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Ducati December 22, 2022

Color Me Red – 2004 Ducati 749R

R-spec Ducati’s pay little mind to the street, meant to be wheeled directly to the race shop for a few mods and tuning, then right to the track.  This example didn’t quite make it here, but is shown on eBay UK beckoning fans.

2004 Ducati 749R for sale on eBay UK

Road machines can be a collection of compromises, but they are more limited on the 749R.  The engine is different from other 749’s, displacing the same cc’s but with a shorter stroke and bigger bore, plus a bevy of titanium internals.  121 hp are the result at 10,500 rpm.  Carbon fiber is used for all the fairings and mudguards, plus smaller bits like the cam belt covers.  Even the rider is not expected to conform to some percentile, but has seat, footpeg, and steering head adjustments.  Suspension-wise, the usual rising rate monoshock linkage was binned in favor of a track-oriented flat rate set-up.  Designers made the mirrors easy to remove, and take the turn signals with them.

This eBay dealer presents all their bikes in the same showroom, with bright lighting and a variety of angles, so not much has to be left to the imagination.  The front fairing has been updated to a monocle, and smaller carbon mirrors fitted.  Otherwise more original with open clutch cover, neatened tail, wavy rear rotor and what appear to be ceramic coated headers.  Notes from the eBay auction –

This bike is lovely and these are becoming highly collectable and this is no exception – it comes with a host of extras including open clutch cover, one-off carbon top fairing with single headlight, race front frame bracket, Termi exhaust system, the list goes on.  The bike is draped in carbon which comes stock on the original 749R, all fairing panels are carbon as this is the MK1, ASV levers and it comes with all original books, 3 keys and key card and will be leaving us with a fresh belt service and 12 months MOT and 1 months warranty.  Last serviced at 12,255 miles, Service history, Excellent bodywork, Tyre condition Excellent, Red, 5+ owners.

The Pierre Terblanche design may have been in contrast to the 916 series, but has weathered the storm and has fans worldwide.  749R’s don’t come up all that often, and while it’s not totally as delivered ( and doesn’t include import from York ), this one looks right in all the right places – and this year’s exchange rate might just make it a bargain.


magni December 21, 2022

Bangers and Mash: 1977 MV Agusta 861 Magni

The MV Agusta Sport 750 America is a special bike. Developed by the company of the Count as a road-going testbed to celebrate and enhance racing exploits, MV Agustas were well known as capable race bikes in the hands of such legends as Giacomo Agostini. And while the 750 America was developed to conquer that emerging market that was the United States, not all examples actually shipped stateside. Incredibly rare, the 750S America is a beautiful example of the quirky mix of performance, engineering and artwork that defines Italian motorcycle design. However this particular bike was ever more special than that, as it was delivered into the hands of Arturo Magni who worked his magic. That magic included a new frame, new suspension, a new driveline (exchanging the shaft drive for a lightweight chain setup) and a complete tear down and rebuild of the engine. While they were in there, they punched out the 750cc bores to 861, while massaging and breathing on everything else. The full Magni catalog applied to the MV Agusta Sport America 750 was one of the most exclusive, expensive and performance oriented bikes you could buy.

1977 MV Agusta Sport America 861 Magni for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1977 Used MV Agusta 750 861CC AMERICA, 861 MAGNI BUILD is offered to you for sale in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, finished in red & silver, this used 1977 Used MV Agusta 750 861CC AMERICA, 861 MAGNI BUILD is one of the many rare and coveted used bikes that used motorbike dealer The Bike Specialists, Sheffield, South Yorkshire have available for sale.

More from the seller:
Here we have for sale a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Italian engineering history. Built by the legendary Arturo Magni, a household name in motorcycle race engineers, we’re extremely proud to present the MV Agusta 861 Magni. Born in Milan in 1925 Magni’s career began at Gileras racing department in 1947, he was employed to assemble the Piero Remor deigned four-cylinder engine which went on to win the team six world championships. He first began work for MV in 1950 and later managed their racing department during MV Augstas ‘Golden Age’ who won no fewer than 75 world championships under Magni’s direction with riders including Hailwood and Agostini!

