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Honda April 29, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2000 Honda RVT1000R / RC51

Update 8.10.2022: SOLD! -dc

Dissatisfied with the 1990’s WSBK rulebook, Honda channeled their inner Borgo Panigale and surprised Ducati on their own V-twin turf. RSBFS reader Joe started with an excellent RC51 in storage, and went over it with an eye on the long haul.

2000 Honda RVT1000R / RC51 asking $13,500

More oriented toward the track than the previous Firestorm, the RC51 was built to homologate the design for racing, with the quite oversquare 996cc tuned for 136 hp and 77 ft.-lbs. of torque.  The alloy twin-beam chassis used the engine as a load-carrying stiffener, and the side-venting rads kept frontal area low.  A scoop between the headlights delivered fresh air to the engine, and individual exhausts sent used air aft.  Components on the homologation special included the 320mm Nissin brakes and wide six spoke alloy wheels.

Beside returning his RC51 from the back of the garage, Joe improved every significant corner of this very clean example.  Just a few highlights are the race tuned Öhlins front and rear, full Moriwaki exhaust with Power Commander, and Sato rearsets.  Here’s how Joe described the build –

Previous owner let it collect dust for 12-ish years. Bike was in stock form with Erion slip-ons (that come with sale). Parts list included in pics. I spent three months refurbishing and building to what it is now with an open check book. About $8,500 in receipts. All paperwork from new, roughly 500 miles on completed bike. It’s too nice and too rare to abuse or damage. Ready for the track or a museum, no excuses. I hope somebody will appreciate the history and opportunity as much as I did to preserve this machine. I got lucky sourcing the full Moriwaki system that never came in country. 4K in Öhlins setup, I typo-ed the gearing in the pics, it’s 15/41 geared and a calibrated speedo healer so the dash is accurate. ALL stock parts plus additional ’04 Hayden bodywork come with the sale along with front and rear stands, original hang tag from the showroom floor, etc.  The history and story of the bike are better told in person or over the phone – cannot be duplicated.

Joe asks $13,500 for his RC51.

Racers and Honda fans liked the narrow light feel of the new RC, and the gear-driven cams on a liter twin had a sound completely different than anything at the time.  It had instant success on the race track as well, taking the Superbike crown in 2000 and then again in 2002.  By then FIM was thinking to increase displacements, and Honda returned to the inline four that had built so much of their showroom success.  Joe’s SP1 marks an interesting chapter in Honda history, with a lot of well-chosen upgrades.



Featured Listing – 2000 Honda RVT1000R / RC51
Yamaha April 26, 2022 posted by

Track Bike Tuesday: 1992 Yamaha OW01 SBK

The 90s battles for dominance in World Superbike racing are some of the best stories of motorcycle racing history.  It gave us bikes like the Honda RC30 and the Yamaha OW01.  The demand for the 500 or so Yamaha OW01 road bikes has skyrocketed in recent years.  Collectors want a piece of that history in their garages.  They crave the riding experience.  Homologations specials are always the cream of the crop for collectors.  They represent the closest someone could get to the actual factory race bikes.  Buyers in 1992 would pay $16,000 have a 0w01.  For those that did not have that kind of money, they settled for posters to keep the dream of owning one alive.

The bike here today is not just a OW01 road bike, but the full on racing version.  To make things even better, it is said to have been at the top of the podium on two occasions and in the top three an additional five times while racing.  This is an extremely rare chance to own a piece of Yamaha racing history.  These bikes do not trade hands often and if they do it is more likely to be a private deal between two collectors.

From The Seller’s Listing:

This incredible Yamaha 750 OW 01 with Full factory evolutions competed in the 1992 Superbike World Championship with Byrd Dime Racing Team and was riden by Fabrizio Pirovano getting 2 wins and 7 podiums.

The bike was stored between 1993 to 2013 in a particular collection. The same year was completely overhauled by a specialists technicians and used in some classic parades. Since last time used on the track only was stop & displayed in a particular collection.

