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Ducati April 17, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1998 Ducati 916 SPS #279

Update 4.20.2015: Now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller. -dc


In addition to their 900SS/SL Featured Listing, Black Label Meccanica is also auctioning this gorgeous 1998 Ducati 916 SPS. Check out these start up videos of this SPS:

1998 Ducati 916 SPS for sale on eBay

As you may have noticed from the video, this one has been considerably upgraded by Ferracci from the beginning and sports a 1026cc stroker kit! Here is the description from the seller:

This stunning example of a 1998 916 SPS is available for your consideration. VIN# ZDM3SB5V7WB000666. Plaque Number #279. Engine Number SB5000730.

This one has only 2289 original, documented miles on it. The original owner took deliver of this bike in November of 1998 from Ferracci , drove it for 49 miles. He then commisioned Ferracci to build the bike into one of their 1026cc stroker, fire breathing monsters on 11/11/1998.

Here are some a list of the work done at Ferracci.

Renthal Quick Change rear sprockets carrier
Ferracci billet lightweight flywheel
High Pressure fuel regulator
Ported and Polished heads
Stage 3 Eprom Chip
Corse rearsets
37mm Intake valves
31mm Exhaust valves
54mm Ferrracci Forza full stainless system
Ohlins shock revalved
Hyperpro spring
Ferracci Billet clipon handlebars
98mm 12:1 Compression piston Kit
FBF PowerCrank 68mm stroke
Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber underseat oil vent tank
MS Production Carbon air intake runners
Stage 3 Cams
Pankl Titanium rods
Carbon Fiber MS Production Swinagrm Cover

I have all documentation from the build, Dyno sheets, Original cover and bag as well as the owner’s manual and front and rear stands. A total of over $17k in receipts. These receipts do not include the cost of the Dymag carbon fiber wheels or other items that were later purchased.


Going back through the archives, it’s interesting to see just how many comments note that the SPS is a real track weapon and that it isn’t well suited for the street. Just the recipe sportbike fans drool over when it is still equipped for the street. I can only imagine how much more dangerous this one is with the Ferracci upgrades!

RSBFS would like to thank Nick Anglada and Black Label Meccanica for helping to support the site with another Featured Listing. Please contact me if you’re interested in selling your prized sportbike!


Featured Listing:  1998 Ducati 916 SPS #279
Ducati May 3, 2014 posted by

Double Triple Play: 2005 Ducati 999R times two!

The Ducati Triple 9 series launch was a bifurcating event. Designed by Terblanche as a radical departure from the iconic 916/996/998 series of bikes, the 999 was instantly vilified as ugly and lacking design focus. The intervening years have been kinder to the design approach, however, and the 999 now stands out as a unique performance machine that does not adhere to the traditional cookie cutter Ducati appearance. These two R-spec machines represent the highest spec Ducati available during this era.

1. 2005 Ducati 999R with 4,290 miles

From the seller:
I have owned this 999R for 4 years. I am thinning out my collection, so this along with a couple others is up for sale. Stored in a fully conditioned building, covered, and ridden very lightly by a 52 year old not interested in killing himself on his many motorcycles. I do all maint. like clockwork- change oil with Motul every season regardless of mileage. This bike starts, runs and looks perfect. Battery replaced with Shorai superlight. Rubber is Pirelli Diablos. Plenty of tread left. If you are reading this, you know about the R series, and their collectibility. Hard to miss with a Ducati R series bike.

This particular example looks great – and with a price of $14,800 OBO is the lower priced of the two bikes listed here. Could be worth a look.

2. 2005 Ducati 999R with 3,880 miles

From the seller:
Up for sale I think one of the last unmolested Ducati 999R,with only 3880 miles on the dash,2005 model, excellent condition,easy ridden,never abused and disrespected in any way ,very well taken care.There are no stories of falling over in the garage, parking lot or on the grass.It is in perfect condition mechanically and esthetically,never been ridden hard or in rain,always stored in a climate controlled garage hocked up to a battery tender.The bike it was previously owned by 63 years old guy..I think is one of the cleanest Ducati 999R out there.There are a lot of upgrades installed on the bike,almost $ 45.000 invested,of course price of the bike included .Feel free to check out the pictures:Practically the bike is like new condition with some of the original stickers still on it.Here is your chance to purchase this gem for a fraction of the new price.

