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Ducati February 24, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Very Early Production 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto “Varese”

Seller reports that this bike has sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Ducati 916 Varese For Sale

It’s no secret that for many visitors (and contributors) of this website, the Ducati 916 is a bedroom wall icon that holds a special place in our virtual or actual collections. However the 916 has been a relative collector’s bargain and only recently has the market shown signs of an uptick in value. While the later evolution models of the 996 and 998 still command a bit of a premium, especially with the limited edition SPS and R variants, there is also a cult following surrounding the very early production 916 units for the 1995 model year.


Just as the 916 was set to debut for the 1995 model year, there was a fire at the Ducati Bologna factory. Rather than miss the launch, construction of these very first 916’s was done in the city of Varese. Because this wasn’t the planned production facility, the units manufactured at this factory were largely hand assembled, adding to their panache and folklore today.


It could be argued that being hand built, especially in Italy, they could actually posses more human error than would be found in normal assembly line construction. Then again, that just adds to the character of these earliest bikes as well.


This particular example looks like a carefully ridden rider that has been well looked after, and is just about to start appreciating – significantly. It’s nearly all stock and the few modifications that are in place are tasteful and period correct.

From the seller:

I am offering this Iconic classic in amazing condition including the original owner’s manual, rear stand and original tool kit. This bike has been extensively gone through mechanically. This bike is one of only 793 total monoposto units built between 1994 and 1995 to be imported into the US… The only years these were available with the Magnetti P8 computer and the billboard graphics was 94-97. Later years went to lesser graphics and the 1.5 ECU.

This bike I purchased last October and have acquired interest in other bikes since then. Cosmetically I have done nothing more than to wash the bike and correct minor flaws! This 916 VARESE Model is harder to find than the Bologna models. This bike has a Production date of 11/94 more detailed pics can be sent by email. Mechanically I have done the following as the bike sat for over for almost a year from the previous owner.

1. All filters were replaced and oil was changed
2. Most of the hardware was replaced with new yellow zinc plated hardware as they were from the factory
3. Injectors were replaced. tank was drained and treated before fresh fuel just added on 1/15/15.
4. New Battery also added 1/15/15

What’s NOT original on the bike??

As I am not the first owner I can only provide you with what I have done or what you see in the pictures.

1. Original clutch slave cylinder was replaced with an aftermarket unit
2.Original exhaust slip-ons were replaced with Termignoni carbon fiber half system
3. Windscreen is an Original Ducati part but not the correct one for this year
4. Complete SAMCO hose kit (yellow)
5. Obviously the tires are not original but I highly recommend that the new owner replaces them as they are over 2 years old

I have additional pictures and I am more than willing to share those with any interested parties. I also have the following.

1. Original owner’s manual in good condition
2. Original tool kit
3. Original rear stand

All the work was performed by me or the local dealer. A short history of who I am can be found on the internet by searching my name (Nick Anglada) . I have built countless custom bikes, my work has been featured in over 100 magazine articles internationally, televison as well as having guest wirtten tech articles for motorcycle magzines in the past 16 years .


For what it may be lacking in total originality, it certainly makes up for in asking price. At just $8,250 buy-it-now on eBay, this represents what we have seen in recent months for any exceptional and original 916. Being an early Varese model only ensures that this example should continue to receive attention for years to come.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Anglada and UsedDucatiParts for supporting the site with another Featured Listing. Good luck to buyers and seller.


Featured Listing:  Very Early Production 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto “Varese”
Ducati February 15, 2015 posted by

Still Stock: 1995 Ducati 916 Strada with 8160 miles

Here is an opportunity for someone to get what looks like a nearly bone stock Ducati 916.  The most pristine versions of these bike only seem to come up for sale at this time of the year so if you want to obtain one of these, it might be now or wait till next year.

916 1

1995 Ducati 916 for sale on ebay

In case you have been living under a rock/in a cave, the 916 was probably “the” bike that introduced Ducati to an entire generation of motorcycle riders.   It won pretty much every magazine’s Bike of the Year award for 1994 and Ducati sold out its entire US production before any actually arrived in the country.

