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Yamaha’s Legendary TZ: 1975 Yamaha TZ750

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Yamaha’s Legendary TZ:  1975 Yamaha TZ750

I think you can argue the TZ750 is one of Yamaha’s most iconic race bikes.  It takes you back in time to when bikes could truly be nasty beasts.  I think it is also a time when tire and chassis technology hadn’t quite caught up with engine performance.   I’ve posted this info before but it is worth a second look if you haven’t seen it before.  It is from a little comparison on

the 1974 TZ700 and the 2000 R7 Superbike

TZ700 R7
Wheelbase 56.28″ 56″ 
Weight 345 lbs 356 lbs 
Front Tire  3.25 x 18 3.5 x 17
Rear Tire 3.5 x 18 6 x 17
Horsepower 145 173

How about the rear tire size!

Here is the auction info:

Here we have for sale a very rare 1975 Yamaha TZ 750 GP road race bike. This bike is in fantastic running condition. Yes, this TZ runs like you would not believe!! The 4 cylinder 750cc two stroke engine is all rebuilt and had virtually no time on it after a proper break in. The transmission and the chassis were rebuilt too but never raced after the rebuild. The bike runs perfectly down the street. The fairings are 1976 TZ 750 and same with the exhaust pipes. The bike also has the rare magnesium racing wheels on it. I have the new never mounted spoke wheels too. The bike is painted pearl white with red. The gauges are all in perfect working order. The rear shocks were cantilevered to improve the rear shock feel and performance. The bike has all original parts on it. This bike won mutiple races at Daytona back in its hay day. I have all of the documentation with this bike with all of its racing provenance. I have boxes of original TZ 750 parts. Two gas tanks, wheels, wind screens, etc. This is the definition of a vintage collectors race bike!  Its the best sounding 4 cylinder two stroke race bike you will ever hear.  Its a beautiful race bike with a ton of history and do not let this one get away! You wont find a more unique, rideable race bike.

She is looking good under the hood.  You basically have a restored bike that hasn’t been used since.  How rare are the wheels the seller describes?  Here is some good tech talk on the TZ750 I purloined from an interesting blog on Yamaha race bikes:

To start off from the beginning, what Yamaha actually did was graft two 350 cc twin race engines and together they belted out 90 bhp from the crank with bore/stroke ratio was 64mm x 54mm. These twins were the TZ350. The crankcase itself was of ultra-lightweight magnesium construction, with the crankshaft having blanked off ends to keep the engine as narrow as possible. The primary drive was taken from straight cut gear cogs from the middle of the twin crankshafts. A massive dry clutch sat along with three of the exhaust pipes on the right of the engine. A spindly, tubular steel frame held the engine, with narrow telescopic forks at the front and conventional twin shocks at the rear. Later, TZ750 models (also known as OW31s) had vastly improved monoshock rear suspension, with a cantilevered swingarm to improve handling. It was named F750 as a prototype although it was actuallt 700cc. Awesome! 90 bhp from a 2 stroker would shred any kind of race tire way back then. Kel Carruthers, the 1969 250 world champ was the first man who tested the bike. He removed the initial glitches by increasing the swingarm and improving the suspension. Still except for Kenny, the others were quite slow on the tracks as they were not able to handle it as the bike had small fork tube and chassis. After about 3-4 races, Yamaha added some more power! Another 20 bhp. Why? Because according to Kel, “It wasn’t as fast as it could have been. They were really conservative in the way they built it.” In a way, Kel was actually serious. You know Yamaha back in the late 60s had V4 250cc GP bikes which were making around 75bhp, so logically the bike should have around 140bhp. Of course there was no chasis or tyre which would have hold it was another thing, but come to think about it, the bike with modifications later did belt was that much power.


I honestly can’t imagine the hit this bike would have.  I’ve always thought a healthy 250cc two stroke gives a nice adrenaline rush.  Maybe it is an optical illusion but I don’t know how that upper muffler doesn’t cook your leg.

