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Kawasaki August 13, 2013 posted by

Smart Money Series Continued: Kawasaki ZX7-R in Switzerland

What will 1600 $ buy you these days ?  A top of the range exhaust system, a full fairing of your beloved classic Superbike (if you can find it), an original muffler and a few extra bits…or…a little used, low mileage ZX7-R (with all of the above included !). This 1996 classic Kawa could be a great find, once you have removed the layer of dust that covers it. Clearly a sign of “no-use” that matches well with the mileage of the bike of just 22.500 km.


The ZX-7R is one of the most iconic Kawasaki of the modern era, and the best representative of the Ninja family. Let’s not forget that the RR version of this, otherwise great handling super sportster, won a World Superbike Championship back in 1993. The last technical revision (required every 2 years for road driving in Switzerland) was done in 2004 indicating that the bike has potentially been standing for about 7-9 years. It will require a few checks and the replacement of oil, fluids, plugs, battery etc. but at this price, you’ll have plenty of room before you reach the “market price” of similar full stock samples.


Especially if you plan to do the work yourself, this could be a really good deal. ZX-7R sold in plenty, but finding unmolested ones with the original fairing, muffler and indicators is not common. If interested, click on the link below.

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7R in Switzerland


Smart Money Series Continued: Kawasaki ZX7-R in Switzerland
Kawasaki July 28, 2013 posted by

Uncut 1992 Kawasaki ZX7 with Reserve Already Met

1992 Kawasaki ZX7 For Sale

In the latest edition of It’s Going to Sell we have this 1992 Kawasaki ZX7. While not an R model it’s still very unusual to find one in this condition regardless of mileage, let alone 16,500. And since it’s not a display queen and had a recent service, it’s ready to ride. Current bid is $4k and the reserve is off.


1992 Kawasaki ZX7 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

•1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7
•2nd. Owner and in MINT CONDITION
•Very low miles ( 16,500 )
•Never wrecked or dropped
•Just did full service
•New tires
•New brakes
•New oil
•New plugs
•New sprockets and chain
•Tank cleaned
•Carbs cleaned and tuned
•New fork seals
•Original grips

The only thing this bike needs is a new speedometer light… Very easy and cost effective fix… Just needs a bulb… Everything on the bike works MINT and she is a true classic as you can see from the pictures… EXTREMELY CLEAN !!!



Uncut 1992 Kawasaki ZX7 with Reserve Already Met
Sport Bikes For Sale March 28, 2013 posted by

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For $5000 in California

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For Sale

Check out the pictures on this one and you’ll see a well kept 7R. And then when you go back for the details and learn that is has 38k miles, you have to imagine it has had some caring owners to survive this well. Hard to believe that it’s uncut and has most of the original parts. It does have some nice upgrades from stock but they’re all period correct. I like this one at $5k and wish buyers and seller good luck!


1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For Sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R ZX750K
Great condition
38k miles but doesn’t look it
This is the special race model so comes with alloy fuel tank, close ratio gearbox and Mikuni flatslide carbs as standard.

Ohlins shock
Muzzy full exhaust system
Braided brake lines
Forks just serviced
New tires – Dunlop Q2’s
New clutch, brake pads, chain, sprockets.
All fluids just changed.



Aprilia January 11, 2013 posted by

Friday Mailbag! [Tuono Racing, RGV250 SP, 750 F1, ZX-7RR N1]

Happy Friday guys! I found myself with some left over time last night and decided to try and keep the mailbag more current by posting what’s come in this week. I can’t promise it again for next week but I’ll try to stay more on top of this post. Have a good weekend,


Steve has this outstanding 2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing available with less than 2000 miles for $9450 in Los Angeles. Steve is “one of us” as they say and has been a long time RSBFS supporter. Good luck with the sale!

2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing For Sale

I actually spotted this one myself and had to ask Ian if we had posted it previously. To my surprise it’s new to our pages. This plated 1998 Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23 is listed on Craigslist in California for $10k.

1998 Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23 For Sale

John submitted this 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for sale in North Carolina. It has just 3200 miles and carries a $20k price tag.


From Giovanni in Italy, he submits this very sharp Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1 for sale, 4500 EUR (~$6000 USD).

Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1 For Sale

Aprilia October 23, 2012 posted by

October Mega Mailbag! [RC8, RS250, RZ350, VFR400R Rothmans, ZX7R, ZX7, 89 CBR600, VFR400]

Hey guys! It’s been a while to say the least since we last published a post with your submissions. My apologies if your listing has expired or we didn’t get to reply in time — there’s just been too much to do every weekend since forever!

Thanks as always for your emails and thank you for reading!