Even though its been 20 years since its introduction it still appears in the top lists of important designs in motorcycle history by authorities like the Guggenheim Museum.  In a retrospective on the 1990s, Motorcyclist magazine simply stated, “1994: Ducati 916 debuts. Did anything else happen that year?

916 3

According to the seller, this one was traded in by an older gentleman.   The 916 had a pretty aggressive riding position so if this one was owned by someone a bit more mature this may explain why the mileage is so low.  It would also help explain how the owner resisted the temptation to modify the bike (such as this example also for sale on ebay).

Here is what the seller has to say about the bike:

Acquired the bike last year from an older gentleman who decided it was time to sell as he was getting a bit to old to handle the sporting characteristics of the Motorcycle.

He had owned the bike for many years and had spent a lot of money on upgrades including a reverse shift pattern, different exhaust as well as suspension.

I had the bike fully serviced last summer with all fluids, plugs and the battery changed.

916 2

Aside from the sellers comments, this one looks to be pretty much stock except for the heat wrapping on the exhausts and a few pics of what looks like replaced parts (bonus points to the seller for including pics of the “extra bits”).

916 4

So whats this 916 worth?  Well this version was the base version (I think also known as the Strada but I’m not sure about that).  A lot of collectors prefer the SP/SPS or RS versions of the 916 or perhaps the later 996/998 which looked pretty much the same.  From what I was able to find out these “base” 916’s seem to be a little less desirable but still look stunning, a tribute to designers Massimo Tamburini and Sergio Robbiano and their team at the Cagiva Research Centre.

Prices for these seem to be hovering around the 7,000 USD mark so the asking price of 6900 USD is right on but it would likely need some new rubber and perhaps a belt service.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for someone who always wanted a 916 to pick one up and just enjoy it without having to worry about resale value.


Still Stock:  1995 Ducati 916 Strada with 8160 miles
Ducati December 9, 2014 posted by

The Bike, The Icon: 1995 Ducati 916 Corsa

926 1

Lately we seem to have had a lot of pristine/desirable Ducati machinery popping up for sale. Perhaps its just coincidence or perhaps people are making room so Father Christmas can bring them some new toys, either way I am not really complaining.

Here we have a lovely 1995 Ducati 916 that has had some tasteful upgrades, including a big bore performance engine. I know the 916/996/998 Ducati lineage has appeared here on RSBFS enough that some would argue it isn’t really a rare sportbike but follow with me for a bit and read on because I think after taking a closer look most true rare sport bike fans will agree its something special.

995 v23

1995 Ducati 916/926 Corsa superbike for sale on ebay

For anyone not familiar with the importance of the 916, simply put the 916 Ducati is a true icon, a bike that helped move Ducati from a still-small-but-respectable-motorcycle manufacturer to status/luxury item. The folks at VisorDown wrote (quite eloquently):

“Every once in a while a true classic comes along: James Joyce’s Ulysses, The Beatles’ Revolver, Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. Greats one-and-all, to be seen, owned or understood by the discerning and devoted. To the list of timeless classics, we can add Massimo Tamburini’s Ducati 916. Never had a motorcycle provoked such feelings of pure lust or been so coveted. Here was sex made metal, a Sophia Loren in cro-mo steel and alloy.

Slim and curvy, the 916 took the breath away from any angle and redefined how a motorcycle could, and should, look. Styling owed much to the phenomenal single-cylinder Supermono racer, but wasn’t just about looking good. The bottom of the tank was designed to be incorporated into the top of the air box, to form one sealed unit. The 916 got a beautifully sculptured single-sided swingarm that pivoted off the back of the engine cases, as well as being supported by the simple yet strong trellis frame. That, and the underseat exhaust pipes, became the look that defined the 916 and made it the most instantly recognizable rear in motorcycling.”

926 3

The 916 wasn’t just good looking, the four valves per cylinder desmodromic V-twin pushed the 187kg bike to a top speed around 160mph which at the time of its launch made it the world’s fastest road-going v-twin. The 916 also served as the basis for renewed Ducati success on the track, with 916 derived bikes being used by Carl Fogarty to power his run of four World Superbike Championships.

