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Bimota June 28, 2010 posted by

Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale

A collector and friend of RSBFS is thinning the herd and offering the following fantastic homologation specials for sale {please kneel}:

Get the goods on each bike below:

1992 Ducati 851 For Sale Very Low Miles

1992 Ducati 851 with Less Than 2000 Miles!

Update 8.9.2010: SOLD!

Comments from the seller:

All original -except for the addition of the booming Gi.Co.Moto twin pipes for that wonderful “Sound of Thunder” music from the Desmo V-Twin engine.

1988 Bimota YB6 For Sale Perfect Condition

1988 Bimota YB6

Update 8.9.2010: SOLD!

Comments from the seller:

A beautiful old school collector for the Bimota enthusiasts.

Yamaha 1000cc engine with Keihin flat-slide carbs
(oh….this one will scoot alright!!).

Growls like a mean-ass junk yard dog.

1988 Bimota YB4E.I. For Sale

1988 Bimota YB4E.I.

Comments from the seller:

Take a look at this sexy thing……probably my favorite Bimota of all time. This thing is such a work of art. The 1988 YB4E.I. model released after Bimota took the last ever TT-F1 title in ’87.

Graves Yamaha AMA Formula Extreme R7-1 For Sale

Graves Yamaha AMA Formula Extreme R7-1

Update 8.9.2010: SOLD!

Comments from the seller:

Graves Yamaha AMA Formula Extreme R7-1 raced by Damon Buckmaster (AUS). YEC factory kit EVERYTHING from frame to swingarm to bracing to chassis to radiator to engine and every part on it. Adjustable swingarm pivot, steering stem, ride heights, etc.

Stroker 1080cc full-on SuperBike factory engine and every special YEC Kit factory item from the Yamaha WSBK team. 190hp and the best SBK chassis available back when Superbikes were Superbikes (and not warmed-over street bikes). This thing is light and goes like a missile.

The R7-1 was actually BANNED from AMA competition after it laid waste to the Formula Extreme class back in the days before the AMA series scuttled the class because the FX bikes were faster than the 750cc SuperBike Class (headliner) machines.

Have a ton of the press articles on the bike from magazines (and web
magazines) of the day.

{Still kneeling right?}

Yamaha FZR750RR OW01 For Sale

Yamaha FZR750R OW01

Comments from the seller:

Beautiful condition, all original with 2,700 miles. Only 200 of these produced and they’re getting harder
and harder to find here in the States.

Honda RC30 VFR750 For Sale

Honda RC30 VFR750R

Update 9.13.2010: SOLD!

Comments from the seller:

Wonderfully clean example with only 2,950 miles on the odometer. All original and unmolested condition.
Has all the manuals and tool kits and everything else it came with from the factory.

Honda RC45 RVF750 For Sale

Honda RC45 RVF750

Update 9.13.2010: SOLD!

Comments from the seller:

Very clean example with 6,975 miles on it. Has the HRC PGM wire modification done to it (more HP)
and has a aftermarket exhaust canister installed for a little more of that V-4 sound.

Bimota Vdue For Sale

Bimota Vdue

Comments from the seller:

Still in all original condition. 360 kilometers. Has the usual Vdue “issues” with the engine fueling -but can be sorted out.
(I’ve got another bike exactly the same that has been sorted and runs great.) This bike has stayed in original condition
though and has not had any modifications done to it.

So here’s my question: How do you choose? This is my favorite era of SportBike and seeing a collection like this is exactly what I’d like to have in my own stable some day. It would be like that corner spot in the Barber Motorsports Museum with all the great ones:

Interested parties better hurry because come Thursday after my $175mil PowerBall lotto ticket hits, I’m just going to buy them all!

If you have questions about the model specifications or history, or just want to chat about the collection, please post a comment below — the whole RSBFS team is going to keep an eye on this thread and will be happy to answer questions! Qualified buyers, I am acting as a proxy for the seller. Please send your inquires to for additional details.


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Honda June 26, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250 Titled & Registered In Texas

Update 6.25.10: Now listed for $5500.

This is a freshly re-built MC21 NSR finished in Repsol colors.  Located in Allen, Texas is a 1993 Honda NSR250(R) that is titled and registered in Texas.  The seller states that this bike has a completely re-built motor, new chain & sprocket, new rear tire and a large number of spare parts including an additional motor.  The bike is finished in an incorrect for the year/generation, but correct looking, Doohan Repsol replica paint scheme.  The bike is priced at $7,500; This is the higher end for MC21’s, usually where we see low mileage, original, California registered examples but, as the seller says, it does come with a supposedly large spares package including a motor.  It would be interesting to know what other spares are included because, for me, an additional motor and some bits needs a bit more to constitute a ~$2,500 premium.