The seller claims “unmolested” status, yet the bike has an impressive list of upgrades: Termignoni exhaust, EVR slipper clutch, upgraded bars, bar ends, master cylinders and levers, lots of carbon additions, gold colored wheels and much much more. Check out the auction for all the details on this one. Asking price: $17,800 or best offer.

These two 999R machines represent nice examples of the breed. Compare, contrast and drool as you see fit. This particular design is perhaps not the best loved among the Ducati faithful, but with heady performance and striking looks there is no denying that this bike makes a statement. Does one belong in your garage?


Double Triple Play:  2005 Ducati 999R times two!
Ducati January 17, 2014 posted by

1992 Ducati 900SS with Low Miles and the Right Stuff


Most times when we spotlight a SuperSport from this era it’s a Superlight or at least an SS/SP. But this one really catches my eye and deserves highlighting. To start with it has covered just 800 miles in 22 years, giving you the opportunity to own a damn near new red on white SuperSport. But the accessories added on this one are the best of the best of the era as well. The Kehin carbs are a proven improvement in terms of power and delivery, and the Termignoni “spaghetti” exhaust is a very sought after system that is difficult to source. Plus it has Ohlins in the back and a matching steering damper as well. The buy-it-now price is a lofty $10.5k and that is a tad eye watering. But if I was a collector that always wanted one done right, in near new condition, I wouldn’t be too upset to make an offer that many would find above market.


1992 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Very rare 1992 Ducati 900 Supersport in showroom condition. Probably the nicest example out there. 806 original miles. Complete 50mm Termignoni spaghetti exhaust, Ohlins rear shock and steering damper, Brembo GP billet calipers, Brembo billet clutch and forged master cylinder, GiaCoMoto rear sets, vented clutch cover, 39mm Keihin Flatside carbs, brand new Pirelli tires, full service including all fluids, lines and belts replaced, Owners manual and tool kit. It still has all of the original decals and stickers on the bike – they were never taken off. Set of 1991 900SS rear panels included. More pictures available upon request. Asking $10,495 obo.

1992 Ducati 900SS with Low Miles and the Right Stuff
Ducati January 6, 2014 posted by

Low Miles 1998 Ducati 900SS/FE #265 [SOLD]

Update 2: This one is now sold. Congratulations to both buyer and seller, and thank you for helping to support the site Mark! -dc

Update: I have corrected this post to note that it is actually #265 as noted in the photos. Sorry I missed this when originally published and I apologize for any confusion it may have caused. -dc

Ducati 900SS FE For Sale

Our latest Featured Listing is this very clean and original Ducati 900 Supersport Final Edition. This was the last year for the air-cooled SS before the restyled and fuel injected models were released. These were the only Supersports to get the silver paint and they also came with many bits from the Superlight model like the solo seat, high pipes, and carbon fiber additions. The Supersports of this era don’t necessarily impress on paper but ask anyone who has ridden one and you’ll almost always hear stories of fond memories. They have enough power to get the job done quickly, handle in a very steady manner, and are comfortable enough for long journeys (I’ve done plenty myself!) If you’ve been waiting for a nice one that is barely broken in, read on to the seller’s description below and then contact the seller via email with offers over $7000.



from the seller:

1998 Ducati 900 Supersport Final Edition

This listing is for Ducati’s 900 Super Sport Final Edition. I’m the second owner of this collectible and limited edition example of Ducati’s classic Super sport chassis and body design. Mileage is 5800 and I took the liberty of having Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph complete the 7500 mile service on the bike and inclusive of new battery, carb rebuild and sync, belt replacement, Ducati Performance slave cylinder, new tires, new spark plugs, check of chain tension and alignment and fresh oil and filter. You will find that the records are meticulous and up-to-date.

