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Ducati May 3, 2015 posted by

White Elephant: 1988 Ducati Paso 750 Limited for Sale

1988 Ducati Paso Limited L Side

The Paso has long been the low-cost entry into Ducati ownership, an often overlooked bike maligned for its slab-sided styling. Shockingly different when introduced and unfairly shunned by the oddly conservative Ducatisti, sales were disappointing.

1988 Ducati Paso Limited Front

But in spite of its red-headed-stepchild reputation, the bike has the usual Ducati pedigree: it was designed by Massimo Tamburini, named after the famous rider Renzo “Paso” Pasolini, and powered by the classic Taglioni-designed belt-drive Pantah L-twin. The 748cc version in the Paso made a claimed 72hp and could propel the Paso to 130mph top speed. The Paso even has Ducati’s traditional trellis frame hidden under all that bodywork, although it’s welded up from square cross-section tubing and not particularly nice to look at.

1988 Ducati Paso Limited Dash

Unfortunately, Ducati owners Cagiva elected to use a Weber automotive-style carburetor in the Paso that caused no end of headaches. The 16″ wheels can also present a bit of a problem when selecting tires today. An upgrade to 17″ wheels is possible, but fairly involved, so if you like the Paso’s look but absolutely need top-shelf rubber, just go find a later, fuel-injected 907 IE that basically solved all the Paso’s mechanical quirks but kept the styling.

1988 Ducati Paso Limited Tank

Today’s bike is the “Limited” model that came with very 80’s white bodywork. It has a few minor cosmetic flaws and does need a bit of mechanical attention, but the mileage is very low and the work that needs to be done is very straightforward and can be easily tackled by a half-decent shade-tree mechanic.

1988 Ducati Paso Limited Lower Fairing

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Ducati Paso 750 Limited for Sale

TIMS has a very rare (only 50 imported into the us) 1988 Ducati Paso 750 Limited Edition for sale with only 5095 miles on it- this is the rarest of the US import Pasos made back in the day, a must for any  collector- the bike runs great and everything works-it is mostly original including extremely nice OEM pipes- it does have the tri color Corbin seat and i do not have the original seat-it also has the upgraded flat slide carbs on it so that gets rid of the terrible factory carbs that came on the bike-there are a couple issues that need to be addressed  -1 at around 6000 rpm the clutch starts to slip so it  needs new fiber  plates 2- there are  some cracks in both mid fairing vents as well as the front windscreen fairing but I’m including a like new front fairing  with the bike that only needs painting and you can source the mid fairing vents cheaply on eBay as well-the tires are like new and the chain and sprockets are in good condition also-the timing belts are 3-4 years old so they may need replacing in the near future  -TIMS will help with shipping any way we can at new owners expense-don’t miss this rare low mileage Ducati as they definitely don’t come up for sale often

First of all, let’s clarify: “the timing belts are 3-4 years old so they will need replacing in the near future.” Conventional wisdom says 2 years or 12,000 miles for these items and the job is fairly simple, but very important: the Pantah twin is very durable when properly maintained, but snap one of those belts and you’ll lunch the motor. The clutch plates are a very straightforward job as well. Parts should set you back just a couple hundred bucks, although replacing the steel plates at the same time would make sense as well while you’re in there.

1988 Ducati Paso Limited Rear Wheel

Also, those don’t look like the “OEM pipes.” Instead, they appear to be the F1 pipes that were a popular choice to replace the stock “Silentium” mufflers that unfortunately lived up to their name…

Flat-slides should fix that aforementioned carburetor issues and provide a nice boost to performance as well, although they usually end up deleting the choke and can’t just be whacked open at low revs. Many owners replaced the factory setup with a pair of Dell’Orto’s that should solve the rideablilty issues nicely and be a bit nicer for day-to-day use.

1988 Ducati Paso Limited Front Wheel

All-in-all, this is a rare, low-mileage Ducati from an overlooked era that just needs a bit of cosmetic TLC. I’ve always liked the Paso, and I think it’s aging pretty well and, considering what the earlier F1’s are currently trading for, now might be the time to snap up a nice example.


