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Bimota June 2, 2014 posted by

Good From Far, Far From Good? 1998 Bimota V-Due

Update 6.1.2014: Back on eBay, this auction now features fresh pictures. Click through to see the new pics. Thanks for the heads up Marty! -dc

Update 2.13.2014: Originally we posted this V-Due in October but it’s been relisted at least one other time and failed to sell at over $17k. Now it’s relisted with an opening bid of $19k and no takers thus far. Thanks for the heads up from Martin and Mike. Links updated. -dc

vdue right

That phrase you and your buddies used to use when checking out the ladies might also apply to the ole Bimota V-Due. The story is pretty well know by now; exotic bike builder decides to tackle the Mt. Everest of motorcycle design and it ends up locking the doors of the company in the process. The early fuel injected models became known as unrideable while the later carbed, Evo models have a pretty darn good reputation.

Bimota V-Due for sale on eBay

vdue left

So what version is this one? It apparently has an updated engine that retains the factory fuel injection. As far as I knew, all the Evo models had carbs but a few individuals (not Bimota) have worked on their own to improve the original fuel injection. I was not aware of an improved V-Due engine that retained the fuel injection. Please comment away to enlighten me.

From the seller:

I purchased this bike still in the original crate (at least on the pallet that was the crate base) in September 2004. It only had factory test miles on it (21 km), and was as it left the factory. After Bimota closed for business in 2000 (before reopening in 2003), the entire Vdue segment was purchased from the creditors, and development continued on some of the engine “issues”. I was able to get and install one of the new versions of the original fuel injected engines, with improved main bearing oiling, and more accurate assembly (among other things), so it should be significantly more reliable than stock. It has been ridden only a few times (the last was Nov. 2011), for a total of 227 km.

The bike also has carbon fiber lower fairing panels, and a set of very rare titanium expansion chambers (which were almost too pretty to install on the bike!). The stock fairing panels and exhaust are included. The only flaw in the paint is a small touched up (before I got the bike) area on the corner of the fairing near the right handlebar. It was small enough that I decided not to do anything about it. The top of the fuel tank was signed by Gianluca Galasso, who was the development rider and factory racer for Bimota during that time.

vdue chamber 2Maybe it is worth buying just to be able to stare at that. Click here for an excellent read on the V-Due from

vdue chamber

vdue frame

vdue arm
Just some graphic close ups. Take a moment if you need to.

Join the auction fun here.


Good From Far, Far From Good?  1998 Bimota V-Due
Bimota May 2, 2013 posted by

Rare BIMOTAs Continued: V2 500 in France

When it comes to rare motorbikes, there are a couple of manufacturers that have their full catalogue belonging in this category. Bi. Mo. Ta. is one of them. I reckon that in the future there will be more space for exotic, almost custom made sport bikes’ brands. I mean, look at the success of Vyrus. In the 80s and 90s, what Bimota did  was driven by pure passion. Nowadays, we see a process of “conformation” among the top brands. The global market and competition makes every OEM look at each other, sometimes take deliberate inspiration from one another. Look at Ducati, Triumph and Yamaha being in a frenetic race to “copy” the brilliant BMW R 1200 GS that is so successful sales wise. Look at Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki, all coming up with similar 250cc 4 strokes often manufactured in South East Asia. Obviously these are to some extent the rules imposed by commercial competition. With the exception of  Ducati’s Panigale with its frameless approach and Apirlia’s bold and loud V4 there is little creativity out there. Suzuki is even the only manufacturer left, to offer a 750 cc 4 cylinder sportster (thank you Hamamatsu !). For the individual and wealthy rider, even a Panigale R isn’t that “special” besides coming with a hefty price tag.


In addition, OEMs should understand that the buyers of their top offerings are usually between 35 and 40 and ultimate performance, that you can’t use on the road, might not be the only aspect they look for, when investing their hard owned money.


So, here we have what was a bold attempt, driven by passion and that resulted into the  financial collapse of Bimota. The 2 stroke V2 500cc:


The development of this bike took so long (and therefore so many resources) because it was a totally new bike from the 2 stroke engine to the new chassis. The V2 is among the most hard to find Bimota and one that didn’t get trashed on track days is always a good find. here are its technical specs:

V2 500_spec

V2 500_2


This will not be cheap, nor it will be useful as a commuter. This will be the jewel in the crown of your garage. Starting price is set at 12000 EUR. If you are curious about how a V2 would sound check this out (video is not from the same sample as on the offer):

Let’s hear it also from the seller:

The motorcycle is in collection status. Piston segments, clutch and chain and soft compound tires are new (for safety)
changed to 9500 km (invoice available)
the bike sleeps in a heated garage. never rolled in the rain.
it was developed by a pro who knows these machines. replacement of defective electronic
at the start and recovery engine for reliability.
bench it is 10 torque 9900tr / m and 110 hp at the wheel.
I do is for fun. This is a dangerous motorcycle for those who want to be smart with.
she is very beautiful, very light.
This is a first hand obviously.
I separated because I have 5 disks damaged in the column and it’s not my age.
I do not want her in my garage, that if anyone is interested
it is a 2-stroke engine, bimota the last 2-stroke engine production
this bike is very rare for registered … a motorcycle gp rolling on the road.

