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Addition by Subtraction – 2007 Ducati 1098

Beside the displacement increase, Ducati’s 2007 re-design focused on lightening the bike and improving performance.  The 1098, even the base model, has many updates and features, it’s a great superbike alternative.

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 right

2007 Ducati 1098 for sale on eBay

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 left front

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 front

Capitalizing on the successful Testastretta ( narrowhead ) engine, the EVOluzione engine is 5kg lighter  than the 999’s mill, and incorporates innovations like elliptical throttle bodies to improve response of the 1099 cc, 160 hp motor.  Exhaust was also lightened using thinner material in a 2-1-2 configuration, and dispensing with the canister muffler.

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 right muffler

The traditional trellis frame was re-engineered using larger diameter, thinner walled alloy steel tubing, saving weight and increasing rigidity.  43mm Showa forks are fully adjustable, as is the Showa rear monoshock on new single sided swingarm.  Brakes are radial-mounted Brembos of 330mm diameter in front, and 245 mm rear.

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 right front wheel

Most noticeable however, is the new fairing design, returning to a more 916 look, with dual high and low beams and turn signals in the mirrors.  The full-featured digital dash is also used on the -S and -R models.

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 right front

The 1098 on offer has been updated with Ohlins front and rear, and Termignoni exhaust, which brings it up to -S spec, only missing the forged Marchesini wheels.  Looks great with only 4,300 miles, new battery and fresh oil.  Including the front and rear stands is a niice touch.  From the eBay auction:

You are bidding on a wonderful Ducati 1098 with low mileage on.

Main additions were the front forks Ohlins FGRT 803
Rear Ohlins DU788 TTX rear shock
Full Termignoni exhaust
Slick tires with only one track day in intermediate group.
The bike comes with the stands – Pitbull front and Ducati rear and has the original forks and exhaust in a box that can be shipped as well.
Low mileage, only 4333 miles.
Never fell, not even laid down on the side while not in motion.
The bike is almost perfect, some small scratches more than normal in a bike that is 2007.
Great power and torque, new oil and battery, no directs to report.

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 left shock

The 1098 went on to win the 2008 Superbike World Championships with Troy Bayliss aboard, and had many more victories.  The bike regularly reviewed as more at home on the track, too much for the street.  But a veteran or expert rider would be a requirement, which is how I think this 1098 with its slick tires and -S updates finds its way to market.  Experience is a great teacher, but usually starts out with a hard quiz before the first lesson.  The owner is wise to relinquish his undamaged 1098 and trade for a bike with more accessible performance.  Bidding is healthy and has just a couple of days to go…

20160121 2007 ducati 1098 right headlight


Addition by Subtraction – 2007 Ducati 1098
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Bet it All on Black – 3 Custom Ducatis

Unusual to see three well done customs pop up at the same moment, as “well done” can be pretty subjective.  While customs are not RSBFS’s specialty, this trio of black Ducatis caught my eye, and maybe you’ll enjoy them as well.

Three Custom Ducatis ( Black ) for sale on eBay

2007 Ducati 696 Monster Cafe Racer

20150528 2007 ducati 696 monster custom left

This 2007 Ducati 696 Monster Cafe Racer has a Sport 1000 flavor with retro badged and striped half-fairing.  Lots of new parts in the cockpit and neat monoposto looking seat.  Freshly serviced, the Monster-based bike should be a sharp handler.

From the eBay auction:

One of a kind built at Beverly Hills Ducati.  The bike is a 2007 Ducati 695 Monster.  New Build includes 1970’s style Custom SS fairing w/clear wind screen (both tank and fairing are custom painted with Vintage Ducati emblems and racing stripe).  Front end includes new clip-ons, Rizoma grips, Rizoma resevoirs, Rizoma mirror, Brembo slave cylinders & CRG adjustable levers.  Also included, Fresh tuneup, New brake pads, New rear sets, new tires, High tech speed superbright l.e.d. turn signals, Custom made café seat & High performance Leo Vince exhausts.

2007 Ducati Sport 1000S Custom

20150528 2007 ducati sport 1000s custom left

The exquisitely photographed 2007 Sport 1000S is pared down to the bare minimum but finished to a very high level.  With no carbon or billet parts, all the magic here has a vintage look, though many of the hard parts are from later Ducatis.

