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Honda April 4, 2013 posted by

Damn It, Who Shrunk The NSR? 1987 Honda NSR50

nsr left front nsr right front

Well here is one sure to please lovers of either NSR’s or cigarettes.

So what exactly do we have here?

1987 Honda NSR 50 Rothmans Edition from Japan. Extremely rare bike maybe only one in the whole entire country. This bike is in perfect condition Is 100% original From top to bottom besides after market carb. Brand new IRC Tires . Bike Runs Excellent. Comes with two keys. This bike is the baby sister of the Famous Honda NSR 250.  If you would like to see a video of the bike go to YouTube type NSR 50 from Japan (Chicago). This bike doesn’t have a title due to it be from japan but can get one issued from Vermont for $125 if buyer wanted to do so.

nsr left front

It is pleasing to the eye but not completely stock.  The seller mentions an aftermarket carb but the exhaust is aftermarket as well.  It is exiting the opposite side as the stock one.  Not a minus to me though.  I’ll take a litte more zip and some extra ring a ding.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the the airbox is modified (or missing) as well.  I thought the blue mirrors might be aftermarket but appear to match up with the stock Honda photo.  Stickers appear to be a mix and match affair.

nsr brakensr engine 2

Someone might have had some extra time on their hands and some extra gold spray paint laying around.  I never say never but I couldn’t find a single example on the net with gold accents. 


This isn’t the 1987 model but I never get tired of the wacky Japanese to English slogans.  Would “Real Blue” and “3/4 Works” sale a bike here?  For almost all the years the 50 was produced they also produced an 80cc version but we rarely see them them compared to the 50.

nsr tach

It might make the perfect companion to your Rothmans NSR250 or NS400R.

Here is the auction.


Bimota January 2, 2013 posted by

Top 10 Sport Bikes For Sale in 2012!

This post would probably be more aptly be titled, “top 10 most viewed bikes we posted in 2012”, but in honesty this sampling mostly represents the most popular bikes on the site anyway.

Thanks to both buyers and sellers for helping make 2012 our best year ever and we can’t wait to see what the market will reveal in 2013!



The Opposite Of Stock: Ducati 1036CS Built By Alex Ortner (1999 Ducati 996)

Alex Ortner Ducati 1036CS For Sale


First Year FireBlade in the Most Desirable Colors: 1993 Honda CBR900RR

1993 Honda CBR900RR For Sale


Collector Alert! Yamaha RZ350 with Only 561 Miles up for Grabs!

Yamaha RZ350 For Sale


Titled and Beautiful ’92 TZR 250 RS

1992 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale


What Smokes And Has Six Cylinders? Two 1986 Honda NS400R’s Of Course

Honda NS400R For Sale


1994 Honda RVF750R (RC45) with 9 Miles For Sale!

Honda RC45 For Sale


Featured Listing: 2001 Bimota DB4 for sale!

2001 Bimota DB4 For Sale


Easy On The Eye: CA Titled 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 For Sale


Thirtysomething: 1990 Honda RC30

Honda RC30 For Sale


Foggy Superbike – 1999 Ducati 996

Carl Fogarty Race Bike 1999 Ducati 996 For Sale

Honda August 23, 2012 posted by

Threesome! 1982 Honda MVX 250 Sports Production

For Sale: 1982 Honda MVX 250 Sports Production

This beautiful sports production racer comes to us from Rimini, Italy, courtesy of the same seller who brought us this beautiful Ducati TT2 Replica. This time, the result is a crisp racer based on the Honda MVX 250 three cylinder model. You may be familiar with the Honda V3 from the GP racer, but this is the first of the street going two strokers offered by the company. You might think that this is an offshoot of the more popular NS400R three-banger from Honda, and you would be sort of right; the MVX 250 came first.

The MVX 250 was not the racer that you see here. No, the MVX250 was a slightly sporty commuter, not unlike the VT250 twin that was to come years later. What we have here is the engine and chassis from the MVX 250 wrapped up into a nice little racer. This thing looks pretty trick, and I’ll bet it is a blast to ride. The stock MVX pumped out about 40 ponies for a 300 pound machine – this one with pipes and other engine mods must surely be stronger – and lighter.

The MVX 250 was not without its share of problems. Honda utilized a larger connecting rod on the 3rd (back, vertical) cylinder in order to quell vibration, and there were several revisions over the model’s run. Even so, high mileage examples or abused machines tend to fail in this region as a general rule.

From the seller:


YEAR 1982



I could not find any information concerning a “sports production” version of the MVX 250, and so my assumption is that this is a unique build. If I am wrong I’m certain that the RSBFS readership will correct me in the comments section, and then we will have all learned something new. Regardless, this is a very clean looking bike, and one that I would love to take out on my next track day.

