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Simple, Clean, Classic: 1995 Ducati 900SS/SP

There are exactly no words I can type that will more accurately or adequately describe the bike before you than Hunter S. Thompson's legendary CycleWorld review. So, before you go any further with me, please give it a read.

1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP for sale on eBay

Keep in mind, readers, that dear Dr. Gonzo was scared silly by a bike that pumps out a paltry-by-today's-standards 80 horsepower. That isn't cause he didn't have the stones; think of it as a testament to what you really need, and where the line that delineates normal from excessive actually is.

The Ducati 900SS/SP you see before you, number 321 of the production run, is in excellent shape and has been very well kept over its 22-year, 18,000-mile life. The sellers give scant details, but says the bike  recently was serviced and wears a brand-new set of Dunlop Q3s. They do not mention the all-important timing belts.


From the eBay listing:

Super Clean and well maintained 1995 Ducati 900 SuperSport SP #321, Termignoni Slip On Exhaust, Carbon Fiber Front Fender, Rear Fender Hugger, Belt Covers and Clutch Cover, New Dunlop Sportmax Q3's, frsh oil and Brake and Clutch Flush all services are current. This is an 8.5 out of 10.

With a Buy-It-Now just north of $7,500, this bike cannot be called inexpensive, but already is an icon, and its rarity and desirability will climb in equal measure.



  • The value on these is going a bit crazy. I saw them for $3 or $4K just a few years back.

  • $7,590? And nearly 20k miles? I guess D.A.R.E. wasn’t very active in Washington state.

    I began following the prices intentionally when I purchased my first SS CR in April of 2015. Carb-y SuperSports are not rare. And they can be picked up for peanuts.

    A *very* well maintained MK1 SL with very low miles can fetch around the price southsoundmotorcycles is asking for. Their bike isn’t a penny above $3,500.

  • It is only real value increase for the model if they repeatedly sell at $7,500 – which they do not.You can still find a few nice examples in the $3500 – $4500 range every week across the country.

  • Nice bike. I own one too. BUT. If this sells anywhere CLOSE to $7500 I’m putting my ’93 w/under 8k miles (and in much nicer shape I’m proud to say) up for more money… This is crazy money for a bike that (ahem) isn’t exactly ‘correct’ in every detail… Sorry seller – it’s a great bike – I have one and will always defend their inherent goodness… but even owning one (and hoping they increase in value) can’t stop me from commenting.

    • Nice one Johnnie.

  • Nice Bike. But that is huge $$.

  • The Ducati “thing” about values is a fashion/marketing phenomenon.
    Wannabe hipsters get dragooned into the lifestyle thing and don’t really know the history or value of a marque-just that such and such a brand is a must-have.
    This works really well at pumping up the prices but doesn’t always mean the actual commodity gets any better.
    In fact it could be argued that the fashionistas eventually kill the very thing they supposedly love-values go so high that nobody dares use them any more -except perhaps Jay Leno.
    Twenty years back this humble scribbler raced a bevel Ducati 750 Sport, paid £3250 for the thing and thrashed the stones out of it for years.
    Nowadays they are all in glass cases being touted as an “investment”.
    And that is the Kiss Of Death for any bike.
    Think Vincent. Or Ferrari-how many ordinary geezers can either buy or run one now-pity really but that’s capitalism.
    900 Dukes are good clean simple fun, and you can fix them at home, no ECU muck to mess with.
    The early Monster is the same, a bike you can happily thrash about on and forget about the “value”
    Ride the damn thing, and hard.


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