As stated earlier in this post, this 916 has had some very tasteful upgrades. Here is what the seller has to say:

Engine: Modified with Ducati Corse Hi-Compression 926cc Piston Set (from the 955cc Corse Race Bikes) and Race Cams, Jerry Branch Ported Heads w/ Big Valves.
Exhaust: 48mm Full Race System Fast by Ferracci Termignoni Exhaust w/ Carbon Fiber Silencers, Eraldo Ferracci personally recalibarated the EFI computer.
Drive: Lightweight 520 Chain and Aluminum Sprocket Kit.
Suspension: Ohlins Adjustable Resevoir Rear Shock, Steel Braided Brake Lines.

Wheels: Marvic Magnesium Race Wheels
Brakes: ISR 6-Piston Front Brake Calipers with Braking Full-Floating Rotors on Front, Stock Brembo 1-Piston at Rear.
Bodywork: Carbon Fibre Lower Fairing Panels, Ducati SP Rear Number Panel Section, Carbon Fibre Heel Guards on Footpegs.

995 v22

As always, we come now to the question of whats this 916 worth? The seller has the auction listing with a buy-it-now of $9,995 USD and the bike has done 12,106 miles. That price is actually right in line with previous 916 posts here on RSBFS. The seller also states that the bike has been stored since 2002 but that all factory required servicing and recalls have been performed, the battery has kept charged,and it has been started every month to keep it fresh.

If back in the 90’s you drooled over a 916 but you couldn’t afford it, this may be your best chance to get a great version just in time for the new year.


The Bike, The Icon:  1995 Ducati 916 <del>Corsa</del>
Ducati November 4, 2014 posted by

Fools need not apply: 1998 Ducati 916 SPS


While the Ducati 916 was a styling bombshell, the standard/Strada versions only really come on the power around 7000 RPM which meant they need to be flogged a bit to get going. Ducati first attempted to resolve this issue by installing lighter internals and high lift cams to create the SP/Sport Production edition. Unfortunately even with the mods, the SP model still had a torque curve with most of the power at the top, resulting in tough riding around town and in traffic. So in 1997 Ducati tried again by taking their new 996 engine and putting it into the 916 frame. The result was the 916 Sport Production Special (SPS).

The primary reason behind the 916 SPS being built was to homologate the new 996cc engine for Superbike competition but fortunately for bike fans, the installation of the 996 engine into the 916 setup produced a bike that was described as “legendary”, “astonishingly good” and “a true superbike”. Reviews of the 996 powered SPS declared it to be something quite special, with some testers being able to crack 170 miles per hour with the Termignoni exhaust and ECU kit fitted, a pretty stunning speed for a twin with “only” 120-odd horsepower. The new engine gave a much wider power delivery band but this together with neck-snapping torque was enough to push the limits of the chassis. The 916 models in general did not respond well to ham-fisted riders, so it is not surprising that the SPS and its significantly wider powerband resulted in a bike that could be dangerous for even skilled riders.

1998 Ducati SPS for sale on ebay


Despite its somewhat dangerous reputation the SPS was still smexy as hell with a sound like the apocalypse, especially if the termi pipes were installed. Price tag new was around $24,000 USD, a significant amount above the $16,500 Biposto and nearly double the price of a 748 model. Most reviewers declared that despite its dangerous nature it was worth the extra investment and there was a lot of demand for the SPS but since these bikes were built for homolgation, only 404 examples were built and only a small number of those brought into the USA.


Here is what the seller has to say:

Homologated for racing, only 50 were officially imported into the US.This one is California registered. Bike features a factory tuned 996cc motor with dual injectors, Titanium rods, oversized valves and crank, strengthened engine cases and frame. It includes an Ohlins rear shock and steering damper, carbon airbox and front fender. The factory provided two sets of pipes including the off-road Termignoni carbon exhausts and matching ECU currently installed.

Bike has been modified to include Ohlins forks with billet lower triple clamp and Ohlin factory SBK valving. Front brakes are Brembo Narrow Track GP calipers and rotors with Brembo radial master cylinders. The oil cooler was replaced with an oversized Ducati Corsa unit.It also includes carbon air intakes, vented clutch cover and lightened flywheel.

Cosmetically the bike is in good condition with flaws typical of a bike of this age.There is a scratch in the gel coat on the lower left panel, a very minor dent in the tank on the left side and surface scratches on the tank in front of the saddle.
The carbon fender, airbox and exhaust canisters have faded to a matte finish.

