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RSBFS Reader’s Rides For Sale!

Give me a minute to show you some bikes that are owned by some die hard RSBFS readers and are currently up for sale! Up first we have a 1991 Yamaha TZR250R 3XV located just up the road from me in Portland, OR for $5,500. Check out the for sale ad here!

We also have a 1996 Kawasaki ZX7RR N1 for sale in Canada. The seller is asking $7,500 which i think is a fair price. I haven’t seen too many clean ZX7RRs pop up for sale in the last couple months. So if you have been looking to get one of these, then take a look at the for sale ad here!

Thanks again to all you reader’s out there for the heads up on some killer bikes for sale!



  • RSBFS is pretty cool! I’ll pass on the site to my bike people thanks for the assist today and for hangin out in line being thoroughly entertained =]

  • Great! Hope you like the photo with Hayden and enjoy the race tomorrow!

  • Love the photo! great race, can’t wait till Aug to watch em again =] hopefully Nicky will finish in the top 5 from here on out. Hope you got to bring some of that CA sun back with you guys!

  • very nice bike i love mine but might get rid of it donno but i was told they only brought 50 into the usa i think i got the 73rd one sence all the numbers r 0s

  • u can look at mine on facebook shogo94@hotmail.com

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