The MC21 was an advanced bike when released featuring a PGMIII ECU from the RC30, which was:

“coupled to throttle position and gear position sensors, controls both the timing of the RC Valves, air correctors and ignition advance to give outstanding low end tractability. The PGM-III features a true 3D ignition and a different map for each cylinder…the famous Gull-Arm rear swingarm was copied from the RS250 of Luca Cadalora, as was the frame design. Even the mounting point for a steering damper was kept in place! The body-styling was based on the 1988 and 1989 RS250’s, with just a few basic concessions like lights and a rear pillion seat!! The rear wheel diameter was decreased from 18″ to 17″ and widened to 4.5” to run the latest tyre profiles and compounds. The MC21 also now featured a closer ratio gearbox with a taller 1st gear and an improved shift mechanism.

This is the last year of the MC21 and a nice looking example regardless if it is original or not.  The Repsol scheme has easily become for Honda what Red is for Ferrari’s.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda May 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 Titled & Registered In California

This is a fantastic looking VFR400R in California!  Located in San Francisco, California is a 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 with 15,500 miles.  The seller states that this bike has never been down or raced, is in excellent mechanical and very good cosmetic condition.  The bike features Two-Brothers SS exhaust with a carbon silencer with a jet kit to match–the rear stand shown is also included.  The asking price of $6,500 is a bit higher than what we’ve been seeing but, this one does look to be in above average condition and, I wouldn’t call this outrageous at all heading into summer.  See a listing of the NC30’s we’ve seen here.

These VFR400R’s are some of the lightest wight and best handling four strokes you can buy on the used market.  They go around corners like any bike should, are lightweight like a bike should be, and look like an RC30–which a bike should.  We’ve seen these 400cc bikes pretty regularly but, if one pops up in your area you should absolutely go down and take a look at it and, unfortunately for your other bikes, you’ll probably come back with it!  See the for sale ad with extra-large photos here.  See the for sale thread on BayAreaRidersForum here.


Honda April 30, 2010 posted by

1989 Honda Hawk NT 650 RC31

1989 Honda Hawk NT650 RC31 for sale and located in Osh Kosh (by Gosh), WI.

These have a cult following just like any other United States motorcycle sales disaster and it’s as strong as ever. The NT650 was Honda’s second go at producing a bike with the Pro-Arm Single Sided Swing-arm with the RC30 being the first. Internally at Honda they were called the RC31, but depending on their destination they were also called Bros (Japan) and Revere (Europe). Pumping 60 hp out of it’s V-twin, these make great city bikes and were formidable race bikes when properly outfitted. Although I’ve never seen one, Two Bros Racing made a body kit for these that looked like the RC30 back in the day. Imported to the states from 1988 to 1991 the majority of the Hawk’s were cloaked in that super rare Honda red color, but you’ll see some in “Tempest Gray Metallic” and “Candy Flair Blue” as well. As far as I can tell this is the first Honda Hawk NT650 to adorn the pages of RSBFS which makes me both proud to have posted the first one, but ashamed for not having one up before now.

Have a look:

Honda Hawk NT650 for saleHonda Hawk NT650 for sale

Quote from the listing:


So the owner doesn’t have much to say about his prized Hawk, but I’ve got you covered. Click here for more info on this rare bird.

Listen to it pur….. Ducati who?

If you are interested in contacting the seller of this RSBFS click here



Yamaha March 21, 2010 posted by


Please welcome Jay as our newest author. He has an extensive racing and sales history with most of the bikes we’ve featured on these pages and should fit right in around here. Welcome aboard Jay!

What can I say? Located in Florida this is definitely a bike that any modern day collector should have in the garage. To homologate Yamaha’s 750cc race bike Yamaha had to make a street version for the public. In 1999 these bikes were about $33k and they really didn’t sell well at all; I mean who pays that for 750cc’s and oh BTW it looks like your buddies YZF750 he just bought for $8k. Once the body works off though there lies the difference, dual injectors (only one per cylinder is hooked up though) Ohlins, coil mounted spark plug caps, big airbox (holds two $5 foot longs), data logging ECU,etc, etc.

Capped at 105 hp you can buy the Yamaha race wiring harness that will enable the second injector and then install a proper race exhaust and a few other bits like neon grips and bingo, you’re near 135hp. One problem though, so you’ve got the bike, you’ve bought all the race bits and  $60,000 later you’re cruzin’ through your favorite “hood” and BAM, the crank falls out. Yup luckily Yamaha will replace your crank with a nice shinny new updated one for free since they all had this problem. This one doesn’t say its had a new crank but who knows maybe Yamaha may still honor the warranty. Anyone got $26,500 bones I can borrow?  See the ad here

Ad Reads: 

1999 Yamaha R7 Description

1999 Yamaha R7, All Original, Garaged, Mint Condition, Never Raced/Dropped or Safety Wired, never sold to end user. Yamaha Homologation model only 500 made/sold in the world only 50 in the US, Still shows nipples on tires. No other on the road and certainly not in this condition. A collector’s wish list item. No it is not a modified R6 or tricked out R1! This is the real deal!

