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Ducati June 11, 2015 posted by

Head fake? 2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited edition


We have written before about the Ducati 999 series, with most posts commenting about how a lot of people (myself included) didn’t particularly like the 999 when it came out.  The looks were a bit oddball in comparison to its 916/996 predecessor, with a full front fairing and a stubby rear.  Also while the 999 was the debut of a new and significantly improved engine for the Ducati models available to the public, the 999 also required major servicing every two years via a 14 hour workshop effort to replace the cambelts, fork oil, fluids etc.

In typical fashion for Ducati there were multiple versions of the 999 over its lifespan, including a somewhat bland-looking standard and S models which sold in great numbers, commemorative editions in which the only real difference was looks and a top-level nearly race-replica edition.

In this case we have a Ducati 999s Parts Unlimited edition, which falls into the middle of the 999 lineup.

999s 8

2007 Ducati 999s Parts Unlimited edition on ebay

The 999S Parts Unlimted edition is a bit of a head fake; it looks like a true race replica but upgrades were actually limited to suspension, a different front brake caliper and an engine that gives only 3 more horsepower than the standard 999.   Each bike was signed by Ducati team members Neil Hodgson and Ben Bostrom but the bike’s tech didn’t include any of the true race track items such as carbon fiber bodywork that the FILA Race/R edition offered.


While only 150 Parts Unlimited editions were built but all were sold in the USA.  Perhaps that why the 999 Parts Unlimited edition seems to come up for sale every few years (the last one we had on RSBFS was back in 2013) but isnt really considered in the USA to be a truly rare sportbike.

This one looks like it is owned by a collector who wants to move off it.


The seller’s ad contains lots of standard Ducati marketing language but doesn’t provide much detailed info about the condition of this particular bike.  Here is what the seller has to say:

  • 2007 Ducati 999s with only 253 miles.
  • All stock, no aftermarket parts installed. 
  • Minor blemish on right hand mirror and exhaust shield. 
  • Perfect for a collector or someone who wants a new 999


So now we come to the question of whether this pristine 999S Parts Unlimited edition is worth the asking price of $15,000 USD?   In my opinion the price is close to proper value, maybe a bit high.   Previous posts of the 999S Parts Unlimited edition seem to show a price trending around $11,500-$13,000 USD for lightly used versions and anyone who buys this bike will likely need to expend some monies on services, including tires, fluid, probably a battery and would certainly be smart to check with the seller regarding whether the big services such as belts have been completed.

One final note:  I doubt the 999 Parts Unlimited edition will undergo dramatic price appreciation anytime in the near future. While most people find the Parts Unlimited and FILA versions of the 999 to be significantly better looking than the standard 999 and only 150 were produced, the Parts Unlimited version isn’t high on most collectors lists…it seems to elicit the same level of desire among collectors as another “middle-child” Ducati, the 748L Nieman Marcus edition.  I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising; both are mechanically a mostly standard-edition bike that come with significant upgrades in appearance.


Head fake?  2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited edition
Honda March 14, 2015 posted by

V4 Perfection: 1997 Honda RC45

Beautiful 1997 Honda RC45 on eBay UK

$_57 (5)

Honda’s stunning RC45 was never intended for the masses. It was built to win on the racetrack and it did just that. Maybe not to the level of Ducati’s domination, but it still had plenty of success. The RC45 was able to win one World Superbike Championship with John Kocinski and a pair of AMA Superbike Championships with Miguel Duhamel and Ben Bostrom in the saddle. While it wasn’t a horsepower monster, it was laden with high tech goodies like titanium rods, ceramic lined cylinder walls and lots of cast magnesium parts.

$_57 (7)

Total production numbers remain a bit of a mystery but we do know that only 50 of them came over to the US and 20 of those went to privateer race teams. So it definitely fits the “Rare” definition of this website. They were also extremely pricey with an MSRP of approximately $32,000. A few years ago, you might have found a used one close to $20,000 however those days are long gone and prices are now surpassing the original MSRP for clean examples. As everybody knows, I’m a fan of riding my bikes, but with the hefty price tag, the appreciating value and the cost and scarcity of replacement parts… this is one that I might just be too nervous to actually enjoy.

The seller doesn’t go into a lot of detail about the actual motorcycle, but includes the overview quoted below. If you want more details or you just want to watch the auction, you can check it out here: 1997 Honda RC45 on eBay UK


$_57 (6)

Mike M.

