1989 and had a claimed 112hp engine. These bikes featured the “VFR750R” branding on the tail as well as larger diameter headlamps and white mirrors. In 1990, the U.S. received the RC30 with about 86hp on tap for the 49-state model (which features a “0” in the 8th position of the VIN). The California model (which is identified by a “1” in the 8th position of the VIN) was more restricted and had a low lift cam and softer valve springs while redlining at 12,000 rpm (12,500 rpm redline for the rest of the U.S. models). The U.S. version is also distinguished by the “RC30” decal on the tail versus the “VFR750R” seen on non-U.S. models. It also appears that the U.S. version had the red Honda wing logo on the tank as opposed to the gold logo for foreign bikes. As a side note, there were some bikes made for the UK market in 1990, so the U.S. was not the only place to receive the 1990 model year.


Now that we are refreshed on the RC30, we move onto the bike for sale here. The 8th spot on the VIN is a zero, so it would indicate that this is the 49-state model. Interestingly, the frame was apparently replaced by Honda under warranty and will come with the original frame. This was also a fairing-off professional resto. The bike looks great, however I would like to know more details as to what exactly was done and how in depth the restoration was. The seller does point out two small drilled holes in the side of the fairing that looked like they were used to mount something.


From the seller:

Up for auction is a super rare and gorgeous 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30. This bike was a fairing off professional restore and looks great. Tank is original, it was not restored and has original paint. Only 7102 miles on the odometer. The pictures say it all. Only flaw that is seen is the two small holes that are in the fairing, this looks to have been a mounting point for something, but is not currently being used.

Bike has never been wrecked, but it does not have the original frame, the original frame was replaced by Honda under warranty. We do have the original frame that will go with the bike upon sale and all paperwork re-confirming the replacement.

Own a fine example and piece of history!

There you go. Another clean example of one of the most coveted bikes in the Rare Sport Bike Universe. These have been consistently pulling process in the mid $20k range and sometimes close to $30k. I would say that the opening bid for this bike is fair and will be interesting to see where it goes. You can take a look at the auction here and place your bid today!


Kawasaki November 5, 2012 posted by

Clean and Original ’90 Kawasaki Ninja 750

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Mileage: 11,922

Price: Auction, no reserve!


The Kawasaki Ninja has a storied history as one of the sportbikes to usher in the modern era. The Ninja or GPz was a big time bike thanks to movies like Top Gun and the competition between Honda and Kawasaki. This was back in the 80’s when companies weren’t afraid to give their bikes cool names like Hurricane and Ninja. Kawasaki has carried the Ninja name to this day, where every other company has gone with dull number/letter configurations for their models. At least in England they still get the Fireblade. Although I have a feeling here in the States that name would get laughed out of the room. Followed by a ton of Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter jokes. Anyway, this is a clean 750 (another configuration that has gone the way of the Dodo) and still a cool, good looking ride.

Here’s info from the seller-

Very clean, pretty rare, but not perfect, the bike looks good for the year, and fires right up and no strange noise from the motor!

Once warm she purrs.

The tires are about 80% or better. I do not have the factory pipes, but the Muzzy sounds really good.

There are signs of road wear, it does have 11,000 + and things do happen on the road.

NO RESERVE so the winner takes it, It is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end early in the event it sales before the auction ends.

any questions just ask.


And pics-

This looks like a real clean example if you have been searching for one. Everything looks stock except for the Muzzy exhaust. The paint looks good for the age and the mileage ain’t too bad. The seller says the bike ins’t perfect so you’ll want to get details on what it may need or what damage can’t be seen in the photos. But all in all, pretty sweet ride.

So if you want to roll around on a piece of Kawasaki history, here’s your chance. And there’s no reserve so you may be able to take this home for a song. Not too bad, if you ask me.

To make your play, make the jump!


Honda October 26, 2012 posted by

Clean One-Owner 1990 Honda RC30 For Sale!

Jamestown, RI – 6,954mi – Currently $16,099

 It doesn’t take a Rare Sport Bike “Expert” to tell you that the Honda RC30 is one of the most sought after sport bikes on the market. Fans of all types of sport bikes tend to agree that the RC30 was a special bike and near perfect machine. Combine good looks, homologation special, hand laid fiber glass fairings, and the race pedigree to back it up, and it’s no wonder these bikes are continuing to rise in value.