This bike is based in Italy, so that might add a bit to the final charges if home is somewhere in North America. The seller has an opening bid of $10,000 USD with no takers thus far, and a reserve still in place. I am curious to see who finds this bike interesting, and if anyone is willing to pony up $10k + to be part of the action. To check out the details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Aprilia July 28, 2012 posted by

Weekend Mailbag and Laguna Seca MotoGP 2012 (RC30, RS125, Jota 1000, 888 SP4,

Hey guys,

Here’s a quick post from California with all the best of picks, suggestions, and personal bikes for sale. Mike, Jared, Rem and Dan are all here and in addition to checking out all the action at Laguna we may troll the parking lot for interesting bikes for sale too! They’ll be posted first to our Facebook page out of convenience but we’ll try to pull them all together for the site later in the week as well. Look for us in with the RSBFS logo on our backs and say hey!


Lets get things started right: Honda RC30 for sale in Costa Mesa on eBay. Currently at about $20k reserve not met with over a week to go. Maybe your MotoGP souvenir for the way home?

Dan spotted this sharp looking RS125 on eBay, with a title and just under 14k miles.

Or how about this AMAZING 1978 Laverda 1000 on ADVRider (you need to make an account to view) with less than 1500 original miles. $13k. Thanks for the forward Joe!

Jamie send us this gorgeous 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale in Australia for $45k AUD.

Jeremy keeps a sharp eye on the San Francisco area ads and this one caught our eye: 1986 Honda NS400R with a reported new from Honda motor! Asking $6200 with the lowers and spares.

Suzuki May 30, 2012 posted by

Everybody’s 2 stroke’s dream: Suzuki RG500 (Italy)

Hopefully I won’t disappoint many people with such a tittle when presenting the model below:

A 1986 Suzuki RG500 2-stroke. Alongside the Yamaha RD500 v4 and the Honda NS400R 3 cylinder, these bikes represented the closest thing to MotoGP in the 80s… and still now (with the exception of the Ducati Desmosedici). To me the Suzuki is on a league of its own.

Delivering 95BHP for 156kg this bike was serious stuff. Add to it the typical character of 2 strokes with a narrow high efficiency band around a particular rpm range (result of the matching frequencies of back pressure waves from the exhaust and good filling of the gasoline-oil and air mixture in the cylinders’ volume) and you’ll have an experience that you will never forget. Below is an image of the peculiar double crankshaft “square” 4 cylinder engine:

Wonder how such a beauty sounds like ?

Going back to the bike on sale, this is available in Italy. The bike is completely original and seems to be in top conditions as the seller describes:

moto da collezionisti! iscritta registro storico fmi , tutta originale , libretto di circolazione , targa originali , tenuta in modo maniacale!

for the non-Italian speaking it means roughly: “collectible motorbike, listed on the Italian Motorcycles’s Federtaion (FMI) historical bikes archive, with original papers and original license plate (before the EU plate type), kept with the highest level of attention”.

Yours here with 9500 Euro ($11800 USD).


Yamaha May 27, 2012 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Florida

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

What better way to celebrate a US national holiday than by drooling over a bike that never made it to these shores in the first place? Today’s machine is an all original Yamaha RZ500 – stone stock as claimed by the seller – with only 25,000 KM on the clocks.

The RZ500 was the GP fantasy bike for the everyman – provided you resided in a country where these grand machines were imported. With 500cc of V4, two-stroke goodness, the RZ delivered on the promise of performance and noise. Pitted agains the likes of the Suzuki RG500 Gamma and the Honda NS400R, the RZ500 held up well and continues to be a dream bike for many.

From the seller:
I am a long time bike collector and am paring down my collection. What you are bidding on is an unmolested survivor from 1985. It has the original turn signals, reflectors, exhaust pipes, wheels, forks, fairing, and air boxes. It also has the solo seat cover with the 2 up seat underneath. It is as close to box stock as you are likely to find. Most have had the fairing, forks, wheels, pipes, and all sorts of things replaced, repaired, or modified. The only changes from stock are an aftermarket windshield and stainless steel brake lines. There is a crack in the tab that holds the solo seat cover on that is shown in the photograph. There is a small crack above the right mirror that didn’t show up well in the photos.

At the most recent 25,000 km inspection the following work was done:

Major 25,000 km inspection

Adjust Autolube pump

Check operation of YPVS valves

Replace coolant

Replace brake fluid

Replace spark plugs

Rebuild and Sync carbs

Change transmission oil

Replace fork seals and oil

Adjust steering head bearings

Clean fuel petcock

Replace air filter

Replace battery

Included with the sale are a few spare parts that I have accumulated over the years. A spare set of wheels and tires, front fender, fork legs, tail fairing, and an electronic version of the shop manual (also a printed copy if I can find the darn thing).

