Canon 30D Digital SLRs


The Canon 30D marked a significant step in their DSLR lineup a few years back. For the first time, it was completely built in-house. Many small but noticeable improvements include instant-on for quick shots after rest, a larger screen, more frames per second, and much improved low-light sensitivity.

I bought my 30D just a few months ago and have been very impressed with the upgrade from my 10D. The first weekend out and about, I snapped this picture:


There is a little Photoshop applied to this image, but not as much as you might think.

Like my old 10D, a used Canon 30D is a great way to get into Digital SLR photography. Here are some eBay auctions you should consider. Check out my tips on buying from eBay to make the best choice at the best price.

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