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Ducati March 21, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati Supersport Superlight

1993 Ducati Supersport Superlight

Location: Seattle, WA
Mileage: 5,175
Price: $6,200 with reserve still in place

Found this one laying low on eBay this morning and as usual it put a smile on my face. No, no, I’m not turning to the dark side, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the SuperLights. Not exactly sure why, but it may have something to do with the Cagiva style lettering 🙂 and the cool Magnesium/Aluminum hybrid rims.

Pretty darned nice looking if I do say so myself! Yes, those are anodized gold fairing bolts you are seeing. For me they would be the first to go, but I don’t own it so I’m not going to pass my judgment on someone’s bike.

The 900 Super Light appeared in 1992 (93 models in US) as a limited edition model Super Sport – up swept exhaust pipes, vented clutch cover, fully floating front discs, carbon fiber fenders, and lightweight Marvic/Akront 2-piece wheels (magnesium hub and spokes which then bolts on to an alloy outer rim). Ducati made 1,250-1,350 MK1 Superlights worldwide with only 300 coming to the US.

This is a very collectible, low mileage specimen that is mostly stock and in excellent condition. Modifications from OE are oil temp gauge and required dash to hold it, European 3 position light switch, throttle lock, auto-retracting side stand defeat, braided brake lines, gold headed fairing screws.

If you’ve never seen the oil temp gauge and required mounting dash you’ll need to check it out because it’s a slick piece. It looks like factory equipment and no one would ever know it wasn’t.

#667 appears to be as nice as any that we’ve featured on

Spring time is here and whoever picks this one up will be lov’n it!



Ducati April 26, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 Supersport/Superlight

1993 Ducati 900 Supersport/Superlight with 944 Big Bore kit and that classic Cagiva lettering 🙂

UPDATE: bidding stalled at $5,600 with the reserve still on.

We’ve had a few SS/SL listed on RSBFS lately, but it’s never to late to show another one eh? and a reserve firmly in place is this latest offering. This one is showing a mere 5,598 miles on the clock and has had a 944 big bore kit installed at some point. It also looks as though it has some tasty upgrades that include Arrow carbon fiber exhausts and a snazy yellow pin-striped Corbin seat. This one though has a very unique problem that doesn’t include the swing arm. Yes, the seller states that the swing arm has been replaced due to the classic swing arm crack. Apparently, the magnesium spokes wiggled their way loose and caused an oblong hole where they attach to the aluminum rim. There was an attempt to repair it, but from the sound of it, it wasn’t the correct fix. Have a look at the pictures and look closely at the rear rim and the alignment of the spokes on the rim. You can see that the spokes aren’t in the middle of the two depressions in the rim (not sure how else to describe it).


The only issue with this motorcycle is the rear wheel. Please see the picture. The motorcycle came to me with the bolts that hold the composite spoke assembly to the aluminum wheel loose. The holes in the wheel had elongated. I had the holes welded shut and the wheel centered and re-drilled a few inches away. I was told the weld was not structurally sound and could not be re-drilled in the same location. Later I was told they could have been electron beam welded and would have been sound enough to re-drill in the same location. They also said it could still be done and the new holes welded shut so the wheel would be as new. I have not pursued this and cannot say it is correct.

Okay, so it’s the only issue, but it’s a pretty major one in my book. It’s such an issue that for me it significantly discounts the bike. I may be wrong, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be easy or cheap to find a 1993 superlight magnesium wheel lying around. I’m sure they’re out there, just not easily found.

Will be interesting to see if and what this one sells for.



Ducati April 8, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SL Superlight For $6,500

Here is a very nicely priced Superlight in California!  Located in Los Angeles, California is #922 of 1000.  This bike is a one owner example with 18,800 original miles.  It features Termignoni exhaust, stage 2 jet kit, and a vented clutch cover.  The asking price is a very agreeable $6,500.  Personally, I feel this is a very good price as the Superlights aren’t that much higher spec. than the SP 900’s making it a good deal if you actually plan on riding the bike.  Also, see this very similar example that is still available with an asking price of $9,500.


Ducati April 3, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS/SL Superlight #814 Of 900

Here is another very nice Superlight with reasonably low miles.  Located in Turner, Maine is a 1993 Ducati 900SL Superlight with 5,200 original miles.  This is the same bike we saw in February with a broken motor.  The current seller states that they replaced the motor with one from a 1995 900SS; the valves were adjusted, new belts installed, and an oil and filter change.  The seller doesn’t mention mileage on the new motor.  The original motor is available with the bike.  The Superlights weren’t that much different from the standard 900SS–excluding the wheels, mono seat, and some other bits–making the change not that detrimental to someone who plans on using this bike.  This bike sold on February 20, 2010 for $5,700.  $5.7k is a good price for a SL but it did have a bad motor, we’ll see how much this new seller can make with forty days invested and a new motor–the Buy-It-Now price is $9,500.  This bike might be a good buy for someone planning on using their SL but, as with all auctions, don’t get caught up and pay premium money for a storied bike.  See the original eBay ad here.  Watch the bidding for this SL on eBay .


Ducati February 17, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS SL Superlight for sale in Barrington, RI

First year 1993 Ducati 900SS SL Superlight #814 of 900  for sale on ebay. The bike is located in Barrington, RI.

We’re having our new year holidays here in Hong Kong, so I have lots of free time to surf and found a bunch of rare Ducatis for sale.  So here’s the first of a long list of bikes coming up – a first year 1993 Ducati 900SS SL Superlight (but with a broken engine):

Absolutely Beautiful Ducati 900SS Superlight. Second Owner, I bought this bike from Ducati Dealer in Salt Lake City where it was on consignment sale. I looked long and hard for an immaculate bike and this was it. I bought the bike with about 3,000 miles on it.