After retiring from Grand Prix in 1976 Magni and his sons set up a company producing performance parts for MV 750 Street bikes and began redesigning the 750 Sport and America range. Their bespoke kits enabled customers to be able to transform their road bikes into light weight sportier machines which increased capacity and performance. The most famous by far amongst aficionados was the 861 Magni.

More from the seller:
Our motorcycle is the ultimate example, it began life as a 750 America and was purchased in 2012 with the intent to recreate the original 861 Magni. With the expertise of Giovanni Magni and the original specifications set by Artuto work began to create this wonderful machine. The 750 America was disassembled before being re-built with a new frame designed by Magni himself, the inline-four-cylinder engine was rebuilt with new high-compression pistons, capacity was increased from 750cc to 861cc and new rear forks were fitted to support the Magni frame. Aesthetically the side panels, wheels, aluminium fuel tank and seat unit we’re all painted to exact original specification. The seat rubber and leather was replaced, Conti exhaust pipes fitted and the full fairing was added to create this stunning masterpiece.

Our 861 comes road registered and complete with the original 750 America parts including the frame and exhaust system as well as the owner’s manual, workshop manual and brochure. This machine features exemplary craftsmanship and would be the true jewel in the crown of any collection, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we can offer UK and worldwide delivery services.

In today’s market any vintage MV Agusta is in prime territory. These bikes are so visceral, the brand so storied and legendary that open spots in collections have a vacuum for one of the red & silver machines. And while this is likely true of most clean examples, a Magni build such as this goes over the top in terms of rarity. While the truism of collecting is to pick a stock example over a modified one, that rule changes when the modifications are so completely integrated into the bike and made by a handful of recognized icons; Magni certainly qualifies in the that category. Offered on eBay UK, this stunning example of twice-engineered Italian goodness is listed for £99,980. For US-based investors paying in greenbacks, that equates to approximately $121k at the current exchange rate. At that price not only do you get the bike as pictured, you also will receive many of the original, OEM parts such as the original frame (!). There are more pictures online that could not be shown in this post. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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KTM December 20, 2022

Track Day Tuesday – 2006 KTM RC125GP

Track day bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Most are converted street bikes – some more elegantly converted than others – but occasionally we strike gold in the form of actual, professional grade racing hardware. And today’s find is just that. Designed by KTM as a GP race bike battling in the 125cc class, the RC125GP saw extensive use in the one-make Rookies Cup series. This was the feeder series to the 125cc class under the GP banner, with the goal of building up riders and providing a ladder to progress through the GP ranks. There was even a US-based Rookies Cup run under the AMA banner, with identical machines by KTM. Today, the Rookies Cup is contested on Moto3-spec machinery, but up until 2013 these sharp 125cc two strokes were the order of the day. These come up every so rarely, and today’s 2006 RC125GP is claimed to be a zero hour, zero mile, zero lap US Rookies Cup timepiece.

2006 KTM RC125GP for sale on eBay

From the seller:
2006 KTM RC125GP Red Bull Rookies Cup. Factory GP bike. Very limited! New they cost 42,000 EURO. This bike has Zero miles, Never raced and I believe very started. Perfect collectors bike!

For the uninitiated, it is easy to write off this bike as a simple starter bike or scooter with nifty paint work. But with nearly 40 HP up at 13,000 RPM and above, and an overall (dry) package weight that is lighter than most of us even before we don helmet and leathers (figure in the 160-ish range), the RC125GP is a serious bit of kit. With Ohlins suspension, big brakes and super sticky racing slicks the RC125 can go toe to toe mid-corner with any bike on the planet. It’s all about conservation of motion; smooth is fast. If you enjoy the problem solving you find on any given day at the track, the RC125GP forces you to up your problem solving game in order to maximize forward progress.

Here is a brief video of the US Rookies cup participating at Laguna Seca. This is NOT from this particular bike – I just found it on YouTube – but even the short clip shows how competitive this class was on one of the nation’s most iconic race tracks.

