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Ducati December 16, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 SS/SL For Sale

1993 Ducati 900 Superlight For Sale-

Mileage: A super low 1,298
Location: Columbia, MO
Price: $3,050.00 with reserve still on- duh!

Who wouldn’t like to roll on a little Mellow Yellow? I for one would rock it and would be happy to talk to anyone who wanted to ask questions about it. Who cares if it only has 78hp in stock trim it’s an LE Ducati with some bitch’n wheels, Forza hi-mounts, Brembo’s and full floating front disc that sound like an Abacus being used. Oh, and if I’m not mistaken there’s a sprinkling of CF to be found as well.

A very rare Ducati Super Light that has very low miles and is in great condition. It has only 1298 miles on the original factory tires. It comes with a set of Forza slip on exhaust, Corbin seat, light weight Marvic wheels and slotted dry clutch cover.

There were only 200 of these Super Lights produced with the Marvic wheels so this is truly a collectors item. As the years go by, these Ducati Super Lights are becoming more difficult to find. If you’ve been looking for a Super Light, this one should be on the top of your list.

Okay, so we have all of the important stuff out of the way now I’m getting on my soap box-

If you have a cool bike and want to sell it- PLEASE, PLEASE take some decent photos of it i.e. the 749R in our side bar. There, now I feel much better.

You can view other Ducati 900 Superlights that we’ve posted here



Ducati September 16, 2010 posted by

Modded 1994 Ducati 900 SS/SP-#158 Of 1000

Modded 1994 Ducati 900 SS/SP-#158 Of 1000

It has some miles on it but boy this thing is clean.  It sounds like this bike has had quite a few modifications as well so keep moving if you are looking for a bone stock example.  The seller does state he has almost all the stock parts.  The bike has had engine and chassis mods so be sure to read the details to know all the changes.  The good news is it sounds like the mods weren’t done in someones backyard but at a Ducati dealership. 

Grab a drink and read on:

 This is a very special 1994 Ducati 900 SP Sport Production Model # 158 of 1000. True Ducatisti will appreciate the modifications to this motorcycle and understand the benefits she brings. I have clear title. Second owner of this bike and I can honestly say that she is my “Baby”, next to my daughter. I’m selling this motorcycle not because I want to but because I have to. I assure you I would not be selling this bike. This economy sucks.

This is not a stock motorcycle, although I do have the stock parts for it and included, except the stock exhaust. This bike has many modifications that make it a rare find. All of these modifications have increased the beauty, performance and handling of this bike. The bike has 32,218 miles, however the modifications were completed within the last two years. The engine is new because of all the modifications completed approximately 2000 miles ago. The engine produces 89.21 horse power at 93 degrees temperature. It’s produced more at cooler temps. I have a dyno test to prove this fact.

The engine modifications were conducted by a local Ducati specialist performance center to the Atlanta market. This bike has the 944 kit with a balanced crank, new ST2 cams and larger valves. The heads are ported and flat slide carbs are utilized. The motor is blue printed and all seals, bearing and gaskets have been replaced. There is approximately 2000 miles on the new motor since the modifications occurred, and she runs sweet. The Barnett clutch has about 4500 miles and is actuated by an Italian STM slave cylinder. It has Arrow carbon fiber exhaust system. There is a brand new Bridgestone BT21 front tire and a slightly used BT21 rear tire.

New sprockets have about 4000 miles including the chain. The rear shock is a White Brothers Racing shock with multiple adjustments. The front forks have the Ohlin’s racing springs, valves and seals installed. EBC brake pads were installed 5400 miles ago. The entire bike was recently repainted and looks and rides better than new. The bike has the Superlight rear cowling with a Corbin seat. Braided cooling line, brake lines and clutch line.

This bike has always been my baby, keep in my garage and ridden on occasions. Never taken to the track, never crashed, never wrecked, and always taken cared. This is a once in a life time deal for the right person. I know I can’t get back the money I’ve put into it, but I hope someone will appreciate my efforts and take care of this bike. Enjoy, and ask any questions you would like. I have more pictures for the interested party.

It sure sounds like it has most of the bells and whistles you would want on a modified bike.  A fresh coat of paint is never a bad thing either.  I think the pictures speak for themselves on how the bike has been cared for even with the relatively high mileage.  The auction is up and rolling and the bike has a buy it now price of $5,500.  If it has caught your eye .


Ducati May 12, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 Supersport Superlite

1993 Ducati 900 Supersport SL with only 2,866 miles on the clock!


Ah yes, another 900 SS/SL has been found and is definitely worthy of showing. Located in San Jose, CA and listed on eBay with a starting bid of $7,500.00 with no reserve or a B.I.N. of $10,500.00. This one is probably a little more special than the others we’ve posted lately. Why you ask? Because it still has the original rubber and the infamous ‘cracked swing arm’ is still on the bike. This appears to be a very good collector piece and is only being sold due to a rogue employee. This looks like the one to go after if you’re in the market.