It will make an excellent addition to any collection or instantly turn you into the bad boy at  the track.  If you interest still isn’t peaked it looks like it is a “no reserve” auction.  It is going home with someone.  Click to win.


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1993 Ducati 888 SPO Superbike

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1993 Ducati 888 SPO Superbike up for grabs-

Update 11.15.2011: Back on eBay. Links are now updated. -dc

Location: Lic, NY
Mileage: 11,742
Price: $7,888.88 -clever pricing

Ducaittriple8 is selling his lovely 888 over on eBay for a very clever 7,888.88. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the Dr. Seuss stuff.

Up for auction is my 1993 Ducati 888 SPO. Only a very few of these bikes still exist today as they were only imported to the USA in 1993 (SPO) and 1994 (LTD). Here’s your opportunity to own a hand-built classic Ducati…

The bike has been meticulously maintained:

– Brand new AGM sealed battery- no more filling and lasts longer than the OE Yuasa battery
– All valves were checked: all 8 valves still in tolerance
– 2 Timing belts replaced (11,182 miles)
– 2 Injectors synchronized (11,182 miles)
– Oil and filter changed
– No leaks anywhere and the bike runs flawlessly

The bike has the following amenities:
– Corbin seat
– Brembo GP front master brake cylinder
– Kevlar brake lines in the front and rear
– Dark smoke windscreen
– 2 brand new Michelin Pilot Power tires
– Ferracci Carbon Fiber exhaust
– Ohlins rear adjustable shock
– Billet vented clutch cover
– Pro Italia upgraded clutch Master Slave Cylinder
– Carbon fiber front and rear fenders

Cosmetically, the bike has few paint chips that have been touch-up painted. There is one slight dime ding (which I pointed to in the pics, but really hard to detect).

I suspect these appeal to guys much like myself- Young, good looking, full of charisma with fond memories of WSB during the 90’s 🙂 Whatever your memories are there’s no denying that SPO’s are always worth a look. This one has a few ‘tasteful’ upgrades that doesn’t distract from it too much. Okay, so I have a pick with one of the ‘upgrades’ that I really have to scratch my bald head about.

The very bottom of the side fairings have been coated w/ Hercules truck bed epoxy black liner to be more resistant to damaging road debris.

Really? I have a hard time believing that any prospective 888 buyer would believe this is less damaging than a few rock chips on the lower chin. I know I would much rather have 100% original fairings with a few chips over (clap your hands) Hercules, Hercules, Hercules any day of the week. Just say’n….

So if you’re young, good looking, full of charisma and don’t mind cruising solo click here


dd and Weekly Recap!

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Feel like checking out even more awesome sport bikes for sale? Well in case you missed it, here is what’s been showing up on And if that isn’t enough, be sure to drop by the RareSportBikesForSale Facebook page and check out even more bikes that didn’t make up here. Enjoy!

1974 Aermacchi RR350 up for Auction on eBay!

1974 Norton Commando Interstate MKII on CSBFS

1955 Norton ES2 on ClassicSportBikesForSale



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The spiritual successor to the famed Ducati 916/748 series, the MV Agusta F4 burst onto the scene with instant credibility; legendary designer Massimo Tamburini penned them both. The Ducati influence is unmistakable in many aspects of the F4 design, but the chassis and engine development is all MV Agusta. Working in conjunction with Ferrari engineers, the MV Agusta team (under the Cagiva banner at the time) developed a radial valve head to help boost performance of the intended 750cc inline four cylinder powerplant.

So what does a beloved Formula 1 race car driver have to do with motorcycles? It just so happened that Claudio Castiglioni – then President of Cagiva (which was the parent company of both MV Agusta and Ducati) – was a close personal friend of Ayrton Senna. Senna was a hero in his home country of Brazil, and off the track spent vast sums of money and significant time trying to help the underpriviledged children of his homeland. The Senna Foundation was created by the driver for this express purpose, and after his death in 1994 Claudio created both Ducati and MV Agusta “Senna” editions to benefit the Senna Foundation.