1988 Ducati Paso Limited R Side

White Elephant: 1988 Ducati Paso 750 Limited for Sale
Ducati October 17, 2014 posted by

Low-Mileage Italian: 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Side

Okay, so here’s the thing: all of my early opinions about the 750 F1 were informed by Mick Walker’s Illustrated Ducati Buyer’s guide where the bike got one freaking star. I’m not sure where I put my copy, so don’t crucify me if I got that bit wrong, or if you have an updated edition where he revised his opinion, but it really stuck out in my mind.

The review absolutely hated the F1: “uncomfortable, extremely unreliable, and slow,” were words I remember being applied, with a big heaping of distain…

1988 Ducati 750F1 Dash

Powered by a 750cc version of Ducati’s air-cooled, two-valve Desmo v-twin, the F1 was styled after the TT1 and TT2 race bikes. The Pantah engine is eminently tunable to make serious power, and many of the criticisms leveled at the bike can be rectified. Early bikes were definitely down on power and quality, but gradual improvements improved the package, and the 1988 bikes are generally considered to be the best of the bunch.

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Front

These occupy a very interesting place in Ducati history, as they form a bit of a bridge between the older BatBike-looking Pantah models and the much more modern 900SS bikes. In addition, the bike’s rarity has caused values to skyrocket in recent years: for a long time, you could get one of these for less than the price of a good 900SS/CR. But looking at the asking price on this example, you can see just how much that’s changed.

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Grip

The original eBay post reads a bit like a poetry slam and includes lyrics from Chris deBurgh’s “Lady in Red” [seriously]. Excerpted from the full listing: 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale

another RARE beast
that came to AMERICA!!!
the beloved F1

3188 original miles
original dated (dot) coded tires to prove it
close to MINT


fluids have been drained for
about SIX years. seafoam creeper
used in tank and pumpers. this was also the
last time it was running. what’s it sound like…..
exactly like a 427 corvette
NO KIDDING-ask the neighbors

missing bits and pieces, but very, very original.
wrong exhaust (but i love em)

It’s great that the seller is so passionate about the bike. But what “bits and pieces are missing”? And what extras are included? He also may be overstating the “stunning Italian craftsmanship” a bit in ALL CAPS and, as a carbed, air-cooled Duck owner, I’m not sure if calling the bike “high-maintenance” is a good selling point, or even true. Definitely a case where grinning, hard-sell enthusiasm may be getting in the way of important details…

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Engine

There’s something a bit crude about the F1, something sort of clunky-looking, but these do make a staggering bellow when breathing through open pipes: I saw one at a track day recently with a pair of oval high-mount pipes and fresh paint that looked and sounded the business.

With 5 days left on the listing and a $24,500 asking price, this seems very high, even considering the 3,200 miles on the clock. Although with plenty of lurkers… sorry, I mean “watchers,” who knows what this will go for and what the seller might accept as a best offer.


1988 Ducati 750F1 R Side

Low-Mileage Italian: 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale
Laverda June 21, 2014 posted by

Out With an (Orange) Bang:1988 Laverda SFC1000

Unable to compete with the ruthless, technological march of the Japanese manufacturers, Laverda’s SFC 1000 was an attempt to capitalize on their past endurance racing glories, a last gasp before they went under, prior to their relatively brief resurrection in the 1990’s. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that Laverda was still making bikes in 1988, so I’d imagine this was bike was built 1985 and sat untitled for a couple years.

1988 Laverda SFC 1000 L Side

1988 Laverda SFC1000 for sale on eBay

SFC originally stood for “Super Freni Competizione”, basically “super braking competition” a reference to the huge drum brake on the front of the very first SFC twins, later replaced by a pair of discs. Powered by a 750cc parallel-twin , the original SFC was produced in very limited numbers, the epitome of a “racer for the road” and many were quickly stripped of their street-legal lighting for track duty. This was probably for the best: the SFC was fast and very brutal, and probably didn’t make a good road tool for casual riders.