The bike has 10000 km and looks to be in the right conditions even though pictures are not enough. Who knows where the reserve is ? To find out, you can start bidding on the eBay link below.

Bimota V2 500 2 strokes in France



Bimota April 10, 2013 posted by

1997 Bimota YB11 Available with Very Low Miles

Update: The seller has notified us that this bike is sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

1997 Bimota YB11 For Sale

I know, an all too common tale amongst Bimota offerings in our Feature Listings. But I think you’ll agree after reading that this was recently purchased with the intent to ride and personal circumstances have changed that fate for this bike.


From the seller:

I bought this bike from a collector in Arizona a few months ago. I just had it fully serviced. I just had unexpected rotator cuff surgery and won’t be able to ride for 10-12 months. I haven’t even ridden the bike. I just bought a Ford GT so I decided to sell this bike.

It is pristine, no blemishes at all. Been stored in climate controlled space and it shows. A really a nice piece. All original. $8,700.

If this bike looks familiar you’re not seeing double. It is the bike that was sold off in this 4 bike sale in Arizona last November. Except now it has fresh oil and filter, and a fresh battery. It’s ready to ride.


YB11 Cliff notes: Utilizing the potent Yamaha 1000cc Thunderace motor, Bimota wraps it’s own bike around it with 51mm shocks, adjustable rake via eccentric bushes in the steering headstock, and the entire package weighs 31 pounds less than the Thunderace. Only 650 were built.

Add this bike to your collection and enjoy the entire season of good riding weather in style. Good luck with the sale Patrick!


Bimota December 28, 2012 posted by

Relisted: 1998 Bimota V Due in Arizona with 48 Miles [Video]

Update 12.28.2012: After being relisted in early December, the seller has contacted us with a new listing and a revised reserve. Good luck to buyer and seller! -dc

We originally posted this V Due in a block with 3 other Bimota’s from the same seller. This bike is being relisted after a winning bid of $19700 was accepted but the deal fell through. Opening bid is $18k reserve not met with less than 3 days remaining on the auction. Make sure to note the seller’s requirement for wire transfer with 72 hours as the only accepted method of payment.

1998 Bimota V Due For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

This Vdue is being relisted due to a buyer that could not understand my payment requirements. Please read and understand them as I do not bend on these requirements. At all.

1998 Bimota Vdue 500 Iniezione

78 kilometers (48 miles). On 1st title (AZ) from the MSO. Never registered/plated.

Completely stock/original. No modifications. Fuel Injected. FI has not been touched/tuned.

I won’t go into all the details of a Vdue. If you are interested in this bike, then you already know what it is. There are no stories with this bike, It is very straight forward. It has 78 kilometers (48 miles). It has a clean Arizona title. Only titled, never registered or plated. It starts and runs as it should and all functions operate as designed. I have included a short video of it starting and idling. You are more than welcome to come and inspect the bike & listen to it run. No test rides though. All inspections must be done before the auction ends.

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE BIDDING. PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE NON NEGOTIABLE. Payment via direct bank to bank wire transfer only. No other forms of payment accepted. NO PAYPAL, no cash, no money orders or cashiers checks.


Bimota August 16, 2012 posted by

Bimotus Maximus: Instant Bimota Collection For Sale!

Location: Mesa, AZ

Price: $75,000

Well you don’t see this everyday, a chance to purchase a whole gaggle of Bimotas (Bimoti?) all at once! Looks like someone is liquidating their whole collection. Without further delay, lets take a look at what you get!

Up first is Bimota’s crack at GP engine making with this 1998 500 Vdue with 0 miles. These pack about 110hp in a 500cc two-stroke and a light weight package.

Next is this 1991 YB10 Dieci which sports a 1000cc Yamaha in-line four and makes about 145hp.

This 1992 DB2 shares the motor of a Ducati 900ss as well as all sorts of trellis framing, even the swing arm. 1 of 34 tricolor models in the world.