So what makes a Senna Edition different than a normal F4 750? Aside from the distinct color scheme and branding, the Senna shared the basic chassis, engine and transmission from the other Evo 2 series bikes. The redline was raised slightly to 13,900, giving the Senna a higher top speed. The suspension was upgraded, the wheels were distinct, and the bodywork was formed in carbon fiber.

From the seller:


F4 750 Senna
The F4 750 Senna was also released in 2002 along with the Evo 02 model 0-60 2.9 quarter mile 10.7 @ 135. Built purely to raise money for the Instituto Ayrton Senna, a charity founded by Ayrton Senna to aid the children and young people of Brazil, the Senna was a limited production run of 300 bikes like the Oro. The Senna shared the 136 hp (101 kW) engine of the Evo 02 but with a higher redline of13900 rpm, and top speed estimated at 175 mph (282 km/h) @ 12750 rpm . The Senna also had some suspension upgrades and some carbon fiber bodywork. MSRP $24,995.

RSBFS has featured a few of these Senna branded beauties over the last couple of years (you can check out #172 HERE, #175 HERE and #184 HERE. Give us some time; I’m sure RSBFS will eventually post each of the 300 examples as they come up for sale!

The auction for #196 is on right now, and bidding has been moderate. The latest bid was up to $7,299.55 as of the time of this writing, with reserve still in place. These bikes have all gone above $15k in the past, and I would venture a guess that this one belongs up there as well. For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


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The days are getting shorter and fall is definitely in the air. What better way to spend you new found time that was previously reserved for enjoying summer than checking out sport bikes! If you can’t get enough of RSBFS, jump on over to ClassicSportBikesForSale to check what’s been going on. Here are some bikes up for grabs this week. Enjoy!

1954 Matchless G9B in theUnited Kingdom

1972 Harley-Davidson 350 Spirit up for auction


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1990 Yamaha FZR 600 Survivor

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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Mileage: 9,388

Price: Auction, current $1,322

What we have here is a survivor from the start of the 90’s, quite possibly the best decade for sportbikes. The FZR 600 was a great bike (had the chance to ride one back in the day and it was awesome) and more a track bike than what I was riding at the time (’88 Hurricane 600). The 600 class was very competitive at the time and the FZR’s Deltabox frame, race orientation and killer paint spoke to many of us. I just didn’t have the money at the time.

This seller found this after years of storage. Here’s the rundown-

This is a super clean low milage 1990 FZR 600 RA.  Just out of long term storage and has not run since 2008.  Purchased from the estate of the original owner.  Only 9,388 miles. The original sales reciept is included along with the original owners manual.

It will need the usual service, maintenance and adjustments commonly provided to a motorcycle that has been in storage since 2008.  The tank will need a general cleaning but there is no significant old gas residue as the tank must have been drained before storage.  The battery needs to be replaced.  Tires look good and are not cracked but may need replaced for high speed use.  Carbs may need to be cleaned.  No visible leaks or drips.  Shifts through all gears and has strong compression commensurate with the low milage. 

Photos show small to tiny scratches on front fender and right lower fairing which can be touched up or buffed out.  There is a section of the front right fairing that is broken/missing, see photo.  There is a very small nick in the seat which is an easy repair, see photo.  A great low cost begining for a show bike.

Good Ohio title. Build date is 10/1989. 

This is a great example that has seen limited and careful use by one long term own.  Lots of miles and smiles remain for the new owner.  A lot of near classic motorcycle for the money and it will appreciate in value every year.

Please study photos and call me for more information.

Sold “as is where is” without mechanical gurantee…only my description is guranteed to be accurate and is back by a 100% money back pledge if I have failed to provide you a materially accurate description of the FZR.

A $200. deposit is to be paid within 72 hours of offer auction ending.  The balance is due within 7 days auction ending.  Paypal is ok for depot and for the remaining balance. 