The Portland-based builder, Digital Directiv, states:

Many builders like to take pride in doing everything themselves, but at the expense of the final product. I’m not one of those guys. Everything has to be perfect and if someone is an expert at what they do, I’m not afraid to involve them in the project. That’s why I recruited some of the best in the business to help me out. Chris from Masic Industries was enlisted to refinish every nut and bolt back to factory new condition and the only one I trust to coat the mildly-modified frame and wheels. Also done there was the mirror-like polishing of every aluminum part including the engine covers. All seams and casting marks were removed before many of the parts received a brushed finish; a feature also taken from the unique MH. Jeff Johnson of Ill Eagle Designs hand-formed the one piece aluminum solo tail section that mounts using the stock seat latch for easy removal. He also adapted the Monster 1100 headers into an amazing underseat exhaust capped by Cone Engineering cans. Ginger from New Church Moto was the only choice to make the sexy hand-stitched suede seat and matching pad. Tying it all together is the bottomless black and charcoal paint laid down by Tony’s Customs.

2008 Ducati 1098

20150528 2008 ducati 1098 custom left

Using more carbon fiber and powder coating than the others combined, this 2008 Ducati 1098 is re-finished and upgraded, previously the owner’s track bike.  Every system has been overhauled and / or upgraded, and comprehensive maintenance makes it seem ready to go.

Too much to list here, but the owner makes these comments in the eBay auction:

The sale of the bike will include the following OEM/Extra parts: Passenger seat, Passenger rearsets, OEM rear midnight black seat, Extra set of carbon fiber mid-side fairings.

I’m the second owner, the bike has been maintained throughout its life at Ducati AMS Dallas.
The following has been recently done to it – Past 3000 miles or so. Yes this Ducati visits the track, thus the upkeep and upgrades.

Though it rarely results in more value, sometimes a bike has to be refinished if not rebuilt.  Laid down or just run out, it’s the owner’s opportunity to try something, a combination of components or finishes that wasn’t available from the factory that year.  These three bikes have a lot of personality as well as a very professional presentation.  If the right cyclist comes along, and does their homework, everyone could wind up happy.

– donn

Bet it All on Black – 3 Custom Ducatis
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Form and Function: 2008 Bimota DB7 Nera for Sale

2007 Bimota DB7 R Side

Introduced in 2008, the Bimota DB7 is yet another collaboration with Ducati and has been one of their most successful bikes in terms, not only of sales numbers, but in terms of function. While they’ve always offered on-paper advantages over the bikes from which they borrow their engines, many Bimotas, right out of the box, have actually needed quite a bit of fine-tuning before they’re ready to run with the brand-new top-shelf sportbikes. The DB7 actually offers up superior handling and comfort, compared to the 1098 with which it shares its running gear, although that’s not necessarily saying much, since it’d be difficult to create a bike less comfortable than a 1098…

Beneath the fairings seemingly designed by someone who really, really likes rulers and t-squares hides an exotic hybrid frame that combines an oval-tube trellis front section with billet aluminum side plates and a self-supporting carbon tail to provide a rigid foundation for high-spec suspension components.

2007 Bimota DB7 R Side Rear

Power comes from Ducati’s 160hp “Testastretta” L-twin, an almost ideal sporting motorcycle powerplant that offers up arm-stretching torque, high-revving power, and a strong dose of character completely in keeping with Bimota’s exotic design brief.

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Bimota DB7 Nera for Sale

This is one of the last Bimotas imported into the USA – a special version of the DB7 – the Nera (Black).  It has full clear-coated carbon fiber bodywork on a black and aluminum frame. This motorcycle is practically new – 520 miles and never titled – still on the MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin). The motorcycle is stock except for the silencer removal and the addition of MotoGP-exit style exhaust tips and a rear fender eliminator (see last photo).  It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

The DB7 is one of the best motorcycles that Bimota ever built – featuring the Ducati 1098 engine.  When Cycle World compared the DB7 to the Ducati 1098R Bayliss in an article entitled “Sex on Wheels” – they said “The DB7’s ergos fit me nicely, I felt like I was down in it, nestled behind the bars.” “As for me, I actually went faster on the Bimota…the Bimota is easier to ride fast and ultimately a little more enjoyable.” “The Bimota…is a beautiful work of art, handles like a dream and has awesome real-world V-Twin power that makes it more accessible to more riders.”

