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Pie in the Sky: $90k 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR

To the average sportbike addict, the 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR stands alone among race replica bikes as the one that nailed all the details and defined the genre in a taught, carbon fiber-clad package. Honda saddled its RC213-VS with electronic nannies, a restrictive exhaust and a collectors-only asking price. Ducati engaged in no such silliness. They detuned, added lights, and slapped on a pricetag.

2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR for sale on eBay

What's more, the Italians asked under $100k for their super-exclusive, experts-only racebike, and readily provided the few things you needed to truly go nuts. Despite their rarity, the bikes have depreciated since then, and nice examples regularly go for the same price as a BMW 3 Series. Most, that is, except this 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR.

While it is extremely low mileage, comes with all the factory extras, including the more business-minded exhaust system, $90,000 is a big ask, especially considering a brand-new Desmo was $72,500.

From the eBay listing:

2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR

1 of only 299 in the United States!

1 of 1500 Worldwide!

Owner never rode it.

Now is your chance to own one of the rarest motorycles produced by Ducati

Please Teddy With any questions 7278083284

The seller provides little in the way of description, but the pictures do a lot of the talking. Check out the gallery below and let us know what to make of the price in the comments.


  • Love the bike… hate the price; just too darn much, no matter the exclusivity. But like all things, as long as there is someone out there with money, it will sell – but I still doubt for the ask.

  • I see these bikes for sale on Ebay all the time, and 1500 is not exclusive. Seller’s price is ridiculous too.

  • 1500 is not exclusive, but exclusivity does not drive price. In fact there can be too few of something built, which results in few trading hands on the open market, which causes markets to be uncertain of value direction.. I like 1500, that allows for enough product to be on the market in varing condition and mileage at any given time to allow for price bracketing and sale history. Which in turn allows for educated asking and purchase pricing.

    Ferrari built 1344 f-40’s the most produced car of their super cars…. check the value of one of those…. you might change your mind on how quantity dictates price.

  • The listing says the owner never rode the bike yet the odometer shows the distance covered as 152 miles. Has this bike had a prior owner, or did the current owner push it for 152 miles?

  • Great F40 analogy K3! Only a matter of time before these are $100K bikes ….. look on Bonhams February 2017 auction results … $85K including premium sold. Show me another bike that elicits the same visceral sensation of just hearing a Desmosedici with the race exhaust. Its unlike any other Ducati built and IMO the new V4 will drive up the prices of the D16RR. Ducati lost money on every one of these built, its was a marketing PR development and I applaud Ducati for building them. Like the McLaren, there won’t be another Desmosedici. Most bike today are standard bikes with a few extra bits, 1299 SL is a 1299 with some upgrades. The Desmo is its own bike like the hypercars of today. The comments I always read remind me of the 360 Challenge Stradale. They either love it, miss it, or wish they still had it. Key with these bikes are understanding the correct upgrades, voltage regulator rerouting the fuel and getting a later vin so the valve retainer springs are good to go. If you have not heard one, its an experience. The local shop was tuning one on the dyno at 10AM in the business park with the GP7 exhaust. The business park manager is at the end of the block far away and came over and said you cannot test that bike during business hours! I have owned RC30s, ZX7Rs, Vdue, K1, K2, 7RR …. but that Desmo makes balls tingle …….

    • Not too familiar with this one. Looks nice. Would it be eaten alive by a run of the mill German or Japanese liter bike?

    • only other Ducati that seems to generate the same interest by collectors is the supermon and those are just about 100k now too. Pirce point here seems to be due to mileage, you can still find these for about 45 with 4000 miles…long term a good investment value but I would wait till the market corrects if you dont already have one

  • I had the pleasure of riding one a couple of years back, really an amazing bike! Promised myself I’d have one at some point and just waiting for the right one to cross my path (hopefully soon). I happened to be driving by Beverly Hills Ducati today, of course I had to stop in. They have 4 of the $85K Panigale’s (one is $125K because its the one they used for wind tunnel testing so it has all exposed carbon and a handmade aluminum tank). Anyway, 2 of them are already sold and spoken for and the other two are XXX numbered bikes which I’m not sure how I feel about…cool but kinda f’d up as they are in excess to the 500 limited run. I appreciate that these are all carbon fiber and carbon fiber fused titanium…etc etc but the frame, subframe, wheels etc are all sourced from BST in South Africa…the suspension is obviously ohlins. Really not sure it’s a Ducati any longer but my point is, if they can flog these for 85K, it’s just a matter of time before the desmosedici takes off price wise!

  • Just a few months ago, when Ducati introduced the new Panigale V4, these RRs could be found on eBay in the mid $40K range. Love the bike, hate the asking price.

  • Jp… 👍 I have a d16rr and I think your right, with ducati going to the 4 I do believe this will pull more collectors toward Ducati’s first 4. As for the R&D on the bike… I was told by a very reputable source that ducati figured from concept to dealer each Desmo, cost 1.5million…. and they do sound bad ass… and yes the challenge stradale is the same, no comparison to the 360. I’ll never sell mine 👍

  • I am in the market for one of these,clean before a V4 stradale. Waiting for the right one below 50K. Asking price on this is stupid.

  • Marty,

    Before you jump in with two feet on that one, you might consider a few things. The owner gave no indication of what has been done to that bike, the history where it has been serviced and what improvements it has had. These bike have got to have the right pedigree, with the right tech who knows the bikes in and outs. See my previous post. If you get yourself into the wrong one, it can be as much as the cost of admission. The motor rebuild is ALOT. Plus you have Canadian import taxes duties etc.

    Here is the one from Bonhams Feb 2017 ……..


    • They are essentially new bikes. There is no pedigree, service history, or improvements. I doubt it has been to a dealer since it was sold and I wouldn’t expect it to be. This one has unfortunately been relegated to the few that have become $55K art and will never be ridden. Sad really…


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