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Ducati May 4, 2013 posted by

What Is The Right Price ? Ducati 998 (Germany)

Tamburini’s masterpiece, the Ducati 916 became in its last evolution the 998.


I don’t know why but the Ducati stickers on the tank are not present…


The final version was deliberately called 998 FE = Final Edition. This, featured some nice and worthwhile components upgrades like the front Öhlins fork in addition to the standard 998 Öhlins rear shock. FE models are still available on the market and many of them in nice and clean conditions. Besides the R versions and the Bayliss and Bostrom replicas, the 998 FE are among the priciest 916 descendants. The model spotted in Germany is not an FE nor an S model, but it comes with a low mileage of less than 6000 km


…and a few parts upgrade. These include most significantly: a slipper clutch:


…a radial front brake lever (see first picture on top) and improved hydraulics for softer clutch action:


In addition, a Titanium Termignoni set is available for an extra 500 EUR:


The seller claims that this late registered (2001), 998 was never ridden in rain, it never fell nor it met any any stage the grippy tarmac of of a race track.


While there are plenty of 998s around, is this low mileage enough to justify the starting asking price of 11000 EUR = 14500 $ ?

If interested click on the link below:

2001 Ducati 998 low mileage in Germany 



Ducati October 8, 2012 posted by

Autograph Hounds: 2007 Ducati 999S Team USA Edition

For Sale: 2007 Ducati 999S Team USA Edition

Sorry for the short trigger time on this one, RSBFS fans. There is not much time to go on this interesting piece of Ducati history. Sure, the Parts Unlimited “Team USA” livery looks good, and the 999s is no slouch in the motorsports department – but what makes this one interesting is that the tail section is signed by both Ben Bostrom and Neil Hodgson. If you are into signatures, this one is connected to some pretty good looking memorabilia.

From the seller:
2007 Ducati 999S “Team USA” Special Edition in excellent condition with only 2440 miles! This was the very last 999 model Superbike produced by Ducati and was a Special Edition commemorating the 2006 Ducati AMA Superbike race team, in “S” model trim with lots of extras! Probably one of the best race-replica paint schemes ever produced by Ducati, this bike is STUNNING to look at! The tail section is hand-signed by Ducati AMA Superbike team riders Neil Hodgson and Ben Bostrom. Nicely accessorized with Leo Vince full race exhaust system with remapped ECU, SpeedyMoto billet clutch cover, billet adjustable rearsets, and Pazzo billet adjustable levers. This is not only a great bike to ride, it’s a great bike to OWN as there was a very limited production run of these machines, it has already reached “Collector” status in the minds of many!

With super low miles and what looks to be in fantastic condition, this 999s is waiting for a new home. Currently priced at $12,495, it again forces me to wonder aloud at the monetary value a famous person with a sharpie can add to the sale of a bike. History shows that some scribbles do not often a premium price make, yet this is a very cool opportunity all the same.

For your chance to check this one out, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is a great looking bike with some neat history. Sorry we caught this one late – so be sure and move quickly!


Ducati April 16, 2012 posted by

Some People Have a Motorbike Named After Them: Ducati 998 Bayliss in Germany

{note: Please join me in welcoming Claudio to the team. He is our new European contributor and has a great selection of bikes for sale in the EU this week starting with this Bayliss edition 998. -dc}

Ducati was among the first motorbike makers to identify some of their models with the initials of a great rider of them. As an example we can recall the early MH= Mike Hailwood replicas. And so went on the tradition…Here is a rare (model Nr. 201/400) Ducati 998 S Bayliss special edition:

Mr. Troy can actually count one additional model with his name tag the modern 1098 R:

Along side the more rare Ben Bostrom replica pictured below:

The 998S Bayliss was a limited edition featuring common equipment with the S models such as Ohlins fornt fork. Unlike the 996 R which used the latest engine step (often then found on the new bike replacing the old version), carbon fairing etc. the Bayliss replica is closer to the standard 998 model apart form the color scheme which replicates one to one the bike used in WSBK races. As all the numbered Ducatis these models are sought after by collectors, hence don’t expect a chap buy. The conditions of this sample seem very good as you can see for yourself:

Apart from the tiny LED turn lights the bike is in standard condition and it comes with a set of Termignoni (included in the special versions of Ducatis), a signed certificate plate and a rear stand.