Have a look and judge for yourself:

Quote from the auction:

While working for a well known southern California race team (now turned Museum) in the early to mid 90’s, Our fearless leader and team owner had among the many autos purchased a brand new 1993 Ducati Superlight. Out of the many, many motorcycles I have now had the privileged to work on as well as ride in my life, it was that bright yellow Ducati that I had never ridden that became a goal in life to one day be able to own…

I bought the Superlight off of a similar collector that had the first 916, a newer 999 and this Superlight and he too was heading into financial difficulty. As I had been searching for the perfect example, I made sure this one didn’t pass me bye.

Wow, that’s enough to make a guy tear up. I definitely feel this guys pain, but his misfortune can be your gain. So if your a 2v fan with an itch for 2 piece Marvic Magnesium/Alloy wheels and that classic Ducati look and sound don’t let this one get away.



Ducati October 2, 2009 posted by

1998 Ducati 900SS FE – bargain!

Before you check out this Ducati, please welcome Phil to Rare Sport Bikes For Sale as this is his first post. He has been a subscriber and regular with site submissions — so much so that I had to just invite him to contribute directly when I couldn’t keep up with his emails anymore! He’s a big time Bimota fan and is blogging from Hong Kong for us, which I think is extra cool. Welcome aboard Phil!

Hi, it’s my first post contributing to RSBFS, so if I made any boo-boos, please bear with me.  So, with that out of the way…what we have here is a nice example of a for sale on eBay.

The FE stands for “Final Edition”, the last batch of monoposto air-cooled super sports before the new injected version. There are only 800 of these world wide, with 300 of them for the US market.  FE’s share similar running gear to earlier Superlights with higher exhaust, carbon bits, and single seat.  Each FE has a number metal plaque on the top triple clamp and this one is #283.

Here’s what the seller has to say:



Very low reserve………………The bike is EXCELLENTE CONDITIONS!!! Real awsome RIDE!

CRATING, SHIPPING and DELIVERY to any US STATES (Except Alaska and Hawaii) for only $450.00.

New tittle from DUCATI NA, bike has never registered …MSO.”

FEs have been averaging around 5500, so this one at 3500 is an absolute steal!  The bike looks clean and have some aftermarket bits on it as well – someone would be very happy with this (I know I would be)!


Ducati December 21, 2008 posted by

1993 Ducati Superbike 888 SPO: Just In Time For Christmas

That make 4 Ducati 888‘s listed on this blog for sale this year! If you’ve been waiting, this looks like another good one.

1993 Ducati Superbike 888 SPO on eBayMotors for $8300:

Ducati 888 For Sale with Fast by Ferracci ExhaustDucati 888 For Sale with Fast by Ferracci ExhaustDucati 888 For Sale with Fast by Ferracci ExhaustDucati 888 For Sale

quote from seller’s eBayMotors listing:

Hello & Good day! Up for auction is my 1993 Ducati 888 SPO. There were reportedly only 300 sent to the USA and I’ve got one of them! She is in great condition with many upgrades. She has been meticulously maintained and looked after. Got her in 2000 with 8k+ and I’ve put only 3.5k+ miles since then. Oil & filter changed regularly. She had just gotten a timing belt change, injector synch, brand new Michelin Pilot Powers front and rear and new battery all done within the past 500 miles. Amenities speaking, she has an upgraded Brembo GP radial Front Master Cylinder, Blue Kevlar Front and Rear Brake lines, new EBC Black front and rear brake pads, Corbin Solo Seat, Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Fenders, Fast by Ferracci Carbon Fiber Exhaust, Tinted Windscreen and Vented Clutch Cover. There are no mechanical issues to report. She will be a turn the key and run type of bike. I need to state that there is a minute dime-sized ding on the right side of the tank; it is really unnoticeable from the pictures. I also took the liberty of lining the extreme bottom of the left and right side fairings with Hercules Truck Bed Liner; I really got annoyed at how much pebbles and road debris tore up the bottom side red paint.

The only other Ducati’s of this vintage and price range that I would consider would be a 748, or a Superlight. And even in that company, I think the 888 is the bike of choice.


Sales Report January 31, 2018 posted by

Sales Summary – September 2017

Late Summer / early Fall is one of the best times to move a bike; you’ve had all summer to ride, yet the weather is still good enough to make buyers interested in purchasing an outdoor toy. Late Summer 2017 was as good as it gets – the supply of bikes was great and the general quality was quite high (with a few interesting exceptions). Whether you are a collector or simply interested in values, let’s take a look back at September 2017 and see what sold and for how much. Links to the original post on RSBFS included.

