How to Buy Smart on eBay


The Rare Sport Bikes For Sale website utilizes 3rd party eBay listings. We have specially selected items in the store to feature and strongly believe that eBay often represents the best deals anywhere.

Here are some simple tips to being a savvy shopper on eBay:

  1. Get to know who you’re buying from! I personally only shop sellers that have over 100 transactions and I never settle for a feedback rating less than 95%. If hundreds (or even better thousands) of transactions have been carried out with a seller and they have a 95% or better feedback rating, I feel pretty safe in making a purchase.
  2. Browse the seller’s feedback. People are generally more apt to leaving feedback when they have a bad experience. If you browse their feedback and it’s full of glowing feedback, you know what to expect!
  3. Read the item description thoroughly! Know exactly what you’re getting and ask questions of the seller if you’re unclear before buying. Most successful eBay merchants will respond within 12-24 hours, or even sooner this time of year. If they don’t, bid with another seller.
  4. Are there images of the actual items for sale? If it’s not brand new, insist upon numerous clear images. There are so many retailers that you can afford to be choosy!
  5. Look at other items for sale on eBay and consider buy-it-now prices. If you can’t wait, maybe you can find the price you’re looking for without using an auction. Many retailers have prices that beat the box stores because of their low overhead. Just make sure to shop ahead so it can be shipped before the holidays.
  6. Need the lowest price possible? You need to be a smart auction bidder then. I recommend watching several auctions and be watching for final bid prices. Get to know what the products are actually selling for and then bid on other auctions after watching the marketplace. This takes more time, but it allows you to be a very savvy shopper.

Need more detailed instructions on how to buy? Check out this excellent step-by-step and illustrated how to buy on eBay page I found.

Thank you for shopping at the RSBFS store. A large portion of our affiliate proceeds go to paying the authors of our website and we appreciate your support!


Dan Crouch

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