The same Cycle World article the seller references actually praises the power delivery of the DB7 compared to the Ducati, a nice change of pace for a Bimota!

2007 Bimota DB7 R Side Exhaust

Tragically, in this era of bikes that are pretty great, even right out of the box, the question becomes: where does Bimota fit in? It used to be that they had a wealth of floppy-handling, underbraked bikes with over-engineered drivetrains to choose from. But these days, most Bimotas aren’t appreciably better than the bikes from which they crib their running gear, they’re just more expensive, more exotic. Which is valuable for those with the cash, but they’ve become more toys for the uber-rich rather than hardcore, purist-oriented road and track tools.

The DB7 looks gorgeous, is beautifully detailed, and handles like a two-wheels scalpel, but for the additional cost over a 1098, it’s hard to justify the cost. And, with Ducati abandoning frames altogether, where does that leave Bimota?


2007 Bimota DB7 R Side Front

Form and Function: 2008 Bimota DB7 Nera for Sale
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Another Italian Supermodel: 2009 Bimota DB7

For Sale: 2009 Bimota DB7 (#25)

Ian previously refered to the DB7 as (D)a (B)omb in an earlier post, and I couldn’t agree more. This particular model really exemplifies the Rimini firm’s expertise in melding engineering with artwork. While Bimota is often compared as the motorcycling equivalent of Lamborghini, I think a comparison to Colin Chapman’s Lotus brand is more accurate: smaller, lighter, faster, more expensive. RSBFS readers have seen this particular bike before, written up by Doug last year.

Hey look Ma – it’s housebroken! Can I keep it? Perhaps this is why so many wonders from Rimini fail to accumulate any sort of real mileage. As worthy sculptures suitable for indoor use, their appeal is in the look as much as the performance. This particular model has only 507 miles on the clocks – and what beautiful clocks they are! Bimota clearly spared no expense in creating this amazing bike, and every nook and cranny of it drips with gorgeous appointments and top-level gear.

From the seller:
Up for sale is an ultra rare, and highly desirable one-owner Bimota DB7. The bike is in immaculate, as new condition, with no-stories whatsoever. Bike has been continouously maintained on battery tender, started every two weeks and run to normal operating temperature.

Details as follows:

2009 Bimota DB7 #25 (ZESD711S99R000025)
507 total miles (upon delivery)
All books/records/receipts/keys included
Evoluzione clutch master cylinder in Annodized Silver (28.5 degrees- perfect!)
Evoluzione titanium throttle control
Evoluzione fender eliminator kit
Original Bimota dust cover
Original Bimota rear stand

Original MSRP $39,995.00

The DB7 is powered by a Ducati 1098, liquid cooled, fuel injected, Desmoquattro v-twin. What the Rimini boys do with the rest of the bike is nearly as amazing as the engine: Aluminum, chrome-moly, carbon fiber and titanium all meet up to hold Ohlins and Brembo componentry in a package that screams exclusivity.

The seller included some great info regarding Bimota and the DB7, which I’ve included here:

From the seller:
If you are reading this, you will probably already be familiar with the extraordinary and exotic superbikes produced by Bimota. For those who aren’t, here is some information about Bimota and the Bimota DB7:

Bimota is the sort of archetypal family-owned Italian company that puts out exclusive hand-built luxury machines. Think Lamborghini and Maserati in the car world and you’ll have an idea. Bimota has been around since the late ’70s when design guru Massimo Tamburini (Ducati 916 & MV Agusta F4) was one of the founders. The “Ta” in BimoTA represents Tamburini’s contributions. Tamburini himself now heads the Cagiva Research Centre where unbelievably beautiful MV Agusta designs are created. Tamburini did turn up in Rimini to congratulate Bimota and student Sergio Robbiano with the DB5 in 2005, but that’s the last anyone at Bimota has seen of him since then.

In 2007, the company headed by President Comini who owns 17% of Bimota, employed the services of Dan Van Epps. Van Epps has a past as Ducati North America’s CEO and later Ducati’s Global Marketing Director. Van Epps compares Bimota to Ducati in 1993 and have big future plans for the company.

The DB7 looks like no other Superbike, with team colours of red, white and black applied to the carbon fiber body shaped by the pen and hands of designer Enrico Borghesan, the Bimota family DNA is clear to see. This Superbike dares true motorcyclists to get close and indulge in its details. The beauty and drama of the DB7 at a distance is surpassed only by its detail. From billet machined sub-frames, footrests and control levers to the structural carbon fiber tail section and titanium silencer, no compromise was ever considered nor made. The details are simply spectacular.