SOLD Bikes

Aprilia RS250 from Speedwerks – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

2009 Aprilia RS125 – SOLD for $3,401

1999 Bimota SB8R – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1992 Ducati Superlight – SOLD for $10,199

1983 Honda CB 1100F – SOLD for $6,900

1988 Honda CBR250R Hurricane – SOLD for $4,000

1990 Honda NSR 50 – SOLD for $3,050

Ex-Jim Granger 1990 Honda RC30 – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1994 Honda CBR900RR – SOLD for $4,990 after relisting

1996 Honda NSR250R SE – SOLD for $8,550

1990 Honda CBR250RR from Deftone Cycles – SOLD as a Sponsored Listing! (pricing data not available)

1990 Honda CBR1000F – SOLD for a bargain $2,247

1990 Honda NSR250 MC21 – SOLD as a Featured Listing for $6,350!

1975 Kawasaki Z1 with Blake turbocharger – SOLD for $4,150

1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 – SOLD for $1,526

1992 Kawasaki ZX-11 – SOLD for $3,000!

1995 MZ Skorpion Replica – SOLD for $5,500

1990 Suzuki RGV250SP – SOLD for $9,655!

2000 Daytona 955i – SOLD for $3,202

1993 Yamaha FZR250R – listed as SOLD for $2,181

2000 Yamaha YZF-R1 – SOLD for $5,000

Unsold Bikes

1984 Bimota SB4S – No sale with bids up to $14,600

2007 BMW R1200S – No sale and zero bids at $3,000

1991 BMW K1 – No sale and zero bids at $5,500

2012 EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition – No sale at $26,500

1980 Ducati Super Sport – No sale at $35,500

1992 Ducati 750SS – No sale at $3,000

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition – No sale at $11,000

2005 Ducati 999R – No sale at $24,000

2007 Ducati SportClassic 1000SE – No sale at $17,500 with listing ending early

2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR – No sale; listing cancelled

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore – No sale at $13,995

2008 Ducati 1098R – No sale at $19,995

1986 Honda GB400 – No sale and zero bids at $1,999 opening ask

1990 Honda CBR250RR – No sale at $4,850

1991 Honda VFR400R – No sale at $4,399

1993 Honda NSR250R SE – Listing ended early with a $11,500 ask

2007 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol – No sale at $10,500

2014 KTM RC8R – No sale at $8,300 and 9 bids

1993 Moto Guzzi Daytona – No sale at $10,000

2004 Moto Guzzi MGS-01 – No sale with listing ended by the seller and bids up to $20,000

1999 MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro – No sale with bids up to $17,000

2007 MV Agusta F4 Senna 1000R – No sale and zero bids with a $14,000 opening ask

2008 MV Agusta Brutale 910R – No sale at $6,499

1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo – No sale at $7,000

VIN #1, Engine #1 1985 Suzuki GSXR 1100 – No sale (listing cancelled) at £150,000

1986 Suzuki GSXR-750 Limited Edition – No sale at $20,000

1995 Suzuki GSX-R750 – No sale and zero bids at $3,000

1992 Yamaha TZR250 3XV – No sale at $8,500

Events May 10, 2017 posted by

Brrrrr…Britten! Quail Motorcycle gathering 2017 (UPDATED)

UPDATE:  The linked FLICKR album now contains pictures of the 2017 winners.

Quail Motorcycle Gathering – May 6 2017

Here at RSBFS we have certain criteria for what makes a great RSBFS candidate.  But what are the criteria that makes for a great motorcycle event?  How about a concourse-level gathering where you can see some unobtanium up close, such as Britten V1000 or Mondial dustbin racer? Or maybe its a meet with a wide variety of brands and types in different conditions?  What about crowd size – some events can be truly massive and you meet people from all over the world, others are quite small and focused on a particular type of bike.  How about having someone famous attend and speak to the crowd or having good food and/or music, do these impact what makes a great motorcycle event?

Personally I think its a combination of all of these criteria and I am pleased to let our faithful RSBFS readers know that the Quail Motorcycle gathering last weekend met all the above.

The event is held in Carmel California which is about 2 hours south of San Francisco. (Note- for anyone attending next year, bring a good coat, it can be surprisingly cold in California in May). Tickets were $85 online and $95 on site which is pricey but included a really nice lunch and the cost does cut down keep the crowd size down so you can actually interact with the bikes on display. The Quail event has been going on for about 9 years and this year was celebration of Norton. Sadly there was no new Norton V4 but there were lots of other great bikes, good food and Kenny Roberts Sr was onsite for a meet/greet.

For 2017 there were over 250 entries, ranging from unobtainum like the aforementioned Britten to beautiful restorations such as the Brough Superior pictured above.  There were also regular bikes like a nice Honda 600 F2 and numerous Ducati’s.  Sadly there were only two of my beloved Laverda’s but I guess that means if I enter one of mine next year I won’t have to worry too much about the competition.

