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Table for One: 1988 Suzuki RGV250Γ SP for Sale

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP R Side
Fresh off the boat from Japan, this Suzuki RGV250 Γ “Gamma” is the higher-spec SP model that featured fully-adjustable suspension, along with a close-ratio gearbox and a dry clutch. 1988 was the first year of the RGV that replaced the parallel-twin of the RG250 with a new, 90° 249cc v-twin engine that also found its way into the Aprilia RS250. Designated the “VJ21” this first-generation RGV used Suzuki’s sophisticated aluminum beam frame, but lacked the later bike’s stacked exhaust and sexy banana swingarm that allowed space for that bike’s bulging expansion chambers.

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP L Side Front

The complete package made around 50hp and weighed around 282lbs dry, so performance is deceptively good, considering the relatively small displacement. But more importantly, these machines are notoriously high-strung, requiring real effort to extract the modest power and skill to take advantage of that light weight and nimble handling. The result is performance that can embarrass more powerful machines on track and on the road when used properly. For Real Riders™ this kind of involvement is critical to the motorcycle experience and makes for epic David vs. Goliath stories shared over lunch.

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP Clocks

This bike also features a solo tail section, which at first seems a shame. I mean, what rider doesn’t dream about taking some hot, young thing on the back for a midnight ride, the capstone of the typical motorcycle fantasy? But sexy as they may be, sportbikes are generally impractical for taking passengers and, considering the RGV250’s tiny, tiny size, maybe it’s best that this is a rider-only machine…

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP L Side Rear
From the original eBay listing: 1988 Suzuki RGV250Γ Gamma SP for Sale
Up for auction is 1988 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma SP Model. SP Model has adjustable suspension, close ratio transmission, and this one has custom racing single seat. It just arrived from Japan. All electric works, engine, brake, suspension work too. Only needs tire: getting old so needs new one. Have a short movie on YouTube.
Got paper work you need to register but don’t know how much do you need. Please check your local DMV. Odometer shows 3124km (about 1952.5 miles) but seems like too low, I assume it has been replaced? Don’t know but it goes 1000 to 1100rpm. Right side plastic has crack but it has been fixed. 
The seller also helpfully includes a clip of the bike starting and running. The bike is in generally decent condition, although that solo tail is obviously not the original part, and the stock piece appears to be long-gone. Aesthetic choice or crash-repair? Many of these sat outside in their home market: garage space is at a premium in Japan. And build-quality was never all that high for these quarter-liter sportbikes, so most of these making their way here will need some cosmetic attention.

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP R Side Rear

There’s still plenty of time left on the auction, with a $4,300.00 starting bid and no takers as yet.  Those two little letters “S” and “P” mean it should prove popular among collectors and folks who live in places where registration entails nothing more than a duly-appointed state representative looking at your ride and saying, “Yup. That’s a motorcycle.” It’s not a dead-stock museum-piece, but I expect that’ll be reflected in the final selling price, so someone may get a good deal on machine that’s very rare here in the US.


1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP L Side

Table for One: 1988 Suzuki RGV250Γ SP for Sale
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Grey Market Goodness: 1988 Honda CBR400 with California Title

1988 Honda CBR400 R Side

Anyone glancing at today’s Honda CBR400 would be forgiven for thinking it was a much more powerful machine: the looks are pure sportbike, and then you notice the decals that shout “CBR400.” But what the little Honda lacks in displacement, it makes up for in sophistication: four cylinders, six speeds, gear-driven cams, aluminum frame…

1988 Honda CBR400 L Side Rear

Produced between 1988 and 2000, the Honda CBR400 was the little brother to their popular 600cc and 900cc sportbikes. Intended for a market that had strict limits on displacement and power for new riders, these were never officially sold anywhere outside Japan, although a few managed to find their way to our shores over the years. There’s been a recent influx of grey market bikes like this, as enterprising individuals looking to slake our thirst for nimble sports motorcycles buy these up relatively cheap in Japan and ship them over by the container load. These were entry-level machines in their original market, and not difficult to come by there. But here, in the land of Harley-Davidson, they’re weird and kind of wonderful.

