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Sport Bikes For Sale December 12, 2011 posted by

Square Four Two Stroke: 1985 Suzuki RG500 in Oregon

Location: Tualatin, OR

Miles:  11,160

Price: $15,500

We have seen a sting of big two strokes here on RSBFS last week. If you are a fan of those, then here in one more for you to look at! The RG500 is definitely my favorite between the RZ500 and the NS400R. With 95hp and a only 350 pounds to lug around, I can imagine these are a blast to ride.

The particular bike up for grabs is located only an hour or two from Rem, RSBFS CEO Dan Crouch, and I… and seller says he will deliver up to 200 miles. Hmm, who wants it?? The bike itself seems to be in good condition for a 27-year—old two stroke. It does have a small crack/hole in the lower part of the fairing, which the seller mentions. The air box has also been replaced with foam filters.

From the seller:

You are bidding on a very rare Suzuki RG500 4 cylinder two stroke. The bike is in excellent condition and has never been down. It’s all completely original and stock with the exception of aftermarket foam air filters. These are a replacement for the poor performing OEM air box.(which comes with the bike) Mileage is approx 11160 miles as a conversion to the kilometers on the speedo. This bike has a clear WA title but needs new registration as it has been stored for several years (without gas in it) The only blemish (shown in pic) is under the lower side of the belly pan. Not visible unless you get on the ground to search for it. All you will need is to add gas (oil injection tank is still full) turn the key and kick her into life. I regret the selling the bike as I have no longer the space to keep it.

There you have it, yet another Suzuki RG500 up for grabs. I do think that the price is a little on the high side. We have seen lower mileage and near perfect examples go for about what the seller is asking for this one, so take that into consideration if you are serious about this bike. However, they aren’t making any new ones and this one does look to be pretty clean. My only other concern is its running condition since the seller mentions all it needs is gas. I would want to see it running before making an offer. If you think you can fit this under the Christmas tree, have a look at the seller’s ad here!


Kawasaki September 21, 2011 posted by

Two-Cylinder Two-Stroke: 1985 Kawasaki KR250-S For Sale!

Location: Palm Beach,FL

Miles: 6,800

Price: $5,500

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of unusual engine configurations. From Suzuki’s Square Four in the RG500 to the V3 pumping at the heart of Honda’s NS400R. Unlike the 250cc two-strokes that later followed, the KR250-S packs all of its displacement into only two cylinders. How does two 125cc singles paired together with two separate cranks connected by large gears in the same case sound? Sounds unusual to me, and that’s awesome!

The KR250-S isn’t going to set any land speed records with only 45hp. But with a dry weight of only 290lbs this little smoker will take you all the way to 110mph.

From the seller:

1985 KAWASAKI KR250 KR 250-S, 100 percent stock and complete, 2 two Stroke 2 cylinder bike, water cooled, tandem twin 2 crankshafts with 2 rotary valve induction, 2 power valve, 2 reed valve, very rare and collectable. Very few people looking for one of these because nobody has ever heard of this model. Not only is this a rare bike, but it’s the even more rare power valve version also. Never sold in the USA, the bike was imported from Japan. Very exotic bike, only bike similar to it is the Suzuki RG500 gamma, which go for 15 to 30K, is like that engine, but cut in half.

Aluminum frame, triple disc brakes with anti dive feature. It runs great and is fast. Everything works on this bike. Tires have good tread but have cracks and are old. All the parts are there and in good condition. 100% stock without any modifications. Don’t think its ever been apart and does not need to be. All the body work and gas tank were repainted stock colors and are near perfect, no cracks or dents scratches etc. The rear seat vinyl has a slight crack, only
noticeable imperfection on the bike. Only 10800 kilometers or 6800 miles US original miles. Not perfect, but very good for the year. Located in North Palm Beach, FL 33403, Must pick up, no shipping or crating, will work with your shipper though. No title, bill of sale only. If you know these bikes this is a deal. $5500 FIRM. Consider trade (+/-cash) for RG500, TZ, or similar.

