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Honda March 4, 2014 posted by

1988 Honda RC30 VFR750R HRC Kitted Race Bike!

Update 3.4.2014: When this bike was first listed in January, it passed it’s reserve of $26.5k and went on to sell for $38.6k. Unfortunately that sale has fallen through and it’s back on eBay. Considering there were at least 5 bidders after reserve had been met, it should be interesting to see where it ends this time. Links updated. -dc

1988 Honda RC30 for sale

It’s hard to know where to start with something this special. An RC30 with all the goods, arguably one of the most collectable bikes of it’s era. It has provenance from period racing, it has the unobtainable race kit parts, and it’s fresh out storage after 18 years. It appears in a couple of AHRMA races last year after being refreshed and promptly finds itself at the top of the podium. Bidding has been brisk with just a day passed so far and 9 days remaining. What’s your fantasy bid for this once in a lifetime opportunity?


1988 Honda RC30 HRC for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Bought in Canada in the winter of 1987, Dr. Dave Kieffer, a privateer AMA Pro Racer who was also a pioneering orthopedic surgeon wanted to get the jump on the competition by ordering Honda’s newest Superbike weapon for the 1988 AMA Superbike Racing class by buying a Canadian model of the new hand-built HRC Honda RC30 in the hopes of readying it for Daytona Bike Week in March of 1988. Unbeknownst to him, Honda chose not homologate the bike in the USA until 1990, making his new RC30 ineligible for 1988 AMA Superbike competition.

Without homologation, the RC30 was ineligible to race in AMA Superbike until 1990, finding himself saddled with this new weapon, Dr. Kieffer then set his sights on competing in the AMA EBC Endurance Series in the GTO class and ordered the HRC race kit and had his team of former Honda Factory mechanics prepare the bike for the first 3 hour race of the 1989 AMA series in Daytona. Doc then went about recruiting a group of leading privateers and formed his new endurance team; The Rough Stock Racing Honda All-Stars. Over the course of the 1989 series, The All-Stars consisted of: Dr. Kieffer, John Ashmead, Rueben McMurter, Randy Renfrow, and Doug Brauneck.

In the first race of the 1988 season at Daytona, the team of McMurter, Kieffer and Ashmead came in 2nd to Dave Schlosser’s Dutchman Racing, multi-time Endurance Racing Champions, placed 3rd at Rd Atlanta, 1st at New Hampshire, 4th at Daytona in October and placed 5th in the year-end GTO standings competing against big horsepower teams using 1000’s and 1100’s.

In 1990 Honda the RC30 was homologated and became eligible for AMA Superbike competition. The bike was updated with Honda’s latest “HRC factory- team spec” components by Ray Farrow and Dennis Zickrick, former Honda Factory team mechanics and was raced from ’89-92 by Dr. Kieffer in AMA Superbike Championship and the FIM World Superbike rounds at Brainerd, MN and Mosport Park, Canada . Doc was given assistance in parts and modifications by American Honda and numerous factory-backed racers, race teams and Honda own factory team who were friendly with Dr. Kieffer because he helped so many injured racers return to action as soon as safely possible. Fred Merkel was particularly helpful to Dr. Kieffer and help Doc get all the latest mods from the Rumi Racing’s RC30 World Super Bike team.

The bike was retired from racing in 1993 and properly prepared for storage where it would sit for the next 18 years. Because the bike was so well maintained and prepared, the bike was easily re-awakened over the winter of 2012-13 and thoroughly race-prepared by International Motorbikes of Hickory, NC. The bike was then entered in the Road America AHRMA Next Generation Superbike event where it placed 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday with Harry Vanderlinden riding. At AHRMA’s Barber Vintage Events in October the RC30 was again entered in Next Gen Superbike and won on Saturday and placed 2nd on Sunday, again with Vanderlinden at the controls.

The bike is currently race ready and is more than capable of winning the AHRMA 2014 Next Gen Superbike Championship and is eligible for numerous Vintage events around the world including The Isle of Man Classic and the Phillip Island Classic.

The bike comes a spare set of painted bodywork and both a front and rear HRC Magnesium wheel with rotors. A very extensive spares package is available separately which include enough spares to keep you racing for years and year.

Engine: Fully HRC-kitted, magnesium cases and sump, Rumi Team baffle and oil pickup, HRC titanium exhaust, HRC Pistons, HRC Titanium rods, Ti valves, HRC valve springs and Ti retainers, HRC Airbox, FCR Flat-slide Carburetors, HRC ignition, HRC clip-ons etc.

