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Ducati July 15, 2013 posted by

One Owner 1993 Ducati 900 Superlight in Kansas

1993 Ducati Superlight For Sale

Here is a very tidy Ducati 900 SS/SL for sale in Kansas that looks not only complete but tastefully upgraded as well. With only 12,500 miles it’s been ridden but sparingly for a 900SS. These look very racy but are actually quite agreeable to touring, even with the Keihin carbs. The seller is asking $10k or best offer.


1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1993 Ducati 900 SL
Low mileage one owner.
944 cc,balanced crank, Bucci pistons,Bucci rods
C.R. Axtell ported heads,Vee Two cams amd valves,adjustable cam pulleys
Vee Two primary gears,clutch hub and basket,slave cylinder.
Pro Italia bars and rearsets.
Fast By Ferracci mufflers.
JMC swingarm.
39mm keihin fcr flat slides
There are lots of parts I have missed.
Stock mufflers,seat,windshield,bars,carbs,rearsets are included.



Ducati May 22, 2013 posted by

More Super Lightness: 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight MK1

sl right sl tach

It’s apparently time to sell yellow Super Lights this month.  Number 827 is currently looking for a new garage to call home.  This one has a Canadian accent and has been breathed on a bit.

What’s the story you ask?

Up for sale is my Limited Edition 1993 900SS Superlight Mk1.  Bike # 827 out of 952 units produced worldwide with only 300 sent to the USA.  This is the geniune article and the most desirable of the Superlight that came to North America.  Only the Mk 1 bikes came with a full spectrum of upgrades directly from the factory that include full floating Cast Iron front disc brakes, Two piece Marvic/Akront 17″ Rims, Vented Clutch Cover, Carbon Fibre Front Mudguard and Rear Hugger, Carbon Fibre Slip-On Exhaust.  In addition to these very desirable factory exotic parts, the motor on this bike has been upgraded with High Compression 944 Big Bore Pistons fueled by a pair of Kehin flat side Smooth Bore Carbs.  Ohlin Front Fork Springs, Ohlin Steering Damper, Oberon Clutch slave Cylinder, Upgraded Master Cylinders with Aluminum Caps, Billet Aluminum Rearsets, Carbon Fibre Dash, Leather Corbin Seat, Zero Gravity Tinted Windshield, brand new Prirelli Corsa Tires and much more.

This is a bike that has been totally sorted out with an impressive array of performance upgrades and improvements over the stock bike.  This bike rewards riders who appreciates mechanical perfection; you would want to ride this one and not just admire her beauty.  The body work on the bike is a 9.5 out of 10 and the bike has been maticulously maintained and tuned.  This is the fastest air cooled 900SS I have ever ridden and she runs, sounds and handles as good as she looks.

sl left

Help me out Ducatists;  I keep reading that only the 1992 (MK1) Superlights had the cast iron brakes, vented clutch cover and two piece Marvics yet it seems every 93 (MK2) I see has them as well.  Did North America get them a year late?

sl engine

Hmm, it doesn’t weigh much at all and it has  more go compared to stock.  That should make for a lot of smiles on a twisting road.

sl right rear

Sign me up;  a limited edition, light weight, some extra go and classic Ducati styling.

Check out the auction here.


Ducati May 20, 2013 posted by

SuperClean SuperLight: 1993 Ducati 900SS/SL

Carmel Valley, CA – 5,045mi – $16,800 OBO


The Ducati 900SS/Superlight is one of my favorite Ducati’s. It not the fastest Ducati ever built, or even the lightest for that matter. It is however one of the best looking with its bright yellow paint and white frame. It is just really hard to beat that combination. And it did seem to thrown gas on the fire of the ever-unlimited limited edition craze for the Italian manufacture. The SL’s featured more carbon fiber bits, and Marvic aluminum/magnesium wheels to help bring the bikes weight down. They were also one of the first Ducati’s to be given the numbered plaque on the triple clamp.


The seller highlights everything you need to know:

If you collect and respect the history of Italian Brands and pure Italian Design you would have to say that the limited edition production of the Ducati 1993 Superlight has to been one of those watershed moments in classic Italian Motorcycle design.

Manufactured to celebrate one of their greatest sport models, only produced in 1993. There were a total of 952 units produced for worldwide sale. Only 300 were sent to the United States… This is number 669and is a perfect factory example of this icon bike.