The KR250-S up for sale here looks to be in great condition with a full repaint of the fairings and gas tank. It also has relatively low 6,800 miles and remains 100% stock. Only mention of flaw is a slight crack on the rear seat vinyl. Also looks like that windscreen would use some love to make it less cloudy. It’s hard to tell where the $4,500 asking price will sit with potential buyers as I haven’t ever come across one of these before. It does however look like a fun bike to rip around on. Check out the seller’s ad here!


Honda August 24, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Reader’s Rides For Sale!

Welcome to another edition of our RSBFS Reader’s Rides! This week have some real gems that you two-stroke fans will sure to be drooling over. Be sure to hop on over to the RSBFS Facebook Page to check out some other killer bikes that haven’t quite made it onto the main site.

Honda Rothmans NS400R For Sale in Australia!

1997 Honda RS250 up for auction in Florida for $5,499 with no reserve

1987 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale in Canada for $3,500!


Honda June 10, 2011 posted by

Rare Honda NS400 triple 2 stroke from down under..

 In its classic Rothmans Livery from Freddie Spencer era, these bikes are rare and this is special since it retains its full originality. Personally, it would not be a favorite over an RGV500 or RZ500, but it definitely brings back memories from the 80s for about half the price. This particular bike has been ridden as opposed to being a display piece that we come across occasionally.  So, for a true collector, this would not be the bike if mileage is of concern. However, for a 2 stroke enthusiast that wants to enjoy it on the streets, it is a great buy.

Pictures reveal that this bike has been cared for:

From the seller:

This is as close as most will come to owning a a real NSR500 MotoGP bike.  In 1983 Freddie Spencer, riding for Honda, became the youngest 500cc World Champion. In celebration, Honda released this NS400r road-going replica for a short 2 year run during 1985-1986.

This is an all original, mint condition, fantastic running example of this triple cylinder, two-stroke breed. All components operate as they should including electronics, fuel system, brake system, and engine/transmission. This bike features all of the almost impossible to find parts that adorn its chassis. This bike normally starts with one kick then roars to life. The engine has never been apart and is in stock trim from its aluminum frame, triple-cylinder engine, multi-piece composite wheels and swoopy glasswork, right down to its Rothmans decals. Bike comes with original toolkit as well. An absolute must have for any serious two stroke enthusiast.

Youtube video of the bike running:

Connection to MotoGP and 500s are distant although Honda may have released this road going replica in its 2st 3cyl model to commemorate it success in GP racing. If that is what you are looking for, the 2stroke V4s are the way to go – however they will not be in this price range. The price looks about OK given its originality and the miles [folks – this bike is from the 80s and its original paint looks amazing]


Ducati February 19, 2011 posted by

Today We Have 500 Facebook Fans! Check Out What You May Be Missing…

Thanks to all our Facebook friends for helping us pass 500 ‘likes’ today! If you’re not checking us out there, you’re missing out on dozens of bikes that we post there. In addition to our regular posts, we also put solid used bikes and projects on our Facebook page that don’t make it to the website.

Here are some recent entries from this month:

1991 Ducati 851

1991 Ducati 851 For Sale in Nashville

Yamaha RZ Hybrid Racebike

1996 Honda CBR600F3 For Sale in New Jersey

1969 Kawasaki H3 For Sale in Orange County

1986 Honda NS400R For Sale in Canada

1992 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale in Los Angeles

Thanks again for everyone’s support!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 11, 2011 posted by

Lone Wolf: Suzuki RG 250 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition

For Sale: Suzuki RG 250 Gamma, low mileage Walter Wolf Edition

Back in November, RSBFS contributor (and resident 2-stroke encyclopedia) Ian brought us this auction of a Walter Wolf Edition RG250 Gamma. His assessment at the time was that the bike was priced way too high for the current market, and he was right. That bike is now back on eBay with reduced pricing.

