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Unloved Zed sled: 1995 Kawasaki ZX9R with 6,813 miles

Kawasaki’s ZX-9R has always been a bit of mongrel bike; situated between the legendary ZX7 and ZX11 series, the 899cc bike was initially developed as a response to the Honda CBR900 but never achieved top status in the segment.  Although the configuration lasted for nearly 10 years, sales were never huge for Kawasaki and it isn’t considered to be a historically or technologically significant bike by collectors. Still today’s offering is an ultra clean model with less than 7000 miles in its over 23 years, is in the rare for the model candleberry-wine-red color scheme and appears to have all OEM bits available so it seemed worth of a post.

1995 Kawasaki ZX9R on ebay

The ZX9R was somewhat hastily developed by Kawasaki as a segment response to the CBR900 Fireblade.  The problem for Kawasaki was that as a smaller manufacturer they didn’t have the resources to launch an all out assault against the class leading Honda (it would take a few more years until Yamaha’s R1 did that).    Kawasaki instead tried to stake out a middle ground, offering a 900cc bike that wasn’t an ultra-light-weight repli-racer fit only for the track but was also not a large capacity “sportbike” touring machine.  To do this Kawasaki essentially took their legendary but now outclassed ZX7/ZXR750 and incorporated a number of ZX11/ZZR-1100 design features.  Suspension was an upgrade over the 750 with fully adjustable 43 mm upside-down KYB front forks and a fully adjustable remote-reservoir KYB mono-shock while the brakes were Tokico front and rear.  The most obvious  change came in the engine but even there parts were shared with the majority of the engine pieces (crankcases, clutch and gearbox) coming from the 750cc while the cylinder head was from the ZX11/ZZR-11100 with different valve actuation.  The result was more grunt and a red line of 12,000 rpm (the Fireblade stopped at 10,500 rpm).  Put it all together and you got exactly what Kawasaki intended – a mid sized bike that existed between the ends of the segment.

While the ZX9R delivered on its intended purpose, it never really developed a strong following like the Fireblade, GSXR or the soon to follow Yamaha R1.  In retrospect is seems Kawasaki  misjudged the long term impact of the “less is more” movement begun by the Fireblade.  Also the first models of the ZX9R were heavier compared to the competition and had the typical-of-the-time Kawasaki build quality issues, especially with the paint.

As for this particular ZX9R, the bike looks to almost completely OEM but the pictures aren’t the best…I mean seriously, how hard would it have been to move the truck?  The seller doesn’t give any service info other than “newish tires” so I would expect there to be a need for fresh fluids with particular attention paid to the brake system (a known issue for Kawasaki bikes of this period if left standing for long periods).  On the plus side the bike looks clean with no evidence of indicator or rear tail modifications common of the era and even the exhaust looks OEM and pristine.  The only non-stock item appears to be the windscreen and the seller indicates the OEM unit will be included in the sale.

So let’s jump to the question – is this low mileage and apparently almost completely OEM ZX9R worth the current Buy-It-Now price of of $3999 USD?  Well a quick search through sites like Cycletrader show that price to be a bit more than expected but not out of range given the mileage of this bike.   As for value, I don’t think this one will appeal to collectors and will probably never appreciate significantly but it isn’t something you are going to see at your local bike night and might also be a good fit for people who always liked the bigger ZX11/ZZR1100 in this color scheme but found that bike too big to handle easily.  Based on the pics and the mileage the current owner is not a major Kawasaki fan so they might be motivated to move off the asking price, especially if you can offer something Suzuki-related in trade?


Unloved Zed sled:  1995 Kawasaki ZX9R with 6,813 miles
Sales Report February 24, 2018 posted by

Sales Summary – November 2017

The cooler months started the usual taper of available hardware, but there were still some strong offerings on hand. This must have been a record for homologation bikes (3 OW01 examples, two RC30s) in a single month! Whether you are a collector or simply interested in values, let’s take a look back at November 2017 and see what sold and for how much. Links to the original post on RSBFS included.

SOLD Bikes

2008 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory Race Bike – SOLD for $6,800!