With the advent of four-stroke technology into GP racing and the lack of available 2-stroke street bikes, the ancient duo-cycle engine was relegated to weed whackers and leaf blowers. Values for surviving two strokes began to rise with rapidity, and unobtanium examples of factory race bikes climbed faster than the tach as the engine hits the pipe. This particular example is as clean as they get, devoid of any crash damage or abuse thanks to being a zero time specimen. Pricing is in line with condition, with the seller requesting $38,000 OBO. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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Ducati December 19, 2022

Cherry Filling – 1996 Ducati 900SS

Without a numbered plaque or extra letters, this might just be a plain vanilla 900SS.  But it appears remarkably original and in excellent shape for 33K miles.

1996 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay

Special models such as the SuperLight and SS/SP get most of our attention, but the base 900SS is most of the way there.  The air cooled 904cc twin put out a respectable 84 hp, and 38mm Mikuni’s were tuneable if not inspired.  The dry clutch and inverted Showa forks added to the sports-oriented theme.  Exhausts on the two-seater were upswept, but not as sharply as the monoposto.

With all those miles it’s a safe bet there have been at least a few owners and plenty of maintenance, but history or no, at this stage of life most bikes are on the IRAN (inspect-and-repair-as-necessary) plan.  At least no apparent faux pas, and just as hard to find a mod – maybe the tail looks a bit tidy but that’s about all.

The SS were Ducati’s all-rounders until the Monster and then Multistrada arrived, and they took a little commuting and cross-country in stride.  The dry clutch and air cooling set a rider apart these days, and there’s probably a manual transmission car home in the garage.  Toward the end of the model run, this example is certainly worth a more in-depth look.


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Benelli December 19, 2022

Featured Listing – 1977 Benelli 750 Sei

Update 12.19.2022: SOLD for $18,500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

New owner Alejandro de Tomaso sought to make a splash with a new model, and had engineers extend their 500cc four to six cylinders, with a muscular sound that caught ears by the dozen.  Friend of RSBFS Tommy has his lovely Sei over on Bring a Trailer, and asked us to make sure our readers don’t miss it.

1977 Benelli 750 Sei for sale on BaT

With pistons slightly over two inches and 9.8-to-1 compression, Benelli’s six was the first in a motorbike and cooked up almost 100 hp per liter.  Placing the gear-driven alternator behind the crank kept the engine as narrow as possible, and despite the fairly long wheelbase the Sei handled better than the numbers said it should.  Nicer components for 1977 ensured good braking and damping, and styling by Ghia ( another de Tomaso company ) used all the angles to great result.

Tommy has owned his Sei for 4 years, and made some notable progress on its care.  Of special note is the current California registration.  He sent these detailed comments –

I have put up for auction out of my private collection my 1977 Benelli 750 Sei Series 2. The difference in the Series 2 is tighter tolerances in the gearbox.

I have owned this Sei for over 4 years. I bought it from the estate of the former owner who passed away. He was a Benelli enthusiast, and owned it for 31 years.
Included with the bike are two large binders of his service records, notes, parts and service manuals. Also included is the complete toolkit in its leather holder. 

Recent service and improvements I have performed are:

– Ignition tune-up, points, condensers and spark plugs
– Oil and filter change, new air filter and battery
– New tires and tubes
 -NOS gauge box and new bulbs installed
– Wheels rebuilt by Buchanan Spoke & Rim including stainless steel spokes
– Front brake rotors turned, calipers and pistons cleaned, genuine Brembo pads installed, system flushed and bled with Motul 600 fluid. Brakes are very strong. 

All lights function, signals, both brake lights, high/low beams, even the turn siginal indicator beeper works. The bike starts easy cold or warm, runs well, throttle is very responsive.
Transmission shifts smooth, clutch pull is nice. This bike does not leak any oil. The compression test revealed all cylinders are within 4%, and right on spec for a 9.5:1 compression engine.
Aftermarket additions are air caps and PSI gauge, Lockhart oil cooler, and a set of very rare NOS Marzocchi piggyback reservoir shocks. 
Current clean California registration and title in my name. 

