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Honda June 24, 2014 posted by

Forward: 1990 Honda RC30 in Wisconsin


The State of Wisconsin has a motto: Forward. That is exactly what Honda did in the late 1980s when they created the VFR750R – aka the RC30. This limited production machine turned the racing world on its ear, and the resultant homologation road bike continues to turn collectors’ heads everywhere. The RC30 is one of the most popular bikes found on RSBFS, and there is collective knowledge across our reader base second to none. So I turn this over to our experts and their comments to help us navigate the perils and pitfalls of RC30 lust. -MI


1990 Honda RC30 for sale on Craigslist


From the seller:
Very rare 1990 Honda RC30

– In storage for last 14 years.
– 13,687 miles.
– Includes race fairings.
– Engine turns over.
– Sold as is.

$20,000 firm.


Forward: 1990 Honda RC30 in Wisconsin
Honda May 2, 2014 posted by

Readers Choice: 1990 Honda RC30 available in Phoenix, Arizona

Honda RC30 for sale

The response to this eBay listing in the first few hours of it’s posting has been very telling in how hot the RC30 market is right now. We got a note from the seller just before it was posted on May 1st, 5pm PST. RSBFS nation was quick to notice when it went live and a flood of emails came in immediately to alert us that this bike was on the market. Without further ado, here’s a great looking and well described RC30 available in Phoenix right now!

1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay


What’s especially nice is that this example has been enjoyed but respected. The next owner would be smart to follow the same mission: ride it occasionally with pride but maintain it’s originality.


To all the commentors that always moan and complain that ultra-low mileage examples are wasted, I say to you, here is your lotto ticket. Prove that you’re going to be the next worthy owner of this modern classic that is ready for more actual riding!



from the seller:

1990 HONDA VFR750 RC30 – VIN: JH2RC3008LM200225

This motorcycle is a very nicely maintained and very original 1990 (49 State version) Honda RC30. I bought it from the original owner. I have the original dealer invoice for the bike along with the original owner’s manual, the original keys and an original Honda brochure. As described to me by the original owner, he rode the bike quite a bit when he first got it back in the 90’s, but, as time went on, the bike mostly sat in his garage on a battery tender unridden. He started it regularly, cleaned and waxed it, and it shows. He continued to do regular oil changes based on time rather than mileage. As the pictures confirm, the bike shows the care the original owner gave it. The bike starts easily and runs well. I have ridden it sparingly and am downsizing my collection.

As you can see from the pics, the bike is exceptionally stock and has no period performance modifications that I noticed. The paint is in very nice condition for its age. There are a few very minor nicks and scuffs here and there, but you have to examine the bike very closely to see them. The left mirror has a scuff on the outside edge (see pics), there are some very small scratches on the left side of the rear cowl (see pics but they were very hard to photograph). There is a small area that yellowed on the white paint of the rear cowl section where it meets the frame (see pics). The gas tank had a clear film protector put on it when new right in front of the seat to protect the tank from belt buckle scratches. (see pics). The film has done its job but has yellowed a bit, and you may want to remove it; I have left it as it came to me. The rubber mount for the right rear turn signal broke (not badly – see pics). I have a new OEM replacement mount still in the Honda plastic bag that will go with the bike.

The bike still has its original Honda exhaust system which is in beautiful condition and its original unmolested factory air box (see pics). The bike clearly was well taken care of. The original wheels are in excellent condition (there are a few very very small paint chips). The tires are Metzler ME1’s. The front tire is a 120/70 VB17 and the rear is a 180/55 VB18. Both tires are old and should be replaced if you intend to ride the bike with any regularity. It has a relatively new AFAM chain and sprockets that were installed by the original owner not long before I bought the bike from him. The bike also comes with its original tool kit and factory rear wheel stand (pretty sure the stand has been repainted).

I recently did an oil change and brake and clutch fluid flush. It has been ridden about 5 miles since that maintenance. The engine runs well and the bike is a blast to ride. I have had a couple of RC30’s and this one runs and rides as well as any of them. While it is in extremely nice condition, it has enough mileage on it that you will not be afraid to ride and enjoy it.

I will facilitate shipping, but Buyer must make arrangements for pick up and pay for any shipping costs. Pick up must be arranged within two weeks of the auction’s end. If you care to inspect the bike before the auction ends, give me a call or send me an email to make arrangements. I live near the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport and would be happy to pick you up if you would like to fly in for an inspection. The bike is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

Readers Choice:  1990 Honda RC30 available in Phoenix, Arizona
Honda April 14, 2014 posted by

Paging SixthGear, Hwood851, and RC30Freak: 1990 Honda RC30 for sale in Ohio

Honda RC30 For Sale

We posted a great looking RC30 in Australia just a few weeks ago, and while there is no question it’s a solid bike, there were lots of notable discrepancies being discussed in the comments section regarding it’s originality and need for additional history. In fact the amount of expert evaluation displayed made Mike and I both take notice and realize we need to take better advantage of the knowledge available within our own community. While there was a lot of people involved in the conversation, I’d like to call out SixthGear, Hwood851, and RC30Freak in particular to share their expertise on this example shown today. We really appreciate your contributions and professionalism, and hope you’ll step up again to help out our readers. My sincere thanks in advance!


