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Stoney End – 2002 Honda CBR954RR

Wrapping up Honda’s FireBlade legacy was left to the CBR954RR, with the engine closest to the full liter and the lowest weight of the series.  Here’s a Colorado example that looks carefully tended, despite the gravelly background.

2002 Honda CBR954RR for sale on eBay

The 2002 ‘Blade might look a little chunky with its twin alloy chassis spars, massive-looking fabricated swingarm and 330mm brakes.  But its 154 horses were given less resistance by trimming weight wherever possible – the crankshaft and engine cases are lighter, titanium was used for the exhaust plenum valve and muffler, the valve cover is magnesium, and even the starter motor magnets were made of a new material to lose almost a pound.  PGM fuel injectors used laser-drilled holes to maximize dispersal of the go-go juice, and the curved aluminum radiator cools with less frontal area.

Though it has extra-sized frame sliders, this CBR hasn’t challenged that rocky driveway.  Just 8K miles over twenty years, with just a magnetic tank pad, Micron muffler and trimmed rear fender to show for it.  Very good pictures allay most fears.  Enjoy the few comments in the eBay auction –

Exceptionally clean Honda CBR954RR FireBlade Sport Bike.  Always garaged; always covered; always loved. Great, fun ride! I just don’t ride it anymore. Micron exhaust – Mag Knight tank cover – always used synthetic oil. Needs tires. One small chip in front fairing. Pit Bull Rear Wheel Stand and Battery Tender will go with the bike. Comfortable ride! Very smooth! Personalized fairing. We have the book and the tool kit.

A 1000RR took the took spot soon after, but made the upstart 900’s all the more special.  Just up I-25 from Santa Fe, this RR might benefit from an owner with access to more paved back roads.   Still several days to run, but consider your choice of new rubber and get going.



  • Very fair price (at the moment) and great example. The red/ black looks better than the silver/ black of the ’02 models. The flip flop ’03 has too much black on the front fairing when i look at my ’03. The titanium/ black of the ’03 was gorgeous also.

    This example Looks well cared for with all of the OEM bits including the stock exhaust. The Micron doesn’t look that bad to be honest and I have one on my 929RR and actually like it. I just picked up an ’03 954RR last year and really am enjoying this bike. Been interesting comparing the 954RR with my 929RR and 98/00/ 03 R1s. This 954 was the Last of the “street focused” CBR Fireblades. Comfortable, super lightweight and very flexible engine. Some testers complained of the power hit “surge” around 3,000 rpm…super minor nitpicking. The 954RR may have not had the engine of the GixxerThou but was way easier for mere mortals to ride especially on the street. Very balanced, you immediately feel comfortable on it right out of your driveway. Hard to find in good condition that haven’t been stunted all to hell, although the 929RR was supposedly even more popular with the stunt crowd. Good luck with the sale!

  • jesus has it really been 20 years since this was built? damn I am getting really old

  • I’ve had no experience with these, but a riding buddy got one in ’03 and found the handling twitchy at high speeds, compared to the 929.

  • Twitchy? I am sure one of the magazines said that these were twitchy back in the day so everyone started saying it as well… funny how that would go. best example of that was the Suzuki TL1000S.

    Back in the real world…I Have both, first hand experience…I would’nt say that i was out to lose my license conducting top speed runs on the street to test that, but the 954 seems no more twitchy than the 929RR and i would not describe either as twitchy. Agile. Not twitchy. At least with good tires on them. When people say twitchy i think of early 900RR feeling, and they certainly aren’t like that. Certainly not as straight line stable as the R1s and the early Gixxer Thous were super stable at high speed but not as agile. So you give up the agility for that which these bikes are well known for and personally I love. If you are riding them hard then yes both will benefit from a steering damper. Scott are still available for the 954 in limited quantities.

  • eBay shows sold for $8,100. congrats to the lucky new owner!

  • And up for sale again thanks to a deadbeat bidder…

  • eBay now shows sold for $6,500.00. Hope it holds this time.


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