First up Chris shoot us his 2009 KTM RC8 that has a couple days left on eBay. Buy-it-now is $11k.

Here’s a great looking 1995 Kawasaki ZX-7 for just $4000 in Indiana on eBay.

Brit has emailed to let us know his Aprilia RS250 is available in Nashville for $6500 and with tags.

Peter has emailed us this very yellow Kenny Roberts tribute bike for sale on eBay. Very well written description. Good luck with the sale!

Adam sends us this stunning and original VFR400R Rothmans that has been in storage for 20 years. Check it out on Boston Craigslist for $13995.

John has email us his 2002 Kawasaki ZX7R that is available in Austin for $5400 with just 3500 miles. Good luck with the sale!

Peter spotted this very original looking 1989 Honda CBR600 on for $3k.

Chris forwarded us this spot in Canada for a 1992 Honda VFR400 for just $4200.

Kawasaki September 27, 2012 posted by

Project Season Is Upon Us: 1992 And 1996 Kawasaki ZX7R’s

Project Season Is Upon Us: 1992 And 1996 Kawasaki ZX7R’s

Call them diamonds in the rough or money pits but no matter the name it is time to make room in the garage for the next winter project.  I thought these two ZX7R’s might be a good excuse to hang out in the garage this winter.



Lets begin with the 1996 ZX7RR.  Although it is newer, I’m not so sure it would be the lighter project of the two.  It has had more mods and someone couldn’t keep their hands off the frame.

From the wording of the auction it doesn’t sound like the seller has owned it for long:

 For sale, due to relocation, is a mint ZX7RR from 1996, number 665 out of 1500. This is no longer a standard bike but its best asset is its perfect mechanical condition. Whoever has set up the flat side carbs has done a top job. This bike revs cleanly up to 12000rpms while the slick close ratio gearbox makes sure no speed is lost. OEM suspension still does a very good job and braking is excellent – the Nissin calipers are as good as race Brembos if kept in a good shape. I was planning to upgrade the front brakes but that would be overkill – although the distinctive sound of full floating dics is nice.

As it is, there is nothing to do: all fluids are fresh and the spark plugs were replaced.
For true spirited riding I would suggest to replace the current Dunlop Qualifiers.

As you can see from the pictures, the upper fairing has a big hole on the right side.Otherwise, the lower fairing and seat are in perfect condition.
The OEM part is still available. Following a crash, I suppose, a previous owner replaced the original subframe with a ZX7R one. For those who have any doubts, look at the VIN number, adjustable swingarm and Nissin calipers. This is the real thing. It is a blast to ride on a racetrack or twisty roads.

Low mileage (13386 kilometers) is typical of race homologation bikes. It was always stored indoors and I’m not sure it has ever seen any rain.By the condition  of the rear shock, engine and exhaust, I don’t think so.

It gets the following aftermarket parts:

– Carbon front mudguard
– Carbon rear fender
– Carbon air ducts
– Gilles adjustable rearsets
– Pazzo brake and clutch levers
– Undertray
– Integrated taillight
– New Shorai lithium battery
– Race fuel cap

Comes with the following OEM parts:

– rearsets
– taillight
– chainguard
– front mudguard
– fuel cap

Will give away:

– Spare Zero gravity windshield
– Clymer manual

Boy I’m not a fan of polished frames.  That fad couldn’t have ended fast enough for me.  I must admit, that brake cable routing is rather unique.


It looks like this isn’t the bikes first go around on RSBFS.  We featured it back in 2009 and it had the hole in the fairing back then.  Will the reserve price be modest enough to make this a worth while restoration?

Monitor the auction here.




The 1992 ZX7R might be the true diamond in the rough.

Again, it sounds like this is someone flipping a bike:

A 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R, or model K2 bike, with less than 8K miles.  This ZX7R has a Carbon Fiber Muzzy Exhaust with ceramic headers, flush mounted blinkers and a tinted windscreen.  It also has brand new Continental Conti-Attack tires front and back. 

This bike was stripped down and finished in Aston Martin Titanium Silver Metallic.  Not sure why the Green was done over, but hey it is what it is, and still a 1992 K model R underneath the paint.
I would call the overall repaint a 7 out of 10.  Not perfect, pretty decent though and looks slick/unique.  Some imperfections and a small nick or scrape here or there, but looks good.  All badges/stickers removed.  Definitely safe to say THIS ZX7R K2 is one of a kind & the only one around, haha.





Anyone like the silver more than Kawasaki racing green/blue?  I didn’t think so.  Owners out there;  if you get the over whelming urge to paint your bike;  buy a second set of bodywork.   If you are lucky enough to own a limited production bike save every darn thing, down to the fasteners, you change.  You will be glad you did when you decide to sell.