From Ian’s original post:
I’m split on the price. The auction has a buy it now price of $7,900 and an acution starting price of almost $5,000. I’ve honestly never seen an RG250 close to either one of those prices.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a very rare super clean very low mileage Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Edition. *MY DESCRIPTION DIDN’T APPEAR ON THE LISTING WHEN I FIRST PUT IT UP. VERY SORRY. HERE IT IS.* This is the pride of my collection. This bike is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically as you can tell from the pictures. The pictures look good, but they pale in comparison when you see the bike in person. It has just had a fresh complete tune-up at the dealership, including carburator dissasembly, cleaning and adjusting, new fork seals and fork oil etc. It starts on the first kick or two and rides as it should with no funny sounds or wobbles. It brakes well and accelerates hard and corners like it is part of you. I have owned many rare 2 strokes and this is by far the lightest and most agile. It makes my NS400R look heavy, and my 1986 GSXR1100 feel like a TANK! This is a Japanese home market motorcycle as they didn’t import WW RG250s to Canada. It is licenced here in Quebec and has been in Canada for the past few years. The bike is entirely original and unmodified, and everything that wears out on a motorcycle is in good condition. The chain, sprokets (original as far as I can tell) are like new -And clean too! The engine has good compression. The paint is still shiny. The bike is a SOLIDE 9 out of 10, mostly because of a crack in the upper fairing. The crack can be seen when your up close but is practically invisible when next to the bike. If I hadn’t taken a close up in the right light, you could’t tell from the high res pictures I took. Incredible for a 24 year old bike that’s been ridden. I can ship anywhere to Canada or the US for very reasonnable shipping charges. See below for more information. *I also have a very clean ’86 Honda NS400R that I could sell also. I’ve incuded a picture. Let me know if you need additional information on anything. Here are some specs: RG 250 Gamma Walter Wolf 1987 Overall Length: 2 010 mm (79.1 in) Overall Width: 675 mm (26.6 in) Overall Height: 1 170 mm (46.1 in) Wheelbase: 1 355 mm (53.3 in) Dry Weight: 130 kg (286 lbs) Engine type: 247 cc water-cooled 2-stroke parallel twin. 45 hp / 8.500 rpm, 3,8 kg-m/ 8.000 rpm. *I can ship anywhere in Canada or the US lower 50 states for $350-650 depending on where you live. I am in the trucking business so I have very competitive rates and a reliable service to offer. Email me for a freight quote with your zip code. For the customs paperwork and preparation I use Norman G Jensen for $355, but you are free to use another freight broker at your convenience or pick up the bike in person. I can crate the bike for $150. Feel free to contact me for any questions.* Thank You and Happy Bidding!

This time around, the bidding has started at a much more sane level, and is currently sitting at $2K with the reserve not yet met. The BIN has been lowered as well, and is set at $5,750. Kudos to the seller for bringing them closer in line with reality.

The 250 version is the most rare of the Walter Wolf Edition Suzukis – and as a whole the WW models are sparse. Their true collectibility has yet to be realized, although we tend seen a slight premium in the current marketplace. For more details and info check out Ian’s earlier post above, and then get in on the after Christmas sale by


Aprilia December 27, 2009 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Following up that fantastic NS400R is a 1999 Aprilia RS250 located in Monrovia, California.  The bike is a track bike and has a California Off-Road title (I wonder if they use the red/green sticker system for things other than dirt bikes).  Sellers description of the bikes condition:

There are a couple small scratches on the left side of the swingarm. There is a small nickel size ding in the right frame spar. The paint is clean but not perfect, after all it’s a track bike. Otherwise it runs great.

There appears to be no spares included which is unfortunate but they can still easily be had.  The asking price of $4,200 is consistent with other track RS250s we’ve seen.  See the bike here on Craigslist.


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