V4 Perfection:  1997 Honda RC45
Ducati February 1, 2015 posted by

Just Your Average Ducati (Wink, Wink): 1984 Scuderia N.C.R 600 Pantah

Update:  Last posted in Jan of 2014 by Ian, it’s back and the buy-it-now is now set at $37500 but offers are being accepted – Marty/Dallaslavowner


ncr right

Ians post

Do we have any Monty Python fans that can give me a wink, wink; nudge, nudge, that this is just an average Ducati. All I can say is, “What a damn cool little bike.”

NCR is still around and somehow still gets more wow out of what the Ducati engineers started. It’s about time to exit the ultra plush RSBFS offices stage left so the seller is going to tell you the story on NCR and the 600 Pantah (by the way, he knows a hell of a lot more than me about them):

Many sucessful race bikes were made. These bikes were ridden by the likes of Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari in the 1972 Imola 200. Salvador Cannellas and Benjamin Grau in the Barcelona 24 hour. Vanes Francini and Mauro Ricci in the Italian Regions T.T, Wayne Gardner and Freddy Spencer. Doug Polen won two World Superbike titles in 1991 and 1992, and Ben Bostroms World Superbike title in 2000. Prehaps the most famous race bike was the Steve Wynne, Sports Motorcycles / Scuderia N.C.R 900 Formula 1 machines ridden by Mike Hailwood in his fairey tale comeback in the 1978 Isle of Man T.T Formula 1 race.

ncr left rear

The history of the model:

After the sucessful career of the 1970s bevel drive N.C.R 900 series bikes. They turned their attention to the new for 1980 belt drive Pantah based machines. About 30 600cc T.T. F2 machines were built by Scuderia N.C.R., including another T.T winning Steve Wynne, Sports Motorcycles ridden by Tony Rutter. These bikes were later replicated by Steve and Lester Harris at Harris Performance, and Roy Thursby and sold as Moto Vecchia. Copying is after all the most sincerist form of flatery.

After the chromoly steel framed bikes were built. In 1982 Scuderia N.C.R. turned their attention to the then ‘state of the art’ alloy tubing. They commisioned Ducati frame builder Verlicchi, and were called Aluframes. A total of just seven frames were built.

These were sold as either ‘frame only’ or ‘race kit’ or ‘road kit’. Two were sold as ‘frame only’. Both were built into inexpensive club racers. One is in Belgium #40, the other in California #394. Two were sold as ‘race kits’. One is in Italy and looks fantastic as an endurance racer #9. The other is in Australia and hasn’t been assembled or used. Three were sold as ‘road kits’. One is in Italy and looks somewhat simular to mine. The other is in Australia and looks strange with it’s blue painted frame and wheels, dual seat and quiet canister exhaust. To see pictures of the others, visit and search NCR.

ncr front

And the info on the bike itself:

This Scuderia N.C.R 600 Pantah was first registered in 1984. The weight is just 357 Pounds (162 Kilograms). The condition is excelent, and the build quality is superb. The only minor flaw is a small dent in the N.C.R stamped exhaust system. It is also missing the rear view mirror. Make no mistake, this is the only chance you will ever have to own a genuine Scuderia N.C.R road bike. I believe this is the best of the three that have been built. The frame number reflects the original donor bike. The title is foriegn. I am selling the bike for the widow of my late friend. Expert crating is available for overseas customers. Viewing welcomed with pick up service from Nashville airport.

ncr top

Here is the auction.


Just Your Average Ducati (Wink, Wink): 1984 Scuderia N.C.R 600 Pantah
Ducati November 25, 2014 posted by

Fa-la-la-la FILA: 2004 999R FILA


Over the last 20 years Ducati seems to have focused on a 3-segment strategy for their bikes;  a tiny top segment of unobtanium level technical masterpieces such as the SuperMono or Desmosedeci, a big general segment of standard level bikes such as the Monster for the masses and in the middle, a segment comprised of limited edition bikes that are produced in small numbers and combine the standard bike with some of the unobtainum technology.   The limited edition bikes can range between mere paint schemes such as the Senna 749 to close to race replica “R” bikes with big technical differences between them and the standard bike.


2004 Ducati 999R FILA edition for sale on ebay

Here we have a 2004 999R FILA edition.  The FILA edition 999R was produced by Ducati in 2004 to celebrate its 200th win in the World Superbike Championship and was a limited edition production run of 200 special versions of the Ducati 999R in the official 2003 FILA livery. For anyone not familiar with the 999R, it had some big changes over the standard 999S, including full carbon fibre body work, lightweight engine internals, different injectors, a lighter crank and a bigger bore all which added up to about  another 40HP. The 999R also had lighter front and rear subframes, and Ohlins front and rear suspension.


