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Replica 2008 Suzuki GSX-R250

So, it has been brought to our attention that this isn’t a 2008 GSx-R, or even a Suzuki.  It is actually a UM V2s.  I should have confirmed the model first, turns out that there hasn’t been a GSX-R250 since 1991.  This is a replica GSX-R if the seller knows it or not.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention Dave.

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina is a very rare (For the US) 2008 Suzuki GSX-R250.  This GSX-R is assumed to be titled and registered as it has covered 2,700 miles and the dealer makes no mention of title issues.  Recently on eBay there was a dealer selling brand new Honda CBR125R models, combined with this, makes me curious how dealers are getting these in.  If you’d like a very rare, and new, 250cc bike; See the eBay ad here.




  • How cool is that thing?! I wonder if some states have lax scooter regs that would allow you to register 250cc and under? Some of those new scooters are huge!


  • hey take a closer look, isint that a hyosung 250? motor and triple tree clamp have UM motors badging

  • matter of fact thats a UM 250 V2S. which is a rebadged hyosung. explains why they never mentioned title issues

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