I will assist with shipping on this end but you must make all arrangements. I will provide indoor storage for 60 days. I may personally  provide enclosed delivery within 350 miles of Cincinnati Ohio for additional cost.  Call me for quote.

My feed back is 100%.  If yours is less than 92% and or you have fewer than 9 Ebay transactions you must call me before you bid or your bid may be cancelled.

And photos with more in the auction-

As the seller points out, this bike has been in storage for a long time and will need the necessary work to bring her back to life. And it does have the one broken piece in the headlight fairing and small spot on the seat. But otherwise, this is a clean, stock FZR600 that has survived pretty well over the years and comes in the best paint scheme there was. It’s simply gorgeous in my opinion and takes me right back to that day outside of my college town when I threw a leg over, grabbed some throttle and hit the first corner. Awesome.

So I don’t know where the auction will end price wise, but I think there is an opportunity here to pick a great bike at a good price. There will be some work to be done and the fairing may be difficult to replace. However, if done, here’s a great bike that will bring happiness and probably increase in value as the years go by.

This FZR is clean and the mileage is fine. If you want to pick up a great example of the beginning of a decade of many cool bikes, then make the jump!


Square Four Smoker! 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma up for auction

Jared 1

Location: Warwick,NY
Miles: 14,700 miles (Km’s?)
Price: currently $4,150 with NO RESERVE! Update 10.4.2011: Was previously pulled before we could finish authoring the post last month. Now relisted with a $14750 buy-it-now.

Here is one for all you Gamma lovers out there! And this one is priced to move, as in No Reserve on the auction. Just a little background info on the 1986 RG500 for all of you out there who don’t quite know what it’s all about. This classic smoker has a square-four engine design, which is basically two parallel twin engines crammed together using two crankshafts. Weighing in at around 350lbs and making 95hp from the factory, this 500cc bad-boy is sure to inspire some Gran Prix style fun!

The particular bike here seems to be in the middle ground between the beat up and thrashed RG500’s and the pristine, garage-queen versions we see here at RSBFS. A couple of the modifications that the seller mentions are some GSXR wheels and clipers as well as a Fox adjustable front shock.

From the seller:

“86 RG 5000. Street Use only . Bike is in good shape for being a 30 year old GP bike sold for the street. Blue/White . Bike has solo seat cover as well as stock passenger seat. Minor upgrades including, GSXR wheels and calipers. Fox Shock, adj ride height adj, perf fork brace and stock wheels. Bike runs like a champ and has minor wear and tear from a classic of its age. Also throwing in a new set of rubber. Along with a host of xtra stuff accumulated over time

Bike came from Canadaand has been titled and registered in NY for over 15 yrs.”

It is hard to tell exactly what condition the bike is in, as far as wear and tear, from the photos in the auction. Also, the seller states the bike has 14,700 miles on it and the odo pic shows 13,648 Km’s. So I would be curious as to exactly what the odometer reads right now versus when the pictures were taken. However, the bike is located in NY and has been title and registered in the state (bike is a Canadian model). And have I mentioned that there is No Reserve on the auction? With the condition of the bike and mileage, I could see this thing going for roughly $10K-$12K, as compared to similar RG’s. Make this RG500 Gamma yours today and place your bid at the auction here!


One Response. weekly recap!

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In case you missed what was happening on the sister site to RSBFS this week, here is a look at what’s been showing up on recently! If you’re a fan of classic Italian sport bikes then be sure to check out the sweet Ducati Vento and the pair of MV Agusta’s up for grabs! Also, don’t forget to drop by and check the scene there. And if you still aren’t satisfied, have a look at the RSBFS Facebook Page to check out even more killer bikes that didn’t make it onto the main site. Enjoy!

1984 Ducati Vento 350 up for auction on CSBFS

1977 MV Agusta Sucuderia 750S America and 125S America

1936 Velocette KSS MKII


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