2004 Ducati 998S FE – SOLD for $22,000

2007 Ducati Sport Classic 1000S – SOLD for $10,105

1986 Honda VFR700F – SOLD for $1,725

1987 Honda RC30 – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor – SOLD for $2,499

1995 Honda RVF400R Restored by Speedwerks – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R – SOLD for $17,500!

Unsold Bikes

1996 Aprilia RS250 – No sale at $9,500

2003 Aprilia Falco – No sale at $4,199

1983 Bimota SB4S – No sale at $22,142

1998 Bimota V-Due – No sale at $24,394

2018 BMW HP4 Race – No sale at $78,495

2002 Ducati 998S Troy Bayliss Edition – Listing ended with a $15,000 ask

2000 Ducati MH900e Prototype – No sale at $50,000

2006 Ducati PS1000LE – No sale for $29,500

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE racer – No sale at $44,995

1988 Honda CBR400RR – No sale with bids up to GBP 1,400.00

1989 Honda VFR750 RC30 – No sale at GBP 35,000

1991 Honda RS125 – No sale at $5,999

1992 Honda CBR400RR NC29 – No sale at $9,500

1992 Honda NR – No sale at $79,453

1998 Honda RS250R – No sale at $12,660

2002 Honda NSR 150 SP – No sale at $9,100

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7R – No sale at $2,900

Two Kawasaki ZX7RR Muzzy Raptors – No sale at $39,995

2010 KTM RC8R 1190 – No sale at $8,999

1998 Laverda 750SF/Formula – no sale (pricing data not available)

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910S – No sale at $9,500

2013 MV Agusta F3 SuperSport Race Bike – No sale at $8,140

2008 Suzuki B-King – No sale at $5,499

Toni Elias Suzuki GSX-R1000 Factory Yoshimura Superbike (MotoAmerica) – No sale at $25,085

1984 Yamaha RZV500R – No sale at $19,000 (relisted)

1987 Yamaha FZ700 – No sale at $3,600

1989 Yamaha OW-01 – No sale at GBP 14,950

1989 Yamaha OW-01 – No sale at GBP 16,495

1989 Yamaha FZR750RR OW01 – No sale at $26,500 as listing ended early

1994 Yamaha FZR400RR SP – No sale at $10,500

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The Green Alternative: 1989 Kawasaki ZX-7

As slab and Slingshot Gixxers from the mid to late ’80s get more and more expensive and desirable, now is an increasingly good time to look to their competition to snag an equally capable but much cheaper mount. Early Kawasaki ZX-7s are a great alternative, with more forward-looking styling and a reputation as the baddest race replicas George Bush-era money could buy.

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 for sale on eBay

This 1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 hits all the boy-racer high points, with a garish tri-color livery that extends across the seat from the fairing, monochrome Japanese character decals and the infamous Ninja badge. If it were mine, I’d ditch the green tinted screen and have the wheels powder coated in their stock single hue. Otherwise, its pretty much as it should be, down to the period Vance and Hines can.

From the eBay listing:





The pictures don’t give a huge amount of detail, but the bike looks mostly squared away but not perfect. With a little elbow grease it could be a decent collector piece, but it’s a very nice rider as-is.

The Green Alternative: 1989 Kawasaki ZX-7
Kawasaki January 24, 2018 posted by

Tennessee Stud: 1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 H1

The hard-edged Kawasaki ZXR400 is something of a rarity among grey-market Japanese 400cc sportbikes, as importers drag far more Honda VFR 400s and Yamaha FZR400Rs to our shores. For whatever reason, the Hondas and Yamahas seem to command most of the demand.

1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 H1 for sale on eBay

It’s not for lack of trying on the Kawi’s part, though. The ZXRs are known to mimic their epic ZX7 big brothers, bringing racebike handling and revs to a street package aimed at tiered licensing laws. Never as comfortable as their competitors, the ZXRs made their mark at the apex.

This 1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 wears British registration plates in the pictures, though the seller shows photos of a Tennessee plate and title. The pictures don’t show a whole lot of detail, but the bike looks very clean and well cared for.