This bike looks very clean and clearly it has been taken care of by the original owner its entire life. It sports the US indicating red Honda logo, “RC30” badge (Euro’s got the “VFR750R” badge) and the larger headlight design as well as the white mirrors. The early JDM models had smaller diameter headlights and black mirrors. It isn’t bone stock, but only has some minimal modification. These include SS brake lines, modified stock signals, plate bracket, and easy-reach petcock knob.

From the seller:

1990 RC30. Owned since new by a former Honda shop mechanic. 6954 miles, excellent condition, stored in heated garage/showroom as part of a collection. Bike was last ridden in 2008, at which time the fuel system was completely drained, and carb float bowls and jets were cleaned. Oil was changed 96 miles ago, coolant about 400 miles ago. Tires are OEM replacements, with around 1000 miles on them, but changed in 1995, so they’re getting pretty hard. Brake fluid changed in 2010 (and every 2 years prior), fork oil changed in 2010 as well.Batterynew in 2008, and still holds a charge (on battery tender once a month).


Modifications include SS brake lines, stock turn signals tucked in closer, shorter license plate bracket, lighter bar end plugs, and custom easier-to-reach petcock knob. All stock parts are included. Also, the numerous warning labels were removed when new, but a set of new OEM replacements is included.


The only flaws are a small scratch on top of the tail (touched up), a slight scratch on the muffler, and marks on the wheels from original wheel weights (see photos). Front and bottom of belly pan were protected from new with adhesive clear plastic, which I removed prior to photos, as it was getting a bit shabby looking. Did it’s job, though!

With sub 10k miles and a mostly stock appearance, this bike sure looks to be a good one. It’s hard to gripe too much about a couple small scratches on a 22-year old bike. The tires will probably need replacing if you are looking to ride this one (and I hope you do!), but for someone looking to display this beauty, then I wouldn’t worry too much. The last super clean RC30 got bid up to $28k and still failed to meet reserve. No telling where the reserve is on this one, but I imagine somewhere in the $25k+ area. It’s a one owner bike, so I doubt it will be low. Check out the auction here and place you bid today!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 22, 2012 posted by

Another Clean, Original GSX-R 1100!

Location: Houston, Texas

Mileage: 22,540

Price: Auction

I always keep an eye out for any early GSX-R’s that pop up for sale. There’s been some solid choices out there lately and here we have another one. This bike isn’t dead mint but it is original and in pretty good shape. Finding one of these that hasn’t been heavily modded or just plain dumped is pretty tough. Nobody thought about the future of these bikes when they came out. They just road the hell out of them. Some with more success than others.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this bike-

Here’s a chance that you hardly run across anymore. A completely bone stock, unaltered Suzuki GSX-R 1100. You don’t see these very often and when you do, you better get it before it’s to late. I have a stock 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that’s black and grey in color. This is a very hard color to find. Much more difficult than the blue and whites that you see. This bike has only 22,540 miles on the clock. The fairings are in amazing condition with no scratches or road rash of any kind. No rust in the gas tank.

Just had a complete service done on the bike which includes… A new maintenance free battery, oil and filter change, new plugs and plug caps, new air filter, changed clutch and brake fluids, carb clean, chain lube and adjustment, new front and rear tires, new stater relay. 

The bike runs amazing and shifts just fine with no issues with the transmission or clutch. I have owned several GSX-R’s in the past growing up and this one is just as good as i remember the last 15 i’ve had.

Bike has new original factory grips and throttle tube, new rubber foot pegs, as i tried to retain as much of the factory look as possible.

The only small issues with the bike are… The gas tank has 2 dents on the front right side above the end of the Suzuki sticker and on small dent on the rear of the tank close to the seat. Nothing major and easily can be fixed by a professional. I checked with Suzuki and the stickers can be still be purchased if needed. Also some acid leaked onto the swingarm because as we all know, these older bike had batteries that would over flow acid and leak down the drain tube. Again nothing major and can be refinished and look new again. I have include pictures of the tank and swingarm area.

The only thing the bike will need to be 100% original is the rear fender hunger and factory rear fender and turn signals which i have seen on ebay for around $100.

The bike has had two owners, i purchased the bike back in 2000 and it had approx 16k miles on it. I have several bikes and always wanted another GSX-R 1100, so it wasn’t used much. I hope i haven’t forgot anything.