1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

I bought this wonderful bike about a year ago with an intent to re-live my experiences from when I owned a new one back in 1991. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have become consumed with vintage autos and will now be going vintage racing. Other than a few miles of driving, she has been sitting in the corner of my garage during my entire ownership period. A totally undeserving lot for a bike of this caliber. I’m lucky that my garage is heated and she sits on a battery maintainer. I frequently start and bring her up to temperature. She starts right up without difficulties.

I hope the following facts will help you decide if this is the right RC for you:

1. This bike is everything my new one was back in the day. The visuals, sounds, and textures are great.

2. During my ownership I topped off the fluids, put new factory grips on, and have been slowly refreshing the exterior.

3. This bike has had a clear bra on it from almost its entire life (or perhaps for every minute of it). I removed it because it was lifting at the edges. What I found underneath was essentially pristine paint. I recommend the next owner re-apply a clear bra as it obvious worked for the first 13K miles.

4. The previous seller owned the bike twice (sold it once, bought it back a year or two later, and then sold it to me). He stated a notable CA specialist (name available) serviced the bike while he owned it. The emissions equipment was removed and is now in a box.

5. Since I’ve been deep cleaning and refreshing the bike, I’ve found numerous small paint defects here and there. From 3 feet away she looks a 10 out of 10. From 6 inches she looks like a 9 out of 10. I haven’t yet removed the wheels and gotten inside all of the spokes etc. but they have a few paint defects as well. A strip and powder coat would make them as new.

6. I bought a new reproduction high quality sticker kit from the UK to replace the tank stickers. If it actually arrives it will be included in the purchase. All the rest of the stickers are factory. I have found no evidence of any bodywork or paintwork on this bike. She’s all original as far as I can tell.

Some things that are currently imperfect:

1. The rotors are on backwards and they pulse on application. I was going to send them out to a specialist floating repair shop for repair but haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t know how or why they ended up backwards prior to my ownership.

2. The neutral indicator doesn’t light up in neutral. Previous owner said it worked for him and perhaps it was just a micro switch.

3. On the lowest portion of the fairing nearest the exhaust there is some slight discoloration in the white and if you look at a high angle, some lifting or bubbling (0.5mm?). The area involved is about 1.5″ in diameter and wasn’t noticeable until I removed the clear bra and cleaned and polished the surface. I’m not sure if this is typical for a 13K mile RC or not.

4. A couple of the dzus fasteners have damaged the paint underneath, noticeable when you remove the fastener. A couple are missing the plastic washer which I think is the culprit.

5. The license light is missing. I’ve been looking for a replacement but haven’t found one yet.

6. The factory stand is mechanically fine but the finish is tired. I have the yellow warning sticker for it but haven’t gotten around to the task of stripping and refinishing.



Paging SixthGear, Hwood851, and RC30Freak:  1990 Honda RC30 for sale in Ohio
Honda March 27, 2014 posted by

Really Cool 1989 Honda RC30 available in Australia


The Honda VFR750R – but most often referred to as the RC30 – was created for the key purpose of going racing. Building just few enough street bikes to meet homologation rules, this particular model was a dominant race bike in the day and continues to dominate the wish lists, Christmas lists and bucket lists of enthusiasts everywhere. As a result, the RC30 has remained strong in the pricing department as well. This bike is located in Australia – and looks to be in terrific shape. Enjoy the pictures!


1989 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This is an opportunity to own one of Honda’s most collectable motorcycles.

Honda hand assembled the RC30 in low volume and many were highly modified for racing and it is now becoming harder to find any in good condition.

This 1989 RC30 is not the restricted Japanese model it is the European model fitted with the unrestricted C.D.I offering maximum performance.

Fitted with new Dunlop tyres and K&N high flow air filter this RC30 is in excellent condition, having traveled only 10500 km.

Just been fully serviced at 10000 km with new fork oil and brake fluid changed as well as new brake pads fitted.

Anyone looking at purchasing a good straight RC30 in excellent condition and with the original exhaust could not go past this one.


