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Potential: 1992 Vance & Hines Yamaha FZR 600

In 1992 Yamaha released a special edition of the FZR 600, celebrating their partnership with Vance & Hines in the AMA 600 Supersport class. Each of these bikes received a special paint job complete with Vance & Hines decals, a V&H exhaust system and an edition number. You are looking at bike #245 of this one year only offering.

1992 Yamaha Vance & Hines FZR for sale on eBay

There was really nothing special about the Vance & Hines Edition model aside from paintwork and exhaust. The FZR 600 frame, engine, tranny and suspension remained stock FZR pieces. The big draw was the livery and the “boy racer” graphics. Although these were limited editions – approximately 600 or so were ultimately created – there was not enough difference from a standard FZR 600 to really make a difference; prices tend to be only mildly elevated from clean examples of non-V&H models.

From the seller:
First 9 pictures are of bike with 21k, runs great well maintained. Never Dumped while moving but fell over twice, once on each side. Crack and dent in front rim (not Shown).

Many More Parts – Another complete V&H Frame and swingarm – rear shock and linkage – front fork set and triangle – front rim, rear rim – Cowl Cage – cowl air tubes – wind shield – wiring harnesses – set of mirrors, additional seat, rear plastic and tank plastic, and another tank, complete carb set, and manuals. Also there are 3 more tank covers not in photos, 2 of 3 are unnumbered. (replacement covers). Also I have poster of bike and from 1992, Vance n Hines letter with matching serial numbers to bike. Title comes with bike also.

Part of the problem with the V&H model is the fact that they are cosmetic creations. Vance & Hines livery on a standard FZR makes for a convincing replica of the real deal. In the description, this seller indicates he has documentation matching the serial number to this bike; that is a good start to ensure the originality of the machine. Unfortunately, it looks like this bike will need some work. It is claimed that the damage seen in the pictures is due to tip overs at standstill. However I’m not sure how the cracked/dented front wheel came into this, and/or if it was related to the damage. Either way, this is a collectable that has potential provided you are willing to take on the work.

It’s hard to predict how these replica machines will appraise in the coming years. History would suggest that they may appreciate slightly ahead of the curve of a standard model FZR. But given the basic foundation and the sheer numbers produced, there is relatively little to show that this will grow significantly in value over time. Still, it is a cool bike and deserves to be saved. With an ask of $4500 OBO, this could be an affordable way to add some unique color to your stable. Check it out here, and let us know what you think!



  • This ghetto paint scheme really makes my eyes bleed… But I do own a ’90 FZR 600 and enjoy the wayback machine, but compared to a “modern” 600, it is, well, it is what it was, I guess.

  • Where is the laugh emoji on here? I was lucky to get $3500 for my V&H Edition FZR 600 and it was in way better shape with lower mileage than this one.

  • Actually the FZR600 did not come with the V&H exhaust. It came with a gift certifiate to V&H which the owner could use to buy v&h accessories. The exhaust was the most commonly selected accessory.

    Since the graphics is the only thing setting this apart from the plain Jane model, the bodywork damage effectively writes this off in my opinion. Fixeable yes but you won’t get the decals back.

    Not worth $4500 from my perspective. I do like the more rare single headlamp fairing which in iteself makes this fzr a bit less common.

    • Thanks for the great info, Mike J!

  • Where’s the wing?

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