From the eBay listing:

Here we have an ultra rare and cool looking 1989 zxr400 H1. It is Tennessee registered and ready to be ridden. This team green Kawasaki has lots of power for a 400, and is perhaps the fastest example of any of the Japanese 400 I’ve ever sampled. It suits taller riders better than the 400cc VFRs or CBRs. Handling is spot on as well as the brakes. This would make a fine lightweight class racing machine were one so inclined. Please contact me with any questions by texting or calling 423 747 3265.
A $300 deposit is due via PayPal within 24 hours of the auction’s conclusion, and the balance within seven days. Please only bid on this item if you are serious and are willing and able to dispense with the transaction in a timely fashion. I will be posting several collector motorcycles for sale over the next couple of weeks, so please look for my other auctions. I can provide or arrange for shipping at a reasonable rate if needed. Thanks, and happy bidding!

If the video below fails to play, please visit my Youtube channel (Israel Gillette) and search for ZXR400 Test Ride

Bidding is low with the better part of a week to go in the auction, which means this could be a slick pickup to sort as riding season approaches the East Coast.

Tennessee Stud: 1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 H1
Sales Report January 22, 2018 posted by

Sales Summary – August 2017

The summer of 2017 was a good one when it came to the supply of bikes. Whether you are a collector or simply interested in values, let’s take a look back at August 2017 and see what sold and for how much. Links to the original post on RSBFS included.

SOLD Bikes

1993/1994 Bimota DB2 – SOLD as a Featured Listing after a price drop to Price drop to $9,000!

2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica – SOLD for $13,000

1986 Ducati 400 F3 – SOLD for $5,299

2001 Ducati MH900e – SOLD for $19,572

2014 Ducati Superleggera in WSBK Spec – SOLD at a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

20160205 1994 harley davidson vr1000 left
1994 Harley-Davidson VR1000 AMA Superbike – SOLD as a Featured Listing for $55,500!

1973 Bimota HB1 350 – SOLD for $4,549

1989 Honda CBR600F – SOLD for $2,150

1996 Honda NSR 250 SP – SOLD as a Featured Listing in just 48 hours! (pricing data not available)

1996 Honda RVF400 – SOLD as a Featured Listing for $8,800!

1982 Kawasaki GPz1100 – SOLD for $5,800

1984 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo – SOLD for $13,900

1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1983 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza – Sold for $4,000

Zero-Mile 1985 Suzuki RG500Γ – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 – SOLD for $5,150

1987 Yamaha TZR250 – SOLD for $4,450

1987 Yamaha TZR250 – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

1991 Yamaha R1Z – SOLD for $6,101

1994 Yamaha YZF 750 R – SOLD for $3,500

Yamaha FZR400RR 3TJ – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory BSB Superbike – SOLD as a Featured Listing! (pricing data not available)

Unsold Bikes

1997 Aprilia RS250 – No sale at $8,300

1988 Bimota YB7 – No sale

1993 Bimota YB10 Dieci – No sale at $8,900

1999 Bimota DB4 – No sale as eBay listing ended early

2008 Bimota 3D Carbonio – Listed as No Sale at $30,000 with listing ended early

2003 Derbi GPR-r 80cc – No sale at $2,000 opening ask

1984 Ducati MHR Mille – No sale with bids up to $16,205

1988 Ducati Paso 750 – eBay listing ended early

1995 Ducati 916 – No sale at $18,590 (although the seller indicated to RSBFS that it eventually sold to a collector)

1997 Ducati 916 Strada – No sale with bids up to $4,900

1998 Ducati 916 – No sale with bids up to $5,000

2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition – No sale at $6,200

Two 1982 Honda MB5s – No sale at $3,535

1984 Honda NS250R MC11 – No sale and zero bids at $2,500 opening ask

1984 Honda VF1000F – No sale at $8,000

1986 Honda NS400R – No sale with bids up to $10,438

1987 Honda NSR250R – eBay listing ended early

1987 Honda VFR400R NC24 – No sale at $5,900

2007 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition – No sale; listing ended early