Bimota is the only factory in the world allowed to place Ducati’s gem of a 1099cc V-Twin engine in its own chassis. Just to give you an idea of just how exclusive this motorcycle is, Bimota only built 300 DB7s per year.

Ex-Ducati man Dan Van Epps preaches proudly that each DB7 is built by hand by two Bimota technicians. Those two technicians follow that very bike all the way to actually also building the shipping crate! That’s just how exclusive and exotic the Bimota DB7 1098 is.

from Motorcyclist: “The seventh Ducati-powered, all-Italian DB7 is the best yet-and one of the sexiest motorcycles ever. Rivals include money-no-object Italian exotics such as the Benelli Tornado Tre, Ducati 1098R, Mondial Piega and MV Agusta F4 R 312. Still, unless you’re going racing, the DB7 has an appeal that is subtly different to the 1098R’s, and arguably just as strong.”

from CycleWorld: “An exclusive artisan operation are Bimota — where two technicians build one DB7 per day—has an ace up its sleeve, however, because concerns over competitive pricing are chucked out the window. Generous use of carbon-fiber, machined aluminum and titanium is possible when hand-building bikes that cost almost four times what a Japanese literbike goes for….which rounds out Bimota’s model range of Supersport (DB5), Sport Naked (DB6) and Sport Special (Tesi 3D) with a no-holds-barred Superbike.”

from MCN: “This is a motorcycle manufactured to the highest standard, so it goes without saying that quality is exemplary. The finish is to die for and the attention to detail stunning. None of the cycle parts are going to let you down and neither should the tried and tested Ducati 1098 engine.”

DB7s are not inexpensive motorcycles. While most Bimotas sell at a premium, the DB7 is the most modern, top of the Rimini performance range. MSRP pricing would put you in a midsized, German luxury car from the spinning propeller brand – if cars were your thing, that is. Any way you look at it, $40k is rarified air for motorcycles – Ducati “R” models, the D16-RR, some MV Agustas and perhaps a few “boutique” low volume brands might reach this high.

This seller is also parting with a 2004 Ducati 749R as written up by Rem – maybe if you’ve been a really good boy Santa can do a double-bike deal for Christmas. Santa was never quite that flush with me, but then there is always hope…

This auction is on right now, with a BIN number of $23,250. This is pretty standard money for a used DB7, and it is clear that this is a well-loved and cared for, low mileage example. For your chance to add this to the wish list, or just to check out the numerous pictures, click on the link and check out the auction. Good luck!


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(D)a (B)omb: 2009 Bimota DB7

(D)a (B)omb: 2009 Bimota DB7

I think a Bimota engineer would slash his wrists if he heard me refer to a DB7 in such crass terms.  Maybe this quote from some media propaganda sums it up best:

With so many Superbike manufacturers, there are also many advanced and extremely capable motorcycles. So for Bimota, simply being fast and race inspired is not enough, a Bimota must offer something more, much more.

Maybe something as mundane as a rear set is what sets a Bimota apart.  There are little miniature works of art all over this motorcycle and together they do make something that is distinctively Bimota.

More of the same.

In motorcycle utopia, if offered, what would you choose: a DB7 or Desmosedici?  Hmmmmmm…..


Want it?  Is is basically brand new with 12 miles.  Want it more?  Asking price is almost $33,000 OBO.

I think I’d have to go with OBO.  All the recent DB7’s (with similar mileage, nobody apparently rides them) we’ve listed  have had asking prices in the mid 20’s.  It is drool worthy and all but…..

Get daddy a new toy here.


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What would Santa ride? 2009 Bimota DB7

For Sale: 2009 Bimota DB7

Can’t you just see Santa, decked out in his red (leather) suit, delivering toys on this baby? Certainly much faster than reindeer, and far more stylish too. And with this particular bike being such a low mileage example with factory warranty, Santa won’t have to worry much about the care and feeding of his tempermental Italian beauty.