With less than 10.000km this is a pretty new bike. Good luck with the bidding.


Ducati March 13, 2012 posted by

Poser’s Delight: 2006 Ducati 999R Xerox, 2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited, 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss

Poser’s Delight: 2006 Ducati 999R Xerox,  2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited, 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss


I mean “posers delight” in the nicest way possible because I’m certainly one of them.  If there is a race replica to be seen, I’m first in line.  The Ducati replicas have always been a bit out of reach for me financially but for those that have waited for the resales, there is a considerable discount.  Below is quick snap shoot of what being offered on Ebay at the moment.


2006 999R Xerox

1,760 Miles

$18,500 BIN

I’m in the minority here but I’ve always thought the 999 was the best looking Ducati superbike.  Slap some sponsor logos on and my eyes glaze over.


The seller just cut and paste test info into the auction so there isn’t a description of what add on’s  the bike has.  I know enough to recognize that isn’t stock.


Maybe some extra goodies hiding inside there?  I’d say it is worth an email if you are interested.  Hit he auction link for many more pictures.

This auction doesn’t have a whole lot of time remaining so proceed accordingly.



2007 999S Parts Unlimited

6,729 Miles

$11,250 BIN

Maybe not as glamorous to own for us posers since it didn’t have the success of the WSB Ducati’s but it might be the bargain of the bunch.  Only 150 were produced and the original MSRP was almost $20,000.

Again, no list of what aftermarket parts are on the bike but I’m noticing small detail pieces like the clutch cover and gas cap.  The exhaust  also has a ceramic coating on it.

Do you remember who was riding these bikes in the AMA series?  That would be  Ben Bostrom and Neil Hodgson.

Snap it up here.



2002 998S Bayliss

517 Miles

Current bid of $10,000 + reserve

Is there anyone bigger in Ducati racing history than Troy Bayliss?  Is he more beloved than even Carl Fogarty?  It would be close in a popularity contest.  Even though I like the 999’s I think this would be my pick if I could only own one.


The iconic Ducati rear end.


This appears to be a true collector quality bike.  I’d seen some non collector quality Bayliss replicas go in the lower teens.  What do you think it is worth with only 517 miles?  So far, very little action on the auction, hmmmm.

Only two days remaining on the auction.




Ducati June 3, 2011 posted by

Panning for Silver – the Neiman Marcus 748L

It’s Saturday night — well past closing time, and you and your mates decide to see who can come up with the rarest of the rare Ducatis; specifically, the Tamburini Ducatis.

“That’s easy,” says one friend; “The 998 S Bostrom.”

“No, no, no,” says the other. “The 916 Senna.”

You nod; the Senna is rare — and fabulous. But no, you know that’s not it, and anyway, the Senna was never officially available for sale in the US — not that you even specified that criterion, but it’s late, so anything goes. The two go back and forth for a while, one says the 996R, another says the Matrix 998 (which was supposed to be a 996). The 748 R and RS come up, and you think, “Now, we’re getting somewhere…” You wait for the moment, and finally, like a flasher in an airport, you open your trench coat and ask in your best Graham Norton voice, “What about this, boys?”

You spring upon them, the for-sale-by-Neiman-Marcus-catalogue-only, 748L.

At first glance, you might think, “Wow, 1998 was a good year for silver in Bologna…” The 900SS/FE, the ST2, and this 748L — to say nothing of various and sundry M900 iterations. But this one really is special.

Capped at just 100 units, the 748L was essentially a 748S Bip with silver paint, and available only through the Neiman Marcus catalogue. Clearly, its intentions of being a bike capable of offering its captain a good rogering aren’t hidden in any way. But aimed at this particular segment, the 748L was targeted at Roger Moore, as well as Roger Marshall.