The bike is a definite favorite for me, and if  it’s “as described” I think the price is not too far off, I’d like to be closer to the lower $20’s. It goes in my book as a “must have” if you are serious about collecting bikes like the RC45, RC30, OW01, etc,  just watch out for the flying cranks, enjoy!

– Jay

Ducati March 5, 2010 posted by

An unbelievable 20 Homologation Super Bike collection being auctioned

20 Homologation Super Bikes for sale!

A HUGE thanks to Matt for submitting this to I’m not sure how he found it, but it is a Super Bike Collectors dream come true. This auction consists of 20 factory homologation Super Bikes that cover the past three decades and a WSB winner to boot. Depending on what your cup of tea is there is something for every homologation fan. There are four 888 SPO’s, three regular RC30’s, a RC45, a 916 SP3, Desmocedici RR , three OW01’s, a ZX-7R K2, a 996R, a RC51 done up in Castrol racing colors and it has Colin Edwards signature, R1 SP2006 and a uber rare all white RC30 that is said to be 1 of 30. The bad part about this post is that this auction is taking place in the United Kingdom. I know there are some collectors that follow RSBFS that are probably chomping at the bit if they weren’t already aware of this auction. Some of these bikes are basically unobtainable by all standards, but yet here they are for the taking.

What I find crazy about this auction is that none of the bikes have bids on them yet; so either this auction is being kept relatively quiet or it’s a sealed bid type of auction. Whatever the case may be pull up a chair and grab your favorite adult beverage because you’ll be here a while. I think I’ve looked at it no less than 5 times in 4 hours. I just can’t get over it.

Check them out and lets see some comments:

One of the nicest collections we’ve ever had on RSBFS and you can view them all here.



Honda February 16, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR 400 NC 30 for sale

1992 Honda VFR 400 NC30 for sale in San Francisco, CA. John, the owner, asked us to help him try and sell his beloved motorcycle, so here it is.

Listed at $5,000.00 this is one of the cheaper priced VFR/RVF’s we’ve had posted on RSBFS. It has 10,241 miles on the clock and it does have that elusive California registration. Typically, we see these in $6,000 to $8,000 range especially when they are ready for the street. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the NC30 I’ll give you some background on it. The NC30 is sibling to the world famous RC30. They share some similar components such as the gawd awful 18″ rear rim, conventional fork legs, the stunningly smooth gear driven V4 engine and single sided swing arm.

It is in great running condition and is extremely rare here in the USA …especially legal and insured and registered. These bikes are preferred by race enthusiasts as they are built for the track. The red line starts at 14500 rpm. The bike has big brakes stock …all around. The power band starts to kick in around 9000 rpm. The seat height is very low and it is perfect for people that are not tall. This bike is well taken care of new brakes and rotors all around, new oil and filter, fresh brake fluid, new air filter and plugs. The odometer shows a very low 16519 km on it and it runs great. The tires are in good shape and are Bridgestone Battle Axe. The front forks have been upgraded/rebuilt by Lindeman Engineering (LE) in Campbell, CA

If you’re in the market for a VFR 400 NC30 on the cheap your boat….uh…I mean cycle has come in. You can view the CL ad here and contact the seller via email.



Honda February 15, 2010 posted by

Brand new 0 miles Honda RC45 for sale!

Brand new 0 miles Honda RC45 for sale in the UK.

Just when I thought the brand new 0 miles RC30 from Doble Motorcycles in the UK was an incredible find, they hit me with a double whammy by offering a brand new 0 miles RC45 for sale as well!

This bike has never been used. It has been in a private collection.

This is a BRAND-NEW un-registered UK example.

It comes with it’s original genuine Honda single-sided paddock stand.

Accompanied with it’s original owner’s manual and service book.
100% standard in every way. MINT, MINT, MINT!
Oh crikey: Grown men broke down in tears when this arrived in the showroom; overcome by the presence of greatness; (no not you Mr Doble). It’s an RC45. One for the museum or your private collection; it would look a treat parked in a corner of your living room! Then again; how could you resist the temptation to register and ride it. What a dilemma. This totally stunning piece of Honda racing history is up for grabs. Pawn everything if you have to: It’s an investment and you’ll want it bad!
The RC45 is the successor to the legendary RC30, but unfortunately it didn’t achieve the same level of success as the RC30.  Nevertheless, it is still an iconic bike and is on many serious collectors’ list of bikes to have.  Personally, I like the looks of the RC45 but the RC30 is more iconic with its long list of race wins.
If you are seriously considering this RC45 for your collection, then the $39,000 asking price is probably not an issue, in which case may I suggest getting the matching 0 miles RC30 as well – these two great motorcycles deserve to be together in the same collection!

[AffomaticEbay]Honda rc51[/AffomaticEbay]

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