Really Cool 1989 Honda RC30 available in Australia
Honda March 4, 2014 posted by

1988 Honda RC30 VFR750R HRC Kitted Race Bike!

Update 3.4.2014: When this bike was first listed in January, it passed it’s reserve of $26.5k and went on to sell for $38.6k. Unfortunately that sale has fallen through and it’s back on eBay. Considering there were at least 5 bidders after reserve had been met, it should be interesting to see where it ends this time. Links updated. -dc

1988 Honda RC30 for sale

It’s hard to know where to start with something this special. An RC30 with all the goods, arguably one of the most collectable bikes of it’s era. It has provenance from period racing, it has the unobtainable race kit parts, and it’s fresh out storage after 18 years. It appears in a couple of AHRMA races last year after being refreshed and promptly finds itself at the top of the podium. Bidding has been brisk with just a day passed so far and 9 days remaining. What’s your fantasy bid for this once in a lifetime opportunity?


1988 Honda RC30 HRC for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Bought in Canada in the winter of 1987, Dr. Dave Kieffer, a privateer AMA Pro Racer who was also a pioneering orthopedic surgeon wanted to get the jump on the competition by ordering Honda’s newest Superbike weapon for the 1988 AMA Superbike Racing class by buying a Canadian model of the new hand-built HRC Honda RC30 in the hopes of readying it for Daytona Bike Week in March of 1988. Unbeknownst to him, Honda chose not homologate the bike in the USA until 1990, making his new RC30 ineligible for 1988 AMA Superbike competition.

Without homologation, the RC30 was ineligible to race in AMA Superbike until 1990, finding himself saddled with this new weapon, Dr. Kieffer then set his sights on competing in the AMA EBC Endurance Series in the GTO class and ordered the HRC race kit and had his team of former Honda Factory mechanics prepare the bike for the first 3 hour race of the 1989 AMA series in Daytona. Doc then went about recruiting a group of leading privateers and formed his new endurance team; The Rough Stock Racing Honda All-Stars. Over the course of the 1989 series, The All-Stars consisted of: Dr. Kieffer, John Ashmead, Rueben McMurter, Randy Renfrow, and Doug Brauneck.

In the first race of the 1988 season at Daytona, the team of McMurter, Kieffer and Ashmead came in 2nd to Dave Schlosser’s Dutchman Racing, multi-time Endurance Racing Champions, placed 3rd at Rd Atlanta, 1st at New Hampshire, 4th at Daytona in October and placed 5th in the year-end GTO standings competing against big horsepower teams using 1000’s and 1100’s.

In 1990 Honda the RC30 was homologated and became eligible for AMA Superbike competition. The bike was updated with Honda’s latest “HRC factory- team spec” components by Ray Farrow and Dennis Zickrick, former Honda Factory team mechanics and was raced from ’89-92 by Dr. Kieffer in AMA Superbike Championship and the FIM World Superbike rounds at Brainerd, MN and Mosport Park, Canada . Doc was given assistance in parts and modifications by American Honda and numerous factory-backed racers, race teams and Honda own factory team who were friendly with Dr. Kieffer because he helped so many injured racers return to action as soon as safely possible. Fred Merkel was particularly helpful to Dr. Kieffer and help Doc get all the latest mods from the Rumi Racing’s RC30 World Super Bike team.

The bike was retired from racing in 1993 and properly prepared for storage where it would sit for the next 18 years. Because the bike was so well maintained and prepared, the bike was easily re-awakened over the winter of 2012-13 and thoroughly race-prepared by International Motorbikes of Hickory, NC. The bike was then entered in the Road America AHRMA Next Generation Superbike event where it placed 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday with Harry Vanderlinden riding. At AHRMA’s Barber Vintage Events in October the RC30 was again entered in Next Gen Superbike and won on Saturday and placed 2nd on Sunday, again with Vanderlinden at the controls.

The bike is currently race ready and is more than capable of winning the AHRMA 2014 Next Gen Superbike Championship and is eligible for numerous Vintage events around the world including The Isle of Man Classic and the Phillip Island Classic.

The bike comes a spare set of painted bodywork and both a front and rear HRC Magnesium wheel with rotors. A very extensive spares package is available separately which include enough spares to keep you racing for years and year.

Engine: Fully HRC-kitted, magnesium cases and sump, Rumi Team baffle and oil pickup, HRC titanium exhaust, HRC Pistons, HRC Titanium rods, Ti valves, HRC valve springs and Ti retainers, HRC Airbox, FCR Flat-slide Carburetors, HRC ignition, HRC clip-ons etc.