Characterize by its competition Yellow Body Work, White Frame, Special Carbon Fiber Parts, Two-piece Marvic/Akront 17” Rims. The only period upgrade made to this perfect motorcycle is the period correct Ferracci exhaust. This high performance exhaust system adds the perfect deep and throaty sound that this bike was meant to have, verses the large oversized, heavy and bland sounding USA mandated mufflers.

Historically these bikes have been so over-ridden and modified that they have become as rare as“Hen’s Teeth” for Ducati collectors.

In my opinion, and many others enthusiasts, the last of the Classic Modern Italian Motorcycle Designs before Ducati joined the worldwide futuristic look that most motorcycles sadly look like today.

As amazing as these bikes are to look at, they do have a few weak areas that most examples and owners have not taken care of…. NOT THIS BIKE.

The Rear Tail Sections of the body work had way to much pressure on the mounting points, so the correct fix is to build a custom bracket under the seat to take that pressure off the tail section… and this tail piece is perfect.

The Swing Arms historically would crack, but this bike has had a factory replacement swing arm. And lastly the head bolts were weak and broke; this machine has the factory replacement head bolts.

The last piece of this extraordinary Ducati is the Original Injection Molded Seat and Seat Back…these stock parts are impossible to find, and rarely in good shape, as they will deteriorate just by themselves… in my case they have been kept and stored in my Show Garage and are close to perfect. I have the Corbin Period correct aftermarket Seat on the bike, and only use the original for shows.

I have a collection of motorcycles and this bike is only ridden around 100 to 400 a year, it only has 5045 miles on the odometer. The bike comes with the original Tool Kit, Manual and U.S. DOT Reflectors as well.


There you have it, a super clean example of a sought after Ducati. The last one of these I saw for sale had slightly less miles, but was in a little rougher condition. That bike sold for $9,200 and we usually see clean examples of these go for $10k-$11k. This bike is being relisted due to a buyer falling through. Asking price is very top of the range, but it is a very clean and almost stock (exhaust) example. I would say this bike could push low teens if someone wants it bad enough. Check out the ad here and make the decision for yourself.



Ducati April 19, 2013 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight #802 For Sale!

Richmond, VA – 4,263m – Currently $3,500 No Reserve 


I have said it before, and I will say it again; seeing a yellow Ducati with a white frame is like an ice cold beer on a hot day. Refreshing. Ducati has a knack for releasing limited edition bikes, and the Superlight is one of the coolest. The SL’s featured more carbon fiber bits, and Marvic aluminum/magnesium wheels to help bring the bikes weight down. They were also one of the first Ducati’s to be given the numbered plaque on the triple clamp.


This SS/SL is number 802 of the bunch and has some interesting qualities about it. First of all, bar risers are now installed, however the original clip-ons come with the sale. The same goes for the up-toothed rear sprocket (original included). Also the swingarm had cracked at the pivot point, but has since been repaired. Corbin seat looks good and keeps it comfy.


From the seller:

I am the second owner. I purchased the bike from the original owner in Vermont. Bike was purchased in 2003 with 3,049 miles. It now has 4,263 original miles. The tires were installed in 2003. The bike has a Corbin seat that was on it when I purchased it. The bike has heli bar risers and I have the original clip-ons. Rear sprocket is 39 teeth; I have the original 37 sprocket. It has the stock mufflers. The carburetors have a Factory Pro jet kit installed and I have the dyno readout. The swing arm cracked at the pivot shaft and has been repaired. Bike came with the 1992 two piece Marvic wheels. No frame cracks at steering head or anywhere else. All numbers match. No reserve, title is clear. I can take additional specific pictures if interested. Buyer will have to arrange shipping.

We have seen these go for the $6-$7k+ range given the condition and miles. The nice thing about this bike is that it is mostly stock and/or can be returned so fairly easily. The Marvic’s are still present and the exhaust is stock. This auction has No Reserve, so it’s going to sell. I will be keeping an eye on this one for sure. Jump on over to the auction here! 


Ducati July 23, 2012 posted by

Ducati 900 SS Superlight (in Germany)

Among the Ducati special editions, the Superlight also known as SL, was the name given to the 900 SS model of the early 90s.

