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Ducati September 6, 2011 posted by

Super Rare: 1993 Ducati Supermono

For Sale: 1993 Ducati Supermono

OK sports fans. Let’s put away our seemingly rare Superlights, ditch the Desmosedicci, park the SS/SP and various SP0,SP1,etc., and leave the 748L behind. Anything with a serialized numberplate likely has a number higher than this. Sure, there might be a few one-off Ducatis available that rival this in rarity, but when it comes to “mass” production rare Ducs, this one is it.

Designed by Ducati in between the 888 and the iconic 916, the Supermono has technology and styling cues from both bikes. The Supermono was created to race in the Supermono class – a European class of racing involving single cylinder racebikes. Ducati, drawing from their legendary history of racing, created a 550cc single with four valves per cylinder operating in desmo fashion (based off of the 888 cylinder head). To quell vibration inherent in singles, Ducati actually fitted a second connecting rod (but not connected to a piston) to fool the engine into thinking it was a twin. With fuel injection and a 12.1 compression ratio, the Supermono was good for 61 hp when initially introduced. Later versions of the bike were bumped up to 570cc, significantly increasing horsepower.

The chassis of the Supermono is typical Ducati – lightweight chrome moly tubing. As weight was such a concern, there are many carbon fiber pieces on the bike, including the fairing (check out the pre-916 styling!), rear seat section (including subframe) and fuel tank. Magnesium was the other exotic alloy used on the bike, and you will see it in the engine cases as well as coated magnesium in use for the triple clamps (look for the green coating). Ready to go the Supermono tipped the scales at 267 pounds.

Componentry is exactly what you would expect from a factory Ducati racebike. The front forks – 42mm inverted Ohlins – are textbook 888 bits. To ensure the bike stoped as well as it went, Brembos were used all around, with twin 280mm units in front. Wheels were magnesium Marchesini 3 spoke units, there was another Ohlins at the rear, and Termignoni was the standard exhaust fitted. The build sheet looks impressive, but the completed machine was a work of art.

From the seller:
Extremely rare and collectable motorcycle from a private collector. Total of 67 built world-wide; this bike is number 30.
Single cylinder, four stroke, liquid cooled, fuel injected
549 cc (100 x 70mm)
76 bhp@ 10,500rpm
Weight 267 lbs
Wheels are 17″ Cast Magnesium
Transmission 6 speed, chain final drive
Maximum speed: 145mph


To give you an idea of the capabilities of this little single, here is an onboard video of a Supermono in action. Note that the bike in the video is not the bike being offered today, but with only 67 units total in production, these are very, very similar machines. Check out the sound of that single – and the agility of this amazing machine!

So how rare is rare, and what does rare cost these days? The last Supermono we featured here on RSBFS had well-documented racing history – it was, in fact ridden by the winningest Ducati Supermono racer in history, Kiwi Robert Holden (1958-1996). That bike was bid up to $75,000 in a previous auction without meeting reserve. It wasn’t too long ago these bikes were fetching $50k. Maybe this is a better investment than that pesky 401k….

How much this one will go for is dependent upon who is interested. But as these rare machines do not come around very often, this will certainly be an interesting auction to watch. The bike started with a $20k opening bid, and action has been lively thus far. For more information and details, or just to watch the fun, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Ducati September 2, 2011 posted by

1995 Ducati Supersport 900 SS/SP

For Sale: 1995 Ducati Supersport 900 SS/SP

Posted today is a not-too-rare Ducati that still pushes all of the right buttons for me. The mid 1990s 900 SS/SP (Sports Production) is essentially the evolution of the Superlight from a few years earlier. Ducati introduced a lower-spec 900 SS/CR (Cafe Racer) in that year, at a bargain basement price. The SP was special, however. Consising of the full fairing from the pre-CR days, it added a new swingarm, carbon fiber fender and mudguard, and upgraded (and adustable!) front and rear suspension.