Award categories included the following:

  • Best of Show – presented to the most significant motorcycle on the field in terms of presentation and historical significance.  Last year this went to a 1925 BMW R37.
  • Spirit Award – presented to the motorcycle that best represents the true spirt of motorcycling.  Last year this went to a 1964 MV Agusta.
  • Industry Award – presented to a factory produced “groundbreaking” motorcycle.  Last year this went toa 2009 Ducati Monster “Leggero”.
  • Design and Style Award – presented to the motorcycle based on its industry leading design, concept and style.  Last year this went to a 1960 Velocette.
  • Innovation Award – presented to the most innovative motorcycle on the field in terms of technology.  Last year this went to 1973 Vincati 1200cc (a Vincent engine in a Ducati frame!  More info here)
  • Significance in Racing – presented to the motorcycle that best exemplified the essence of racing.  Last year tis went to a 1957 Harley Davidson KR.
  • Historical Vehicle Associate (HVA) Preservation Award – presented to a historically significant motorcycle.  Has to be scrupulously preserved and be an examply of our cultural past/national heritage.  Last year this went to 1910 Pierce Four

Other award classes included American, British, Italian, Japanese, Other European, Antique, Competiton On-Road, Competition Off Road and Custom/Modified

Here are a few more pics

  • BSA, beautiful restoration

Couple of nice Honda’s, including a custom and a garage queen RC30 (tags say registration of 2008)

Nice Ducs

There was really something at the show for everyone.  Oh and did I mention the parking lot?   Walking up to the main entry of the event I saw numerous Ducati 851’s and specials (including the one signed by Danny Pedrosa pictured above), Honda Turbo’s, a Moto Guzzi Norge, a Ducati Superlight…I could go on and on.  Suffice to say I will definitely be going back again and think this event should be on every motorcycle collectors bucket list.  Main link to the event is here, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will try to answer.


Brrrrr…Britten! Quail Motorcycle gathering 2017 (UPDATED)
Suzuki March 7, 2015 posted by

Slingshot Gixxer: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

1989 GSX-R750 R Front

When it was introduced in 1985, Suzuki’s original GSX-R750 set the standard for production sportbikes that’s lasted through the modern era. Interestingly, the first GSX-R’s eschewed water-cooling to simplify the engine in a bid to save weight at the expense of overall power. The aluminum beam frame and monoshock rear suspension and fully-enclosed bodywork with endurance-racing style were a rarity in 1985 and rounded out the very complete package.

1989 GSX-R750 L Rear

The second generation continued this tradition and otherwise followed the template set down by the original “Slabby,” albeit with updated styling and 17″ wheels. That makes this particularly short-lived generation a great rider’s bike, looking both backwards to a more classic style, and forwards, with a variety of tire choices available for the 17″ wheels.

1989 GSX-R750 L FairingJPG

Suzuki sold plenty of these “Slingshot” GSX-R’s, so named for their carburetors. But many were ridden hard, written off, or otherwise neglected, and bikes in this sort of condition are pretty hard to find. Not as collectible as the first generation bikes, not as competent as later models, but these are, to me, some of the best-looking Gixxers ever. When new, I’d likely have preferred this red, white, and black scheme, although these days I find myself more drawn to the classic Suzuki blue-and-white colors.

1989 GSX-R750 R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

Up for auction is my 1989 Suzuki GSXR 750 Slingshot 17k miles 2nd owner… Very good condition all original plastics never been down. Little crack on left rear plastic from replacing battery last summer. Clean carbs will need to be cleaned does run good and strong. On the road last summer carbs need to be clean runs strong upgraded fox suspension polished wheels frame steering damper. Custom Corbin seat bike runs great and the suspension in handling is awesome. All original plastics in near excellent condition including tank registered..

1989 GSX-R750 Dash

There are a few questionable details here. The wheels do vary a bit from photo to photo: they’re solid white in some of the pictures, and have a polished rim in others. It looks like they were going for the Marvic modular look as seen on the Ducati Superlight. And those flush-mount signals, while sleeker than the stock items, would absolutely have to go, were this my bike. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much work to fit some low-profile LED units or subtle bar-end signals, or something like signals integrated into the tail lamp and headlight units.

1989 GSX-R750 R Side

The Corbin seat is likely far more comfortable than the stock item, although the stepped design is a love-it or hate-it kind of thing. Plan to put real miles on your bike? Definitely worth keeping on there.

With 17,000 miles on the clock, mileage is very reasonable and, although it will need some attention, there’s nothing outside the abilities of a competent mechanic. All-in-all, a great-looking classic Suzuki.


1989 GSX-R750 L Front

Slingshot Gixxer: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

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