This bike is a real treasure. Good luck with the bidding.

RZ500s do not come cheap. Prices have risen considerably in years past, and a plated and titled stocker is worth its weight in gold. Given, the plates and title do not mean a thing for the few million residents of California, but for most of the nation this is a real grey market bike that you can own, register and ride.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is up to $7,000 with reserve still in place. Bidding has been moderate to heavy at this time, so don’t expect to pick this one up for a song. Still, there are too few RZs in this country to start with, and even fewer in stock condition. If that means something for you, this is the bike you have been waiting for. Click the link to jump over to the auction, and good luck!


Bimota April 3, 2012 posted by

Spring Project Time at RSBFS!

For Sale: 1978 Ducati 900SS, 1984 Bimota KB3, 1985 HONDA VFR 400 NC 24, 1986 Honda NS400R

Ah, spring is in the air. Time to clean out the garage and make some space for a new project. And just in case you *need* a new project to work on, here are a few worthy items to spend your time on – RSBFS style!

Project #1: 1978 Ducati 900SS

Who here can resist a Bevel drive Ducati? With sleek lines, a narrow chassis and great torque from the desmo-action V-twin, the Ducati Super Sport put racing-spec machinery on the road for the common man (provided said common man had deep pockets).

This particular bike looks to be in nice condition, although it is not complete. The fairing is not original, but the color is at least close. The seller notes it is missing a battery and a chain, and the cases have been split to remedy a tranny issue with 4th gear. The bike will sell in this condition, so be sure and check out all the picks and the seller’s detailed Q&A on the bike before you bid. Someone with mechanical skills could make this into a sharp ride. Click here to find out more!

Project #2: 1984 Bimota KB3

The next project on our list is this fabulous early model year Bimota KB3. The KB series Bimotas are more rare than most, and this particular example looks to be a nice find. The details on these frames are amazing – mass centralization and heavy triangulation around the headstock area speak volumes about the handling potential of these bikes.

This particular bike is a modified KB3, reconstructed as a hot rod in a post-accident rebuild. Assuming that the frame is straight and intact, this is a project worthy of completion. It looks like most of the parts are there, and the bike actually runs – but this is not quite ready to ride away. There does not appear to be too much awry here, but the devil is always in the details. Check out all the auction photos and all the info provided by the seller on this cool and rare project!

Project #3: 1985 HONDA VFR 400 NC 24

The 400cc class continues to be hot lately, and this NC24 is a nice find for someone willing to trade effort and elbow grease for cost. This particular seller is known to import myriad bikes from Japan – many of them quite rare here in the US. Unfortunately Japan is a coastal country and oxidation occurs rapidly for vehicles stored in outside environments.

The NC24 VFR has a jewel of a motor, and the single sided swingarm is an item normally found only on more exotic machines (such as the RC30). The gear-driven cams on these models sound like nothing else, and the performance is more than adequate in most situations; better than adequate in tighter situations! This particular model is not currently running, shows a good bit of weathering, and is sporting an aftermarket silencer. For more pictures and information, jump over to the auction.

Project #4: 1986 Honda NS400R

The final bike is this great NS400R located Down Under. The NSR was a V-3 two stroke, patterned after the GP-winning bikes ridden by Freddie Spencer at the time. This seller has updated the graphics and paint detail prior to putting the bike into storage. The bike emerges into daylight eight years later – looking for a new owner.

There is no info on whether the bike runs, although the seller notes that the motor does turn over. The bike does not appear to be in too bad a shape, considering that it is not often we see an NS400R with 30,000+ miles! For those readers located on the southern side of the planet, this might be a find for you! To check it out, click the link and jump over to the auction.

Well, there you have it – four project bikes worthy of some RSBFS attention. Any one of these will provide for a very lust-worthy mount once properly restored, and most can be had for a significant savings as comparted to a museum quality purchase. And if you have a RSBFS-worthy project that you are considering, hit the comments and let us know what’s on the bench!


Honda December 17, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Facebook Page Weekly Recap!

It’s been a busy week here at RSBFS! We have seen all sorts of cool bikes from 500cc two-strokes, limited Ducati’s, and race bikes. In case you couldn’t get around to all of it, have a look at what has shown up on the RSBFS Facebook page. Can you fit one of these down the chimney? Enjoy!

1985 Honda NS400R Rothman’s inAustralia

1984 Yamaha RZ500 in the Bay Area

2001 Honda CBR929RR up for auction

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 also on eBay



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