If you have been lusting after a Superlight but can live without the yellow color, white frame, and product number plate rivited to the top of the trees, a 900 SS/SP will provide you with the same or better performance for a whole lot less cash. The two valve air cooled motor is legendary for torque and longenvity (don’t forget to change those belts every 6k or 2 years!), and the Supersport platform is a solid, capable, and forgiving mount for spirited riding. Throw in the adjustable suspension and seller add-ons and you have a real winner here.

From the seller:
This 1995 Ducati 900 SS SP Rides and Looks stunning for it’s age. Pampered all it’s life, with full service records and clear title in hand.If you ever quested to ride or purchase a Ducati, these models are known to be a true classic.

It has a few upgrades: smoke windscreen, racetech springs and front end serviced by Mellilimoto ducati, DID gold chain, anodized red clutch pressure plate, ducati performance open clutch cover, upgraded clutch slave, K&N air filter with open airbox conversion, microtech exhaust, carbs rejetted by Mellilimoto for the K&N, new belts and plugs and valves checked 2500 miles ago. Carbon Fiber front fender and rear hugger, Perelli Tires have 2K on them and tread rubber looks like new. It has never been raced and the oil and filter was changed 50 miles ago, always used synthetic. email me with questions. Bike has 13K on the odometer, very slight touch up paint on the gas tank and under belly of the bike, the paint is all original so I wanted to keep the going as best as I can.

There are so many subtle nuances about this listing that just seem right to me. For example: Look at the picture of the clutch cover (right side, 3/4 rear view). Sure the cover looks natty, but its the breather above the case and behind the rear cylinder that caught my eye. Anyone who owns one of these wonderous L-twin powered beasts knows this area gets dirty very quickly. Sure – this bike was cleaned up prior to putting it up for sale, but this was not a one-time wash-n-wax; this bike was taken care of.

Superlight performance, great looks and fantastic value – that is what any collector is looking for. And with the SP variant being more rare and more sought after by knowing riders, this looks to be a good deal in the making. The current ask for this bike is $4,995, with zero bids. That might be a bit high for your average Supersport, but for a clean, well-loved SP that will take care of you for the next several decades, wise men might reconsider. Check out the auction and let us know what you think!


Ducati September 1, 2011 posted by

Stunning in Yellow: 1994 Ducati 888 LTD

For Sale: 1994 Ducati Superbike 888 LTD

With the release of the 888, Ducati once again raised the stakes in the Superbike market. Based around the last iteration of the 851 Superbike (which had already been punched out to 888cc), the 888 refined the concept and upped the ante. With more horsepower than the 851, upswept exhaust chambers for greater cornering clearance and upgraded components throughout, the 888 was raced successfully by the likes of Doug Polen.

Sharing the square headlight and vertical nose vents as the 851, the 888 did not appear outwardly changed. Under the skin, however, the upgraded motor added the go, and updated Brembos front and rear helped the bike stop. For those of you into homologation superbikes, be sure and check out this great comparison between the Ducati 888 and a the Yamaha OW01. And for more information, be sure and check out the 851 and 888 forum.

From the seller:
Here is one beautiful 888! The pictures tell no lies! Many are aware of this iconic motorcycle, what it represents for Ducati and race fans alike. Definitely a bike to lust for, as they are getting more difficult to find in such good condition.

This 888 has been custom painted to Ducati yellow, along with some nice upgrades as follows:
Carrozzeria Aluminum wheels
Michelin Pilot Power tires (have about 500 miles)
Carbon Fiber exhaust
Steel braided brake/clutch lines
Silicon hoses (Blue)
Up-graded front discs
Carbon Fiber tank protector
Carbon Fiber fenders front and rear. (stock on 94′ LTD. oops, front not pictured but will convey with bike)

Many more, as well as complete service done at 3000miles. Installed new belts, valves adjusted, all fluids flushed, along with new chain/sprockets, race brake pads.