World Superbikes will always remain a great championship in the mind of the motorcycle enthusiast, simply because it has produced some of recent history’s most groundbreaking production machines. Motorcycles like Yamaha’s FZR750R OW01 homologation special.

This motorcycle represented Yamaha’s first real assault on WSB, and was a direct response to Honda’s dominant RC30. Sure, in 1988 – the first year of WSB racing – Yamaha took second place in the championship with its FZ750, ridden by Fabrizio Pirovano, while mighty Mick Doohan took the higher-specced FZ750R to three top podium places. But for Yamaha, the FZ750 and R were never more than stop-gaps as race bikes, there to keep the factory’s toe in the racing scene while they busied themselves producing a serious piece of kit.

Yamaha introduced its FZR750R OW01 to the motorcycling public in time for the 1989 season. And it arrived with a lot more than a cool ‘OW’ factory racer designation.

There is no denying how appealing this bike is.  Beautiful to look at, wonderful to reminisce about and amazing to ride.  All of that will come at a price of 66,000 Euros.  Some might say that is a lot for a 90s Japanese bike, but they are completely missing the point.  A Ducati Superleggera costs more, but has never stood on the podium of a World Superbike race.  The history and engineering encapsulated in this machine is incredible at this price point.  Owning this would be a guarantied invite to every prestigious motorcycle event around.

The closest many of us will get to these machines is building a scale model of them.  The knowledge that bikes like this are on the market from time to time is the stuff dreams are made of and offer an aspirational jolt that  can keep anyone excited about this hobby.

Track Bike Tuesday:  1992 Yamaha OW01 SBK
Ducati April 23, 2022 posted by

Surely Worth A Look: 2003 Ducati 749S

If you are a Rare Sports Bike enthusiast that finds yourself angry at the ever rising prices of your beloved machines, perhaps it is time to start thinking slightly outside of the box.  There are gems out there in the market if you are willing to dig.  Take this 2003 Ducati 749S for example.  It has all style, sound and appeal of an Italian sport bike of the era with just a slight dilution in performance.  The key is that the small reduction in absolute speed is coupled with a large reduction in purchase price.  Most buyers of a semi vintage superbike are less concerned with performance and more concerned with the overall experience anyway.

More commonly seen in the traditional red, it is nice to see an example in yellow.  Bike should stand out any any local ride in or cars and coffee event.  The 749 came in a couple of different flavors over the year.  The stripped down Dark, the base, an S and the top of the line R.  The R was known to be a strict homologation special, and many in period reviews spoke highly of the 749S street manors.   This generation was also praised for being far more comfortable when compared to the 748.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

03 Ducati 749 S for sale – 16,500 miles, clean title in hand, runs/rides great, fresh Dunlop Q3+ tires, overall good shape. Mostly stock other than a Termignoni exhaust, rearsets, clutch cover etc. This is the factory S model with hotter cams and lots of carbon fiber. Beautiful motorcycle – the 749 and 999 Terblanche-styled bikes are coming into their own! Pricing is going up on these rare bikes.

Located in LA’s South Bay.

The Buy It Now price is listed at $7,000 and the seller indicates that they are opened to offers as well.  The just over 16k miles means this will not appeal to a static collection, but there are still plenty of miles left in it for the new owner to enjoy.  The open clutch cover, rearsets and exhaust are all choice modifications that most owners will desire.  In many markets the focus is on 100% factory original, but in the Ducati world a pass is often given for specific components being installed.  The elephant in the room is the lack of mention of service history.  A set of cam belts might be needed.  Luckily these are not expensive from Ducati (Also aftermarket options for about half the cost) and well with in the scope of a DIY owner to install.

Surely Worth A Look:  2003 Ducati 749S
Suzuki April 21, 2022 posted by

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R RK available in Portugal

The Suzuki GSX-R750R RK has to be among the top 10 for collectors who folow the homologation era superbikes. 500 RK’s were produced with the first 50 going to Canada. Japan kept the most with 200. And the UK received their batch of 50 from the 200 that went to Europe as a whole. Long story short, this is a rare motorcycle no matter where it’s listed.