1988 Honda CBR400 R Side Front

Bikes like the CBR250RR we featured recently are very cool but, although that bike’s tiny four will positively scream to near 20,000rpm, outright performance is pretty feeble. This 400, while still no match for a modern supersport motorcycle in terms of straight-line speed, does offer a bit more midrange for everyday riding, but still loves to be thrashed. Gear-driven cams add to the noise and the 399cc four cylinder produces a claimed peak of 59hp, which should be plenty entertaining and there’s more on tap with basic tuning. Suspension wasn’t anything to write home about, but the light weight and stiff frame mean the bike is a terrific backroad companion and I’d imagine plenty of other CBR parts will fit, if you plan to track your little CBR…

1988 Honda CBR400 Clocks

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda CBR400 for Sale

Very rare to be registered in Cali. Runs great. Paint on tank original and clean inside. Small dent in rear of tank. Upper plastic thought to be original. Lower plastic re-painted before I got bike. Some tabs could stand to be repaired on that and rear tail center insert.

46k km on speedo calculated to 29k miles.

Has fold up passenger peg brackets (see pics, circled in yellow).

64 year old owner, former bike wrench and former shop owner. Have very large bike collection being thinned down to make more space. Bike always stored indoors, and run every couple of months to keep healthy.

Overall, a pretty well preserved bike.

The seller also helpfully includes a video of the bike starting and running. This example is in decent overall condition, with minor imperfections and wear-and-tear expected of an entry-level machine. These were designed for the Japanese market and, although they’re styled like big bikes, they’re physically pretty small. I’ve never seen a CBR400 in the flesh, but I’ve spent some time around the CB1 that shares the same basic engine and powertrain with similar weight and wheelbase. Those are very compact, like a 7/8 scale model of a regular motorcycle.

1988 Honda CBR400 R Side Rear
There are no bids as yet, but there are lots of “Watchers” and there is still plenty of time left on the auction. The Buy It Now price of $5,000 seems reasonable, considering the rarity and condition, but potential buyers will obviously have to be serious fans of odd, grey-market bikes because that same money would also buy lots of other, faster toys.


1988 Honda CBR400 L Side

Grey Market Goodness: 1988 Honda CBR400 with California Title
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Quarter-Liter Gamma: 1988 Suzuki RGV250Γ SP VJ21 for Sale

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP R Side

Unfortunately, today’s tasty little two-stroke Suzuki RGV250Γ SP is short on photographs. It’s another of the raft of recent imports from Japan, and details are scarce, but the price may have you reaching for your mouse anyway.

The RGV250Γ replaced the RG250 in 1988, swapping out that bike’s parallel-twin for a more modern v-twin that eventually found its way into the Aprilia RS250, although Aprilia made a number of changes to their version. On paper, the new baby Gamma looked very much like its rivals from Honda and Yamaha, like they were all peeking at each others’ essays during final exams…

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP Dash

Nestled in between the spars of a lightweight, aluminum beam frame, the little 249cc, 90° v-twin made about 55hp and was mated to a six-speed gearbox. Front wheel was 17″ although the rear was a slightly inconvenient 18″ in size. This bike is claimed to be an SP or “Sport Production” model and should also feature adjustable suspension front and rear.

The headlight on the RGV is mounted flush in the fairing and looks less like an afterthought compared to something like the Honda RS250R and I particularly like the text on the tail section: considering the GSX-R “Slingshot” bikes were named for their carburetors, I’m guessing this is simply a marketing link to those models as opposed to a reference to any mechanical specification. It’s also good to know this is a Real Sprinter bike, not just some fake knock-off…

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Suzuki RGV250Γ SP VJ21 for Sale

In 1988 Suzuki released two stroke V twin racer replica.

At that era, Japanese economy was too good, so they released

new model more often than every year.

This is SP model, so it has adjustable front and rear suspension, 

close ratio 6 speed transmission and solo seat cover.

Ran when I transport from Tokyo to Yokohama.

I just received it and not check yet.

I’ll take pics and inspect it and add info.

13977 Km = 8714 miles

Was very clean when it left Japan but I found a scratch on right side cowl.

Other than that, this is very clean. Still shining.

Had no leak but found fuel under petcock.

Please see pics.

Real SP model are very rare, I should start with $5000… too late..

1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP Clean

It’s worth noting that the shot of the left side does show fluids spilled down the frame which have been helpfully cleaned off in the close up. The question is why you’d photograph a bike you plan to sell before cleaning it. Really this listing could use a few more shots, but I think we’ve got enough to tell that this is a decent, well-used example of a rare, collectible model: the paint is shiny and the plastics are scuffed in places, but not cracked, and all the important bits that make the bike stop and go appear to be in good shape.