Now I know a  lot of people (myself included) didn’t particularly like the 999 look when it came out.  Compared to the 916/996 predecessor it looked disjointed with full bodywork at the front and almost none at the rear.  Also, some said it was a case of overbranding and to be honest, Ducati has been known to make some odd branding/limited edition production decisions (such as this scooter). However, over the last ten years the 999R FILA edition seems to have won over most people. Comments on the Ducati forum and overheard at bike nights seem to confirm that most people think the FILA bodywork makes the 999R look great, although more than a few comments have been made against the two different wheel colors.


So what is this 999R Fila worth?  Well it only has 6050 miles,  it doesn’t appear to have been modified, and its #80 of 200. The asking price of almost 15k seems to be inline with previous listings on RSBFS and KBB, although KBB seems less reliable for limited edition bikes.  So if a 999R is one your list for father Christmas and you are on the west coast of the USA, this might be a good opportunity.  Guess it depends on how naughty you have been… 🙂


Fa-la-la-la FILA:   2004 999R FILA
Sport Bikes For Sale August 2, 2014 posted by

Sweet Loris: 1995 Aprilia RS 250 Loris Reggiani Factory RS250 race replica

I had a long post written up about how almost every motorcycle company creates a limited edition bike to celebrate a successful rider, how this can result in anything from a Hailwood MHR to a Bostrom 998, etc, etc.   But then my girl told me I was being overly loquacious (one of the risks of dating someone who got 1600 on her SAT’s I guess) so here is the short version.

Here we have a 1995 Loris Reggiani 250 race replica, #485 out of 500 produced.   Loris Reggiani was the motorcycle racer who brought Aprilia their first 250CC MotoGp championship win, a win which occurred at the Misano track in Italy and which paved the way for a cascade of triumphs including 52 World Championships in the last 22 years.  So to summarize, an italian motorcycle company had its first championship win, does it with an italian rider, it occurs at an italian racetrack, and it launches a multi-decade run of success?  How could they not issue a commemorative bike?

loris 3

1995 Aprilia 250 Loris Regiani Replica

This particular bike was listed previously on RSBFS but by a different seller so it looks like the new owner has decided to part ways with it. The previous post about this bike on RSBFS  provides good info about why this bike is special and I am not going to repeat it here, click on the link directly above if you are interested.

loris 4 loris 5

I think this bike will appeal to both collectors and someone who would use it as a regular rider.  Previously the bike sold for about %7,500 USD and I am thinking it will reach that number again.


On a personal note, I will be bidding.



Kawasaki July 17, 2014 posted by

Talk Like a Pirate – Arrrr! 2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7RR


When it comes to Ninjas, the Double R model of the ZX-7 is the one that is closest to the racing variety. Like its homologation brethren (think RC30, RC45, OW01, OW02), the ZX-RR was an up-rated ZX-7 meant to end up in the hands of racers. Weight was reduced by some six and a half pounds. Carb duties are handled by a brace of four Keihin flat-slides; Kawasaki homologated both 41mm and 39mm carbs (neither which work particularly well on the street). Steering angle is adjustable (25mm to 24mm, with a commensurate -5mm change in trail), crank cases were beefed up and flywheel weight was increased to improve tractability. The close-ratio six-speed gearbox is geared slightly taller than ordinary ZX-7 models. These are reasonably rare machines, and certainly not fabricated “Limited Edition” bikes ala Ducati. This particular example is available in Auckland, New Zealand win a BIN of $15k.


2001 Kawasaki ZX-7RR for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Don’t confuse this with the regular ZX-7R road model, as it is the “full fat” competition version. The ZX-7RR was produced from 1996 to 2003 and was raced, with some success, gaining 12 AMA championship victories. Kawasaki’s team riders were Eric Bostrom, Doug Chandler and Scott Russell.

The front suspension found on the ZX-7RR comprises a fully adjustable 43mm inverted cartridge fork. Front brakes are 320mm semi-floating front discs and Nissin six-piston calipers. Rear brakes feature a 230mm disc with a twin-piston opposed caliper.

The ZX-7RR differs from the ZX-7R road model with an adjustable head-stock angle, swing arm pivot, additional increased adjustability to the front and rear suspension, a solo cowl with a slightly different subframe, and 41mm flat-slide carbs. It also has a close ratio gear-box fitted as standard.

These machines don’t come up for sale very often, we have’nt seen one in this condition for several years and therefore they are highly sought after. This rare example JKAZX750NNA001281 has travelled just 4,900 km or 3,100 miles from new and is in near showroom condition, inspecting it we doubt it has ever been out in the rain.