The bike was serviced one year ago by Ducati dealer in South Kingstown, RI. I think they did something wrong with the desmo valves (but won’t admit it) becuase I rode the bike for 12 miles before the engine seized a few blocks from home. It sounded like a rod let loose at 6,500 rpm. The bike has sat for a year. I was going to either drop a replacement engine into it, or have em look at it and do the repairs.

The bike has been sitting in my heated garage since last august 2009. I have absolutely no time to ride this bike and it would be a great deal for someone. The only flaws are a broken exhaust bracket (shown). Bike has termi carbon exhausts, super low miles, no corrosion or rust etc anywhere. Just a 9 out of 10 show bike I was going to keep forever, now wasting away with a broken engine. The bike is absolutely original down to every carbon part and Marvic magnesium hub wheels. Will not ship, best offer wins. Please email with any questions. Comes with custome Ducati Bike cover and battery charge lead for battery tender.

Please check the listing for the full description as the seller has posted quite a bit of information in addition to the above. .

Some of our regular readers may know how fond we are of the 2V air-cooled Ducatis, and the first year Superlight with the 2-piece Marvic wheels is definitely high on our list.  This sample seems to be in pristine condition with the exception of the broken engine (I’m guessing it’s a dropped valve), which could potentially turn out to be a costly jobs.  However, for the more mechanically inclined Ducatistis among our readers, it’s a good opportunity to pick this up for a good price, fix it up for chips, and have a superb Superlight in your collection!


Ducati February 9, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight!

Now this gets me excited – a rare 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight with 42,000 miles for sale in Sacramento.

I have a preference for Ducati’s Supersport (over the Superbikes) as they make better “real world” street bikes with a good dose of old world charm and character from the air-cooled lump.  Of the Supersports, the two most desirable models are the 900SS FE Final Edition as it is the most refined of the air-cooled SSs; the other is the first year (1993, for the US at least) 900SS Superlight, with the signature white frame and 2-piece Marvic wheels:

1993 Ducati 900 SS Superlight, one of 300 that were imported for sale by the orginal owner for only $5,000. This bike has been well cared for. It has Fox shock, forks revalve by Aftershocks, stainless steel brake lines, Corbin seat, has only 42,000 miles. This bike is in excellent shape.

I think the 1993 Superlight is one of the best looking Ducati’s ever, and at $5000, it’s a lot cheaper than other SL’s on the market.  Granted, the mileage is quite high on this one, but if the bike is in good condition then it would be a nice addition to any collection.

Check out previous 900SS SL listings on RSBFS.  Oh, here’s the link to the ad: 1993 Ducati 900SS SL for sale in Sacramento. Enjoy!


Ducati January 2, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 Superlight

Ducati 900 Superlight located on the Long Island, NY Craigslist, that is part of a larger collection and might even be part of the same collection that Alex posted up a few days ago. These mid 90’s Ducati’s are moving up on my list of “bikes to own”, but this one is probably out of my reach for now (or later). This one only has 1,000 miles on the clock and has a hefty $13,300.00 price tag, but considering the condition could be worth every penny. Dan is a big fan of these and usually post up every Superlight he sees, but since I needed to get on the board this month, I couldn’t bring myself to pass it over to him 😉

The owner didn’t elaborate much on this bike or his other collection pieces that he is looking to move, but did kindly list his phone number for any would be buyers. So if you were expecting a Ducati 900 Superlight decked out in “look at me” Yellow and didn’t find it under the tree; jump on over to CL and give this one a look. It looks like a Million bucks!

Happy New Year!


Ducati September 16, 2009 posted by

Two Nice Ducati’s to Wake Up To: 851 Strada and 900 SuperLight

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Strada for sale in the U.S. before. Check out this (21k miles, $1050 reserve not met with 5 days to go):

Ducati 851 Strada For Sale

quote from the eBay listing:

This 1991 Ducati 851 Strada bike is 1 of 225 imported. It is a strickly stock bike except for the Corbin seat and stainless steel braided brake lines ( both nice improvements!) It is in EXCELLENT condition for age( marks here and there, a “6 footer” ); REVS, RUNS AND RIDES beautifully! I really hate to let this great bike go.

–> ONLY 21, 660 miles! DESMOQUATTRO ENGINE STARTS, RUNS, and REVS LIKE NEW! This year 851 Ducati is one of the best in many ways: Ohlins front and Showa rear; both fully adjustable! Had 20,000 mile service. Electrical systems work fine. Clutch is typical Ducati. Tires are in good shape also! It is an Italian bike and rides like one; stiff but ready to rock and roll when necessary. At a stop light or parked, always gets noticed.

In some ways more fun to ride than later Ducati Sportbikes! ( at a fraction of the cost!)

And here’s a sexy yellow (19k miles, $4k reserve not met with 4 days to go):

Ducati 900 SS/SL Superlight For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

1993 Ducati 900 SS/SL Superlight

* Superb condition. Runs beautifully.
* 19,059 miles.
* BCM 944 kit
* High-tensile head studs
* Recent valve job
* New battery.
* Marchesini wheels
* Dunlop Sportmax tires – 170/60 ZR17 rear, 120/70 ZR17 front
* Arrow carbon fiber mufflers
* Corbin saddle


* Original mufflers
* Original saddle
* Eclipse touring bag
* Tank bra
* Weather-proof cover
* Pit-bull bike stand
* Spare 900 SS (non-perforated) clutch cover.

The one thing that strikes me about both bikes is that they’ve been ridden, and I applaud that! Two exceptional enthusiast rides that deserve to be ridden even more!


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