Chassis: HRC Swingarm, HRC Forks, HRC Fork internals, HRC degree-adjustable triple trees, HRC rear Shock and Spring

Brakes: Nissan/HRC calipers, master cylinders and full floating rotors with stainless lines

Wheels: HRC Magnesium, Front-3.50 X 17, Rear 6.0 X 17

Tires: Michelin Power Race Slicks



1988 Honda RC30 VFR750R HRC Kitted Race Bike!
Honda March 2, 2014 posted by

1990 Honda RC30 available in Puerto Rico

1990 Honda RC30 for sale

Whenever something as special as an RC30 comes up for sale close to home, I always feel an obligation to make sure our readers have seen it too. From the few photos available, it looks pretty solid. But the description is vague at best for a collectible machine like this, especially with a $26k buy-it-now price on a 32k mile example. Not to mention this is the seller’s first eBay rodeo with zero feedback. There are a lot of questions I’d want to ask before even considering making an offer. But as with many collectable objects, the story could be pretty interesting too and I’d want to hear what the owner has to say. He also has on auction what looks like a track sorted Honda CBR1000RR and a Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited replica up for sale right now as well.


1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay

1990 Honda RC30 available in Puerto Rico
Honda December 19, 2013 posted by

Brand New Honda RC30 Bol d’Or in Australia?

Honda RC30 Bol d'Or for sale

On our Facebook page last night, I asked what should be posted this morning. We got a lot of interesting suggestions but the winner was the link to this 1988 Honda RC30 in Australia. The listing is very thin with just one picture and no description summary. The data field for odometer reading is 0. It’s very clean from the one picture but I would think if it was brand new it would have dozens of photos to inspect and a detailed description to document it’s authenticity. I’d also expect a lot higher price tag than $35k AUD (~$31k USD). Finally I see it has the Bol d’Or decals which I believe makes it French market RC30. These are less restricted right?

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions,


Honda RC30 on

Brand New Honda RC30 Bol d’Or in Australia?
Honda November 11, 2013 posted by

For The Few Who Can Appreciate What Motor Sports Has To Offer: Two Honda RC30’s (VFR750R) Down Under

spencer tag

rc rightAussie RSBFS intern Chris has come through again.  It is apparently raining RC30’s in Australia and he found the proof.

The info on number one:

My RC30 is one of the finest you will find anywhere. I have meticulously restored it to showroom condition and it is both mechanically and visually almost perfect. It is completely original with all fairing panels and components being OEM. All alloy parts have been refinished and look like the day is was released. I have it club registered, however up until last year it was fully registered and is roadworthy. It was a JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) and was imported to Australia in around 2002. I have appropriate engineering certification for registration, however if you plan to club register it, this is not necessary. The bike comes with the original tool kit and Sharp HRC replica RC30 stand, and Honda bike cover. It also comes with a spare after market belly pan painted in OEM colours. It is rare to find an RC30 in this condition, as many are quite ratty close up – but not this one. The closer you get, the better it is. I am a classic bike collector and have another RC30, so that’s why I’m selling this one. If you’re wanting a classic, a top notch RC30, you should go no further than this example.
rc left

It’s got a BIN of $28,000 Australian

Click to see it.

spencer rightWow, how much can paint change a bike!?  It apparently was one of a small run of bikes painted this way by a Japanese dealer.

Read on:

The real deal the Honda RC30 built solely for WSB racing. This is a No Reserve auction and it this price it will sell – this bike will appreciate in value!
This is from the first batch Honda produced (Japan model) with a very rare and unique Freddie Spencer tribute paint scheme. The quality of the paint is OEM and from what my research has told me a small batch were produced by a large Japanese dealer for select customers. At this listed price you could return it to original RC30 Red White & Blue which was my original plan but after seeing the paint scheme in the flesh I prefer it and decided to keep as is…..
The bike has been fully de-restricted with EU spec ECU and other necessary changes to meet full EU / Aust power specs. The bike is in excellent condition with only minor stone chips. I have fitted a full titanium Ladybird race exhaust system (photos with lower fairing off show quality) that give the V4 a very unique sound – a $2,200 investment alone.
Pics of the engine casing show that there is absolutely no crash damage to support no racing history (a rarity on RC30’s) and whilst I have had this bike in my collection for several years I have only done 100km of riding (I should be shot for that) as it has taken pride of place in the house. 
The RC30 is currently unregistered but would only require a road worthy and maybe a new battery to have it on the road in no time. Would also recommending fitting exhaust tap to the headers given the heat generation (will provide tap for free)


spencer exhaustspencer canThe “Ladybird” exhaust.  That has got to be a Japanese company with a name like that.
spencer left
The bidding on this one is starting at $17,500 Australian.

Click to see it.



If you haven’t found it already, here is an excellent site for you RC30 needs.



For The Few Who Can Appreciate What Motor Sports Has To Offer:  Two Honda RC30’s (VFR750R) Down Under

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