Here we have a 1996 SB6 Series II came with a GSX-R1100 engine and had fancy suspension bits such as an Ohlins rear shock and some Brembo binders up front.

The 1997 SB6R also featured the GSX-R1100 engine as well as a hefty original price tag of around $35k.

Next is a 1997 YB11, which again featured a Yamaha liter engine. However this bike weight about 31lbs less than the standard Yamaha of the same year.

Lastly, we have a 1999 DB4 which again featured the Ducati 900ss engine of its time. Brembo, Ohlins, Paioli can all be found on this little number

So you get all 7 of these 90’s era Bimotas for a BIN prics of $75k (one for each day of the week). With the help of some previous listings/selling prices for all of these bikes and a calculator, I would put the total price of these at about $60k-$65k. Usually the thrill of collecting comes from the process of hunting down and acquiring collection piece by piece. If you don’t have time for that and love instant gratification, then you can certainly score a heard of Bimoti today! I would absolutely want to see detailed specs on each bike (mileage, maintenance, history, etc…). You can check out the auction here and start your instant Bimots collection today!


Bimota January 5, 2012 posted by

Groundbreaking Work of Art- ’84 Bimota SB4S Mirage

Location: Huron, Ohio

Mileage: 9,665

Price: Auction, $10,000 starting bid

We’ve seen a run of Bimota’s here recently on RSBFS, many artfully written up by Mike. It’s an interesting company. If you happen to read Bike magazine (from England and one of my favorites) the December issue profiles, among other great stuff, the Bimota company. An interesting read that highlights Bimota’s trouble with the V-Due (see Mike’s post on one here) and how the company started and how it is surviving. What you will learn is that the bikes built early, particularly, were Bimota’s most groundbreaking work. Bimota was ahead of the times, working the power/size equation well before anyone.

Here’s the detail from the seller on this machine-

1984 Bimota Sb4S one of 34 built and sold worldwide. Designed and built by Massimo Tamburini. Tamburini went on to design the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4 and is legendary in the motorcycle industry. This particular bike was built late 1983 In Rimini, Italy and delivered to Performance Works Canoga Park, CA. It comes with the original Certificate of Origin, and Original warranty and service manual serial numbered to the bike documenting its authenticity. This particular bike has been featured on a motorcycle magazine cover and it will also be included also with other period magazines featuring the Sb4S. This bike has several special order factory options; the older style Camponola rims, twin pot Brembo redline racing calipers, ferrari style mirrors, pearl paint- all installed at the factory before delivery. The bike runs well, the tires are decades old and are hard and cracked. Everything works as it should, the petcock weeps a little fuel overnight from the float valve drain tube if left at the on position. The bike needs some TLC as there are some nicks in the paint and minor surface corrosion as would be expected for a bike of this age- but I would rate this bike a 8.5 out of 10. These early Bimotas seldom come up for sale, and some say the SB4S is the best of the space frame bikes. This is a very rare bike, most people have never seen one, it can not be ridden anywhere without drawing a crowd. ( as it should) I’m guessing there are several in the USA, but I’m not sure. This bike is sold as is with no implied or written warranty. It is listed locally, delivery is the responsibility of the buyer, and I will not ship this bike out of the USA. U.S. Bank Transfer preferred, or cash in hand at the time pick up.

And some more pics for you-

Bimota made it’s claim to fame by taking the engines of other bikes (Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati) and building a better chassis around it. This bike was built around the air cooled Suzuki GS 1100 motor, starting with some good power. Bimota then went and built everything around it better. And better looking. No doubt that Bimota has built some of the most beautiful bikes on this planet.

This bike appears complete and in pretty good shape for its age. It has some miles (in the world of Bimota’s anyway) but the seller says everything works. Probably will need some new tires. Limited production means you’re probably not gonna see a lot of these in your neighborhood.

So, $10k to start and who knows from there. If you collect, or just love Bimota’s, take a look and read up on this machine. Then go place your bid!


Bimota October 11, 2011 posted by

Rimini Perfection: 2008 Bimota DB6R

For Sale: 2008 Bimota DB6R

From the little town of Rimini, Italy comes another piece of CNC and carbon fiber artwork from the legendary Bimota organization. Like nearly all Bimoto offerings that came before (save for the vDue), the DB6R relies upon a powerplant sourced from a major manufacturer. In this case, the “D” in the name refers to Ducati.