I have additional aftermarket parts available for purchase separately including Marchesini mag wheels, new carbon airbox and front fender, billet racing (reverse shift) footpegs, an unpainted sharkskin fiberglass race body and most of the original stock parts that were switched out.

This motorcycle has had a recent complete service at Desmoto Sport in San Francisco which included valve adjustment and belt replacement. Tires are in near new condition.


So what’s this one worth? Well its not pristine and it has actually been ridden with current mileage at 15,600. While these bikes have appeared previously on RSBFS occasionally, it is still certainly a rare piece of 90’s Ducati tech and the seller indicates the major services have been done which is always a good sign. Another plus is it’s a no reserve auction and starting bid is actually smack in the middle of KBB Trade-in/Retail values. Personally I think this is a hell of an opportunity, given that the the SPS was probably the ultimate Desmoquattro and the best Ducati you could buy until the 2001 996R.


Fools need not apply:  1998 Ducati 916 SPS
Ducati August 27, 2014 posted by

The Price of Fame: 1998 Ducati 916 Senna Edition


The Ducati 916 is often hailed as the most beautiful motorcycle ever produced. It certainly was a game changer for Ducati, as well as World Superbike. With performance well beyond the existing 851/888 series and a sharper, more focused look, the 916 won the accolades of the press, the trophies on the track, and set new sales records for Ducati. Despite its success, it was not immune to the Ducati “limited edition” way. The 916 was offered in SP and SPS variants, as well as specialty livery. This Senna Edition is just such a bike. Limited to 300 units and built with carbon fiber panels, the Senna Edition celebrated Ayrton’s life and his charity for underprivileged children in his home country of Brazil. This was a very expensive 916 (which itself was far more expensive than any contemporary sportbike). Today, there are Senna Editions of both Ducati and MV Agusta machines, and their resale value is somewhat spotty. It is a good looking color scheme to be sure – but comes with a premium price tag.


1998 Ducati 916 Senna Edition for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Exceptional motorcycle being a part of a series limited to 300 copies in the world. It’s a masterpiece of unique and rare beauty. This motorcycle is the last Senna built by the factory in 1998 with the n° 300, has been signed by Troy Bayliss (Superbike Worldchampion). First swiss road registration made in may 2000.

Irreproachable state, with only 5923 km, maintained by enthusiast. Runs like new and always parked in closed garage. Comes with all documentation, double of keys and all original accessories: cover, back stand bike and slip on carbon Termignoni.
Last Ducati dealer inspection and service done in january 2014.

Estimation made by Bonhams Europe between 15,000.- and 18,000.- euros that’s 19,000.- 23,000 USD. The motorcycle is in Geneva – Switzerland(Swiss).


We have seen quite a few Senna Edition Ducatis and MV Agustas on the pages of RSBFS. In fact, we have seen this exact bike before, right down to the Troy Bayliss signature on the side cover (click here for the post from last year). It still claims the same number of miles: 5,923. Back then the BIN was set at a very high $23,000. Today this bike is at auction with a BIN of $20k. Worth it? Time – and the market – will decide. The latest auction is right here, and contains new pictures and details. Good Luck!



The Price of Fame: 1998 Ducati 916 Senna Edition
Ducati May 18, 2014 posted by

Featured Listing: Highly Original 1995 Ducati 916 available in San Francisco

1995 Ducati 916 for sale

Today’s Featured Listing is this stunning and original 95 Ducati 916. What I’m especially impressed with in this example is that it’s still original, even after 20k miles have been put on. How the owner avoided the temptation to start modifying is evidence of great self control! It has also been taken care of correctly in the maintenance department with all scheduled service completed and documented. While there is very faint panel damage from a stand still tip over, the pictures clearly illustrate a very tidy, early 916.

1995 Ducati 916 for sale on eBay


I’d like to thank Michael again for supporting the site with the purchase of a Featured Listing. Stay tuned for another great Ducati from his collection, a MH900e with less than 3k miles!



from the seller:

The VIN is ZDM1SB8S9Sv001123, which makes it a Bologna produced unit. It has 19,5k miles now.