In those years the 851-888 and the respective SP (Sport Production) models represented the cream of Ducati sport models. The 900 SS/SL was a more affordable model. It did share few components with the 851 but it was really a different motorbike. Yet, to give it a special flare, a few lighter bits were introduced like Marvic wheels, a front carbon fiber mudguard, a single seat unit (very similar in shape to those of the SPs) and upward exhaust.

It is actually not so common to come across an SL. Recently a yellow one and now it is the turn for this more classic red model spotted in Germany. The bike looks to be in pretty good condition. It was imported from Italy in 1998.

The power output of these bikes is not comparable to the 851-888 Superbike versions, but nevertheless the 900SS/SL are a fun tool on the everyday road. And they sound good too (here’s one from Japan with Termignoni mufflers):

The model found in Germany had 3 previous owners and apart form the tinted windscreen and the threaded steel clutch and brake cables, it is in original condition. With 41000 km on the clock it is on sale on eBay at the link below.

The current bid is 2300 Eur but expect this to go significantly higher.

Ducati 900 SS Superlight for sale on


Ducati July 18, 2012 posted by

See the Light! 1993 Ducati 900 Superlight #810

Location: Albany, NY

Miles: 5,852

Price: $6,800 BIN

There is something refreshing about seeing a yellow Ducati, especially one with a white frame. Most of the Duc’s I see are your standard red units. Not that this is a bad thing, but this color combo set’s it self apart from the crowd. What else sets this bike apart from the rest is the SuperLight designation. The SL’s featured more carbon fiber bits, and Marvic aluminum/magnesium wheels to help bring the bikes weight down. They were also one of the first Ducati’s to be given the numbered plaque on the triple clamp.

The particular bike up for grabs is a now-stock unit, except for the exhaust. Don’t worry, the original is included. The seller states that some slight cracking has occurred on a couple parts of the fairing, but repairs and some painting have taken place to prevent further damage. There also looks to me some slight rust (spots) on part of the frame. Other than those issues, this bike sure looks clean and has only had two owners in it life.

From the seller:

1993 Ducati Superlight

#810 out of 1000 imported to theUSA

5951 miles

Although not perfect, this 1993 Superlight is in excellent shape. This bike was purchased as a collectable and has been rode very sparingly.

I purchase this bike in 1996 and I am the second owner. The original owner had modified the engine…if I can remember that far back I believe he had racing carbs on and moved the battery to a different area of the bike. He also had removed the choke.

I brought it to the dealer soon after purchasing it and had everything put back to its’ original condition.

No modifications have been made since I’ve owned it. F1’s exhaust pipes are on it now. The original pipes will be included in the sale.

Some cracking can be found on the right tail section and the front fairing. Fiberglass was placed on the inside of the tail piece to prevent

it from cracking more. The front fairing was repainted due to cracking.

There is some rust on the front of the frame.

The cylinder studs have been replaced. I had the bike completely overhauled in 2006. Fluids have been changed.Battery(always on battery tender) and tires are fairly new.

I have the maintenance records for the work that has been done. The bike needs nothing other than someone to ride it.

I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

I will say that I think this 900SL is a pretty good deal with a $6,800 BIN. We have seen slightly cleaner ones with higher miles start out at $7k+ and go up from there. I wouldn’t suspect this to last too long with a $6,800 price tag as it is still a killer bike and would make a great addition to any collection, especially if someone is collecting on somewhat of a budget. It would also make a solid daily rider for someone who wants something a little less common in the world of Ducati’s. You can check out the auction here and make it yours today!


Ducati August 23, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati 900 Superlight #916

Do a quick search for previously listed Ducati 900SS/SL’s (Superlight) on this website and you’d swear they’re more common than SP’s! We’ve seen quite a few listed in the last 18 months but here’s another beauty. This one isn’t concours quality and has some miles on it at nearly 32k, but the seller is honest about the condition and has pictures to show what you’re dealing with. For $5500 buy-it-now, it’s right in the realm of a good quality SP or FE, but with the added cache of being a Superlight.