To bad we can’t see it with the bodywork off because it looks like it might be quite stock mechanically.  Who’s done a ZX7R restore lately?  Is sourcing parts becoming a problem?


There is some interest in the auction but the reserve has yet to be met.  What’s it worth as a project bike?

Click it for the auction.





Kawasaki May 24, 2012 posted by

Ninja Glory: Low Mileage 1994 Kawasaki ZX7

Location: Houston, TX

Miles: 2,644

Price: Currently $5,000 with No Reserve

You can’t mention early 90’s sport bikes with out thinking of the Kawasaki Ninja, or at least I can’t. Plastered in unmistakable green and blue graphics with some hot-pink and purple logos, the ZX-7 was the penultimate Kawi back in ’94. Here is your chance to own one with very low miles and in excellent condition.

The ZX-7 up for grabs here is as stock as they come. The only modification is the rear seat cowl and the original piece is included in the sale. There isn’t even the common Muzzy exhaust upgrade here! Though it isn’t the more sought after “R” version, this is still a killer bike with plenty of performance and nostalgia to offer its new owner. Plus, you won’t have to pay a premium for it’s homologated and temperamental brother.

From the seller:

Classic and perfect example of a COLLECTOR GRADE ZX-7. It still has the new bike smell when you fire it!!!

100% stock except the addition of a Lockhart solo seat cover. Passenger seat is included.

Complete with owners manual, and tool kit.

Fresh tires.

Battery Tender Jr included.

No dissapointments. Eventhough it is a collector example, it is current for road use, and gets fired weekly.

Bike for sale locally as well so auction may end at anytime.

In ’94, the ZXR had seen a few years of being on the road, and Kawasaki had been able to figure out some issue and refine the bike. This made the ZX-7 one of the top performers in its class. Now you have a chance to own one if you missed out on it back in the day. You probably won’t find a cleaner and lower mileage example, so don’t miss your chance. IfKawasakiis listening, please bring this livery to new bikes! Check out the auction here and get it before it’s gone!


Kawasaki April 12, 2012 posted by

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R M1 Homologation Special

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R M1

Location: Brighton, CO
Mileage: 15,121
Price: $3,000 current bid at time of writing

Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

What was that you ask? That is eBay’s used vehicle description for all used motor vehicles. Hold on a second and we’ll come back to this-

From the seller:

Up for auction is this 1994 Kawasaki ZX-7R Ninja. The bike does need some tlc but it is the rare M vin race replica edition. The M model came with a lot of Kawasaki factory race parts installed on it. The engine has higher compression, bigger cams, 39mm flat slide carbs, a close ratio 6 speed transmission and a slipper clutch. It has fully adjustable front and rear suspension with a remote reservoir rear shock and an adjustable swing arm. This model also comes with a factory solo seat and an aluminum fuel tank. This bike has 15121 miles on it. It sat for a while so it could probably use a good tune up. It has a Vance & Hines exhaust system on it. It looks like it has been laid over before but it didn’t get the seat cowl. I believe the fairing is the same as the L model so it shouldn’t be that hard to round up or you can buy new ones at bike bandit. The blinkers are missing but the wiring is still there. Please look at all of the photos before bidding. This is a really neat older sport bike that is a piece of Kawasakis racing history.

I agree with the seller 100% and then some, but I couldn’t help but chuckle just a little at “It looks like it has been laid over before, but it didn’t get the seat cowl.” Nonetheless, it is rare and by my dealings on the M models have been the most elusive of Kawasaki’s Homologation models.

Now getting back to the eBay used vehicle statement- The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

1. The bike has been down and the condition of the exterior shows this.
2. See the sellers photos for full disclosure

Yes, it’s been around the block and may have paid a visit to the curb… or two, but as I mentioned here exactly 1 billion times before- My beloved zx7r Ninja Turtles are awesome machines and beneath the rough exterior lies one bad ass machine!

I know we have a few Ninja whores that follow the site and all of them will be able to see the potential that this M1 has to offer…. well, except our long time follower Joey. Heck, I bet our buddy from Nebraska could whip this one into shape in no time and have it on display before his next bike show.

Yes, parts are hard to find. Yes, I know that it looks like all body parts look to have been touched by the curb with exception to the front and rear fender, but you have to look beyond those minor details. I don’t think this would be a Barber display piece, but it could definitely be a bitch’n ride for a bald, mullet sporting, beer gutted fella such as myself. If I only had a few extra Benjamins lying around…

So, you fancy a cracking, old school repli-racer and have a few extra hours to kill? Step right up because this one can be had for a scant $3,001.00 +shipping and handling.

Check out the numerous other pictures and put your money down here


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