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MV Agusta posted by

Scassa’s Ride: 2008 MV Agusta 312 F4 1000 AMA Spec Superbike


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Scassa’s Ride: 2008 MV Agusta 312 F4 1000 AMA Spec Superbike

Update 1.9.2012: Originally listed in December 2011, this bike is back on eBay and $8500 cheaper at $39k now. Links updated. -dc

I know MV Agusta didn’t even sniff a podium finish with this bike but it sure does have a “wow” factor.

Over the summer I posted an MV that had been race prepped but this bike appears to be the real deal. I guess we don’t know if it was an “A”/ “B” bike or some sort of practice bike but here is a list of some goodies on her:

Ohlins Racing suspension
FGR700 front forks / 46PRXB rear shock
Marchesini Magnesium wheels 6.25×16.5 rear / 3.50×16.5
Digitek Data Acquisition
MICROTEC Programmable ECU

(X98.A7.C1)19×18 Billet Race Master Cylinder
(X98.A7.C0) Remote cable brake adjuster
(XR0.11.51) 16×18 Clutch Master Cylinder
(X99.C4.60 & X99.C4.61) Radial Race 4 Pad Calipers
(08.7150.30) 320mm x 6mm Disc for Monoblock Caliper
(XA1.J0.40) 30mm Rear Caliper
(08.6703.29) 218mm x 4mm Disc
ARROW EXHAUST Full Titanium system

I like radiators the same way chics like shoes and would like to see this one without the bodywork. It isn’t on the list of goodies but I’d think it would be a factory made race radiator. Being a Ferraci team bike I’d like to hope there is more to add to that list from the seller. Hand made tank? Carbon bodywork? Factory maps?

Top of the line stuff circa 2008. It looks like that shock runs around $1200 out of the box. I saw a set of these forks being offered for around $4,800. It would be interesting to know if these have any special internals.

Just your ho-hum Arrow ti exahust. I know these bikes were meant to be raced but I would have no problem starring at this all day in my house.

Anyone have any idea how sophisticated their electronics package was?

I will leave you with this: $47,500, OBO.

Inquire here.

Here is a little of Scassa motivating on the bike in 2007. Whoever thought this music was better than the sound of the MV should be placed in a padded room.



  • “I like radiators the same way chics like shoes” I almost shot coffee out of my nose when I read that!

  • That means I need to try harder to actually get you to do that.

  • Ha! Do your worst/best, Sir. I will switch to iced coffee in anticipation of more LOLz.

  • I’m stealing that line…That’s funny as hell!

  • Cool bike. I was at the Road America 2007 AMA race 2 months before the mid-Ohio round (video above). I was with the Ohlins guys in their trailer when Eraldo came by and wrote a check for $22,000 for 2 pair of those forks! FBF got to Road America still running the marzocchi’s and Luca and Matt (Lynn) both wanted the Ohlins. This change required some bodywork mods due to the Ohlins being a little “shorter” than the Marzocchi’s and the fender hitting the bodywork under heavy braking. Perhaps these are one of those pair of forks?
    By the way… Matt’s bike blew an engine coming down the hill into turn 5. (Road America) He pulled off and I got lots of pics of a smoking, smoldering MV…

  • DH, great stuff. I love when you guys post stuff like this. It makes the bike all that more interesting.

  • DH, it was a radiator hose that blew coming into 5, thats what all the smoke was. The electronics have more bells and whistles than we could get time to test during the year.

  • So… ML?
    Matt Lynn?
    Want any pics?
    Thanks for the info!

  • DH,

    Yessir, ran across this this on facebook, thought I would peep in and see what she was going for. Hope that some one enjoys it, what a waste to sit around and collect dust.

  • Matt,
    Would you happen to have anymore insight into the spec of the bike?

  • What a TINY world…Wassup Bottlerocket50 (ML)! As an avid MV owner and prolific photographer of both Matt and Luca’s races, this one caught my eye and I started comparing my post-marzocchi MV pics to these…The rotor carriers have Matt’s “Lynn 4” on them, my pics of Luca’s bike (same time-ish) say “Lucca 4” on the fronts, but the triple’s don’t look like Matt’s…I know race bike parts come and go, maybe the buyer gets parts from both bikes in one? Even better! I miss seing Matt and Luca out there carrying the MV flag! Griff.

  • Man we’ve had some good inside info on this bike. Thanks for the comment guys.

  • fyi, this bike is being sold by fast by ferracci.

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