Not so with the SFC 1000, which was basically a renamed and slightly restyled version of the “executive express” RGS, the SFC1000 was a far more street-oriented bike built around Laverda’s charismatic three-cylinder engine. Earlier triples had a 180° configuration that ran like a four-cylinder with a miss, but later examples like this one used a smoother 120° engine that lost some character but was much more user-friendly.

1988 Laverda SFC 1000 Engine

And while the big triple had evolved into a more conservative machine in terms of its mission, don’t think it couldn’t hustle: on track, you could lean these over enough to grind the generator cover into dust.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Laverda SFC1000 for Sale

Very clean, with upgrades–all easily reversible to full factory-original, if desired.
Imported by me from New Zealand in 2010.
Never dropped, raced, or mistreated.

I am the second owner since new.

New coils, wires, plugs, timing chain, electronic ignition, custom slanted intake manifolds, Mikuni carbs, lubricants, bar-end mirrors, battery, throttle cables, grips, windshield, air filters, tune-up, rear brake caliper rebuild, sprockets, X-ring D.I.D. chain.

Valves meticulously adjusted.
Custom Mikunis by Mike Nixon.
Custom manifolds by Red Cawte.

1988 Laverda SFC 1000 Dash

They may have been obsolete at the time they were sold new, but these Laverdas actually represent an opportunity to buy what amounts to a classic bike at the pinnacle of its development: in 1988, this may have looked like a dinosaur, but today it just screams “useable classic”!

Which might explain why this particular bike featured over on our sister site not too long ago: Classic Sport Bikes for Sale 1988 Laverda SFC1000.

1988 Laverda SFC 1000 Rear Suspension

Overall, this example looks to be in excellent, very orange condition. One caveat: the bike was originally imported from New Zealand, so make sure that you check with your local DMV to make sure there won’t be any issues with registration before you park this in your garage. Or living room.


1988 Laverda SFC 1000 Engine2

Out With an (Orange) Bang:1988 Laverda SFC1000
Sport Bikes For Sale September 4, 2013 posted by

Northwest Project: 1988 Yamaha FZR400

Redmond, WA – 25,106mi – $2,500 No Reserve

88FZR400_1 There is a reason that this bike is still considered one of the best handling bikes… because they are. And how does a 59hp inline-four blasting its way to 14,000rpm sound? Sounds great to me! You get all of Yamaha’s trick goodies of the day including, but not limited to, the EXUP system, widening the power band. All tucked into a lightweight package and covered in classic late-80’s Yamaha graphics.

1988 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


This one comes to us from the great Northwest and could be a bargain, depending on what you are looking to get into. I wouldn’t call this one show queen by any means, not yet anyway. But what we do have here is an awesome winter project. You could wrench on this thing while the rain falls and be ready to ride it when spring comes around again.

From the seller:

I am looking to sell my 1988 Yamaha FZR 400. Has 25,106 miles, and has been taken good care of since I bought her outside of the issues mentioned below. A lot of the issues listed below I inherited from the previous owner(s) and I rode as is. Mostly cosmetic issues – I don’t have the time or the money to see her fixed up to the level of pristine that I would like, and so I want to pass her off to someone who would be able to do so. With a little bit of money and time, you will be able to take an already fantastic machine to another level. Handling in the corners is superb, and she has more than enough power and acceleration on the straights to put a smile on your face as you shift up at the higher RPM’s. I also have a set of rear pegs, and stock mirrors that will go along with the bike.

This bike is by far the most fun I’ve had riding a motorcycle, and I am very sad to sell her but it is time to move on.

The Good (work I have had done):
Rare rear seat cowl.
Front fairing has new red decals (not shown in pictures).
Carb work: cleaned, o-rings and manifolds replaced.
Oil changed 300 miles ago, new air filter.
All fluids changed, spark plugs changed.
Rebuilt Stator.
New Battery.
New chain, sprockets, and brakes recently serviced.
New Fuel Pump.
Upgraded forks.
Aftermarket Hindle exhaust.
Larger rear wheel.
Tabbed until next May.
Clean title in my name.
Service records during my ownership.
Not dropped during my ownership.

