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rEVOlutionary 2006 Ducati 999R #0165

Superlative in so many ways, it’s important to remember that the Ducati 999R was a step ( or several ) towards today’s superbike.  And though  stylists can critique Pierre Terblanche’s design, the mechanical and handling improvements led to three WSBK Championships, 2006’s under Troy Bayliss in the Xerox livery offered as an option on the 999R.

20160405 2006 ducati 999r right

2006 Ducati 999R for sale on eBay

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left

20160405 2006 ducati 999r number

The revised testastretta heads on the 999R resulted in 150 hp for the showroom 999R, helped by titanium valves and collets, magnesium valve covers and carbon timing belt covers.  Very little of any of that is visible, though you can catch a glimpse through the vents in the carbon-fiber bodywork.  The main spar of the red trellis frame contrasts with the seat sub-frame and gold-anodized monoshock.  43mm Öhlins forks are finished in black on the -R, as is the numbered triple clamp.  Also in black is the beefy fabricated swingarm, as are the forged Marchesini wheels, and the rear mudguard and guard for the controversial canister muffler are carbon.

20160405 2006 ducati 999r dash

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left grip

This 999R has just under 2,100 miles and looks like they were cafe’ and not track miles.  One puzzling scrape under the left footpeg is pictured, but it’s a barely used bike with just a few mods.  Ten years on and with no maintenance history offered, it’s a safe assumption that belts and tires would be want a change before any substantial riding.  The owner states in the eBay auction:

This might be the most beautiful bike ever made by Ducati !  The Ducati 999r Xerox was the first and only bike to win the World Superbike Championship 3 years in a row. In celebration, Ducati built 300 street legal replicas. The 999r Xerox features the “R” spec motor which is a big performance improvement over the standard 999 motor. Also features a full Ohlins suspension front and rear, full carbon fiber body panels, carbon fiber cylinder covers, magnesium heads, the most beautiful paint job you can imagine, light weight Marchesini wheels, and a placard showing its production number of the 300 total units made. This particular bike has a slipper clutch, open clutch cover, Giles rear set, and aftermarket shift lever set for GP shift. Only 2061 miles on this collector bike! This is a living room bike that attracts attention wherever it is parked.  comes with custom factory plaque and case as well as owners manual. these bikes don’t come up often.  don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle history !!!!

20160405 2006 ducati 999r tank

20160405 2006 ducati 999r right clutch

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left shock

Though the more upright fairing made life better for the WSBK riders, the showroom response compelled Ducati to return to side-by-side headlights for the 1098.  This makes the 999 a unique chapter in the Ducati history book, and a great champion in -R form.  As a seldom-ordered option for the final year of 999 production, the Xerox decal set is a standout and very collectible…


20160405 2006 ducati 999r front


  • Love the 999, but are there any Ducatis that are NOT a numbered special edition?

    • The 999’s were actually kind of the opposite. During the 2003-2006 production cycle, only the 2003 999R and 2006 999R XEROX were numbered bikes. I suppose the 2006 999S Team Edition was too, but that was a really low production bike.

      But isn’t it only fitting to have these special bikes numbered? They have race homoligation motors, race-ready suspension and wheels. They’re born to be on the track. This isn’t just some crappy limited replica paint job and a sport exhaust… cough, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, cough

  • R7’s and RC 30’s are far from crap.

    • And there was also no need to differentiate them from a lower spec “strada” R7 or RC30 because there was no such thing.

  • Sold for $17,500.


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