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R RK for sale on eBay

From the seller:

Suzuki Gsxr 750 RR RK, mint condition.

With only 1436 Miles or 2299 KM and year production 1989, this is a very rare bike.

Only 400 unities were produced.

It has rear shock Ohlins, racing footpegs and brembo braking lever.

Original footpegs included on the sale.

Portuguese documents.

You can see by the photos, there in not even one single scratch or dent. Original painting and decals all over the bike.

It has 2 keys.

Feel free to ask more pictures.

Bike is located in Portugal – Lisbon, but we work with Chas Mortimer Ltd to ship bikes to UK. You can also call them and ask for a feedback – shipping price is included.

Francisco has purchased Featured Listings on the site before and this example looks just as collection worthy as his previous offerings. This eBay listing shows a buy-it-now of $29,500.


From the brochure:

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R brochure

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R RK available in Portugal
Honda April 20, 2022 posted by

Fast Lane – 1983 Honda CB1100F

Honda followed up their ground breaking CB900F with the ground pounding CB1100F, playing squarely into the superbike arena.  This Missouri example looks to be a lucky survivor, looking mostly original and complete, with fresh cosmetics.

1983 Honda Cb1100F for sale on eBay

Engineers appropriated the head design from the CB1100R homologation special, giving the four valve engine 9.7-to-1 compression and 108 hp.  Unlike the R, the engine has rubber isolators to the twin downtube chassis.  Up front you’ll find multi-adjustable forks with TRAC anti-dive, and an 18-inch alloy wheel.  A 17-inch rear rim makes for a lower seat height.  Some sharp details are included, like adjustable handlebars, an effective headlight fairing, and turn signals that help get noticed with a wrap-around side reflector.

Offered by a mostly classic car outlet, this CB1100F looks good for 17K miles and ahem 40 years.  Some corrosion here and there tells of some time in the back of the garage, but the repaint is quite faithful and the dealer declares it ready to ride in the eBay auction:

1,100cc DOHC Inline 4 Cylinder Engine, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, 108 HP at 8,500 RPM, Cycle World tested these in 1983 and called them the “Fastest Stock Bike Ever Tested”, One Year Only Model – 1983, New Paint on Bodywork, Great Runner, Ready to Ride, Vance & Hines Exhaust!

The CB1100F did well at the drag strip, though its mid-500’s riding weight made it an experienced rider’s road course bike.  For the times, componentry was top shelf, and the torque made it all worthwhile.  Cresting the CB750/900/1100 range, the CB1100F testified to Honda’s steady development strategy.  This example deserves a little attention, but the next owner will reap the benefits.


Fast Lane – 1983 Honda CB1100F
Honda April 1, 2022 posted by

Feature Listing- 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 For Sale!

Update 4.1.2022: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

1990 Honda VFR 750R RC30 For Sale!

Location: Seattle, WA
Make: Honda
Model: VFR750R RC30
Mileage: 15,228
Price: $45,000
Contact: Dave at (206) 535-6812 or

We always enjoy a solid homologation superbike and this one is no exception!
This one is being offered by our good friends at Seattle Used Bikes and comes with storied past.

Read on-

When the current owner, who is the third owner, first purchased it in January of 1999 with 13168 miles showing. We are told that it was eventually handed over to his friend, world famous Honda tuner Mike Velasco; who is a PNW resident. Mike went over it, jetted the carbs for the aftermarket (Tyga?) exhaust, performed a valve clearance check and other basics, there was no documentation provided but its clear it has been looked after.

Knowing Mike Velasco tuned this RC30 is something special and should help ease any concerns of prospective buyers. If you’re not familiar with Mike Velasco, I suggest you allow some time for quick web search. You’ll quickly find his name along side Pops Yoshimura, Two Brothers Racing, Freddie Spencer, Fred Merkel and Bubba Shobert.