Chassis: HRC Swingarm, HRC Forks, HRC Fork internals, HRC degree-adjustable triple trees, HRC rear Shock and Spring

Brakes: Nissan/HRC calipers, master cylinders and full floating rotors with stainless lines

Wheels: HRC Magnesium, Front-3.50 X 17, Rear 6.0 X 17

Tires: Michelin Power Race Slicks



1988 Honda RC30 VFR750R HRC Kitted Race Bike!
Honda March 2, 2014 posted by

1990 Honda RC30 available in Puerto Rico

1990 Honda RC30 for sale

Whenever something as special as an RC30 comes up for sale close to home, I always feel an obligation to make sure our readers have seen it too. From the few photos available, it looks pretty solid. But the description is vague at best for a collectible machine like this, especially with a $26k buy-it-now price on a 32k mile example. Not to mention this is the seller’s first eBay rodeo with zero feedback. There are a lot of questions I’d want to ask before even considering making an offer. But as with many collectable objects, the story could be pretty interesting too and I’d want to hear what the owner has to say. He also has on auction what looks like a track sorted Honda CBR1000RR and a Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited replica up for sale right now as well.


1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay

1990 Honda RC30 available in Puerto Rico
Honda December 19, 2013 posted by

Brand New Honda RC30 Bol d’Or in Australia?

Honda RC30 Bol d'Or for sale

On our Facebook page last night, I asked what should be posted this morning. We got a lot of interesting suggestions but the winner was the link to this 1988 Honda RC30 in Australia. The listing is very thin with just one picture and no description summary. The data field for odometer reading is 0. It’s very clean from the one picture but I would think if it was brand new it would have dozens of photos to inspect and a detailed description to document it’s authenticity. I’d also expect a lot higher price tag than $35k AUD (~$31k USD). Finally I see it has the Bol d’Or decals which I believe makes it French market RC30. These are less restricted right?

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions,


Honda RC30 on

Brand New Honda RC30 Bol d’Or in Australia?
Honda November 11, 2013 posted by

For The Few Who Can Appreciate What Motor Sports Has To Offer: Two Honda RC30’s (VFR750R) Down Under

spencer tag

rc rightAussie RSBFS intern Chris has come through again.  It is apparently raining RC30’s in Australia and he found the proof.

The info on number one:

My RC30 is one of the finest you will find anywhere. I have meticulously restored it to showroom condition and it is both mechanically and visually almost perfect. It is completely original with all fairing panels and components being OEM. All alloy parts have been refinished and look like the day is was released. I have it club registered, however up until last year it was fully registered and is roadworthy. It was a JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) and was imported to Australia in around 2002. I have appropriate engineering certification for registration, however if you plan to club register it, this is not necessary. The bike comes with the original tool kit and Sharp HRC replica RC30 stand, and Honda bike cover. It also comes with a spare after market belly pan painted in OEM colours. It is rare to find an RC30 in this condition, as many are quite ratty close up – but not this one. The closer you get, the better it is. I am a classic bike collector and have another RC30, so that’s why I’m selling this one. If you’re wanting a classic, a top notch RC30, you should go no further than this example.
rc left

It’s got a BIN of $28,000 Australian

Click to see it.

spencer rightWow, how much can paint change a bike!?  It apparently was one of a small run of bikes painted this way by a Japanese dealer.

Read on:

The real deal the Honda RC30 built solely for WSB racing. This is a No Reserve auction and it this price it will sell – this bike will appreciate in value!
This is from the first batch Honda produced (Japan model) with a very rare and unique Freddie Spencer tribute paint scheme. The quality of the paint is OEM and from what my research has told me a small batch were produced by a large Japanese dealer for select customers. At this listed price you could return it to original RC30 Red White & Blue which was my original plan but after seeing the paint scheme in the flesh I prefer it and decided to keep as is…..
The bike has been fully de-restricted with EU spec ECU and other necessary changes to meet full EU / Aust power specs. The bike is in excellent condition with only minor stone chips. I have fitted a full titanium Ladybird race exhaust system (photos with lower fairing off show quality) that give the V4 a very unique sound – a $2,200 investment alone.
Pics of the engine casing show that there is absolutely no crash damage to support no racing history (a rarity on RC30’s) and whilst I have had this bike in my collection for several years I have only done 100km of riding (I should be shot for that) as it has taken pride of place in the house. 
The RC30 is currently unregistered but would only require a road worthy and maybe a new battery to have it on the road in no time. Would also recommending fitting exhaust tap to the headers given the heat generation (will provide tap for free)


spencer exhaustspencer canThe “Ladybird” exhaust.  That has got to be a Japanese company with a name like that.
spencer left
The bidding on this one is starting at $17,500 Australian.

Click to see it.



If you haven’t found it already, here is an excellent site for you RC30 needs.



For The Few Who Can Appreciate What Motor Sports Has To Offer:  Two Honda RC30’s (VFR750R) Down Under
Moriwaki November 1, 2013 posted by

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No! Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame

Yes! Some Suzuka 8 Hour tech (circa 1990) to make your RC30 that much cooler.