Bidding is currently up just north of $4,000 with a little more than 24 hours left on the auction. If you’re a collector, this probably needs a good bit of work to get it into shape, but everything’s there and a fresh set of fasteners and a touch up of some brackets will do wonders for the appearance. If you’re a rider, well the cosmetic wear and tear shouldn’t bother you too much. Assuming the bike runs as advertised, this could be a good buy.


1988 Suzuki RGV250 SP L Side

Quarter-Liter Gamma: 1988 Suzuki RGV250Γ SP VJ21 for Sale
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Rothman’s Edition: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP MC18 for Sale

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans R Side

If you’re in the market for a high-performance, quarter-liter two-stroke, then this is the one to have. As cool to look at as it is to ride, Honda’s NSR250R is a two-stroke race replica splashed with one of the most evocative paint-and-graphics combinations of the modern era, made ever so sexy by the dangerous, forbidden-fruit taint of a tobacco sponsorship.

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans L Side Front

The NSR250 followed the same formula as everyone else in the class, with a nearly square, liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin that displaced 249cc’s and put power through a six-speed gearbox. In this case, the box was a “cassette-style” arrangement that would theoretically allow racers to change ratios quickly at the track. Which sounds pretty cool, but is largely useless for road riders, unless you don’t believe in using your clutch and need to rebuild your transmission regularly…

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans Clocks

With a dry weight of under 300lbs and 45-60hp depending on tune, these are fast, nimble motorcycles that stress handling over straight-line power. They look and handle like big, four-stroke sportbikes, but are very compact in person, and feature a host of weight-saving and weight-centralizing tricks to maximize performance. According to two-stroke fanatics, every serious motorcyclist should try one.

So who’s got one I can try out?

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans R Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP MC18 for Sale

Just imported through U.S. Customs, this 1988 NSR 250 SP R4J comes with a clean and clear street legal title ready to be transferred into your name in your state. A great page for some overview history on the NSR250 is www(dot)nsr-world(dot)com/history/ . The SP model is a Honda factory built street legal Sport Production version of the desirable NSR250 model and comes in Rothmans paint trim and factory upgrade Magtek magnesium wheels. This bike is showing 10,620 original miles (17,091 kilometers) on the odometer so it is a clean, lower mileage bike that presents well. The fairing bodywork is original with original paint and the seat is in good condition. The pictures show 2 scratches on the lower right belly pan and 3 scratches on the left muffler. This is a 25 year old motorcycle with 11,000 miles so it isn’t perfect; you have to expect paint wear and the normal scratches and chips and cracks on the bar ends and levers and fairing mount points. The windshield needs polishing to be perfect too. The tires have good tread, gauges are clear and bright, factory turn signals are straight and the exhaust tips are in good condition too. All in all a good used 250SP with original paint and Magtek magnesium wheels – where else are you going to find one?

I can get great shipping rates (anywhere in California for $300 as an example) so don’t let the cost of shipping keep you from owning this collectible Japanese two-stroke streetbike. This motorcycle is not a grey market import, it has been imported through proper legal channels and is already titled in the USA and ready to be transferred into your name just like any other vehicle purchase. You will not need my US Customs documents and EPA documents to transfer title but I will include them in the sale of this bike so you have documentation your NSR SP was legally imported.

The seller has posted a number of other desirable little Japanese-import two-stroke sportbikes recently and, as always, includes a video of the bike starting and running.

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans L Side Fairing

Standard caveats apply: be sure to check your local laws regarding registration if you plan to run this on the road. But now that bikes like this are at or past the 25 year mark, it’s becoming much easier to import and register them. And even if you can’t run this on the street, a careful restoration would make this a very cool display piece!


 1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans R Side Front

Rothman’s Edition: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP MC18 for Sale
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Featured Listing: 1988 Honda VFR400R for Sale


A precursor to the iconic NC30 that was a sort of “mini RC30,” the VFR400R was powered by the a 399cc, gear-driven V4 and had the bigger model’s same ELF-designed Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm. Visual differences compared to the later NC30 include a more conventional, street-bike styled single headlight and bodywork, along with four bolts to hold the rear wheel in place, instead of a single large hub nut.