It has had roughly 2000 miles added since purchase, it did sit for the last few years in controlled environment. We needed to give the carbs a light clean, replace various rubber bits inside, new OEM carb bowl o-rings and intake manifolds were all sourced. We then moved on to the fluids, fresh oil and Honda filter, flushed/refilled coolant along with all the hydraulics, we use all Motul products. We took our time and looked for any other items needing attention, the small details. Last, we installed a set of new Avon Spirit ST tires in the proper OEM size and gave it a professional detail.

All of the bodywork is in good condition, we did spot some damage on the right side on the seat section from stress, fairly common on the RC30. The foam inside the upper fairing panels is in good condition but like most of these, the belly pan sustained heat damage at some point and was repaired. We are told it was not uncommon to spot a slight variance in the red color from upper to lower but the white paint is not original. We are finishing up lining the common hot spots with moose racing heat shields to protect it. We did notice the aftermarket exhaust vs stock, is not touching anywhere inside the belly pan. We also spotted a dent in the radiator on the right side, no leaks or fitment issues, no information on what or when it happened, mount on the frame sustained no damage. We have a included pictures of the blemishes found, everything lined up right upon reassembly after servicing.

The original owner of this particular RC30 has made contact with SUB and offered a few stories along with some of his memories. My favorite? He used it as a “grocery getter”

Recently the original RC30 owner reached out to us! Check out the picture!! He is still an avid enthusiast and said he has always had his eye out for #236. While not in the cards to bring it back home he did share a few stories and more details along with some original photos. There were only a small handful of RC30’s sold here in the PNW when new, this one was purchased brand new from our friends at Everett Powersports as a 3 year old non current in 1993, We were told the dealer had just moved it off the sales floor into an upstairs storage area. They allowed a young kinda broke moto dreamer to sit up there and fall in love, he found a way. He had the joy of putting the around 10,000 or so miles on it over the next few years,.it was often used as a daily commuter and occasional grocery getter! It was parked the final year of ownership in his dining room before deciding to move on. During the years of ownership he kept it in virtually bone stock condition, taking proper care along the way following the Honda recommendations, he told us he truly “babied it”

This is a really nice RC30 that has been enjoyed and taken care of along the way. It presents very well and has been tuned by one of the great tuners of the homologation era.

Enjoy the video and make sure you click the link below for the “Under the Skin” photos.

Click here for extensive “Under the Skin” photos

Give Dave a call at (206) 535-6812 or reach out via email at if you’d like more information on this amazing Honda VFR750R RC30.

Feature Listing- 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 For Sale!
Ducati March 23, 2022 posted by

Smaller Displacement, Capital R: 2000 Ducati 748R

The frenzy revolving around all things Ducati 916/996 has been nothing short of incredible to watch.  Collectors have taken note of these beautiful machines in a big way recently.  While one could never say any of these bikes were ever undesirable, most had a quite sentiment that they were undervalued for many years.  This history, looks, sounds and performance were unquestionably desirable, and now prices are starting to match this market feeling.  Some enthusiasts have felt left out as values increase.  Many of these would be owners turned their eyes to the smaller 748.  All of looks and sounds, but less power.  Some have claimed the reduction in power actually makes for a more enjoyable street bike.  But as demand increased, so did prices.

In all of this excitement, there are still ways to find value.  One such bike is the 748R.  This was a very low production homologation version of the three quarter liter bikes.  Some research claims that only 70 examples were brought to the USA in 2000.  The biggest change was the introduction of shower style fuel injection.  In period this was something that was rarely seen outside of a Formula 1 car.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

2000 748R up for sale. This is a period correct equipped model for 2000, there were other variations in suspension and body parts and so forth for other years.

2,730 miles……Clean and Clear Title

All fluids, timing belts changes and the airbox gaskets were changed 02/21.

Factory service manual and tool kit included.

Termignoni Full 50mm Exhaust
Upgraded Eprom Chip (stock included)
Mad Science Rear Fender Eliminator. Stock tail included
SHORAI Lithium Battery
Carbon Tank Pad, Exhaust Shields and Heel Plates.
Carbon Rear fender/chain guard
New Michelin Piot Power 2CT’s
Heli Bars.
Recent Fuel Pump Service and Dyno Tune at Boulder Motorsports …107.3 RWHP at altitude

Automatic Kickstand Retract Shut off has been bypassed

Only Blemishes on this bike are a scratch on the rear wheel that has been touched up, and small scratch down by the side stand , which has been touched up as well.