I am 2nd owner of this bike, bought it back in 97′ with barely 1000 miles on it. Bike was always stored indoors, either in my custom built display or my garage. It has always been well maintained and cared for, having oil/filter changed more than necessary to keep it extra clean and smooth. Ridden only for pleasure at a nice “spirited pace”, and ridden at the track 3 times as well, it’s a seriously fun bike to ride. Although it gets very little use, I hate to sell it. I had listed it last year with only 3500 miles with a reserve of $12,000, It got up to 10k if I remember correctly. I am listing it with a NO reserve, and a lower BIN, so bid/buy as you like. There are other 888’s to be found, but this one stands out, and has very low miles, is in outstanding condition, and will not disappoint anyone.

I have most, if not all of the original parts. (Exhaust pipes, wheels, hoses, foot pegs, etc) These can be obtained by winning bidder at additional costs, along with a complete set of sharkskinz race bodywork if desired.

While normal livery is the traditional Ducati red, this particular bike has been repainted in stunning yellow – reminiscent of a 900 Superlight or first generation 748. The paintwork plays off well against the carbon cans (which must sound awesome), and the whole package really looks great. The seller has made a lot of additions to the bike, the result which modernizes the aging 851/888 look.

This auction is going on right now and the current bid is only $7,100. There are less than 4,000 miles on this beauty, and there is no reserve in sight. This is more than fair money for a 888, and the upgraded equipment represents a real bargain at this juncture. For your chance to view all of the pictures and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati June 2, 2011 posted by

1990 Ducati 750 Supersport

For Sale: 1990 Ducati 750 Supersport

This is what one might refer to as Ducati’s “awkward years.” Between the baby-cute 1970 Supersports and the razor-sharp 916 era of the late 1990s comes the teenage stage where, when looking back in perspective, bikes evolved in some ways but not in others. In this case, the design of the bike does not look 1990, but rather closer to early 80’s, if not downright end-of-70’s. Performance of the Pantah-based engine, however, was well ahead of its earlier counterparts.

Don’t get me wrong – these are still fantastic looking bikes, and they offer classic Ducati features known and loved the world over. The cockpit looks the same as any next generation Supersport. The trellis frame is clearly evident. The “rubber band” motor, first introduced in the Pantah back in 1980, continues in evolutionary form to this day. The aesthetic look, however, reaches backwards rather than forwards (reference this older Ducati TT, which carries the same look). It is hard to believe only a couple of years separate this 750SS with the next generation such as this Superlight.

From the seller:
Here is a great opportunity to own a rare classic Ducati, my understanding is that there were less than 1300 units produced of this bike in 1990, and only a few hundred were shipped to the U.S. I purchased the bike from the second owner who claimed the bike has never been in an accident, and being a motorcyclist and Ducati mechanic I went over the bike thoroughly and found absolutely No Damage, with the exception of a missing rear blinker lens and aftermarket bar end mirrors, Amazingly the bike was is great condition except for the years of neglect. The previous owner purchased the bike from Mountain Motorsports in Ontario Ca. with 3401miles indicated on the original Ca. title. He had the bike serviced at Pro Italia and had it fitted with new tires less than 2 years ago. Unfortunately there is no service work history to back up what has been done, but in speaking with him he knew the name of the mechanic who worked on the bike, and I can confirm that it was done by a reputable service technician. I purchased the bike with 4892 original miles and proceeded to do a complete clean up, and went through everything to get her back on the road.

Now, readers might start thinking that I’m not down with this Desmo – but that would be wrong. These 750cc desmodue bikes are fantastic additions to any collection. This one just happens to be one of the last models of the previous generation Supersport – spanning the 80s and 90s – and looks a bit more dated than the “1990” model year might suggest. That is not said to take away from its performanceor desirability, but this bike is stuck between some pretty fantastic eras for Ducati and might not get the attention it deserves.

Bidding on this bike has helped prove my point. At the time of this writing, only 4 bids have come through, pushing the auction up to $3,050 with reserve not yet met. Now, this is never going to be an extremely high dollar motorcycle, but depending upon where the reserve is set this could be an extremely affordable classic. Consider this 750SS posted last year here on RSBFS: The asking price was $5,495.