From the seller:

The 748L
features Mercury metallic paint, carbon fiber front fender and chain guard. Mechanically it was a 748s with the additional parts and paint.
As of current the bike has 14,610 miles. In addition to the standard features several additional parts have been added to this bike.
Micron carbon fiber exhaust cans with ECU re-flash
Carbon Fiber Radiator Guard(stock painted included)
MPL reservoir covers,
Samco hose’s put on at 14k with a full desmo(belts and adjustment) and fluid service(3 new rocker arms), preformed by Motorcycle Performance in Madison.
Custom Cut “Ducati” Clutch Cover (additional Stock unit included)
Included with the bike are also a Pit-bull Single sided swingarm stand, Complete factory tool kit, Display mat, Haynes Manual.
feel the bike is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. There is one small scrape that I have touched up which is pointed out in a picture below.

The list of goodies is a nice one, without going over the top. The three rockers that were replaced are fairly business-as-usual for a Desmoquattro of this vintage.  ’98s, especially, were known for flaking rockers, and as recently as 2006, Ducati USA were still replacing some under warranty. Bottom line: it’s nothing to worry about.

Your friends with whom you were having the argument, have nothing. They crown you the winner of the day for this one. If you pick this bike up for six grand you’re the real winner, because quite frankly, it’s ridiculously reasonable money for such a rare gem.


Honda May 18, 2011 posted by

.45 Caliber Fun: 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

For Sale: 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

Collectable Bimotas are neat, and zippy little two strokes and 400cc microbikes look like fun, but in the collector world very little compares to the true and rare homologation bikes. You see, in the wide world of motorcycling, homologation bikes serve a very real purpose – they make the legality of a stock-based roadracer a possibility. Since racing rules are often written around a “stock streetbike” as the foundation, manufacturers offer a limited number of racebike-based street bikes to satisfy that rule. This keeps their bikes legal at the racetrack, and offers a rare opportunity for the unwashed masses to actually put hands on one.

There is much debate in the collector world regarding the desireability of the RC45 versus its older brother, the RC30. While the RC30 does look more the part and is more distinctive than the average Honda sportbike, the RC45 is a more modern, more potent and more limited (in numbers) weapon. At the end of the day, though, they both bring pretty similar money at auction.

Check out the seller’s specs on this one:

This is my RVF750R 1994 RC-45. I purchased this bike in 1995 from a collector with only 112 miles on it. The bike currently has 519 original miles. Water has NEVER touched this bike, neither rain or wash. The bike has always been stored in a room with low humidity and A/C.


In 1996 I purchased from HRC the following racing kits:
Electrical Racing kit, Engine Racing Kit

Currently on the bike ALL HRC PARTS:
Full HRC motor built by HRC in Torrance, CA over 160 horsepower. 10 miles on motor.
Endurance 6 gallon aluminum tank with quick fill
Ram air tubes and full air box with velocity stacks
Fuel regulator, injectors, modified throttle bodies
Works single pipe exhaust set
Rear sets both sides with carbon heat shield
Works upper and lower radiators
Bike also has the complete front end off Eric Bostroms 1998 RC-45 Erion Racing bike including works 46 mm Superbike forks magnesium Brembo Calipers, Brembo rotors, radial brake and clutch masters, remote front brake adjuster
Marchesini 17″ front wheel
Billet triple trees

You’ve got to admit – that spec sheet sounds very impressive. An HRC motor? A works front end off of Eric Bostrom’s bike? Electrical and Engine racing kits? Works radiators? Trick quick-fill tank? It’s almost a travesty that this bike has only 519 miles on it; just hearing it scream its way to redline might be more than the average mortal can stand!

But wait – there’s more! In addition to the impressive kit already installed ON the bike, the seller has also included many spares and original OEM parts to go WITH the bike! This deal is starting to sound better and better!

From the seller:
New HRC parts in HRC boxes:
Stock gas tank conversion kit
17″ x 3.75″ Mag front wheel
17″ x 6.25″ Mag rear wheel
Remote oil cooler set
Sprint stator
Clutch set ( I have 2)
Many optional HRC Trans gears
Update swing arm and linkage
Upper radiator
Foam gauge holder and HRC gauges
Aluminum gage holder and front stay
HRC dual muffler set complete
Complete HRC electrical harness including PGIFI controller, HRC battery and battery holder, race ECU and holder box, tach and water temp gauge

Also included with the bike is all stock parts that are bubble wrapped, tagged and bagged:
Stock rear stand
All books and tools including all HRC books and shop manuals
All motor take offs included

So what can you do with all this stuff? What will it sound like? How will it all work? Well, I found this great video of the late Joey Dunlop (February 25, 1952 – July 2, 2000), Order of the British Empire and general RC45 expert. Here he is lapping the Ulster GP circuit during a practice session:

RC45s are solid $25k bikes. Outfitted racebikes with history easily cover the $30k plus range. This bike is somewhat between a collectable, unmodified streetbike and a racebike, as it is modified but has no history. It does, however, come with very desirable mods, many spare pieces, and a clean FL title. This auction is live right now, with the current bid just over $20k. Bidding has been very heavy.