There were only 300 of these examples manufactured (for the U.S., 800 world wide. -dc) and this is #258 #265 as displayed on the badge on the upper triple tree. The paint is near flawless but there are a few blemishes to point out: small paint chip underneath the headlamp and another on the right cowling (only noticeable if you look under the bike to inspect). I do have matching paint from Colorite (provided by the original owner) to attend to the affected area. Never crashed or damaged whatsoever. The FE came with all the SP upgrades like carbon fiber, performance aluminum swing arm, dual floating front race brake package plus the unique single seat tail and the hard-to-find high exhaust configuration. This is a stocker example except for the dark smoke windscreen. I do not have the original windscreen but they are available. There are two fine scratches on the left muffler but non-visible at a three-foot distance.

The Final Edition has no issues with frame or swing arm complications associated with earlier model Ducati Super Sports

Bar risers would make this the perfect bike for the curves as well as extensive trips. This could certainly be an outstanding collectible Ducati for the new owner. I find myself staring at it often, weird as it sounds, but the design is a thing of beauty. I have ridden it less than 200 miles and it’s one of the most responsive, best handling bikes that I’ve ridden. Without question, it’s sound and feel is unmatched.

Thank you for viewing my listing. No disappointments here. This is an incredible find in central Ohio. I purchased the bike from AZ, sight unseen, and I’ve been thrilled with it ever since.


Low Miles 1998 Ducati 900SS/FE #265 [SOLD]
Aprilia August 14, 2012 posted by

Mailbag Tuesday and Feature Listing Price Goes Up Sept. 15th. [RS250 Chesterfield, 998 Bostrom, Muth Katana’s, Raymond Roche, CX500T, Haga RSV1000R, Guzzi Sport 1100, FZ600, Superlight]

Hey guys,

Sorry we’ve been behind on these catch-all entries based on your emails. Between sheer email volume and weekends out and about, it’s been on the back burner. Here are the best of what’s still active.

Also I wanted to alert all you guys who are planning to sell your bikes at the end of the season that our Featured Listing is going to get upgraded in the fall. This means that for a limited time you can still take advantage of the low, low price of $25/mo before it goes up. The price will expire on September 15th. Email me now on how to get started. More details on the new and improved Feature Listings coming soon.

Good luck to all the buyers and sellers out there and keep the emails coming!


Marty was spending a hot evening surfing ads in Europe and came upon this 1987 Cagiva GP C587 ridden by Raymond Roche. Yours for only $104k USD.

A few of you emailed us this Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield for sale in the Bay Area for $7800. Ad states 10k miles and like new. Do some investigation though as it’s missing about half of the factory decals. Possible they were removed cleanly as they were on top of clear coat from the factory. And it does have a plate.

Philip sent us this Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 available on eBay for $7500. These have a strong cult following with people emailing them to us all the time!

Jeremy had another stack of bikes for us to consider in the Bay Area as well, and this Ducati 998 Bostrom stood out to me with less than 1k miles. He’s accepting offers and suggests that $12k isn’t an offer, so bid accordingly!

David emailed us this 2003 RSV1000R factory Haga race replica for $8495 in Minneapolis, which is down from $9250 in just 11 days since I got the email.

Shay on our Facebook page alerted us to a guy in Los Angeles with 4 Suzuki Katana’s for sale and all of them look pretty interesting in different ways.

Brian shot us a note that his 1982 Honda CX500T Turbo is available for $5500 in Los Angeles. Good luck with the sale!

J.D. sent us a note that his 86 Yamaha FZ600 has only 345 miles and is just $4k on Colorado Springs Craigslist. Good luck!

Garrett in Boston emails us the budget bike of the day with his Honda Hurricane for $1500! Looks damn good at that price, good luck with the sale!