For more information, more pictures, and to get yourself into the bidding for this one, . Good luck!!!


Ducati May 2, 2011 posted by

Old-skool, air-cooled love affair – 1998 Ducati 900SS FE (#42) in LA

1998 Ducati 900SS FE (#42) for sale in LA with 23,855 miles.

Always wanted to date an Italian supermodel but couldn’t deal with high maintenance and the diva attitude?  How about something slightly less sexy (to some maybe even more so), a lot easier to live with but still lots of fun to go out with? If the Ducati Superbikes are Italian divas, then the air-cooled Supersports would be the sweet girl next door:

If you are looking for a classic Ducati, This is it!
1998 Supersport 900 F.E. The F.E. stands for Final Edition. It was the last special production run of the 900SS. A limited edition of only 800 bikes were made with only 300 sold in North America. A brass plate on the triple clamp has the edition # of 042 on it. It will only go up in value not down.

It is in excellent condition with 23,855 mi. New battery, brakes, all fluids replaced, re-built carbs and a recent valve adjustment, new chain and sprockets. Extras include rear axle stand, original mufflers and Ducati tank bag included.

I am the second owner, the original owner also lives in Los Angeles. The bike was bought from Beverly Hills Ducati.  All service records are available.

As I have said many times before, the 2-valve air-cooled Ducati engine might be technologically down on the their water-cooled 4-valve brethens, but require less maintenance, pretty much bullet-proof reliability (aside from a few reports of broken engine studs on the early 90s Supersports), and still offer bags of character and old-skool charm.

The FE is basically a Superlight but with all the earlier problems sorted out and all the refinements over its 8 year model history, so its got the handling that Ducatis are famous for but without all minor issues or hiccups that Ducatis are infamous for. Limited to 800 units worldwide and only 300 in the US, the FE is truly a limited edition (heck, there are even more Desmosedicis than there are 900SS FEs!) and should holds its value in the future.

So if you are smart enough to go for the girl next door instead of fantasizing a date with a supermodel diva, And good luck!

For those who might be interested, here’s my own 900SS FE (#299) for sale in NY.

good luck!


Ducati December 16, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 SS/SL For Sale

1993 Ducati 900 Superlight For Sale-

Mileage: A super low 1,298
Location: Columbia, MO
Price: $3,050.00 with reserve still on- duh!

Who wouldn’t like to roll on a little Mellow Yellow? I for one would rock it and would be happy to talk to anyone who wanted to ask questions about it. Who cares if it only has 78hp in stock trim it’s an LE Ducati with some bitch’n wheels, Forza hi-mounts, Brembo’s and full floating front disc that sound like an Abacus being used. Oh, and if I’m not mistaken there’s a sprinkling of CF to be found as well.

A very rare Ducati Super Light that has very low miles and is in great condition. It has only 1298 miles on the original factory tires. It comes with a set of Forza slip on exhaust, Corbin seat, light weight Marvic wheels and slotted dry clutch cover.

There were only 200 of these Super Lights produced with the Marvic wheels so this is truly a collectors item. As the years go by, these Ducati Super Lights are becoming more difficult to find. If you’ve been looking for a Super Light, this one should be on the top of your list.

Okay, so we have all of the important stuff out of the way now I’m getting on my soap box-

If you have a cool bike and want to sell it- PLEASE, PLEASE take some decent photos of it i.e. the 749R in our side bar. There, now I feel much better.

You can view other Ducati 900 Superlights that we’ve posted here



Ducati September 16, 2010 posted by

Modded 1994 Ducati 900 SS/SP-#158 Of 1000

Modded 1994 Ducati 900 SS/SP-#158 Of 1000

It has some miles on it but boy this thing is clean.  It sounds like this bike has had quite a few modifications as well so keep moving if you are looking for a bone stock example.  The seller does state he has almost all the stock parts.  The bike has had engine and chassis mods so be sure to read the details to know all the changes.  The good news is it sounds like the mods weren’t done in someones backyard but at a Ducati dealership. 