Please feel free to ask any questions. $500 deposit required within 24 hrs after action has ended and full payment within 3 days. I reserve the right to end the auction at anytime as it’s listed locally. 

And pics for you-

As I mentioned above, this bike isn’t a mint example. But it is a mostly original bike and it looks to be fairly clean. The most significant concerns would be the cosmetic issues, specifically the dents and creases in the tank. The seller says this is easily repairable, and that may be true, but it will mean more work on the bike. The seller also mentions some acid leak on the swingarm and non-original rear turn signals and rear fender. Again, these would be a concern if you want the bike 100% stock, which frankly, is what I would want. So these are things to consider.

The seller has a reserve and I would expect this bike to go around the $4 mark. They ain’t making any more of these, so if it’s been on your dream list, you’ll have to pull the trigger sometime. If this is your time, go place your bid!


Honda August 21, 2012 posted by

Another Honda VFR400 (NC30) Up North, Eh!

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mileage: 12,200

Price: $4,400 BIN

Just a few days back, RSBFS posted a Honda VFR400R for sale in the states, and that’s a rare sight indeed. Here’s another one for sale up in the great white north where everyone is all aboot awesome 400cc sportbikes, and 250cc two strokes too. All those bikes are about stellar power-to-weight ratio’s and monster handling. The VFR400R falls right into that category with a smokin’ V-4 motor to give you power and keep the weight and handling where you want.

This bike is one of many that look to be offered by the same seller. The other bikes you will see here on RSBFS too. Here’s what the seller has to say-

Honda VFR 400R (NC30) 20,400 Km 1990 

Powerful smooth V4 engine, 400CC, liquid cooled, four stroke V-four cylinder, 16 valve DOHC. Electric starting, 59 HP 6 speed transmission. Pro Arm Single sided swing arm. Aluminum frame. 31 inch seat height. Front and rear disk brakes. 165 Kg dry weight. Very low insurance. Certified.

And a few photos-

There’s not a lot to the description and there aren’t many photos. But for what there is, the bike looks clean and original. This bike is up in Canada, so it may be less desirable for us in the lower 48 in terms of getting it home. But if you want to make it happen, the price isn’t too bad and may make up for a little bit of the hassle. And you would have one of the coolest bikes on the road.

If you want to make this happen, hop over to the auction and make your play!


Honda June 26, 2012 posted by

400cc Party for You- ’90 Honda CB-1

Location: Van Wert, Ohio

Mileage: 14,888

Price: Auction, starting at $2,200 no reserve

In the last few years, we’ve seen a bit of a resurgence in the smaller cc sportbikes in the U.S. The success of the Ninja 250 and the introduction of the CBR250R have shown that there is a demand for the smaller sportbike. Are they just beginner bikes? No, I don’t think so. They are fun, efficient transportation in a world of always fluctuating gas prices. I would love to see the same thing happen with 400cc bikes. The FZR400 is the most common of the 400cc sportbikes to grace RSBFS, but this CB-1 is another great option. The 400cc bike is common the rest of the world over and I hope someday, as gas prices eventually lead to bikes taking over U.S. roadways, the 400 makes an new appearance here. Okay, that bike takeover part may not happen, but you get the idea.

Here’s the sellers description (if you could call it that)-

1990 Honda CB-1 (CB400F)

Vintage High Performance

Redline= 13500

Excellent Condition

Like new tires and chain

Center Stand included

14,888 miles

No excuses – Fun Machine

Any Questions please ask

Pictures tell all

And the tell all pictures-

The bike looks original and in good shape cosmetically. Looks to be a small dent in the exhaust, but nothing major outside of that. Mileage isn’t too bad and it sounds like tires and chain have been taken care of. All in all not a bad looking example.

So the starting bid is $2,200 and there’s no reserve. In theory then, you could pick this bike up for $2,200 bucks. I think that would be a great deal on a bike that you don’t see everyday (or where I live, at all). To take advantage of the opportunity to get a cool, rare bike and maybe start the new 400cc trend, go place your bid!



Honda May 21, 2012 posted by

Got an Extra $100K? Start Your Honda RC Collection Today!

