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Starting December with a Bang: Honda RC45 with HRC Kit Parts

Honda RC45 HRC for sale

This RC45 has superbike racing history in Europe and has been treated to a restoration starting in 2009. It has since served as a display and show piece but the owner states it is fully functional as well. Thank you to all those that forwarded this link!


Honda RC45 HRC for sale on eBay

s-l1600 (3)

from the seller:

HRC kitted Honda RC45, probably one of few ex-wsbk with existing dokumentation and history from the start 1994.
The bike was built by NL racingteam ” V/D Wal Racing ” (Johan v/d Wal) accordning to the wsbk regulations in that era with most of HRC parts. Mainly raced in the NL Superbike series and European Superbike series, also some wildcards in wsbk.

After the racing era the bike was owned by an amerikan collector, lived in NL.
I have owned it since 2009 and made a careful renovation / restauration, then used for showrooms and motorshows. This RC45 breathe that racing era !
Run and sounds great, NO bike/engine sounds like a HRC-kitted RC45

HRC ’95 engine kit 160ps included:
HRC piston-rings / camshafts / rods / heads + modif. dito
HRC gears
HRC oilcooler kit
HRC upper / lower kit radiators
HRC electric kit; PGM-FI, RPM-meter, modif. harness etc….
HRC clutch / HRC cover ….
Twinstack with special, non HRC carboncans
520′ drive

Frame is modif. with HRC frame reinforcement kit
Tank modif. of HRC drawings
Pro carbon (NL) spec. carbon airbox
Pro carbon (NL) rearset
Ohlins rear damper with linkage
Front fork modif. showa
Rear axel modif. close to HRC specification

Front brake : AP-racing superbike six piston caliper, 320 disc
AP-racing radial brake master pump
Rear brake : small racecaliper with modif. disc
Rear wheel : Marchesini 6.00/17
Front wheel : Marchesini 3.50/17
HRC bodywork in fiberglass (uk)

Spare parts;
Rear wheel 5.75/17
Front wheel 3.50/17 (new)
2 x HRC upper radiators in rebuildable condition
Kevlar tank (NL pro carbon)
1 x Carbon bodywork with lights (NL pro carbon)
1 x Carbon seat unit with lights (NL pro carbon)
1 x Carbon raceseat in rebuildable condition (NL pro carbon)

Oem parts: rear frame, rearaxel bolt/nut, seat cowl and more…..

HRC ’95 kit set-up manual
Lots of original documents, HRC documents, HRC-drafts etc…

Registrationdocument is avalible


  • Total unicorn for a man with money!

  • Nice:-). I used to see the RC45’s racing at Suzuka in the ” All Japan Series ” when I lived there .

    Honda ran the RVF’s until the ” All Japan Series” changed to Superbikes.

  • Yeeeeessss.

    The NR, in all of it’s SSSA glory has just been emasculated by this. The RC45 is similarly rare, perhaps less exotic, but in the offered race trim 100x more credible.

    Both bikes are well into the senseless rice range, but for the NR money, I’d buy this and that Laverda and still have enough left over for a hauler. My bar room RC45 racing stories will be way better than the NR owner explaining the finer points of Honda technical development over expensive scotch in his gallery.

    • You make a compelling argument…especially with the scotch.

  • Electrical tape and a zip tie on the fresh/rammed air tube… PRICELESS!

    • …and cheap ass Lockhart Phillips grips on an HRC masterpiece!

  • C’mon people ,
    If you can afford to pick it apart you can afford to to replace the cheap ass grips and the tape and zip ties . This comes from someone who has owned 5 different RC30s over 22 years . I’ll go with Riots more positive comment ! 🙂

  • Riot got it right when he said “expensive crotch.” Expensive crotch it is…but I like…

  • That you Larry?

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