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Just In Time For the Gamma Gathering: Walter Wolf RG500 & 1986 RG500

Just In Time For the Gamma Gathering: Walter Wolf RG500 and 1986 RG500

They say timing is everything (or is that location?).  Well, here is your chance to snap up a Gamma and then head right out to Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama and join us at the Gamma and RZ Gathering, Oct 8th-10th.  If you can’t make it, I will be posting live updates throughout the event to the RSBFS Facebook page.  After the event we should have a nice write up here on  If you are attending be sure to come say hello, I’ll be the guy with the bright orange VJ23 wondering why I can’t get the jetting correct.


First up is this rare Walter Wolf RG500.  This particular bike has been posted here before at the beginning of the year but is now listed on Ebay.  It is a well used example but on the plus side it has been kept stock.  Unfortunately the reason that it may still be for sale is the asking price.  The seller states in the Ebay text  that the bike  had been appraised at $15,000 Canadian.  I suspect the reserve will very close to that price.  There is no doubt that Walter Wolf version Gamma’s are rare but I’ve never really got the sense they were that sought after.  Other than paint, they are the same as a standard RG500.  If you think about it, it is an unusual replica in that Walter Wolf didn’t have much, if any involvement in motorcycle racing.  If memory serves me correctly there is also a cream colored version of this bike.  I think it was the Japanese home market 400cc version of the  bike.  There was also a Walter Wolf RG250 .

From the auction:

Walter Wolf Edition RG500 Gamma. 38,700 Kms on it. Completely stock, absolutely no mods. Bike runs fantastic. Starts on first kick and pulls through every gear. Still a real joy to ride.

The bike has the usual spider cracks in various fairing locations, hopefully the pictures show them. If you want additional pictures just let me know by email. The belly pan fairing is in rough shape. There was a gas leak in one of the carbs (all repaired properly) and I did not catch it in time over the summer and the nearly 25 year old plastic was just not up to the task. Noticeable when you get down low to observe. If you plan on restoring to near perfect condition, it should be replaced. I cracked it when taking the bike off the trailer, and it was just too brittle to survive. Very disappointing, but not the end of the world. If you plan to enjoy the bike as it is meant to be enjoyed, it doesn’t detract from the beauty of this bike, or its incredible handling.

These are extremely rare bikes. They were rare to begin with, and have only become more rare in the last few years. There is no doubt the WW version is a hard to find gem. They are almost one of a kind, and here is the beauty of this bike… it was signed in June 07 by Mr. Wolf himself. I was fortunate enough to meet him at the VARAC 40th anniversary F1 races at the Mosport Race Track just outside of Toronto. See the pictures, that’s really the recluse himself posing with me. He loved the bike and commented he had never seen one before. He knew of the 400 that were commissioned, but had never actually seen a manufactured one. Needless to say, that makes this one the only one in existance signed by Walter Wolf himself, as he noted to me. We have now taken rare to a whole new meaning.

I had the bike appraised before it was signed by WW, and that appraisal will go with the bike. The helmet in the photos is not included in this auction. It is a replica of the Bobby Rahal lid that he wore when he raced the WW F1 car in the background of one of the photos. It too was signed by Mr.Wolf. The appraisal value prior to signing was $15,000 Canadian.

I’m torn between selling and not selling, and have fought this internal struggle before. I realize I will never own another bike this rare. For that reason, there is a reserve on this auction, but I think it is set very reasonably, compared to some of the non WW gamma’s I have seen sold recently.

This can be an everyday ride if you want it to be, but for me it is a sunny Sunday afternoon reflection in time. I hope it goes somewhere that it will be appreciated for what it is.

The bike is located near Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have the original service manual, and the under seat tool kit. The bike is licensed and I have a clean Ontario ownership. There are no loans or leins on this bike.

I’m not interested in test pilots. The bike can be seen locally, and I will gladly start it and run it through a few gears up and down my street for any interested buyer. It is also for sale locally, so I reserve the right to end this auction early.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs. I will do what ever I can on my end to help facilitate. I can also help deliver in person for a negotiated fee before hand.

Please email with any questions. I will do my best to respond quickly.

If you’ve always wanted an orginal Walter Wolf what do you do?  That is a tough one.  In my opinion this bike is over priced IF the seller is expecting close to $15,000.  The miles are just too high to expect that kind of price.  I’ve seen some extremely clean/low mile RG500’s advertised around $12,000 and they sat for a long time.  I know this is a special version but I don’t think it deserves that much of a higher price say compared to a standard RGV250 versus a RGV250SP.  Be sure to  as there are a lot more pictures of the bike there and the bidding is ongoing.