The majority of the miles went on the bike in the first 5 years of ownership .

It’s always been garaged and well maintained, and is in very well preserved condition. It was mostly used for day trips to the canyons, It has never been crashed or damaged, other than tipping it over while stationary in a parking lot once about 6 years ago. That resulted in a few scratches on the right side fairing, and the right side mirror broke. I decided not to repair or replace the fairing panel, because the scratches are small and didn’t really bother me, and I wanted to keep the paint original. You can see the scratches in the detailed photos. Overall, the cosmetic condition is very clean.

I’ve got records back to when I bought it documenting service (done by myself or the dealer), warranty work,

I have detailed notes of the work I did when I took it out of storage and refreshed things 2 years ago. . It is in great mechanical condition with no problems whatsoever, but it is due for a valve adjustment and timing belt change soon if the next owner plans on riding it rather than keeping it in a collection.

I have a rear stand and a fitted Ducati Superbike dust cover that will go with it.

Featured Listing:  Highly Original 1995 Ducati 916 available in San Francisco
Ducati May 3, 2014 posted by

Featured Listing: One Owner 1995 Ducati 916 available in California

Update 5.4.2014: This bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 5.3.2014: Price reduced to $5750 from $6500 firm. -dc


Today’s Featured Listing is this enthusiast owned, and thoughtfully improved, 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto. It has 17.5k miles and from the seller’s description, was ridden as it was intended in the hills and at the occasional track day. Since this wasn’t a living room display piece it’s entire life, the owner upgraded several components to make the experience all the better and more reliable (many stock parts included as well). It has a couple of minor marks but overall looks well cared for, and with the Arrow pipes it will sound the part as well. The seller has priced this bike for just $6500 firm.


We’d like to thank Ruben for supporting the site with a Featured Listing and good luck with the sale!



from the seller:

I purchased the bike from El Cajon Ducati in 10/95.  The VIN is ZDM1SB8S8SB004812, which makes it a Bologna produced unit.  It has 17.5k miles now.  The majority of the miles went on the bike in the first 6 years I owned it.  There was a period from ’03 to ’11 that I was focused on roadracing, supermoto racing, and off road riding, during which I stopped street riding completely and filed non-op status with DMV on the bike.  It was mostly stored as a display piece in my office during that time, except for pulling it out for occasional track days or bike shows.  In June/11, I took it out of the office, gave it a mechanical refreshing and put it back on the road.  It’s done a few thousand miles since then.

It’s always been garaged and well maintained, and is in very well preserved condition.  It was mostly used for day trips to the canyons, but I also did a few casual track days with it.  It has never been crashed or damaged, other than tipping it over while stationary in a parking lot once about 12 years ago.  That resulted in a few scratches on the right side fairing, and the right side mirror broke.  I decided not to repair or replace the fairing panel, because the scratches are small and didn’t really bother me, and I wanted to keep the paint original.  You can see the scratches in the detailed photos.  Overall, the cosmetic condition is very clean.

Here is an album with a bunch of photos:

The photos are all high res.  When you view each one, you can click on the bottom right corner of the photo to zoom to the original image size to see in serious detail.  You’ll be able to see any and all scratches.

I’ve got records back to when I bought it documenting service (done by myself or the dealer), warranty work, and the rear spindle recall.  I have detailed notes of the work I did when I took it out of storage and refreshed things 2 years ago.  It currently has a set of Dunlop Q2s on it, which have been used for a track day last June at Laguna Seca (which is really mild on tires) and then a few hundred street miles after that, so they have a lot of life left in them.  It is in great mechanical condition with no problems whatsoever, but it is due for a valve adjustment and timing belt change soon if the next owner plans on riding it rather than keeping it in a collection.