And finally Greg just spotted this Ducati Superlight with 7200 miles in Florida on Craigslist. $10.5k seems a bit lofty but I know when I list on CL I expect low balls…


Ducati April 19, 2012 posted by

Collector Alert: ’95 Ducati 900 SS/SP with 811 Miles

Location: Carmel Valley, California

Mileage: 811

Price: $8,799 BIN

Okay, we’ve seen a few Ducati’s lately here on RSBFS, and that’s not unusual as they make some of the coolest bikes out there. The Superlight, 888SPO and 851 are all killer rides. In the Ducati world, the 900 SS/SP might not be the rarest of all Duc’s but when it has 811 miles, then it’s time to pay attention. Collecting is not only finding what is collected today, but also anticipating what will be collectible, if you have the vision. I’ll put this bike in the future (if not already) collectible category.

Here’s the seller’s info-

Ducati 1995 900 Super Sport SP, Fully Faired Collectable Bike

Let me be very straightforward, if you are looking for just another  “ridden hard and put away wet” Italian motorcycle you can stop reading right now.

I am a collector in Carmel California and over a period of 20 years built a very special motorcycle collection.

You may have seen the other 7 bikes from my collection that I have sold over the last 8 months… each better than the next. Many setting a new standard for sales price as they should.

This is the last of my collection to be sold, and what I consider one of the most beautiful and classical Italian machines ever designed.

The 900 Super Sport SP series was the last modern great looking Modern yet individual Italian design before all brands started looking alike.

Each one of these Ducati’s were plated and numbered, this bike being number 810. The motorcycle has been owned by only two of us since new and has only 811 original miles. This is a factory unmolested example. I have the original clutch cover but the bike has a correct period vented carbon fiber cover now. Everything else is as the Factory delivered it to the States.

The bike has been watched over by my personal mechanic Ted Porter of Santa Cruz, Ted worked on my entire collection when we were both back East and now once again on the central coast of California.

Anyone can go out and buy a 16K new Ducati that looks and feels like everything else out there in the Asian Sport market, or you can rarely find something as important as this machine for half the price.

This is a bike that can add so much to a collectors group of historic bikes, and so hard to find without be beaten to death, or all fiddled with after market stuff.

If you want to collect or ride the best of the best, you just found it.

Good luck to you and let me know if I can answer any other questions… there is not much more to be said, it is exactly what is stated.

And the photos-

I don’t know what really there is to say about this bike. It’s low mileage, and stock. And a total beauty. If you’re looking to start a collection, add to your collection, or maybe just want a basically new 900 SS/SP, then you’ll want to give this bike a look. The seller is asking $8,800 bucks. High price? Sure. But consider what that gets you in a new bike. Granted, the maintenance won’t be the same, but what a classic ride.

So it’s up to you. If you dreamt about these when they were new, now might be your shot. If so, check this thing out!



Ducati December 11, 2011 posted by

Nearly New SuperSport: 1992 Ducati 900 SS with 963 miles!

For Sale: 1992 Ducati 900 SS with only 963 miles

Up on our list today is this fantastic looking Ducati 900SS from 1992. Now this is not a traditionally rare bike (although that white frame always gets me going), but this particular example has only 963 miles on its white-faced Veglia clocks. Math majors amongst us will quickly figure out that this bike has seen a scant 50 miles per year since it left the showroom floor. No wonder it still looks so good!

While everybody loves a low mileage example, it always sets me off to wondering why this set of wheels saw less use than most. On one hand, it has enough mileage where you will not be “ruining” a zero mile bike, yet it is still low enough to ensure that there is a lot of life left. Still, somebody was really missing out on this one, as these 2 valve Ducatis are a joy to ride.

With relatively light weight thanks to a birdcage style frame, an air cooled motor and minimalist appointments, the 900SS series of the Ducati lineup has withstood the test of time (the first Pantah-based SuperSport was introduced in 1988, with the bevel drive motors reaching back to 1972). There is roughly 80 HP hiding in that package somewhere – a figure not very impressive by hypercycle standards, but with great low-end grunt and good torque these twins are genuinely forgiving to poor technique.

From the seller:
963 Original Miles
Red Body with White Frame And Matching powder coated whitewheels.
Staintune exhaust,
lower ratio sprocket
Fresh Dunlop D207’s tires
Euro light switch
New battery
and all factory updates
Bike comes with original factory exhaust as well as original sprocket and motorcycle stand

Freshly serviced and ready to ride.