Talk Like a Pirate – Arrrr!  2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7RR
Ducati March 1, 2014 posted by

1999 Ducati 996SPS #388 Available in California

Update 3.1.2014: We first spotted this SPS in October of last year and it’s back 6 months later for spring. Links updated. -dc

1999 Ducati 996SPS for sale

If the 998S Bayliss posted on Saturday gets you fired up over it’s looks, perhaps something more subdued like this 996SPS fits the bill. The SPS was the top dog in 1999 and some of it’s upgrades include a stronger motor, uprated suspension, solo tail, and of course the 5 spoke rims. This one has been relisted once with no sale but wears a mere $10,500 price tag. And it has a video to go with, see below.


1999 Ducati 996SPS for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This is a very clean and original example of a ’99 Ducati 996 SPS with only 16k miles on the clock (I am the second owner). Recent valve and belts service with new Bridgestone Battlax 016 tires — I have only ridden the bike 50 miles since I got it late last year. The fork and shock have also been serviced.

This is a straight and original 996SPS with big CPU box, carbon fiber air box and bigger generator only found on the SPS models. The VIN number also indicates it as a true SPS, I had it checked out with Ducati USA before I bought it. The 996SPS also came with a special race motor package making more power than the other models — this was as good as from the Ducati show rooms back in ’99! Chances are if you’re looking at this bike, you know what it is.



1999 Ducati 996SPS #388 Available in California
Ducati June 27, 2013 posted by

5 Noteworthy Ducati’s Available Right Now!

Since there’s been so much push back on Ducati’s this year, I figured rather than have separate entries for each of these they’d all share one big post together. Let’s start with dessert first:

1995 Ducati 916 Corsa Factory Racebike For Sale

1995 Ducati 916/955 Corsa Factory Customer Racebike For Sale on eBay

from the seller’s website:

As part of a larger collection of rare and high end Italian Motorcycles we have been asked to sell is a full-on Factory Ducati Race Bike. This 1995 Ducati 916/955 Corsa 916/ Racer Customer bike, vin# ZDM9165*004192*, 1 of 31, was built by Ducati for private use and sold here by Eraldo Ferracci in 1995. It was campaigned in California from 1995-1997 by it’s present owner. The bike won AFM Open Twins and California State Championship in the Open Twins Class in 1997 and is as raced condition today. The bike required a new fuel pump to start, but Hansen’s BMW of Medford, Oregon was able to locate the parts and be successful in bringing this very rare piece of Ducati race history back to mechanical life recently. A couple of interesting facts about the bike. There is no starter on the bike, it requires an external starting engine which is included with the bike. The other amazing fact is that it weighted 342 Pounds with a full tank of fuel as measured at Buttonwillow in 1996.

How about a Bayliss 998S with just 39 miles?

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss For Sale

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss For Sale on eBay

Or a Bostrom 998S with 6700 miles:

Ducati 998S Bayliss For Sale

Ducati 998S Bostrom for sale on eBay

from the seller:

This is a 2002 Ducati 998s Ben Bostrom limited edition super bike. It is built to commemorate Ben Bostrom’s 998 and is signed by him on the gas tank with a clear coat on top. There were only 150 of these built. This is number 115.

Unlike the Troy Bayliss edition with 400 produced, the Ben Bostrom edition is much more rare and only seen in magazines or online. I’ve never seen one on the road or at exhibitions.

This bike is totally fresh with a new lithium battery, brand new tires and fluids. Belts are fresh and everything is stock except the exhaust which is a Marving Carbon. I have the original system as well. Some of the stock highlights are carbon fairings, Ohlins forks, Ohlins rear and Ohlins steering damper.

Continuing with the low mileage theme is the 2001 996 with 1100 miles:

2001 Ducati 996 For Sale

2001 Ducati 996 For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

I have for sale a beautiful, almost brand new Ducati 996 superbike with only 1082 miles! I just had the brake fluid flushed, oil change and the clutch fluid changed. This bike is in mint condition! It is very fast and handles better than any bike I’ve ever ridden. You will not be disappointed with this motorcycle! Marchesini wheels, Ohlins rear shock and Showa front shocks. All stock except a carbon fiber tank guard on the tank.

And finally, the original 916 with 1700 miles:

1996 Ducati 916 For Sale

1996 Ducati 916 For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

You are bidding on a 1996 Ducati 916 Super Bike with only 1700 Original Miles, I have owned this motorcycle since new and it has been in heated storage (my house) for its entire life

Good luck to buyers and sellers!


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