1993 Ducati 900SL #916 on eBay

The cliff notes on the Superlight include: high swept pipes, thinner frame tubes, lightweight and exotic Marvic rims, and the solo seat with numberplate. This one has lots of upgrades and maintenance history. From the seller’s listing:

1993 Ducati 900SL Superlight, s/n 916. This is the second Superlight that I have had the privilege to own; time for this bike to be enjoyed by another enthusiast. I purchased this bike in December 2009 from its third owner in Phoenix, Arizona. The bike was given a good cleaning (any reason to camp out in the garage for a few days with the new machine, cleaning out accumulated dirt on the lower triple clamps with a Q-Tip and replacing all of the zip ties with new white pieces….), and then taken to Renaissance Motorcycles (Tucson, AZ) in January 2010 for Belt Replacement, Valve Adjustment, and a good look-over. The bike moved with me from Arizona to New Jersey where I quickly discovered there were not as many twisty mountain roads as in Arizona, go figure. The bike lived in my office in NJ for the past year. This bike has been ridden and enjoyed since 1993. The motorcycle looks excellent but is not what you are looking for if you require a machine in “concours” condition. I have included pictures of the small defects in the paintwork that have occurred over the miles and years. As you can see from the photos, this is a very clean motorcycle. It takes a close eye (and Macro Setting on my camera) to illustrate the signs of use and age.

While I owned this motorcycle, I replaced the front and rear c/f fenders with new Ducati units (originals were looking tired), installed c/f belt covers, added a c/f tank “bra” from Geelong Carbon Craft of Australia, and installed some nice bar end mirrors (not seen in all of the pictures, the original mirrors were droopy). Other goodies installed on the bike include: Termignoni C/F High Mount silencers, Fren Tubo brake and clutch lines (not certain if these are stainless steel or kevlar), and K&N air filter. Battery was replaced in July with a new unit. Tires are Pirelli Diablo Strada and are in good condition.

The engine on this bike runs very strong. I have owned many Supersports over the years and was very pleased when I rode this machine. While I have done nothing to the power plant other than changed the oil and have the belts replaced and valves adjusted (600 miles ago), I have many receipts (going all the way back to the original Bill of Sale) that show the purchase of and installation of high compression pistons, Barnett Clutch, and Nichols Clutch Basket. I cannot confirm these are in the bike, but I can tell you she is a strong runner.

The Marvic wheels are in excellent condition. No signs of the bolts between the spokes and the rim ever being loose or elongating. Full floater Brembo disks rattle nicely when backing up. Not certain if the seat pad is original or not but it is in good condition and looks right.

This is a very nice example of the Superlight. I bought it because it was not so perfect that I would feel guilty riding it; even so, when on display in my office, many people were amazed by its condition that it was a bike built in 1993. If you are looking for a Superlight, this is a great opportunity to put one in your garage for less than a premium price (and actually ride it vs. dust it).

While this on has a tiny bit of patina, it looks pretty well presented for the asking price. Not to mention you wouldn’t be afraid to ride it as such!


Ducati March 21, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati Supersport Superlight

1993 Ducati Supersport Superlight

Location: Seattle, WA
Mileage: 5,175
Price: $6,200 with reserve still in place

Found this one laying low on eBay this morning and as usual it put a smile on my face. No, no, I’m not turning to the dark side, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the SuperLights. Not exactly sure why, but it may have something to do with the Cagiva style lettering 🙂 and the cool Magnesium/Aluminum hybrid rims.

Pretty darned nice looking if I do say so myself! Yes, those are anodized gold fairing bolts you are seeing. For me they would be the first to go, but I don’t own it so I’m not going to pass my judgment on someone’s bike.

The 900 Super Light appeared in 1992 (93 models in US) as a limited edition model Super Sport – up swept exhaust pipes, vented clutch cover, fully floating front discs, carbon fiber fenders, and lightweight Marvic/Akront 2-piece wheels (magnesium hub and spokes which then bolts on to an alloy outer rim). Ducati made 1,250-1,350 MK1 Superlights worldwide with only 300 coming to the US.

This is a very collectible, low mileage specimen that is mostly stock and in excellent condition. Modifications from OE are oil temp gauge and required dash to hold it, European 3 position light switch, throttle lock, auto-retracting side stand defeat, braided brake lines, gold headed fairing screws.

If you’ve never seen the oil temp gauge and required mounting dash you’ll need to check it out because it’s a slick piece. It looks like factory equipment and no one would ever know it wasn’t.

#667 appears to be as nice as any that we’ve featured on

Spring time is here and whoever picks this one up will be lov’n it!



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