While this bike is not a vaunted SuperLight model, the white frame evokes a resemblance to the more limited edition model. This was a stock color combination for a SuperSport in ’92, and comes with all the benefits of the color scheme: good luck keeping those wheels clean.

Which brings us to price. This seller is listing the bike in a NO RESERVE auction, but the opening bid is a cool $7,500. For those of you still on your chairs, that is higher than the 1992 MSRP for this bike, and places it in well-cared for SuperLight territory. Still, there are not many unmolested 900SS models around anymore so this could still push the right buttons for the right buyer. Is that you? For more information and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati November 27, 2011 posted by

Your Daily (Carbon) Fiber- ’04 Ducati 749R (#196)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Mileage: 12,241

Price: Auction, starting at $11,000

Ducati makes a lot a special bikes. Probably the most prolific manufacturer of limited edition, numbered bikes of various designations, many a Ducati model comes in S and R versions, with obligatory custom paint and performance parts. Depending upon what you like, there’s a special Ducati for you. I like most all of them (the Superlight being a favorite) and the 749R is included on that list. If you happen to like carbon fiber, and who doesn’t, then this is your Duc.

The  2004 749R brings power (120 hp) and light weight to the game via the previously mentioned use of much carbon fiber along with titanium valves and connecting rods. You’ll also get fully adjustable front and rear Ohlins suspension, a slipper clutch and Marchesini rims to help handle the bike’s 423 lbs. The seller also mentions other upgrades to this already fairly upgraded bike.

Some pics for your review-

From the seller-

Up for sale is a superb and very rare 2004 Ducati 749R – arguably one of the best motorcycles ever produced by the world’s finest manufacturer. The bike is #196, and one of only 50 imported into the US for the 2004 model year, the only year where the 749R came with the FULL carbon faring, nose cone etc from the factory. Details as follows:

12,241 total miles (upon shipment)
All books/records/receipts/keys (red included)
12k service completed (GP Motorcycles – at a cost of $1,850.00)
Very, very rare Termignoni/DP 57mm titanium race exhaust package with ECU/baffles/velocity stacks (believed to be 1 of 10 kits imported, a $4800 option(!) and not to be confused with standard Termi standalone Ti exhaust)
EVR “Evo” Slipper clutch- 200 miles since new (at a cost of $1400)
Sargent seat with Carbon FX option ($450)
STM anodized frame plugs ($125)
Pazzo Annodized clutch/brake levers ($175)
Michelin Pilot Power tires – as new

Also – a Geza dust cover (top of line)

The rarity and collectibility of the 2004 model 749R will be understood by anyone with more than a passing interest in Ducatis, and superbikes in general. This bike is testament to the quality of the 749R. The farings, carbon etc are in immaculate condition – and the bike presents close to “as new”, and is mechanically perfect. With several thousand dollars of extreme quality extras, and the full 12k service completed by GP Motorcycles in San Diego, this “no stories”, 2-owner bike offers exceptional value. Please contact me via Ebay for any additional information etc. I have clear title in hand – and full honesty/disclosure assured, check my feedback. This bike is a work of art, and has been used as such. Bike has been maintained continously on battery tender, and started every 2 weeks and run to normal operating temperature. I am selling the bike to free up some space in my games room(!) – please also check my auction for a super rare 2009 Bimota DB7. NO RESERVE AUCTION – if you know the value of these bikes, in this condition, with these extras – you will also know that the starting bid is very, very reasonable! Good luck!

This bike looks to be clean and seems to have been listed on RSBFS previously here. Mileage is the same although some upgrades may have been made by the current seller and you may want to get a breakdown on that. Maintenance appears to have been done so the bike should be ready to go. The seller has the auction starting at $11,000 with no reserve in place. So that would put the price pretty close to where other 749R’s have been listed.

These are killer machines. Not much more needs to be said. If you want to give this one a new home, check this auction out!


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