The seller is killing me with a lack of good pictures on this Gamma.  This RG is located in Oregon and quite honestly I don’t know a whole lot more.  Read on below to see what the seller has to say about the bike.

From the ad:

Grey market special – this is an extremely rare sport bike for sale. 500cc four cylinder two stroke – it really goes and sounds great too. Never imported directly into this country, this one came from Canada. I’ve owned it for more than 10 years. It was the former owner’s shop display bike – he rebuilt the entire bike and had it on display above the cash register. Beautiful Cobalt Blue and White paint with original Gamma decals. I’ve had the CDI box replaced and the carbs rebuilt so they do not leak. I also installed the shift shaft support plate and clutch spacer washer that prevents neutral drag and hard shifting. Needs a battery, otherwise runs great. May be getting ready for a top-end rebuild. No test rides without full CASH price in hand. No trades.

The seller is asking $12,500 and that seems to be the average price I’ve been seeing for RG’s in good shape and with relatively low miles.  I can’t tell much of anything from the pictures on this one.  You will definitely have to give the seller a call if you are interested.  This bike can be found on Eugene Craigslist


If you ever wondered what happened to old Mr. Wolf check out the last paragraph on his Wikipedia page.  I know Wikipedia has to be taken with a grain of salt but I do remember reading that arrest warrants had been issued for him on a motorcycle website.


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Today We’re Celebrating’s Second Birthday!

Dan’s brain child,, was born two years ago today!  To celebrate, Doug and I are sharing our favorite feature bike’s and what we think are the best values we’ve had!  We’ve come a long way in the past two years and we would like to thank everyone for their support. We hope our site continues to provide you with helpful information and, hopefully, the bike of your dreams!  On to the picks!

Alex’s Best Deal:

1985 Yamaha RZ500 In California For $1,800

The value of RZ500’s fluctuate with mileage, condition, and originality but, this bike was a steal no matter which category you focus on.  I have no reason to doubt this ad was genuine; the photos haven’t been seen before, the ad was up for a very short time and the ad was never seen anywhere else or at any other time.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Craigslist for more than $1,800 that I wouldn’t dare own or ride–this bike isn’t one of those things.  Twenty-five years later, this bike won’t be the fastest thing around the track, or the most composed, but it would be a blast and cooler than anything else with it’s asking price.  Regardless if this bike had a title or it’s actual condition, it was a steal even if you chose to part it out–a better deal than even the $900, 750 LE.  This bike is proof of why all of us scrounge Craigslist everyday looking for that elusive deal.

Alex’s Favorite Bike Overall:

2000 Cagiva Mito Evo II With Very Low Miles In California For $4,000

Now, I know, this bike isn’t the biggest, baddest, two-stroke to be produced but, the majority of the bikes we post on here are pure sex so some personal preference is the only thing that seems to separate desirable from black-market-organ-sale-worthy.  These little Cagiva’s are beat to hell in the UK/Europe but, here in America, we (I) lust over them like they were built by God’s–for surely they were.  I had an opportunity to purchase one of these in very similar condition and I still beat myself up, daily, for not going through with it.  A lightweight, 125cc two-stroke, with the looks of a Ducati but the sound of pure, you-can’t-smoke-in-here-sir, pleasure!  This looked to be a fantastic, completely original, example with less thank 1k km and was/is titled and registered in California.  I realize that both of my posts are two-strokes but realize, I’m just gearing up for this weekend!  See you at Miller!



Doug’s point of view-

I remember the day exactly… I was using Google to search for Rare Sport Bikes For Sale and I kept changing the keywords around to locate as many FZR 400’s and Zx7r’s that I could. I started getting pissed because I kept getting the same site popping up in the search results. That site? You guessed it I told my wife “Hey, I just found this site that looks pretty cool, but some of the posts are old and the links broken.” Her response was half baked at best and she said “Just keep looking and you’ll find one.” Do you think she heard me? So back I went to searching and I found some pretty nice ones that day. My curiosity was getting the best of me so after searching on Google I went back to RSBFS and flipped through almost every page that was available. That was August 17th, 2009 and I submitted these to Dan for consideration.