1989 Kawasaki ZXR400H1 – No sale with bids up to $4,050

2016 Kawasaki H2 – No sale at $18,900

1986 Moto Morini 350 K2 – No sale with bids up to $3,555

Ex-Doug Polen Suzuki GSX-R750 – No sale at $4,950

1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf – No sale at $4,750

1997 Suzuki RGV250 – eBay listing ended early

1998 Suzuki TL 1000R – No sale at $6,900

1986 Yamaha FZR250 – No sale at $4,200

1988 Yamaha YSR 50 – No sale and zero bids at $2,800

1992 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP – No sale at $7,500

1994 Yamaha TZR250RS – No sale at $6,056

1997 Yamaha YZF1000 – No sale with bids up to $2,025

1998 Yamaha R1 – No sale at $6,900

2006 Yamaha MT-01 – No sale at $12,000

Sport Bikes For Sale January 16, 2018 posted by

Mecum Las Vegas 2018 Preview

While the collector car world kicks off it’s auction season this week with the Scottsdale auctions, motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts wait for the following week for the Las Vegas events with their exclusive motorcycle events. Here are a couple dozen that stood out to us with most coming from two collections at the Mecum auciton. We take a stab at guessing sale values and hope you’ll chime in with your estimates in the comments as well.

Good luck to buyers and sellers!


Bob Weaver Collection

1988 Buell RR1200 1B9RR11G5J2133008

Our Estimate: $20,000

1993 Honda CBR900RR 8,300 Miles JH2SC802PM104757

Our Estimate: $8,500

1994 Honda CBR900RR with 419 Miles JH2SC280RM202085

Our Estimate: $7,000

1986 Honda VF1000R Very Low Miles (32?) JH2SC1604GM100402

Our Estimate: $10,000

1999 YAMAHA YZF-R7 OW02 697 Miles JYARM0111XA000401

Our Estimate: $27,000

1992 KAWASAKI ZX7RR 1 Mile! JKAZXDK14NA007139

Our Estimate: $23,000

1991 Yamaha FZR750RR OW01 8,710 Miles JYA3JVN07MA002114

Our Estimate: $25,000

1999 Laverda 750S Formula 5,006 Miles ZLVSSA107X0001340

Our Estimate: $9,000

1987 Suzuki RG500 Restored HK31A101535

Our Estimate: $17,000

1988 Ducati 851 Kit ZDM851S85009

Our Estimate: $16,000

1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight 4,725 Miles ZDM1LC4N9PB006479

Our Estimate: $12,000

Jeff Schwartz Collection

1985 Honda VF1000R Early Production, Fiberglass Panels JH2SC160XFM001811

Our Estimate: $12,000

Honda RC30 JH2RC3004LM200092 11,280 Miles

Our Estimate: $30,000

1988 Bimota DB1 SR DB100779 No Reserve

Our Estimate: $18,000

Other Lots

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited JS1GR75AXG2107015

Our Estimate: $18,000

1988 Bimota YB7 ~6,500 Miles

Our Estimate: $8,000

1986 Yamaha RZ500 19,500 Miles JYA52X003FA04759

Our Estimate: $14,000

1989 Honda NSR250 MC18 13,300 Miles MC181106212

Our Estimate: $8,500

Mecum Las Vegas 2018 Preview
Sales Report December 12, 2017 posted by

Sales Summary – May 2017

Whether you are a collector or simply interested in values, let’s take a look back at May 2017 and see what sold and for how much. Links to the original post on RSBFS included.

