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Rare late special Gixxer: 1994 750 SP (in Germany)

The Suzuki GSX-R 750 was my first Superbike. It was a 1993 water cooled model (W) and I will never ever forget it. It was fast, smoother than a Kawa and nastier than a Honda. It was also very reliable. In those years, the usual R (for Racing) code was often replaced by another: SP (for Sport Production). When it comes to sport bikes,  the GSX-R is one of the most iconic names in the business. The special versions like the GSX-R R limited from 1986, the RK from 89 and the later SP from 1994 are highly desirable bikes.

GSX-R 750 SP_3

This sample here is currently on sale on eBay in Germany. The asking price of 12ooo EUR for a bike with 31.000 km is in my opinion on the high end of the scale. The seller mentions a recent sale in UK for an equivalent model that topped 12.000 pounds which is roughly 14.000 EUR. In addition the bike was recently re-sprayed and there we go…

Anyway, it is still an SP, which means you get a different exhaust and carbs for better breathing, a close ratio 6 speed box with a tall 1st gear, improved chassis, better brakes and lighter engine parts. The SP is still a Special.

GSX-R 750 SP_1

GSX-R 750 SP_2

A few words form the seller :

The bike is an original SP (Sport Production), which was produced only in 1994, in 1000 samples, of which 800 went to Race.

Only 200 on the road in 1994. How many are left, I do not know.
Many differences from the normal GSX-R750, which includes 40mm carbs, 1100 Brakes Many magnesium engine parts. also first speed (135 km / h) + much, much more.

The bike is just invaluable for me and is just more money’s worth, and with the right buyers, many money’s worth. (Imagine … in the UK for £ 16,000, which has been sold)

An investment?
The bike is original to 99% in 2009 and was repainted in the original colors, with new decorations.
Has about 1500km driven side.
New serviced and just cleaned and adjusted carburetor so that it plays only max.

Here are the specs of the 1994 SP versus the ones of the 1993 standard version:

GSX-R 750 SP 1994
Overall Length: 2,095 mm (82.5 in)
Overall Width: 730 mm (28.7 in)
Overall Height: 1,135 mm (44.7 in)
Wheelbase: 1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Dry Weight: 198 kg (436 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 749 cc inline-4, DOHC, 16 valves. 118 hp (86.1 kW)/ 11,500 rpm, 78,46 Nm/ 9,500 rpm

GSX-R 750 1993
Overall Length: 2,070 mm (81.5 in)
Overall Width: 730 mm (28.7 in)
Overall Height: 1,135 mm (44.7 in)
Wheelbase: 1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Dry Weight: 208 kg (458 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 747 cc inline-4, DOHC, 16 valves. 118 hp (86.1 kW)/ 11,500 rpm, 78,46 Nm/ 9,500 rpm

If you are a Suzuki fan and looking to add this to your garage click on the link below.

P.S. the seller includes also a colour matched full leather kit which provided it is your size I think is a really nice add on

Suzuki 1994 GSX-R 750 in Germany 



  • Claudio, nice to see you put the bike back on the market. To all that are watching I challenge you to find another one of these on the market anywhere in the world at any price or condition. At any given time you can usually find an 1986 LE or a 1989 RR, somewhere on the planet to bid on or purchase. Those two bikes have been depicted by gixxer followers as more desirable then the SP historically, probably due to the factory solo seat and racer look than the SP. However, if you are a homologation bike collector or a gsxr collector, this in my opinion should be the corner stone of your collection. Happy and lucky to say I have all three in my collection, and of all three, the SP puts the biggest smile on my face. My SP is the one Claudio is referencing to out of the UK that was featured on RSBFS.COM last year, it has original paint and a sixth the miles on it, but Claudio’s is a great bike being offered and in my opinion at fair price. Remember, these were never imported into the states, the carb rack alone should be enough to put this thing into your collection, and who knows when another one will surface….

  • Well, if you two owners are through stroking eachother about your rare Gixxers, I’d like to inject some reality. This generation of GSXR is regarded by knowledgeable riders as the all time low point of the model. They’re over weight, ugly, poorly designed pigs, with no consideration at all given to easy maintenance. Not only that, they weren’t successfull on the world’s racetracks, either. The Kawasaki ZX9R and Yamaha YZF750 were clearly superior in all ways, and it took until the 1996 SRAD generation for Suzuki to regain competitiveness. You can bleat on and on about how rare your 1994 GSXR SP is, but the truth is it just isn’t nearly that desireable compared to a 1986 750 LTD model, or 1989 SP. Factor in the repaint and high miles, and there’s no reaso to get excited about this one.

  • Just a note to clarify that this isn’t my bike. I only did the write up.
    In my garage though there is 1986 Limited with about 2000 km. It took me quite few years to find one though…

  • I agree with 6thgear, these bikes are pigs, compared to other bikes of its era, but I think he misses the point I was trying to make. “rarity”. Good luck with the sale, to the true collector, they will understand.

  • and 6th gear beat me to what i was going to write. these bikes are horrible, and claudio, if you have that ’86 limited but this bike gives you a bigger smile, then it just goes to show how varied people’s opinions can be on gixxers. most everyone i know would put this generation as the least desirable of gixxer history. no, not most everyone, EVERYONE.

  • to be honest I share the opinion of 6th gear as well (you can also check my previous articles on SPs), and once again this isn’t my bike nor I am K3…. 🙂
    That’s why the only gixxer in my garage is th R limited and besides that I am a fan of the oil cooled models…

  • I’v got number 941 Exatly the same as the one above and yes it’s a hand full but worth the effort.

  • Hi guys…

    The bike is mine:-)
    The SP is not listed for sale anywhere, anymore.
    Bud if anyone knows a potential buyer, You can contact me by email.. I May confidentiel selling it.
    The Danish market is not ready for a rare bike like the SP, so i have to sell it out of Denmark..

    Sincerely yours,
    Jesper L, Denmark

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