From the seller:
A scratchless example of a rare 2009 Bimota DB7. Ducati 1098 powered with EVR slipper clutch, custom alacantra seat, and Zard slip on. All stock parts included. Guages were replaced under warranty and only show about 45 miles. Tires have less than 200 miles on them. Roughly 8 months of warranty left. Anybody serious about a bike like this already knows what it is. 386-566-2000 for questions or e-mail. I have more pictures in hi-res if needed.

The marriage of a Ducati 1098 powerplant and Bimota’s unique chassis expertise – not to mention unquestionable craftsmanship – the DB7 is viewed by many as the ultimate Bimota superbike. Great handling, top-level componentry, and the exclusivity of owning a rare, hand-made motorcycle is what Bimota is all about. For other DB7s listed here on RSBFS, see previous posts HERE or HERE or HERE.

The going rate for a Bimota DB7 is just flat-out expensive. This particular bike, with low miles and additional add-ons, is priced right on the money compared to other DB7s we have seen, if not a bit under. With a BIN price under $23,000, this is starting to look like a deal. to jump over to the auction and beat Santa to the punch!


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Ducati On The X-Mas List? Clean, Low Mile 998 Matrix, 999S Parts Unlimited and 1098R

Ducati On The X-Mas List?  Clean, Low Mile 998 Matrix, 999S Parts Unlimited and 1098R

With roughly  two weeks left until the fat man slides down the chimney, here are some nice finds for those hoping  for a Ducati next to the tree.  Nothing ultra exotic here, just three nice, clean, low mile bikes from the different era’s of Ducati’s line of big twins.  Be sure to leave RSBFS up on your computer so “Santa” knows what you want or you risk receiving something like a weather station (believe me, it happened).

I’m not much of a Matrix the movie fan but I am a fan of this Matrix Edition 998.  The color sure stands out in a sea of red.  With just over 600 miles on it, the owner isn’t kidding that it has barely seen the outside world.  Another Ducati garage queen looking for a new home.  


I never get tired of looking at the backside of a Ducati.  There wasn’t much info in the auction so you’ll have  tell Santa to ask some questions on the bike.


More of a race fan than a Sci Fi fan?  Then this 999S Parts Unlimited with 259 miles on it might make you a happy boy Christmas Day.  The $11,800 buy it now price sure seems reasonable.  I know, I know, the Fila version seems much more exotic but hey this thing has hardly been ridden for more than a weekend.

Don’t bother asking about the Ago in the background, it’s already been sold, along with a 1098 Tri Color.  That was one crowded garage.  Santa can see all the


Now here is one for all you spoiled brats that have to have the latest and greatest.  Number 69 of 450 here has been thrashed with a whole 67 miles on the clocks, he says sarcastically.  If you can live with all those miles, this bike is up for auction with no reserve and a starting price of $23,999.


Shouldn’t every grown man have a Ducati waiting for him Christmas day at least once in his life?  Come on ladies (or domestic partners) make the dream a reality.  .

The rest of the pictures:


Ducati November 24, 2010 posted by

Italian Pride: 2007 Ducati 1098S Tri-Colore

Italian Pride: 2007 Ducati 1098S Tri-Colore

It just looks the business, doesn’t it?  I’m such a sucker for this paint.  The dealer sprayed Paso Tri Color (you say colore, I say color)  had me two weeks ago and then tonight this one caught my eye.  I’m one of the few fans of the 999 and I think it would have looked great in some version of this paint.

This loaded 1098S hasn’t seen too many curves.  She hits the market after covering only 1200 miles.    I don’t think it is legal to have a Ducati without a Termignoni exhaust system.  I believe these were supplied with an ECU in a kit that came with the bike. 

What else does she have:

1200 original miles, Limited Edition, Perfect original condition, adult ridden, never raced or crashed, complete with Termignoni carbon fiber race exhaust and ECU, also street exhaust included, over $3.5k in carbon fiber and extras, bike stand, all books, tools and records, always stored inside, never been in the rain, paid well over $30K for the bike and extras. Title in hand.


I spot some high spec Ohlins forks.  It has an Ohlins shock out back as well.  I could see myself totally screwing up the suspension with the amount of adjustments available.

Can you spot the extra carbon fiber bits?

All call this photo, “I should have studied harder in school”.

Any guesses on the reserve price?  The auction is starting at almost $17,000 with no takers as of this writing.  After consulting the RSBFS crystal ball and a quick question to the RSBFS Weegee board I’m going to guess $28,000-$30,000.  If you are in the market and would like to tell me how close I was you can .