SOLD Bikes

1999 Bimota SB8R – SOLD for $9,103

2002 Ducati 998R – SOLD for $23,100

Two 1987 Honda NSR50s
SOLD for $3,050

1987 Honda VFR700F Interceptor – SOLD for $3,049

1988 Honda CBR250R MC19 – SOLD for $6,000

1990 Honda CBR250RR – SOLD as a Featured Listing!

1990 Honda RC30 – SOLD as a Featured Listing!

1991 Honda VFR400R NC30 – SOLD for $9,200

1992 Honda NSR150 SP – SOLD for $6,100

1995 Kawasaki ZXR400R – SOLD for $8,850

1999 Laverda 750S – SOLD for $4,350

1980 Suzuki GS1000S – SOLD for $15,477

1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 – SOLD for $8,300

1990 Suzuki GSX-R400 – SOLD for $5,600

1991 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22A – SOLD for $7,100

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike – SOLD for $9,019

1984 Yamaha RZ500 – SOLD for $22,000

1989 Yamaha FZR400R – SOLD for $4,300

1989 Yamaha TZR250 3MA – SOLD for $4,200

Unsold Bikes

2000 Aprilia RS 250 – no sale at $9,300

1990 Kawasaki ZX750F Ninja – No sale – listing ended

2004 Benelli TNT 1130 – No sale with a $10,000 opening ask

1997 Bimota SB6R – No sale with $20,000 opening ask

1997 Bimota YB11 – No sale with bids up to $7,600

2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika – No sale at $10,000

2005 Ducati 749R #0051 – No sale with bids up to $10,100

2005 Ducati 999R – no sale at $14,000

1985 Honda VF750F Interceptor with Full-Factory HRC Engine Kit – No sale at $13,900

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R – No sale at $49,500

2012 MV Agusta F4RR – No sale at $17,000

1993 Suzuki GSX-R600 – No sale at $7,099

1970 Yamaha TR2 350 – No sale and zero bids at $9,900

Nico Bakker-Framed 1980 Yamaha TZ750 – No sale and zero bids at $25,000

1984 Yamaha RZV 500R – No sale with bids up to $13,777

2008 Yamaha R6 Graves Spec Racebike – No Sale at $12,000

Bimota September 23, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 1999 Bimota SB8R for Sale

Update 10.12.2017: SOLD. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 9.23.2017: Back on eBay with fresh pictures and a buy-it-now of $9,000. Seller note: Open to trades, would consider a trade up or trade down on a RC30, RC45, NC35 and possibly an Ow01 or Ow02, already have an NC30 so I’m good there. Yes, I realize the RC’s and OW’s are quite a bit more but if the offer is fair, I’ll make up the difference in cash. Would also consider a Hypermotard (only bike I miss after I sold and want another one soon!). Open to all trades I suppose, just has to be interesting and not run of the mill… Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Two nice Bimotas in one week! Today’s SB8R Featured Listing that can also be found on eBay doesn’t bother with a traditional Italian powerplant like the DB2, but does stick with a v-twin, in this case the liquid-cooled, 996cc unit from Suzuki’s TL1000R. The TL-R may have been flawed as a sportbike, but there was surely nothing wrong with that engine, and Suzuki supplied it to Bimota and Cagiva to power their Raptor line as well. The engine was largely stock, although Bimota used different fuel injectors to bump power to a claimed 138hp. It’s reliable, sounds great, and offers up plenty of performance in this lightweight machine.

Styling certainly isn’t as svelte as the Ducatis it was pitched against, but the look is distinctive, with lots of exposed carbon on the bodywork and frame. Of course, that frame really is the centerpiece of any Bimota and the SB8R uses a sophisticated, composite design that uses aluminum spars and carbon fiber side plates, a design inspired by the one found on Cagiva’s Moto GP bike. That curvy tail is made of carbon as well, and is self-supporting. Up front were beefy Paioli forks and a traditional Öhlins rear shock replaced Suzuki’s troublesome rotary rear damper. These components helped shave nearly 50lbs compared to the TL-R and improve both the power-to-weight ratio and handling of the SB8R.

Suzuki donated the headlight and the gauges as well. They don’t look quite as special as you might hope for on a pricey Italian exotic, but they also actually work, something that wasn’t guaranteed on other 1990s Bimotas, so it’s a sensible choice. Those huge carbon intake tubes may hearken back to a late 1980s Kawasaki ZX7, but that beautiful top triple they frame really shows the incredible details found on Bimotas of every era: innovative frames, trick bodywork that removes with just a few fasteners, machined from billet frame parts, footpegs with eccentric adjusters, and top shelf components. If you don’t like what you see at first, just look a little bit closer.