This earlier iteration of Honda’s jewel-like V4 used a more conventional 180° crank, whereas later NC30 versions used a 360° “big bang” crank and firing order for improved traction and tire life. The 180° crank engine should sound a bit more like a conventional four, with combustion events spaced more evenly throughout each engine revolution. You still get the distinctive whine of the gear-driven cams fitted to these engines however.


Although the small V4 isn’t as manic at high revs as other 400cc four-cylinders, it should have a much wider powerband and still rev to a screaming 14,000rpm. Grunt is ultimately limited by the miniscule displacement, but handling is superlative and these were [and still are] very popular in the UK as track-day bikes, although the 18″ rear wheel does limit tire choice somewhat.

1988 Honda VFR400R for sale on eBay

From the seller: 1988 Honda VFR400R for Sale

Imported legally this year from the UK with the idea of learning about  and testing the market as a possible business idea for the future.

When I received it, it would not idle, so, rather than clean the carbs, I opted for the more circuitous route and replaced the regulator/rectifier, coils, plugs, plug wires and battery as well as the starter solenoid for good measure. It ran better, but eventually I did clean the carbs and found the elusive idle.

The motor is sweet. Whining gear whir and a really nice howling exhaust note as it revs from clutch out at about 3000 all the way up to a redline of 14,000. Smooth and very torque strong powerband all the way up.

Also, as stated in the eBay post, the bodywork is original and a little rough on the two lower panels. The tank and balance of the beautiful old plastic is pretty nice in a slightly weathered patina appreciators sort of way.

I would like to mention the scale. The bike is small, the clearances around the engine and really throughout are tight and favor the small of hand. But, I am 5’10” and do not reach the bum stop under most riding conditions, so the ergonomics are semi comfortable and definitely not cramped.

Overall, this is a very sound , fun ride without the overkill of a larger superbike. I had an S3 400 Kawasaki that would pop your arms straight on the power, but this 400 is faster and more controllable in getting there. Like a RD400 but more muscular and with a much broader powerband. Throttle feedback is really fine. Would make a thrilling track bike or a good rider.

1988 Honda VFR400R L Fairing

Designed mainly for the Japanese market, a good number found their way over to the UK where they were popular as grey-market or “parallel imports.” This example is a bit rough around the edges, as the seller clearly indicates, but these are the original panels and 27 years and 28,000 miles means some scuffs and scrapes and minor cracks are to be expected.

1988 Honda VFR400R R Side

The VFR400R is very rare here in the US, meaning this should be of interest to Honda fans here looking to complete their V4 collections or track day riders more concerned with corner speed than top speed. All-in-all, this bike lacks the endurance-racer styling and raucous “big bang” engine of later versions, but still provides the basic handling goodness that made these so popular in the first place.



Featured Listing: 1988 Honda VFR400R for Sale
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Arizona-Titled Two-Stroke: 1988 Honda NSR250R MC18 for Sale

1988 Honda NSR250R R Side

Here in the USA where torque, big, low-revving engines, and straight-line speed were the order of the day, corner-shredding 250cc race-replicas never stood a chance of being popular. But you always want what you can’t have, so quite a cult has grown up around bikes like this little Honda NSR250R.

1988 Honda NSR250R L Side Detail

Powered by a reed-valve, liquid-cooled 90° v-twin two, stroke with a six-speed casette-style gearbox, these are a far-cry from the “learner bike” stereotype often applied to bikes of this displacement. But racetrack-bred handling and a slim powerband mean there’s plenty of joy to be found wringing the neck of an NSR on a twisty road.

1988 Honda NSR250R Dash

Stock, these two-strokes were limited to just 45hp, although the MC18 is capable of another 15hp once de-restricted: with just 280lbs to push around, 60hp should make performance suitably entertaining. Improvements over the earlier MC16 included electronic PGM ignition, bigger carbs, and other updates to improve flexibility, something that’s generally lacking in two-strokes.

1988 Honda NSR250R R Side Rear

Bigger brakes, wider wheels, and uprated suspension rounded out the package and although the passenger seat and headlight scream “practical transportation” they’re largely ornamental and this bike is best for back-road blasts and track days.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NSR250R MC18 for Sale

Up for sale is a legally-imported NSR250.   The bike was imported by me this year along with 2 other bikes, I have decided I don’t need all 3 so here is your chance to get a very clean example of a 1988 NSR250 MC18.