For your chance on the rarest of the rare, . Good luck, and tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!


Ducati May 8, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati Bayliss 998 Race Replica For Sale

2002 Ducati Bayliss 998 Race Replica #376 of 400 for sale!

Location: Louisville, KY
Mileage: 45
Price: $16,000.00

Saturday I was kicking it around at my local Ducati dealership. No, not looking to upgrade the Suzuki, but was looking to pull a quick favor and get my front tire re-balanced so I could ride. While my Q2 was getting balanced I’m chatting it up with Chuck, the local Desmosedici guru, and he’s talking about a few projects that they have going in the shop. One of which is a totally pissed 848 that’s all jacked up with custom made this and custom made that. In total awe of this machine, I ask what they are doing with it and his reply was “Well, we’re getting ready to dyno it in a little bit- you should stick around and hear it.” Obviously, being the bike whore that I am, I decided to cruise around and wait for it to roll up on the dyno.

As I stroll up stairs I’m met by what is without a doubt my favorite Ducati body style- the 998 and it’s a Bayliss Replica! But wait, there’s more….. It only has 45 mile!

-disclaimer- these were shot with my cell phone so don’t blast me.

I posted one of these back in November of last year and I go on and on about clean it is and how it’s my second favorite right behind the Bostrom and that still hold true. But, this one is special in another way because it’s never been titled and is still on the MSO.

The 45 miles on the odometer was put there in 2002 and is the mileage from the dealership to the owners home. I can vouch for the condition and when I say it’s perfect I can say it without a doubt. This one sits in 100% original condition and will make a great addition to any collection.

123hp, Ohlins and Carbon bodywork are just a few of the highlights that make this 998 stand out from the run of the mill 998’s. It’s tough for me to imagine that a motorcycle of this caliber has done nothing except sit for 9 years, but such is the case and who am I to judge what others do with their bikes? I just blog about them…

If you’re interested in getting more information on this one you can contact Tony at 502.568.2666. When you call and speak to him make sure you tell him I sent you so I can have a favor in the waiting 🙂

Oh, and as for that pissed off 848- here’s a little video I shot of it.

I would have taken one of it revving, but I couldn’t cover my ears and record at the same time…. This thing was LOUD!



Ducati March 13, 2011 posted by

Canadian Special: 3 Limited Edition Ducatis

Check out this group of 3 late model Ducati superbikes for sale from the same seller. Heck, throw in a Hailwood & 888 SPO and you’ll have a sweet chronology of Ducati Superbikes. These bikes all appear to be in great condition, so let’s look at them individually.

The 998s Bostrom is especially unique in the lack of miles it has accumulated through the years. Although we have seen a fair amount of Bostrom replicas on RSBFS (here), few have matched the low miles on this example – less than 1,000 miles! Although I love this model and the low mileage on it, the price at $25,000 U.S. dollars seems very optimistic to me.

Ah the forgotten Ducati, the Fila 999R. Most Ducatisti will fondly remember the 916/996 series and most will also admire the handsome 1098/1198, but few cherish the 999. In some ways this bike never had a chance; following the 916 is no easy task. This bike is especially remarkable in that it is brand new – only 8KM! The price is virtually identical to the Bostrom, but this one is NEW.

On to the crown jewel of this trio – the 1098R Bayliss Replica. This bike is also brand new and nothing short of stunning. The Bayliss bike has been crippled from the get go by a weak economy, weak US dollar and aggressive pricing by Ducati. This convergence of factors led to an abundance of new or like new Bayliss bikes, similar to this one, selling way below MSRP right off the showroom floor.

I hope someone goes big and picks up all three.

Check out the listings with contact information below:

2002 Ducati 998 Bostrom

2004 Ducati 999R Fila

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss


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