Yes, it is the real deal.  I wonder how many were made.

Yes, I’m still excited about it.  Too my amateur eye it looks more robust.   RC30/Moriwaki experts;  point out the differences from OEM for me.

Oh no!!!!  Yeah, she has a slight imperfection.  Mr. Welder; is that even salvageable?  Worth buying or not, I thought it was a cool item to see and I have to thank Dan RC for sharing the link with us on our Facebook page.

Click for the auction.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No!  Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame
Honda October 28, 2013 posted by

Money Pit? Headache? Great Deal? 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 Project

Normally we wouldn’t bother with a non running bike with a single picture but not every project bike is a VFR750R,  now is it?

You know what they are and how much they sell for so lets get the story:

Bike is complete. Was disassembled by Honda mechanic to repair spun bearing. The tech was unfamiliar with this model and the bike was pulled from the shop. It has been stored inside and has only 1400 miles on it. As any motorcycle enthusiast knows this is an extremely rare find. Please note the vin#. This bike is #35 in production. Never raced. Need to be reassembled by proper technician. All parts for repair and assembly included, minus marcesinni wheel, it has stock wheels on it now.

Get out that calculator, talk to your friends in the know and make that decision: money pit or great deal?
It’s got a $17,500 BIN and a best offer option.

The listing is right here.


Money Pit? Headache? Great Deal?  1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 Project
Honda September 26, 2013 posted by

RC30 Madness: Choose One (Switzerland)

Here we have two Rc30s. The most special one is a true rarity, as it is a new bike! I love the ad saying “New… is new ! no pictures needed…”

Honda RC30 new in Switzerland

This rare example is obviously looking for a collector. What’s the asking price ? It is 40.000 CHF = just short of 44.000 $

As we don’t come across a new VFR750R very often, I reckon the asking price is aligned to the current market. If you are a collector this might the right one for you !

Form the same seller, comes a very usable and equally sexy low mileage RC30 kitted with a full Termignoni system (a rarity on its own) and a rear 17″ wheel:

Honda RC30 with 16900 km in Switzerland


Both the original larger diameter wheel and the Honda exhaust system are included in the price. With just 16900 km, the asking price is set at 23.000 CHF = about 25000 $. I have been watching this second model for a few weeks since the middle of the summer. The price seems to go a bit up and down. I believe I have seen this varying between 19.000 CHF and 21.000 CHF but now for some reason, it went up to 23.000 CHF. I guess I should have bought it earlier…The thing is that here in Switzerland, there are about 6-7 RC30s on sale and the prices seem to have increased somewhat as the biking season comes to an end. This clearly goes against the natural trend of lower prices in winter. I always recommend to look for a bike in winter, as the offer is usually high and prices are more negotiable. I guess this doesn’t really apply to RC30s and their potential customers. Winter is on our doorstep here, in the morning I ride through thick fog, cleaning my visor from the condensation with the dirty gloves every 300m…

On the other hand I am sure that soon a bunch of exciting rare sport bikes will come to the surface at interesting prices, I guess this simply doesn’t apply to models so much sought after like the Honda RC30 and RC45…



RC30 Madness: Choose One (Switzerland)
Honda August 26, 2013 posted by

French Specification Honda RC30 For Sale

Honda RC30 For Sale

Probably the #1 RSBFS fan favorite is the Honda RC30. This example is for sale in Canada and isn’t the usual museum queen we usually see. This one has nearly 12k miles and has it’s share of flaws. It’s been on eBay for a few days yet bidding hasn’t even reached $5k (edit: 12 hours later, bidding has jumped to $14k). While it’s clearly not going to meet reserve that low, this could be an opportunity to get a fixer for not much cash. The seller’s description seems to indicate he’s aware of it’s flaws. Maybe the reserve matches…


Honda RC30 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Very Rare and collectible hand built by Honda homologation Race bike

French spec complete with Rare Bol D’or insignia

Legally imported by me from France 2.5 years ago complete with original documentation and correct import papers

I will assist with shipping and will crate if need be at buyers cost

very low mileage at 18,900 kms

it runs perfectly and would either make a good restoration base with paint or an occasional rider (if you are feeling brave) I would get the paint done but cash is tight so the bike is priced with this in mind

there is also a small shallow dent in the top rear of the gas tank

overall the bike is in good condition a few scratches here and therebut more significantly the bike was driven off a curb and crunched the bellypan also the previous owner in their wisdom installed crappy aftermarket indicators (it appears that fairings were drilled)there are numerous paint chips on the fairings and a paint blister on the seatand the exhaust tailpipe has a stress fracture this can be welded


French Specification Honda RC30 For Sale

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