Sounds every bit of half a V12 in this informative cold-start walkaround –

A 900 Sei was produced before the end of the de Tomaso era, but the original 750 is still revered by fans, and total production was just 3,200 units.  Tommy’s example pushes a lot of the right buttons – exotic, powerful, original, and continental to name a few.   Message Tommy using the Contact Seller button on the – BaT auction –.


Yamaha December 17, 2022

Black in Back – 1998 Yamaha FZR600R with 2,713 miles !

Out behind the pallet jack, tires and batteries on charge, a certain dealership had an FZR600 hidden since the turn of the century.  Just a few pictures but what’s here looks good.  And black.

1998 Yamaha FZR600R for sale on eBay

Manufacturers in this segment bounce between advanced engineering and budget consciousness, and luckily the FZR had a recent chassis redesign and the four-valve engine was a bit of all right.  The Deltabox frame used the engine as a stressed member, giving the 99 hp something to push against.  17-inch alloys and 298 mm brakes walked a fine line between price and performance.  Fresh air delivery  to the airbox at the forward part of the tank is right under each handgrip.

Presented by a Fresno, CA dealer, this FZR might seem a peculiar choice to hide away.  But there will be original owners and others, looking for other than horsepower.  A new windscreen and tires are in order, and maybe better engine end covers can be sourced.  But more pictures or a live video walkaround should be requested.  Comment from the eBay auction –

Had this in the back of a dealership before I retired, Owned about 10 years, Miles are actual. Tires are original!! (will need to be changed). Just serviced, runs great, motor tight and crisp! Vance and Hines Carbon Fiber Exhaust. Bike is perfect, Except: Windshield a ‘lil dull, small dime size tear rear seat, quarter size chip upper fairing ( can’t see) and a good “airbrush” painter can repair with minimal cost. also left at mag cover (see pics), very small forward scratches around starter (motor cover), and fairing. For a collector, this bike is an excellent candidate to add to a collection.

The later FZR600’s have a strong fan base, have been occasional features on RSBFS, and gave Honda some competition in quality if not sales.  Very few have survived with so few miles, and this example’s flaws seem very correctable.  A little homework though, before making an offer.



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Aprilia December 15, 2022

Almost Friday – 2007 Aprilia RSV 1000R Asking $3,800 !

For just a usual down payment, it might be possible to ride off into the California night on a sharp Aprilia superbike.  Looks way better than its 63,628 miles would suggest.

2007 Aprilia RSV1000R for sale on Cycletrader

Aprilia threw a kitchen sink of tech at their gen 2 RSV, claiming 143 hp from the 60-degree magnesium cases, thanks to advanced fuel injection and ram air in the nose.  Triangulated chassis segments kept things strong and light. Even the basic R components were nothing to sneeze at, adjustable Ohlins forks and remote reservoir monoshock, with Brembo radially mounted brakes.  Red and bronze fairings afford the rider all possible protection.

As good as this RSV looks, it would be hard to believe the seller scrimped on maintenance, though having a friend stop by and take a listen might be all the inspection there’s time for.  Saying they’re the original owner, the – Cycletrader listing – gives a deadline –

Must be picked up by no later than Friday nite Dec. 16, plus I’m the original owner, bike never been laid down, moving out of state must sell.
2007 Aprilia RSV1000-R, 63,628 miles.
Great condition.

Interested buyers will have to be local or fast on their feet to take delivery by tomorrow night, but a clean RSV1000R will be worth the trouble.


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Bimota December 14, 2022

For Someone That Has Everything: 2008 Bimota DB7S Moto Corse

When Ducati launched the 1098 it took what a V-Twin superbike could be to a new level.  Much more powerful than the 999 that came before.  Faster and lighter pushed the performance dial beyond what many thought was possible.  The Bimota DB7 takes a money no object approach to further increase the performance envelope.  Powered by a slightly tuned Ducati 1098 engine the $40,000+ Bimota used the best of the best of suspension and materials.  When looking at the spec sheets the Bimota is 6 pounds less than the Ducati, but most publications shows that Ducati was rather optimistic on their curb weights at the time.

