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Reggiani Replica: 1996 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

I’m not always a fan of race-replica paint schemes: they’re obviously designed to be as eye-catching as possible, so they’re usually not very subtle… But the Loris Reggiani Replica Aprilia RS250 keeps thing pretty simple, with a distinctive scheme that flatters the bike’s simple good looks. It’s so understated that, for the longest time, I didn’t realize it was a race-replica scheme at all! Regianni rode Aprilias between 1985 and 1995 in the 250cc and 500cc classes, although the bored-out 380 v-twin wasn’t entirely successful against bigger machines.

Introduced in 1995, the Aprilia was a late-entry into the quarter-liter sportbike class, and one of few officially available outside Japan, since the NSR, TZR, RGV, and KR were sold only as grey or “parallel import” machines in many markets. Instead of trying to build a brand-new engine to compete in the hotly-contested class, Aprilia simply purchased complete Suzuki’s proven RGV250Γ “Gamma” two-stroke v-twins and installed them in their own chassis, with good suspension and possibly excessive braking ability: the RS250 is equipped with the same triple Brembo setup considered to be highly effective on much heavier bikes like the Ducati 916 and the hulking Moto Guzzi Sport 1100i…

Aprilia claimed to have tuned Suzuki’s 249cc engine and the official horsepower would suggest some serious Italian magic has been applied to raise the horsepower to the RS250’s claimed 70hp, but it’s all sleight of hand: the Japanese manufacturers generally quoted an output of 45hp to meet Japanese market regulations. In reality, they were easily capable of more, and the RS250’s Suzuki v-twin wasn’t very different than the RGV250’s powerplant and those Italian horses are probably optimistic, even when measured at the crank.

But that actually works to a prospective buyer’s advantage: parts to tune an RS250 or keep one running shouldn’t be any more difficult to obtain than they would be for an RGV and, while they weren’t common here in the USA, they were very popular overseas. Which is to say: make sure you’ve got some good translation software installed on your computer and be prepared for things to ship from Japan or Europe.

A 1998 restyle of the RS250 kept the same general character, but updated the nose and tail with a more pronounced teardrop taper and introduced a new, more “modern” dash. Function of the new gauges was pretty cutting-edge and included a lap-timer, although the style dated quickly. Personally, I much prefer the earlier style of bodywork and gauges seen here. The photos of this example aren’t of the best quality: resolution is low and the lighting is pretty terrible. But from the description, it sounds like it’s worth a look, and probably a message to the seller to request some better pictures!

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani Replica for Sale

Up for sale is a 1995 (titled as a 1996) Aprilia RS 250 Loris Reggiani Replica with only 5613 miles on it.  It is in very good condition for it’s age with only some small scratches on it but in great condition for a 20+ year motorcycle. All switches and controls work. Of all the RS 250 models the Reggiani Replica is one of the more collectible ones. The bike comes with a clear Florida title.  The only additions to it are a Battery Tender lead, Ohlins Steering Damper, and a smoked windscreen

The following services have been done to the bike:

  • New Battery
  • New Spark Plugs
  • New Black Stainless Steel front and rear brake lines
  • New rear brake pads
  • New air cleaner
  • New Pro-grips
  • New chain guide
  • Transmission fluid replaced
  • Coolant replaced
  • Injector Oil topped off
  • Carbs cleaned

Also included in the sale of this bike is a box of take-off spare parts from a customers RS 250 that he parted out. Basically $1000.00 in extra parts that you can either use as back-up spares or sale.

  • RH Switch gear
  • Grips
  • Flywheel
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Clutch Assembly
  • CDI Box
  • Oil Pump
  • Rear Brake master cylinder (NEW)

I am also including an Aprilia Factory service manual with the bike along with (2) keys.  I don’t have the owners manual.  The only reason I am selling the bike is the riding position is too extreme for me.  The shift pattern is also a race set-up with 1 up and 5 down.  It can also be switched back to the normal 1 down and 5 up if you need to have it that way.

Payment by cashiers check or cash. Check has to clear before bike can be picked up.  For sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

This Aprilia RS250 has just 5,613 miles on it, and comes with a nice stash of extras you can keep or resell to recoup some of the very reasonable $9,995 asking price. The unfortunate thing about all of these little strokers is that they’re such fun to thrash, but are rapidly increasing in value where it makes less sense to use them that way, which is a real shame.



  • from a collector standpoint, this is a top 250cc to have (along with the cup and a nice later Suzuki)

  • I have a 2000 CUP bike (black), which is a hoot on the track. It fits a 6 foot 175 lb person without using a crowbar. I also have a Mille, so I can be considered an Aprilia fan. I love everything about the Aprilias except for the colour schemes. Always too many “bold” graphics and odd colour combinations. They are beautiful mechanical devils, just wish the art department was run by different people.

  • I love the Aprilia rs250 I have a 98 ,fun to ride. I thought it was light and fast till I got a Honda RS125R wow . Prices on the Aprilia’s are still climbing will they top out ?

    • Prices seem to have stalled out a little for the moment. I’d guess they’ll continue to rise though.

  • Hate to disagree with “ LMTP” and I can’t be the only one but I enjoy this color scheme and think it’s “out of the box” design just works for me

    • You’re not the only one. I think this is my favorite look for the RS250. It’s bold and classy at the same time. But it’s not like Aprilia always errs on the side of “classy…”

  • And alot of owners and Aprilia agree with you. I have always enjoyed the lines and the physical/mechanical reasons for those choices; just perhaps not so colourfully.
    Response to Bluelamb: Four years ago a 1994 Yamaha TZ250 found it’s way to me. If I the CUP bike had not taught me the joys of cornering, the TZ surely would have killed me quickly.

  • Fugly but the mill and chassis blows my skirt up…

    • “Fugly”? Well someone out there probably agrees with you, and hopefully they’ve built an insane naked version of the bike that fully shows off that beautiful frame… I feel the same way about the TZR250 3MA.

  • LMTP now take the TZ250 make it street legal and ride it around town. That is what I did to my RS125R. WOW. It’s like trying to juggle and tie your shoes at the same time , but a blast 🤘

  • I own a spare gas tank for one of these as backup as they are fiberglass. The tank just so happens to be this color scheme and I had to keep it on my coffee table for a week when it showed up in the mail so I could drool a while. While I wouldn’t be eager to trade the chesterfield bodywork I certainly would not complain if I owned this instead. Are you the type who melts for the pretty young Asian girl who works at the store? Or are you into the exotic supermodel in expensive lingerie? I would be into both personally, however I think one must appreciate how classy aprilia kept it despite the semi bright colors which dominated this era.

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