The Not So Good (issues I rode with as is):
A little rough around the edges.
Trip odometer does not work (likely a stuck gear inside the clocks) and I have it set at 999; the overall mileage counter is functioning and accurate.
Scratches on one side of the tank and on the bottom of the lower fairings on the Yamaha logo.
Has an idling issue (probably a Jet or Carb screw fix – I just don’t have the time).
Crack on the dash where the info lights are (neutral, high beam, etc).
No horn is currently hooked up.

No one has chomped on the starting bid of $2,500 yet, but it should happen. I would be all over this if I had the liquid assets, but that’s me and I love FZR400’s. This could be a real nice fixer-upper for the winter to have ready to ride when the sun starts to shine. I would put this bike in the low $3k range given the imperfections and work needed too make this awesome. If you’re interested, you can check out the auction here, but act fast!


Northwest Project: 1988 Yamaha FZR400
Sport Bikes For Sale May 31, 2013 posted by

Restored and Awesome ’88 GSX-R 750 Slingshot!

Location: San Jose, CA   Mileage: 29,360   Price: Auction

88 GSXR750

88 GSXR750

Oh man, here’s a real beauty up for sale in California. Being a huge GSX-R fan, this bike hits all the right marks. The “Slingshot” was an attempt by Suzuki to get some more power out of the engine by getting it a few more revs. Didn’t really do the trick but was still a killer bike then, just as it is today.

From the seller-

Here’s a chance to get one of the cleanest 88 GSXR’s you will ever find. This bike took three years to complete. Finding the NOS oem body panels took two years of world wide searching as most of the panels aren’t available anymore. All panels excluding the tank and upper are brand new old stock parts. Has factory original windscreen, turn signals and mirrors. The bike started out as a very nice 28K mile original bike. The bike was taken apart, cleaned, detail painted and reassembled with all factory correct hardware and to factory specs. All mechanicals such as brakes, suspension, carbs, etc were gone through. Mods are minimal and kept period correct such as a Fox Shock (rebuilt and has new spring). Yoshimura exhaust system ( media blasted and high heat painted). Factory 36mm carbs are Stage III jetted with new K&N Filters. Bike runs great. Brand new RK 530 chain with new front rear sprockets. Seat and bump pad are mint, look brand new. Brand new rear tire hugger and rear uncut fender. Michelin Pilot Power tires are in great shape. Only ridden 500 miles since restoration complete. Only a few small flaws in entire bike. See pics: One small chip in upper under mirror ( very hard to notice) and scratch in frame by rear set and one tiny chip in paint in front side of tank which can be touched up. That’s about it. This bike shows excellent, ride and enjoy or stash it away as an investment. Please contact me if you have any questions. I’m selling this bike for a friend but I helped build it so I know every detail. Will assist buyer with shipping but buyer pays all costs. Pickup preferred.


This GSX-R is described as completely restored to factory specs with NOS bodywork in a three year effort. It certainly looks great. The mileage is considerable but the seller says everything has been gone through and the bike runs well. Photos highlight a few small cosmetic issues. Otherwise, this thing looks like a nice, clean example of one hell of a sportbike.

If you’re looking for a great early GSX-R, or just a great early sportbike, this could be an outstanding opportunity for you. To place your bid, go to the auction!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 20, 2012 posted by

Good Looking Slab: ’88 GSX-R 1100

Location: Fresno, CA

Mileage: 23,243

Price: Auction

Update 1.22.2013: Previous owner requested that we remove the pictures due to copyright violation. -dc

Been looking for a clean old slabby for the garage to put next to your collections of progressively newer GSX-R’s? Or maybe you want to start that dream collection. Either way, here’s one for you to check out.

The GSX-R1100 is a legendary bike due to its insane power in the air and oil cooled 1100cc motor. That motor stayed in the Suzuki lineup in one form or another for years and appeared in more than one drag bike. It is bulletproof.

You don’t see a lot of these on the streets anymore as many were put to rest by aggressive owners who maybe found the power and chassis to be difficult to manage.