Powered by a Ducati 90 degree, air cooled two valve L-twin, the DB6R promises to marry torque and low-end grunt with light weight and agility. Compared to a “standard” DB6 Delirio offering, the “R” version features the more potent Ducati 1100DS (Dual Spark) engine with a dry slipper clutch, plus numberous component upgrades such as lighter forged wheels, Brembo radial brake and clutch masters, and lots of carbon fiber. All this adds up to a weight savings of 15.5 lbs over the DB6! With fuel injection added to the rest of this top shelf componentry, this is an exotic that can carry you on your commute to work as well as scream through the canyons with the best of them!

From the seller:
This 2008 Bimota DB6R is perfect. It’s a stylish hand built bike that’s ready to go and is a BLAST to ride! It’s essentially new, has a ton of state-of-the-art features that make it exceptionally fast and incredibly easy to ride. If you’ve been looking for the perfect combination of style and performance in a super rare package but don’t want to pay inflated prices, we’ve got you covered.

You can think of the DB6R as the Monster of the Bimota world. Where the DB5 and DB5R are more decidedly in the Ducati Supersport vein, the DB6 Delirio and R model are more along the lines of an agressive standard machine. Call them the new naked. Whatever you call them, they work as well as they look: quick acceleration due to the light weight and low bulk, willing and torquey vee twin engine, fantastic handling due to the upright seating position and world-class suspension bits, and A-list Brembo brakes to haul everything down from speed. All that you need now are more pictures:

The beauty of Bimota is neither strictly the artwork nor the performance but rather the seamless way they merge the two. Bimota is really about the artwork of going fast, even if you are just sitting still. This DB6R has the looks and the credentials to excel no matter how you want to use it, and with less than 300 miles on the clock it is as new as you can get without paying MSRP.

Which brings us to the price. This seller is asking $29,900 for this bike – which is pretty much in line for what they have been going for. We have seen a few with a lower ask than this, but all had more miles. While I don’t expect many takers in this price bracket, it is more because 30 large is a big pile of money to the vast majority of riders today – and not because the price is wildly out of line with reality. Artwork on this scale is limited to a lucky few. For the rest of us, it is still fun to drool over the pictures. Enjoy!


Bimota May 10, 2011 posted by

Smoke gets in my eyes – 1998 Bimota V-Due Evoluzione

1998 Bimota V-Due Evoluzione with 201 miles in Florida!

I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up around them 2-stroke smoking machines, so I don’t get all misty eyed like some of my fellow RSBFS contributors whenever a Suzuki RGV, Honda NSR250, or Aprilia RS250 comes up for sale.  I do, however, being a bit of a Bimota fan, the V-Due gets my attention every time:


Please check pictures, as you can see this 1998 Bimota V-DueEvoluzione is in good – very good condition. This bike has been in a collection for many years and still needs to have the electronics sorted still – as it is completely original and has not been modified except for the stainless collector pipes. This bike is being sold AS IS with a Bill of Sale only and I do not know what country it was imported from.

Since the bike has been sitting so long, the battery is dead and the carbs will need to be cleaned. Also, as you can see the bottom of the fairings are damaged from gas leaking on them. To my knowledge, the bottom of these fairings may still be available in carbon?

The front fairing on the white number plate has a small scratch, but the rest of the bike is close to perfect (except for the lower fairing).

If you are familiar with Bimotas V-Due project and lineage, then you are also probably familiar with the need for the electronics to be sorted out on the bike for it to run at its full potential.

This is a late model V-Due and does not have fuel injection. The fuel injection was removed and replaced with carburetors at the factory to help fix some of it’s running problems (didn’t really work that well), but does make it easier to tune the bike. Also the later model V-Dues have a digital tach, and a different paint scheme.

The V Due was a bike very significant in that 1.) it was Bimota’s first and only (and ill-fated) attempt to develop an engine in-house  2.) it was supposed to be with cutting direct injection technology (on a 2-stroke!)  3.) styling was and still is absolutely drop dead gorgeous  4.) it broke Bimota.

Since a few V Dues have been listed before on RSBFS and we have written quite extensively about it, I’m going to be lazy and ask everyone to click here to read about them in our previous posts.

The one for sale here is the Evoluzione version – which means it is the later carb-ed models after the initial fuel injected production batch were plagued with running problems, so much so that a recall had to be issued.  The good thing is that carbs are much easier to tune than Italian fuel injection systems.

The bad thing is, as the seller states:”…still needs to have the electronics sorted still.” which could mean anything on a 1998 Bimota.  The good news, however, is that there is a good following of V-Dues and there are websites (and passionate enthusiasts) dedicated to it, so I guess if the will is there, any V Due can be made to run properly.

The auction currently sits at $10,000 with 7 days to go – a good indication of just how desirable these bikes are. Did I mention that there are only – surprise, surprise – 500 (probably more like 300 by now) of these out there?  If you’re feeling lucky,


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