From the Seller: 1999 Bimota SB8R for Sale

This example is number #18 out of 250 ever produced, with just 50 SB8Rs officially imported into the USA.  Hand built Italian super bike weighing in at around 380 lbs dry and 135 HP. This Bimota is truly stunning, especially considering it’s 18 years old!  The red paint is a vibrant red, white is very clean and the carbon work is amazing.  The only imperfections that are all quite minor are the barely functional mirrors (look good for display though) and a tiny little crack in the “carbon tube base” where it meets the fuel tank (I pointed it out in the picture with my finger) but even that would be a very easy touch up, if you even noticed it.
The bike is pretty much stock other then a carbon Arrow Exhaust, 6 pot ISR calipers (rebuilt in 2016 with receipt), aftermarket kickstand (stock ones are known to collapse) and adjustable rear sets.  I have the stock exhaust and a few other things in a box.  Bike starts right up as it should with the choke engaged and is currently sitting in our warehouse under a soft cover.  Will need tires pretty quick though if you’re planning to ride.  If you want to fly in and ride it back, I’d be willing to have new tires installed prior to your arrival at your cost of course…the labor would be free though.
I’ve been a huge Bimota fan since they first came out but back then they were out of my budget and just a poster bike.  The workmanship with the beautiful gold forks, CNC’d fork legs, carbon fiber frame and beefy swing arm are truly Italian Art.  The reason the SB8R is one of my favorites is that it utilizes the TL1000R motor which means you get the Italian style and an exceptionally easy motor to work on whereas some of the other models are belt driven Ducati’s and much more expensive to keep running.  This is one of the few collector quality motorcycles that you can actually ride.  It’s not a small bike by any means (I suspect it may be large for anyone under about 5’10) but it’s exceptionally well planted on the freeway, excellent torque, fantastic brakes / suspension and much more comfortable then many of my prior bikes.
I’ve been shopping for one for years but they were not the condition I was looking for or perhaps I didn’t trust the source.  So why sell after a short stint of ownership?
My son had went down on his Daytona 675 last year (see it on my other ebay auction), he’s saved up enough for a new ride so we stopped to see a pretty special bike on the way to Laguna Seca last week.  Turns out, he has my UNICORN of motorcycles…the one bike that I’ve never been able to get my hands on, a beautiful condition RC45!  He also has the CBR400 my son was looking for.  Here’s the catch, he’s getting up there in years and cleaning house.  He will only sell me the RC45 if I take all 7.5 of his bikes (the .5 is a  rolling chassis)…  I’ve never really wanted a large collection, just a handful at the most, not to mention I just picked up some classic sport bikes in the trailing weeks to fix up with my son.  SOOOO.. seeing that I can’t pass up this RC, looks like I’ll be selling some of these others once I get through all the paperwork and figure out what I want to keep (tough life I know…HAHA).
Bear in mind, I’m not letting the Bimota go for cheap, if it doesn’t find the right owner then I’ll focus on selling some of the others.  Fact is, this SB8R is in such great shape, I feel bad to ride it… just too hard to find bodywork and I’m not the kind of guy that just looks at my bikes. The RC45 comes with 2 set of bodywork which is perfect for taking her out and new skins for showing it off :).
Thank you again Frank, my son and I are very excited about the new arrivals!!  I know you watch the ‘Rare Sportbikes for Sale” site daily as we try too so you’ll undoubtedly see this post.
Title is clear, in my name and CA registered.  If you want to ship, no worries.  I use Federal Transport (owned by Allied Van Lines), great guys!
PS.  This bike has had a few owners, as such you can search SB8R and see some of the prior postings as well as many other pics.  Last owner was a great guy!  He babied the bike and just sold it to get something that was a little more of a daily rider.  I’ve already waxed it as well so she’s looking spiffy!
The SB8R was one of Bimota’s most successful models, a much-needed win for the financially troubled company. With a starting bid of $8,000 and several days left on the auction, there’s still time to pounce on this bit of Italian exotica, so head on over and bid at eBay if you’re interested! This example has been thoughtfully upgraded with six-pot calipers and a set of classic Arrow cans, as indicated by the seller. There are just over 7,000 miles on the clock, which is low enough for collectors, but not so low you’d be afraid to put on a few more riding your handbuilt superbike.
Featured Listing: 1999 Bimota SB8R for Sale

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