I’m Third Owner, driven less than 200 miles since purchased.

This example ticks a lot of boxes in the market right now.  Rare, low miles and a solid value at $16,500.  That may sound like a lot for a 748, but when you factor everything else that goes into an R, it starts to make more sense.  When talking comparative 996 or 998R the price point could be multiple times higher.  This could be a great opportunity for someone to enter the exclusive R owners circle at a reasonable price point.

Smaller Displacement, Capital R:  2000 Ducati 748R
Ducati March 4, 2022 posted by

Understated: 1990 Ducati 851 SP2

The Ducati 851 as a general model launched the Italian manufacturer into WSBK super stardom. Instantly competitive on the racetrack, the 851 began a run of championship titles and spawned a new line of track-worthy superbikes for Bologna (a trend that continues in both WSBK and MotoGP to this day). The 851 started it all by ushering in a new era of liquid cooling, 4-valve desmo heads and fuel injection, all wrapped in the instantly recognizable trellis frame. But today’s bike, a rare SP2 model, started yet another Ducati trend by upping the ante from the standard Strada base model and introducing a larger capacity engine under the covers: the mighty 888. Sure, the bodywork says 851, but this was no ordinary 851.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 for sale on eBay

While the triple 8 bowed in showrooms alongside the base 851 in 1992, the top spec 851 already proved the value of the motor in 1990. And by stuffing the bigger motor in the 851-branded bike, the SP model allowed for homologation – and therefore became a valid entry in WSBK competition (won in 1990 by Raymond Roche). The SP2 was more than just an 851 with a bigger (better) motor. The transmission more closely resembled the close-ratio unit found on the 851 Superbike Kit update, suspension was upgraded to higher quality Ohlins units front and rear, front brakes were upgraded to cast iron floating rotors, and the single seat tail section was suspended by an aluminum subframe. All told, the dual injector 888 roared and snarled its way to a stout 115 HP.

From the seller:
You are bidding on a 1990 Ducati 851 SP2 it is estimated that Ducati only produced 400-425 units of the SP2 model, this is example is #390. Throughout the run of the 851 and 888 Ducati released five special production runs designed for homologation purposes; The second model (SP2) was introduced in 1990 and came equipped with the legendary 888 engine, fuel injection, and Ohlins suspension. The SP2 was also equipped with many other special model features, below this description I have listed all of the special features the SP2 models were equipped with. This particular 851 SP2 model is in all original condition with the exception of the Termignoni exhaust pipes, and has an exceptionally low 6526 kilometers (4059miles) on the odometer. But please feel free to read more about the specifics of this bike and look at the pictures for verification.

More from the seller:
All of the body panels are in excellent condition, there no cracks or any paint nicks anywhere. The white frame does have some very faint cracking from age but no major chips. Overall the motorcycle is a 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically. Mechanically the bike runs and rides perfect, there are no oil leaks anywhere and all of the engine paint is in good condition. All of the electrical components work as they should; lights, blinkers, horn, speedo, tach, temp gauge, all work properly. The bike just had a full service tune up so mechanically everything was inspected and replaced if necessary with original Ducati parts.

When new – and if you could find one – you would expect to pay just on the other side of 20 large bills (MSRP) for an SP2. Today the market remains strong for these remarkable rarities; especially one as clean and low mileage as today’s find. Prospective bidders should note the lack of a 17 digit VIN, indicating this is an imported bike; the Veglia speedo is marked for KMH only. For states with a 25-year rule, registration is likely possible – but buyers are cautioned to do research for your own locale. And registration is important, as who wouldn’t want to fire up this bad boy and do the needful? Check out all of the details here, as bidding has been aggressive and the reserve still in place at $18k. Good Luck!!


Understated: 1990 Ducati 851 SP2

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