Here’s the info from the seller-

This is the HARDEST TO FIND first generation GSXR, the 1988 1100 GSXR RED/BLACK/WHITE. It’s also a 49 state bike witch makes this is even harder to find in this condition, 49 state bikes are from out side of California and don’t have all the smog emission controls that California bikes come with. It’s already registered in california. Here it is you will not find this RARE bike any where else. This is the last year this model was made in 1988 the 750 gsxr  changed to the slingshot. Suzuki left the 1100 gsxr in the original model. 

It has a Vance Hines pipe, K&N filters Stage 3 jet kit, Vance Hines PowerPak programmable ignition system. I took this bike to LAGUNA SECA this year and went to the bike cruise night in Monterey Ca. It was turning everyones head, because you just don’t see this bike in this condition. The young riders thought it was a new model for this year because they saw 1100 GSXR and they were on 1000’s.  I was offered cash on the spot that night, but I turned it down. 

The reason I’m selling it now is because my son thinks he’s going to start riding it when he gets his licences in a couple of months.  It scared me when he said he was going to want to ride it. I told him I would sell it an get him a car, he agreed. I NEVER THOUGHT I would part with this BEAUTIFUL BIKE, but the thought of my son on this FAST GSXR is making me sell it. As you can see from the milage it doesn’t get ridden very much. It’s adult owned, I just changed the oil, the brakes and tires are in great shape. There are minor vibration cracks that aren’t very noticeable, i also instaled a power outlet (cigarette lighter) to hook up my GARMIN so i don’t get lost  when i ride out of town. Make me an offer.

The bike isn’t totally stock, with the noted mods in the seller’s description and the dark windscreen. The paint looks good and the whole thing looks clean for its age. It is certainly rare to find one with little modification and that hasn’t been dumped. And they ain’t building any more.

So if you have been on the prowl for one of these, do yourself a favor and check this auction out.


Sport Bikes For Sale September 13, 2012 posted by

Minty and Stock ’88 GSX-R 1100

Location: Central Florida

Mileage: 10,384

Price: $6,500

The Suzuki GSX-R 1100 comes up a lot on RSBFS (my policy is if I see one, I post it) and people respond by taking advantage of the chance to take home an icon. Well, here’s another opportunity, and this one is super clean, making it even more rare than most that are still out there. And while I could go on and on about why these bikes are important, worth collecting and more awesome than most things out there, I won’t. You know all that stuff by now. Or you should.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 For Sale on

Here’s the seller’s comments-

For Sale 1988 GSX-R1100 in pristine condition.

Here is the rest of the story for a little background…

It was 1988 and I worked at a Kawasaki/Suzuki dealer in northern Illinois. I remember when this 1988 GSX-R1100 in Red/Black arrived and sat in the show room. I admired it, dusted it, and wish it were mine. We ended up selling it to a 51 year old gentleman who traded in his 600 Katana. Fast forward 4 years in 1992 and I tracked down that owner and asked if he wanted to sell it and he loved the bike and wanted to keep it. Fast forward 19 years, I had since moved to Florida and in spring of 2011 I was searching Craigslist all over the country and low and behold there was a 1988 GSXR1100 for sale in northern Illinois. I said to myself it couldn’t be? So I called the seller and come to find out it was the same bike I admired back in 1988. The original owner was now well into his 70’s and he gave the bike to his son about 10 years ago and he really never rode it. 

So to make a long story short, I am the second owner (technically third if you count his son storing it for 10 years) and I am now offering to sell it.

 The bike is completely stock. 

The only real cosmetic issue is on the left kick panel under the red vinyl protector, some of the paint came off when I tried to remove the original clear vinyl protector. I was able to match up a piece of red vinyl and cut it perfectly to cover where the old protector was. It actually looks quite well the way it is. 

I cleaned the carbs, put new plugs, air filter, battery, and changed the clutch fluid and it looks a runs great! The previous owner also had replaced the tires a few years ago and they have very low miles on them.

Here are some pictures. 

If anyone is interested I’m asking $6500.

It has 10,384 original miles. 

