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Reverential – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

Living as we do somewhere between the bike and  the post, your editors at RSBFS always appreciate the effort to photograph a bike well.  Though they can try to hide mishaps, a good photograph is better at highlighting the lack of history, illustrating careful ownership.  So much the better if a special bike is shown well.  The pinnacle of BMW boxer development, the HP2 Sport is such a bike, here with a neat short focal-length treatment.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front

2008 BMW HP2 Sport for sale on eBay

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport left

Holding down BMW’s sport corner from 2008-12 ( at least as a figurehead after the S1000RR arrived ), the HP2’s air/oil cooled engine brings home 128 hp and 80 ft-lbs. torque.  The HP2 has a chrome-moly trellis frame which uses the engine as a stressed member, and self-supporting seat subframe and fairing.  BMW’s Telelever front and Paralever rear each use fully adjustable Ohlins dampers.  With the optional ABS, the rider can depend on the 330mm front disks and 265mm rear.  The design studio squandered their budget on the HP2, the fairing and appointments, like the full-featured LCD dash, are top notch.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport front  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport tail fairing

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport rear  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport front fairing

Professionally photographed with under 4,000 miles,  it’s a dreamboat.  Never tracked, a shame for the past owners ( and a benefit to the next owner ).  No damage history, from the eBay auction:

This is an amazing motorcycle!  The HP2 Sport was the first BMW R motor to used radial positioned valves on the historic engine that helped it produce more HP and Torque than any previous R-motor BMW.  Additionally, at the time it was the most expensive BMW motorcycle ever sold and I believe that to still be true.  The bodywork is all carbon fiber, half was painted white and the dark sections remain exposed carbon fiber so you and everyone else will know what it is made of.  The valve covers are even carbon fiber!

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport left front  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear

There are higher horsepower motorcycles out there but this has as much torque as they do.  And, it comes in low in the rev range and pulls strong all the way to red line.  it is smoother and more comfortable than any other top tier superbike on the market and is a great collector piece.  I believe there were only 235 imported into he US in 2008 and 2009.  The option available we ABS and this bike has it.  Long term values on these make it a great place to put your motorcycle money.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front wheel  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear wheel

The wheels are made specifically for this motorcycle by OZ racing
The suspension is provided by Ohlins
The radial mounted brakes are from Brembo

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport dash  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear shock

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right cylinder  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport cockpit

Centrally located in Austin, a pre-purchase inspection should be easy to arrange.  A lot of BMW’s work went into reducing weight, and the HP2 is under 4oo lbs. fueled, quite amazing when you consider its sport-touring ancestry and robust build.  As with the Porsche 911 flat six, there will likely always be a BMW boxer twin, and this is one of the best…



  • I thought it was a flagship sportbike? Where’s the chain drive?

  • Here we go again, I was wondering how long before someone brings this argument up again, just sold one of these and I can speak from experience, the Hp2S is a Superbike that sits on it’s own feet, before started to criticized a marvelous motorcycle how about recognizing some of it’s qualities. Good luck with the sale, it won’t be easy to sale it and the market is very soft for these bikes and the minute your bike ended here you gonna get so many bashing the bike that u’l regret this site existed. I used to be a big fan of this site and had over 20 motorcycles featured here but lately I had been very disappointed with some of the participants and when they done trashing the bike maybe they’ll pick up your name like they did with mine.

  • stop taking words written on the internet by strangers so seriously

  • Shaft was a black cop in the 70’s, right? A mean mother (watch your mouth) I’m just talkin’ about Shaft, (keep it clean), cue cool music music now, oh yeah, this bike sucks.

  • Pictures really show how beautiful these bikes are. There is a lot of hate but these are really awesome bikes. Not perfect but a great effort by BMW.

  • I really wouldn’t consider this a sportbike. The s1000rr is the only true sportbike BMW has made.

  • ciprian,

    You are very right…comments on this site have gone off the deep end. Its no longer even some pertinent info. about he bike in question either. Its a bunch of trolls like Roger above here.

  • Also, what happened to the daily updates? What are we at a couple a week now?

  • In order to have an expert opinion or an opinion that has validity, it must be supported with a foundation of training and experience in order to have credibility. That rule does not seem to be the case here. (Joe Ramos and Roger’s above comment’s for example) While I have enjoyed this site for a number of years and read some intelligent posts regarding the bikes featured here, it does not appear to be the site it once was. With lots of broad sweeping and baseless opinions that might sway potential buyers of some good bikes. Too bad for the sellers….great for the buyers. As a buyer (mostly) I suppose I should say thank you.

  • for anyone who doesn’t like the direction or content of the site, I would suggest you reach out to dan crouch the site owner/admin and volunteer to do some posts..its fun and depending on the results of the sale, can put a few bills into your pocket each month.


    dan is at dan@motoringblogs.com

    • That….is a very good idea!

  • I’ve actually briefly ridden one of these Bavarian beasties, feel qualified to comment, and have positive feelings about them. I’ve ridden R90S’s, and feel like this is the ultimate boxer. Yes, it’s sport bike, just a different type of one. 90% of the quirky shaft drive effect and front end dive has been engineered away- it’s a fun ride! I was surprised how much I enjoyed it- the engine had surprising grunt and power. That said, the owner was not happy with the fuel surging issues that could not be tuned out, fixed, or eliminated, and BMW was no help. He sold it because of that- maybe there’s a solution now? Also, build quality was outstanding. Near Bimota standards.

  • hwould851.

    Have also ridden one quite a number of times. Quite the untamed beast. Raw and fast, hard to tell exactly how fast you are going or if anyone is behind you. No fuel surging issues here.

    Marty: Thanks for the info. lots of nice bikes out there. Apparently lots of trolls that have found this site as well. Shame.

  • seems everybody is jumping on the debbie downer band wagon lately. lighten up

  • Always wanted one,just like the Bimota Tesi 3d. just can’t afford them. There not your dime a dozen bike.

  • As much as there are haters on this site, I enjoy coming here for the variety of quality bikes and (somewhat) lively discussion, despite how easily the purists and brand/model fanboys are irritated by a little sand in the vag. Regardless, I was just giving an opinion. It may differ from yours, but it is nonetheless a valid one.

  • Fight Fight Fight… Next bike please…

  • No shizzle Shad! The next time one of these piles wins a #1 plate in any class, let me know…

  • my comments werent directed at all towards the bike… you know what they say when people asssume…

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