The bike runs great, it has 9517 original KILOMETERS (title shows a miles, as that is how they measure here, but is in KM, which makes it about 6,000 original miles from 1988.   The bike is clean and has the original fairings which fared well over the years, but do have minimal cracks and scrapes.   The gas tank is very clean with no trace of rust inside.  The bike starts well and the oil injection works great, I have only used synthetic oil and the 2 stroke smoke is not bad at all.

As for performance, this is a blast.  Even though this is a 250cc it is NOT a beginner motorcycle, it puts out a lot of power in the high RPMs (for any of you who rode a 2 stroke are probably familiar with). The bike goes through all gears with no issue, all lights work, it is a good running cycle.

This bike is street legal in Arizona, all turn signals and lights work, etc.  The speedometer is in kilometers per hour, there are conversions available, however, I just used a free cell phone application to monitor speed.  Please check with your local DMV if there are any concerns regarding the speedometer cluster, etc.   A clear Arizona title is provided.

1988 Honda NSR250R Rear Wheel

The seller also helpfully includes a video of the bike running. 

These aren’t especially rare in the UK and Japan, but few ever made it to these shores. With prices on sporty two-strokes low in their original markets and demand rising for them here in the USA where they represent tasty, tasty forbidden fruit, many are finding their way over here in less-than-stellar condition. This one isn’t perfect, but minor cracks and bits of wear aside, it looks like a very solid example, assuming the reserve is set reasonably.

It’d be nice to know if the bike has been de-restricted and you should definitely do your homework if you plan to run this on the street: the Arizona DMV may be more permissive than your own.


1988 Honda NSR250R L Side

Arizona-Titled Two-Stroke: 1988 Honda NSR250R MC18 for Sale
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Built for Two: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side

Although they built their reputation around their race-spec bikes, Bimota also built plenty of street-biased bikes. There’s obviously no real racing class for a bike like the Bimota YB5, powered as it was by Yamaha’s 1188cc FJ1200 engine and 5 speed transmission.

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side Rear

But while it may not have been eligible for any race series, the YB5 had a couple aces up its sleeve. One was that massively torquey engine. The other was something you don’t often see on a Bimota: a set of pillion pegs matched to a passenger seat!


So while this probably wouldn’t be an ideal bike for long-distance touring, it’s nice to know you can head out to a local bike night to show off not just your taste in bikes, but your taste in significant others as well.

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side Fairing

While Bimota was obviously famous for their lightweight construction and, although it was more than 50lbs less than the donor machine, the YB5 still weighed in at 463lbs dry. The frame was based on their SB4 and period testers reveled in the bike’s nearly magical combination of stability and agility, traits that, when combined with the flexible engine, make it an ideal sportbike for road-biased riders.

1988 Bimota YB5 Rear Wheel

The original YB5 used 18″ wheels with low-profile tires, although this one looks like it’s been fitted with a set of 17″ wheels from Technomagnesio.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

Rare chance to own a Bimota YB5,  one of only 208 units built.
Has been in climate controlled collection for past 10 years.  (thinning the collection)
Mileage  10,651
Condition very good,  but will need new
tune-up, etc.
All stock motor and exhaust. (FJ1200 motor)
Rare Special option Brembo technomagnesio wheels
please note:  stock “suicide” side stand and several small blemishes in fairing.

1988 Bimota YB5 L Side Fairing Damage

So it’s not pristine shape, but has obviously been well cared for. The bike has attracted little interest so far, with one bid at $6,500 and the reserve apparently met. Bimotas are often thought of as hideously expensive exotica, but many of the mid to late 80’s bikes sell for a relative song, considering their rarity. And because the engines and transmissions are all from common Japanese bikes, you should be able to keep one running for peanuts. Body panels can be an issue, but for the price, they represent a serious exotica bargain.


1988 Bimota YB5 L Side

Built for Two: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale
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Restored Slingshot: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for Sale

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side

Today’s GSX-R750 is sort of the polar opposite of Sunday’s Ducati Supermono: the Gixxer was always intended to be ridden and enjoyed anywhere, street or track. It needed no army of trained technicians to make it run, or a crew to push start it like the Supermono did, or pro-level riding skill to appreciate, or a degree in engineering to understand. It just flat worked, everywhere, all the time.