Update 5.21.2012: I doubt any actual buyers interested in either a RC30 and/or RC45 are not aware of this listing by now, but just in case, the buy-it-now has been dropped again to $70k. -dc

Update 4.6.2012: With just under a day to go, I noticed the buy-it-now has been updated to $75k. Most comments indicated $60k would be in the ballpark. Maybe there’s a deal in the middle. -dc

Location: Miami, Florida

Mileage: 6,975 (RC30) and 6,842 (RC45)

Price: Auction, $100,000 BIN. Yes, that’s one hundred thousand.

So here’s a chance to have an instant Honda RC collection for your very own. Two of the greatest sportbikes ever made. Ever. You can debate sportbike greatness all day (I, for one, am happy to) and you can even debate which of these two is better than the other (also happy to participate). But you can’t really debate the significance of both of these bikes. Track ready? Check. Uber rare? Check. Superior build quality? Check. Two of the most significant sportbikes in sportbike history? Check and check.

The seller’s minimal description-

Up for sale r my 2 babies! i have a 1990 RC30 #5 OF #300 made…6975 miles AN A 1994 RC45 #20 OF #50 made….6842 miles,bikes r AMERICAN SPEC!!!! these R NOT EURO MODELS!!!!!







And a few photos, although the seller apparently will provide more-

The seller describes the bikes as flawless and if you’re considering something like this, then I would assume you know both of these bikes inside and out. And while the seller will provide more photos, I know I wouldn’t make a deal like this without flying to Miami to look at both of these personally. If you just happen to have come across the kind of cash to purchase a pair of bikes like this and don’t know the Honda RC line well, then do your homework. This is kind of like looking at the Ferrari Daytona and Lamborghini Miura of the bike world. Due diligence will be important.

But if it all works out, then you just have to find $100 grand. That’s a lot of money and I’m sure it will garner reaction from all of the RSBFS followers. I welcome the debate. The rare sportbike market is ever evolving in my eyes and I think these values will continue to climb. These are clearly collector bikes and what they’re worth today is really up to how much someone will pay. I don’t know how much that is, so we will see.

What I do know is we have two beautiful bikes here that I would love to own. But that’s not in the cards. If you have the funds, take the first step and give this auction a look!


Kawasaki May 15, 2012 posted by

Last Year: 1990 Kawasaki Ninja 750R

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Mileage: 11,922

Price: Auction with a reserve

The 750 isn’t a common displacement for the sportbike anymore. You can get a Suzuki GSX-R 750, and well, that’s about it. But that wasn’t always the case. Used to be that all the major manufacturers offered a 750. I liked those days. They offer what the GSX-R 750 offers now: Big power and a small chassis. Now, you could argue that the 1000’s are really approaching the same standard, but I still wish the 750’s were offered. Since they’re not, here’s a chance for one.

From the seller-

Beautiful Kawasaki Ninja 750, Red and Black paint, very rare, Good all around bike, light and quick with out the torture rack of modern sport bikes. The bike would be perfect for a new rider or an older one who can’t take the rack anymore.

The miles are low, under 12,000

The tires are near new

Muzzy full pipe, I do not have the stock pipes.

Sprockets are in great shape

The bike is basically stock except the pipe. There is normal wear from the miles the bike has, nothing really jumps out, there is a tiny crack in the brake light (see pic)

It is a solid rare ride that are hard to find, sure to be collectible, or it can just be every day ride.

Any questions just ask, but!!!!

If you have less than a 5 feedback score, due to so many winners not completing the deal…… message me before bidding, it does cost money to list on here and games just cost money..

One reason I don’t list buy it now, people hit, then nothing, but eBay sends the bill no matter,,,,

The bike is for sale on the C-list,,, but I really need the room at the moment..

so it she sells locally, I will end early..

thank you  

And plenty of pics-

The seller says the bike is basically stock except for the Muzzy exhaust, not exactly uncommon for a Kawasaki back in the day. The mileage is still low for the bike’s age. The paint looks good and no other significant issue appear to exist, except for the crack in the break light the seller highlights.

Bikes this old and this clean are becoming harder and harder to find. It may not be the performance demon that you get in today’s bikes, but it was certainly a cool ride back then and I think still looks great today. As the rarer bikes continue to get more expensive, like the ZX-7R, this may be an option that won’t break the bank.

If you like these bikes too, get in on the action and go place your bid!