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Please be real: 1990 Ducati 851 SP2

You’d think at a $55,000 ask, it wouldn’t be beyond the pale to ask for more than two photos of a motorcycle, but what do we know? And, be that as it may, most motorcycles are not the 1990 Ducati 851 SP2, a rare-as-rocking-horse-poo repli-racer from Ducati’s renaissance as a superbike racing brand.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 for sale on eBay

As the name implies, this was the second evolution of the 851 Sport Production, and came with bigger valves, a 45mm Termignoni exhaust and fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension on both ends. The four-valve liquid-cooled v-twin in the standard 851 was exotic enough for most, but the SP2 mill was truly special, pushing out nigh on 120 horsepower from two cylinders at a time when that was an impressive figure from four pots.

Unfortunately, the pictures don’t do much justice to this machine, though it appears to be in very clean condition with a set of modern Michelin tires. The shot of the triple clamp matches the description’s claim that this is bike number 250.

From the eBay listing:

Used Ducati 851/888 SP 2

Number 250 from the limeted 1000

1 owner not damage or crash good condition.

shipping we inform when real intrest from Ducatisti and real price.(make offer)

Ohlins Fork and damper new Fork Pipe original Ohlins.

116 Hp 22000 Km German approval.

verhicle ID ZDM888S000250

Info and location south germany

The asking price is a little eye-watering, but you’ll be hard pressed to find another 1990 Ducati 851 SP2, and there is no doubting the heritage and provenance the bike carries.


  • Ok this has nothing to do with this bike in particular so skip this comment if that’s an issue.

    I know there are a lot of “What kind of crap ad is this?” reactions to ads like these but a lot of times the owners of things like these aren’t eBay posting experts and don’t have time to put together a beautiful ad. Anyone seriously considering the bike and willing to deal with shipping out of Germany will ask a question and go from there. I’ve bought bikes that were advertised every bit as poorly as this because the bike is what it is and the actual ad is just a starting point to open communication. Good luck to buyer and seller.

  • Billy that’s a fair point and I have also bought a few bargains from guys who didn’t know how to puff up a pretty advert -but this guy is asking serious moolah here and should expect a little stiff examination of the goods and would you fly to Germany on the strength of 2 poor snaps.?
    I certainly wouldn’t and its only a 2 hour flight from my island. I turned down a scruffy street 851 about 10 years ago for 3000 Euros and have gently kicked myself a few times since, Hindsight is a wunnerful thing.

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