The People’s Superbike.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 Front Rear

The “J” model was introduced in 1988 and was the first significant redesign of the bike. The engine remained oil/air cooled, but internals were reworked with a shorter stroke that allowed higher revs and resulted in a displacement of 748cc. The bike now featured Mikuni  BST36SS carburetors that gave the bike its “Slingshot” nickname. As always seems to be the case, the newer bike made more power, but was slightly heavier. 112hp may not seem like much power now, but the GSX-R750 was the premier hooligan bike of the age and makes plenty of power to keep riders entertained.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 L Side Lower

So why would you want one of these middle-child bikes? Well the style, first of all. Looks may be subjective, but this happens to be the only era GSX-R I actively lust after. Maybe I imprinted early and was inspired by the blue and white Gixxer I saw in high school, with one headlight sporting a bright yellow headlamp and one clear for a heterochromic, endurance-racing style. Or maybe the owner was just French…

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side Front Wheel

Or maybe you plan to tear up the back roads on your classic Japanese sportbike and want to fit the latest, stickiest rubber. Those 17″ wheels will make that much easier, although the relatively skinny 160 that’s fitted as standard reduces your choices somewhat. I’m sure you can probably go up to a 170, or fit a readily-available wider wheel from another year… The Gixxer forums I’m sure will be full of suggestions, I’m sure.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

This bike is a truly unique example of a late model GSX-R in exceptional shape. Completely restored with rebuilt motor and painted only a few thousand miles ago, the chassis has 20K on it. Tons of extras, tuned, titled, registered, and ready to ride. I am thinning out my herd but not in any rush to sell so if it doesn’t hit my buy it now or a reasonable offer is made no big deal, I’ll keep riding. I am simply testing the waters so make me an offer I can’t refuse or simply gawk at my photos and enjoy:-)

The restoration includes the following: A long stroke 750cc motor (similar to the RK model, arguably the best of the oil cooled) with Weisco piston kit, 771cc w/ 11:1 compression, pocket port work done on the head, new bearings and gaskets all around. The transmission had the gears under-cut and shimmed (shifts like butter). Has the original Mikuni Slingshot BST36mm but rebuilt with Stage 3 jets and SS needles. Also, I had a set of custom Velocity stacks made with screens and set of RamAir filters to slip over (for riding on the street).  It has a ceramic coated exhaust (Xtreme Coating) full system from Yoshimura with a polished aluminum canister, less than 100 miles on it.  Suspension has been completely over hauled. The Front forks are off a 92 1100 (inverted style tubes) with new oil and seals, LG valve kit installed for 180+ lb rider. The rear is off a 92 1100 as well but has very trick and ultra-rare Metmachex swing arm (imported from across the pond) with eccentric adjusters, recently had polished less than 100 miles.  New Super Sprocket and X-Ring chain, had to go down a tooth on the counter sprocket due to too much torque off the line. Both wheels have new bearings have been powder coated, the rear has the lip polished and cleared. New rubber all around – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II. Battery is new- Yusa sealed. SS braid brake lines. Paint has been repainted to the factory colors. Seat reupholstered to factory spec vinyl. Tank has a rebuilt petcock and the inside is uber clean. LED turn signals instead of those droopy rabbit ears.  Side covers have been polish if you wanted to go the half fairing / naked look. Comes with a factory service manual, rear seat and tank bra. I know am missing something but I have a folder knee deep of records and receipts you’ll get.

Complete serviced done 100 miles ago, new oil, plugs, carbs and valves serviced, all maintenance done by local Suzuki mechanic for over 20yrs.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 Yoshi

An ’88 wouldn’t have had the upside-down forks seen here, but they’re a logical, period-correct update that came along for the 1991 model here in the US, although everywhere else got the USD forks a year earlier… Fewer corners in the US, I guess…

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 Seat

Other than that, this bike looks absolutely perfect, except for the missing fairing lower that looks to have been removed for the video, to show the bike starting from cold. And the turn signals are better than the stockers, but maybe something a bit less conspicuous would have been even nicer?

Is this bike worth $9,500? Well you can still find decent examples for less than half that, but they’re getting rarer all the time. I’m sure you couldn’t replicate this bike for that money, so this might be just the bike for someone who wants the best, and is happy to pay for it.

Interestingly, a nearly-new GSX-R750’s are going for similar prices…


1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side Close

Restored Slingshot: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for Sale