Grab a drink and read on:

 This is a very special 1994 Ducati 900 SP Sport Production Model # 158 of 1000. True Ducatisti will appreciate the modifications to this motorcycle and understand the benefits she brings. I have clear title. Second owner of this bike and I can honestly say that she is my “Baby”, next to my daughter. I’m selling this motorcycle not because I want to but because I have to. I assure you I would not be selling this bike. This economy sucks.

This is not a stock motorcycle, although I do have the stock parts for it and included, except the stock exhaust. This bike has many modifications that make it a rare find. All of these modifications have increased the beauty, performance and handling of this bike. The bike has 32,218 miles, however the modifications were completed within the last two years. The engine is new because of all the modifications completed approximately 2000 miles ago. The engine produces 89.21 horse power at 93 degrees temperature. It’s produced more at cooler temps. I have a dyno test to prove this fact.

The engine modifications were conducted by a local Ducati specialist performance center to the Atlanta market. This bike has the 944 kit with a balanced crank, new ST2 cams and larger valves. The heads are ported and flat slide carbs are utilized. The motor is blue printed and all seals, bearing and gaskets have been replaced. There is approximately 2000 miles on the new motor since the modifications occurred, and she runs sweet. The Barnett clutch has about 4500 miles and is actuated by an Italian STM slave cylinder. It has Arrow carbon fiber exhaust system. There is a brand new Bridgestone BT21 front tire and a slightly used BT21 rear tire.

New sprockets have about 4000 miles including the chain. The rear shock is a White Brothers Racing shock with multiple adjustments. The front forks have the Ohlin’s racing springs, valves and seals installed. EBC brake pads were installed 5400 miles ago. The entire bike was recently repainted and looks and rides better than new. The bike has the Superlight rear cowling with a Corbin seat. Braided cooling line, brake lines and clutch line.

This bike has always been my baby, keep in my garage and ridden on occasions. Never taken to the track, never crashed, never wrecked, and always taken cared. This is a once in a life time deal for the right person. I know I can’t get back the money I’ve put into it, but I hope someone will appreciate my efforts and take care of this bike. Enjoy, and ask any questions you would like. I have more pictures for the interested party.

It sure sounds like it has most of the bells and whistles you would want on a modified bike.  A fresh coat of paint is never a bad thing either.  I think the pictures speak for themselves on how the bike has been cared for even with the relatively high mileage.  The auction is up and rolling and the bike has a buy it now price of $5,500.  If it has caught your eye .


Ducati May 12, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 Supersport Superlite

1993 Ducati 900 Supersport SL with only 2,866 miles on the clock!


Ah yes, another 900 SS/SL has been found and is definitely worthy of showing. Located in San Jose, CA and listed on eBay with a starting bid of $7,500.00 with no reserve or a B.I.N. of $10,500.00. This one is probably a little more special than the others we’ve posted lately. Why you ask? Because it still has the original rubber and the infamous ‘cracked swing arm’ is still on the bike. This appears to be a very good collector piece and is only being sold due to a rogue employee. This looks like the one to go after if you’re in the market.

Have a look and judge for yourself:

Quote from the auction:

While working for a well known southern California race team (now turned Museum) in the early to mid 90’s, Our fearless leader and team owner had among the many autos purchased a brand new 1993 Ducati Superlight. Out of the many, many motorcycles I have now had the privileged to work on as well as ride in my life, it was that bright yellow Ducati that I had never ridden that became a goal in life to one day be able to own…

I bought the Superlight off of a similar collector that had the first 916, a newer 999 and this Superlight and he too was heading into financial difficulty. As I had been searching for the perfect example, I made sure this one didn’t pass me bye.

Wow, that’s enough to make a guy tear up. I definitely feel this guys pain, but his misfortune can be your gain. So if your a 2v fan with an itch for 2 piece Marvic Magnesium/Alloy wheels and that classic Ducati look and sound don’t let this one get away.



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