The bike is mostly original.  Here is a complete list of everything that is not original, and why…

  • Arrow Ti exhaust (1/2 system) and chip.  The brackets on the stock exhaust started cracking at the welds in a few locations many years ago.  Rather than get the stock ones re-welded, I used that as an opportunity to put on some lighter and better sounding silencers. I don’t have the original silencers any more (gave them to a friend for a 748 project he was working on).
  • Goodridge kelvar brake/clutch lines.  The motivation here was to improve front brake feel (rigidity) by switching to a dedicated 2 line set up (one line to each caliper).  Also added a banjo bolt with a bleed nipple to allow bleeding at the master cylinder end of the lines.  Not sure if I have the original lines.
  • Yoyodyne titanium clutch slave cylinder.  The stock one failed about 10 years ago, which is pretty common.  Fitting a better aftermarket slave cylinder is the typical solution.
  • Cycle Cat titanium clutch cover.  Vented covers help the clutch run a bit cooler, and of course they liberate the unique dry clutch sound.  I still have the original cover.
  • CDT carbon fiber rear hugger.  The rear shock is completely unprotected from stones coming off the rear tire as original.  For years I just had a shock guard on the bike, but recently added the rear hugger because it looks nicer.
  • Rear fender removed.  I relocated the plate to fit between the exhaust tips, and mounted some turn signals behind the rear facing screens on the tail section.  I still have the original parts.
  • Front signals removed, and changed to aftermarket mirrors with integrated LED signals.  After breaking the right side mirror when I tipped it over in the parking lot, I was able to get a pair of these mirrors for less than the price of replacing just the broken right mirror with the OEM part.  I still have the OEM left mirror and signals.
  • Pipercross air filters installed. The original OEM foam filters eventually deteriorate into dust and need replacing.
  • Added a digital voltmeter, wired to the battery and switched.  The charging systems on the 916 were not the best, and keeping an eye on the charge voltage is a good way to notice any problems before it is too late.  Other than the normal problem of the wiring from the alternator to the voltage regulator going bad (which I replaced with high quality 10 guage Teflon insulated wire), and the also normal problem of the original voltage regulator failing many years ago (which was replaced under warranty by the dealer), I’ve not had problems with the charging system.  The voltmeter is wired directly to the battery with no spliced wires, so could be easily removed.
  • Shorai LiFe battery installed.  Once the 3rd stock lead acid battery was dying, I decided to go with a lithium battery, which weighs a fraction of the stock battery, is much smaller, and has a very slow self discharge rate (compared to a stock battery) which works better for how infrequently I ride it.  I’ve since put these batteries in most of my other bikes.
  • Oil cooler screen.
  • Carbon fiber key guard.
  • Ohlins adjustable steering damper added.  I did this before taking it to the track.  I still have the original non-adjustable damper somewhere.  The stock damper doesn’t do much really.
  • 14 tooth countershaft sprocket.  These bikes are geared too tall from the factory for street riding.  I probably have the original OEM sprocket somewhere.

I have a rear stand and a fitted Ducati Superbike dust cover that will go with it.  It currently has a personalized registration, DSMO.  Most Ducati owners are jealous of this.  Of course you could transfer over that plate if you want, although as you can see in the photos, the plate is trimmed to fit between the exhaust tips, so if you went back to the stock rear fender setup, you’d want to get a new plate.

Featured Listing:  One Owner 1995 Ducati 916 available in California
Ducati January 21, 2014 posted by

Really Sexy: 1997 Ducati 916RS Factory Racer


Uber rare, uber expensive, uber drool worthy. The Ducati 916RS was the factory racer built strictly for competition. No lights, no EPA canisters or stickers, and no compromises. Owning one is parking a piece of Superbike history in your garage, er, better make that your living room. Owning one is also proof that you have made it – for these super exclusive racers were pricey in the day and pricey today.

1997 Ducati 916RS Factory Racer for sale on eBay!



From the seller:
Ducati 916RS Racing – 955 Factory built Racer

model year 1997

One of only 27 units factory racing built, sold new to a privat so it is unraced (just tested twice), probably the only one existing preserved unraced.
Fully working, just checked, on the button.

Ride and collect! Bullet proof investment.

Bike is currently located in Italy, Roveredo in Piano, Pordenone but i can get them delivered everywhere at cost, no problem.




Link clickers take note: While this bike is located in Italy (as it should be) and available on eBay, it has also been listed elsewhere on the ‘net. The asking price has been in the range of $60k USD, so this particular auction has a loooong way to go. Check out all of the pictures and details here, and then let us know what you think about this ultimate track day bike.



Really Sexy: 1997 Ducati 916RS Factory Racer

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