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Sweet Loris: 1995 Aprilia RS 250 Loris Reggiani Factory RS250 race replica

I had a long post written up about how almost every motorcycle company creates a limited edition bike to celebrate a successful rider, how this can result in anything from a Hailwood MHR to a Bostrom 998, etc, etc.   But then my girl told me I was being overly loquacious (one of the risks of dating someone who got 1600 on her SAT’s I guess) so here is the short version.

Here we have a 1995 Loris Reggiani 250 race replica, #485 out of 500 produced.   Loris Reggiani was the motorcycle racer who brought Aprilia their first 250CC MotoGp championship win, a win which occurred at the Misano track in Italy and which paved the way for a cascade of triumphs including 52 World Championships in the last 22 years.  So to summarize, an italian motorcycle company had its first championship win, does it with an italian rider, it occurs at an italian racetrack, and it launches a multi-decade run of success?  How could they not issue a commemorative bike?

loris 3

1995 Aprilia 250 Loris Regiani Replica

This particular bike was listed previously on RSBFS but by a different seller so it looks like the new owner has decided to part ways with it. The previous post about this bike on RSBFS  provides good info about why this bike is special and I am not going to repeat it here, click on the link directly above if you are interested.

loris 4 loris 5

I think this bike will appeal to both collectors and someone who would use it as a regular rider.  Previously the bike sold for about %7,500 USD and I am thinking it will reach that number again.


On a personal note, I will be bidding.




  • Nice bike. The new owner should be very happy as its practically the same bike as an RGV250.

  • Beautiful…….does anyone here know how many Chesterfields were made?

  • Billy1- I suspect that you meant to say “practically the same ENGINE as an RGV250”, because the two bikes are otherwise completely different.

  • Maybe the seller can use the money to buy a shirt.

    • wow, you have a sharp eye for detail to catch that reflection in the mirror.

      Hope I look that buff when I am 62 like this seller

  • You guys see also on ebay the guy selling a cup model as brand new zero miles ?

    • I know there was one for sale like this in the UK but I dont see it on ebay??? maybe post the link??

  • There are no limited editions for Aprilia RS 250, neither Reggiani nor Chesterfield.

  • Sixthgear
    August 03, 2014 12:28:13 am
    “Billy1- I suspect that you meant to say “practically the same ENGINE as an RGV250″, because the two bikes are otherwise completely different.”
    Sixthgear, you are right. I meant to say its the same riding experience. The frame/running gear is different from the RGV, and I believe also the heads/barrels and ignition system.

  • there is no difference in the heads or the barrel’s or the ignition system between the rgv and the rs – differences are purely casting changes in some key areas. Like the heads say aprilla on the top of them instead on the suzuki part # and the jugs say aprilia where it would say 249cc on an rgv cylinder. Minor casting change around the key starter area in the right case only due to oil filler cap location change left stator cover says aprilia instead of suzuki and is two pieces instead of one. No changes to ignition system or even the CDI box cept for a minor minor change in the mapping setup. Carbs are jetted the same cept for the RS 250 has slightly larger air solenoid jets due to the fact the RS has a slightly larger airbox. wiring harness is the same cept for the front head light is split into two for the dual head lights. Pipes are also the same and it doesn’t quit hit 60 hp more like 55 in the stock state. To get 60 you’d need the straight plug SP heads from an RGV and a set of pipes and then maybe you’ll start to hit 60 hp to the rear wheel.

    Key differences between this bike and an RGV is the aprilia has a larger chassis / frame and is also slightly heavier of a bike with slightly better suspension and brakes. So in essence nothing more then an RGV motor wrapped in an italian frame.

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