Keep in mind at that time I wasn’t sure what or if any criteria existed for your submission to make the cut. So a few days pass and I was back on the prowl again for FZR 400’s. But, instead of 400’s I found a sweet, all original FZR 1000 and I thought “What the heck, I’ll submit it to that site again.” August 25th was the day that Dan posted the FZR1000 and August 27th was the day Dan gave me “his sales pitch”


You mentioned helping with the site the other day, but have not responded to my response.. But, my curiosity is up now. What did you have in mind?


There’s the first email – I must have taken my stupid drug that day…..

Here’s the second email.


Long story short, would you like to become a regular contributor to the site? I had been working on a plan to add 2-3 more authors when you went on your tear this week, so it seemed like maybe my first new author might be you! I’m looking for authors who are passionate about rare sporting motorcycles who can make a commitment.

Other obligations will include helping to grow traffic to the site, joining the blogging community by monitoring other sites for opportunities, social media, etc… Time commitments will vary. For instance, I can make a post in about 20 minutes, but it will probably take you twice as long as you get started. The other obligations will probably account for about an hour a week. But the good news is that we work together and I can assist getting you up to speed where needed.


Dan Crouch, owner of MotoringBlogs

Okay, let’s see
1. Passionate – Check!
2. Commitment – Check!
3. 20 minutes per post – Check!
4. 1 hour extra per week – Check!

So, from 8.27 to 8.31 I spent most of my waking hours stumbling through HTML code that I knew and still don’t know anything about 🙂 My first mock up post was of a 1992 ZX7r K2, but my first real post was a Ducati 916 And as they say “The rest is history!”

As for Dan’s criteria and quoted time allotments- well…. Yes, I’m passionate, I’m definitely committed (or you wouldn’t be reading this), 20 minutes per post.. HA!, 1 hour per week is more like 10 hours per week. But, I enjoy all them all…

I’ve been trying to think of my own personal favorite post and as best that I can remember it would be this one of a 1098R or of this K1 The K1 post was especially exciting for me since these are my favorite scooter and because this one pulled such a high bid. I now own one of these and it will be a sad, sad day when I have to sell it.

I would like to say that my favorite duty working for RSBFS is being site supervisor and getting the opportunity to chat with our viewers. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and befriending people from all over the world. That’s right, if you were unaware or just never give it any thought, we have viewers from every continent on the planet and I now have friends in Australia, England, Hong Kong and Corvallis, OR. But the absolute best benefit from being involved with the site??? You get first dibs on the bikes we love and can’t get enough of. Below are my two favorites that I now own and found because of RSBFS 🙂

So my first 9 months authoring for RSBFS have been great and I’m glad to be a part of it. I appreciate Dan affording me the opportunity and I look forward to the future when our site can offer more information and be the only place to look for “Rare Sport Bikes For Sale”.



Suzuki November 27, 2009 posted by

2 for 2 Stroke Friday

First up is a good looking


Bike information from the seller:

My Yamaha RZ350 1988 in A1 plus condition.The motor is full rebuilt (Cost me $1800.00)
The CLutch is new + Stearing bearing + Brake + fork seal + seat + battery etc. I put more than $4000.00 (I have all the invoice) on it.
I also done full paint like original except the side pannel near the seat. The gas tank receive acid treatment.
The paint job is not perfect but not far. It cost me with the sticker $1250.00
So i put aroung $5250.00 on it. Any question write to me using contact seller.
Also injection is A1 working perfectly.
It start on first kick. Everything work perfectly

This looks like it could be a ton of fun on the open road.


Next up is a as well. Both of these gems are for sale by the same owner in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

This RG250 was listed on RSBFS back in August and is still for sale.


Quotes from the seller:

with 15 000 km (9000 miles)
This bike, when i bought it 2 years ago cost my $3900.00 and i put more than
$4000.00 to make it perfect. There is New Original Gas Tank and one side pannel.
There is a scratch on front fender back side.
Carburator, brake,tires,seat (front and back), mono seat, battery are new.
It start on first kick. Everything work perfectly.
I have all the invoice and evaluation price for this bike is more than $14000.00 is this condition

The seller seems to have a lot of $ into restoring these little bikes and it shows. Back in August I believe the RG was for sale on ebay for 4,500, but that may have been a starting price. Both have B.I.N prices of $5,300.00 so if you or your significant other has a cool 2 stroke on the wish list, these could be under the tree by Christmas.


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