The bike will come with an extra 1988 GSXR1100 red seat that I purchased so I didn’t have to punch holes in the original seat that came with the bike to mount the rear seat cowl. (The original owner never punched the holes to mount the rear cowl.)

Send me a PM if interested.

I’m located in central Florida.

And pics-

The seller is asking $6,500 for this bike and maybe you can work a deal and pick it up for less. But I have to say, at $6,500 I still don’t think you’re getting a bad deal. These bikes just don’t really exist anymore (look for yourself), and this one certainly stands out as clean and stock, making it even more difficult to find. Mileage is low for its age. It’s just killer.

This bike is featured on a Ducati site (the coolest bike on the site I’m guessing, even if it doesn’t come with its own cologne). If you want a clean, early 1100, you owe it to yourself to go check this one out.


Honda July 21, 2012 posted by

’88 Honda Hurricane 1000- One Owner!

Location: Winchester, Kentucky

Mileage: 13,394

Price: Auction

For those of us who remember the 80’s because we lived it, the Honda Hurricane 1000 (CBR1000) was an impressive bike for those who dared to ride it. I had the ’88 Hurricane 600, which at the time was a serious machine that provided wicked performance. But it wasn’t the 1000. While it may seem tame by today’s standards, the Hurricane 1000 was an intimidating machine to me and my buddies back then.

Here’s a chance to go back to that time and pick up a clean, one owner ride. Finding an ’88 Hurricane 1000 owned by the same person for 24 years cannot be that common. Here’s what the seller has to say-

1988 Honda Hurricane 1000. This is a one owner bike that i purchased new in 1988.  It has been garage kept and never wrecked. This bike runs and rides great.  Show quality condition.  This is a superb bike that will soon be a collectors item.  Also included is a matching black and red helmet.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you.

And the photos-

This looks like a clean, original bike. The mileage isn’t significant enough to be a major concern. As long as the bike has been maintained over the years, you should get many more miles of riding out of it. The bikes doesn’t appear to have any significant modifications either, for those looking for something in the collectible world. And probably the coolest bonus is the Hurricane helmet. Don’t see a lot of those around.

So here’s an opportunity to go back in time and get the bike you always wanted to ride or add to your stellar Honda collection. It’s your call. To make a move, make the jump!


Honda June 10, 2012 posted by

Oh, the Memories- ’88 Honda Hurricane 600 (CBR)

Location: Wausau, Wisconsin

Mileage: 15,900

Price: Auction, with reserve

Put this bike into the Red/White paint scheme in 1988 and you have my first bike. Sure, I spent lots of time on my buddy’s dirt bike and a variety of mopeds and scooters growing up. But my first real bike was one of these. I bought it in college after riding my friend’s ’89, and I loved both of those bikes. I have had a soft spot for the CBR line ever since. Was is too much bike for me at the time? Probably. But the reason why this bike ruled was because it was both potent and compliant. Fast and refined. It was all about Honda build quality. The same feeling I get on my VFR now.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Very clean one owner 1988 Honda Hurricane 600. 15,9000 original miles. Newer Tires with less than 150 miles on them. This bike is in great shape for its age and runs excellent. I am the original owner and have the original bill of sale. I guarantee that it has never been laid down, Never did a brake stand and never did a wheelie with it. There are some small scratches on the bottom of the fairing from getting knocked over one time in the garage while doing maintenance. You have to look for them to notice them. This would be a great bike for a collector or for someone who just wanted a good classic bike. 

And a few photos-

The seller is the original owner and describes the bike as stock. There is apparently some minor cosmetic scratches that you may want some close up photos of. The mileage is not too bad and the seller says the bike runs well. I don’t see any major issues from the photos.

By today’s standards this bike doesn’t have the performance stats to keep up. But I remember the bike being pretty damn quick back in the day. The Hurricane (dropped to just CBR600, which remains a mysterious acronym, in ’89) shocked the world when it debuted from Honda, being a giant leap forward. It’s a legendary bike in my book, beyond just my own personal attachment.

This is a good opportunity to own a game changing bike. If you’re a collector, Honda fan or just want a classic sportbike, you’ll want to check this bike out!