This bike appears to have some rather interesting Moto Corse additions that are not fully described in the listing.  More billet than even the OEM Bimota would have had, upgraded exhaust, race spec masters and a slipper clutch poking out from behind the OEM vented cover.  Hard to tell in the pictures provided, but there is a chance those front calipers are upgraded performance units as well.  Moto Corse has a long tradition of tuning and and enhancing Ducati and even Bimota.  These parts are not for the faint of wallet when new.

From The Seller’s Listing:

Vehicle information
[Manufacturer] BIMOTA
[Car name] DB7S
[First year] 2008
[Vehicle inspection]
Expired [Vehicle number] ZESDB07
[Mileage] 25,060km
[Custom] Refer to image
・Moto Corse intermediate pipe
・Back torque limiter
・Moto Corse fluid Reservoir, Brembo master
many dry carbons
cylinder head O/H at 21000km
suspension FR both O/H
normal muffler

The example today is located in Japan, and while that might be an issue for some buyers it is worth exploring.  These bikes do not come to market very often, even less so with all those amazing Moto Corse parts.  Listing states that 346 were built, and that number sounds reasonable.  Book keeping was never a priority for Bimota, so real production data is often hard to come by.  One of the most strikingly rare things about this bike is the mileage.  It is not super low.  All too often these bikes were put on display or made part of a large collection and not given the chance to be used.  25,000KM is something to be proud of.  If all of those miles were done in Japan this bike must have some epic stories to tell.  If the location is a deal breaker because of your market, but you still want want to lust after a DB7 there is a way to indulge.  Hang a used fairing on your garage wall as an asperation.


Featured Listing December 14, 2022

Featured Listing – 1997 Suzuki RGV250/SP VJ23 by Speedwerks

Update 12.14.2022: Now on eBay! Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Today’s Featured Listing is brought to us by longtime RSBFS sponsor and supporter Speedwerks. If you are not familiar with Speedwerks, they are a shop based in Delaware that for nearly 30 years have turned out beautifully prepared and restored examples of bikes that we all drool over. If you don’t believe me, check out their shop directly (www.Speedwerks.com or www.facebook.com/speedwerks), and for some history, check out some of the Speedwerks bikes that have been featured over the years on RSBFS: Search Speedwerks.

Featured Listing – 1997 Suzuki RGV250/SP VJ23 by Speedwerks

The RGV250 world changed with the introduction of the VJ23. The last of the RGV series, the VJ23 introduced an entirely new configuration for the two-stroke twin cylinder, affecting the remainder of the overall package dramatically. Gone was the popular 90 degree v-twin that powered the earlier VJ21 and VJ22 series bikes. In its place was a more compact 70 degree unit. Displacement was still 249cc, but that displacement was achieved by a square bore-stroke ratio, as opposed to the earlier models which had a bigger bore and less stroke (over square). The new motor fit more optimally in the twin-spar aluminum frame, providing better handling with improved weight distribution. Suspention consisted of an upside down front fork and rising rate linkage in the rear – both fully adjustable. Electric start was included in the package (no more kick starting or bump starting), and even with such luxurious appointments the whole package still came in under 300 lbs! The SP designation adds even more tasty goodies, including a close-ratio 6-speed gearbox driven by a dry clutch.

From the seller:
This 1997 RGV250/SP VJ23 is by far the nicest, original one we’ve had come through here. There are no stories, no Chinese panels and no excuses’. The Pic’s speak for themselves. We discovered this VJ23 with the help of our friend Rick Deegan of RMD Motors in Japan.

We’ve bought and sold a lot of bikes and Vehicles through Rick/RMD and although he’s a bit ‘Colorful’ at times, he has always been honest and straight forward regarding the machines he sells, this one is no exception and doesn’t disappoint. We struck a deal and purchased it earlier this year. This Suzuki has had only ONE Original Owner in Japan and the gentleman bought it brand new as a 1997 model year. This was a leftover and it was first dealer registered in the year 1999.

In his ownership he racked up 11,900 kms. installed a set of WRS rear sets, kept it serviced regularly, otherwise it’s remained original and unmolested. He was fortunate to have a large house with a garage, where this machine was kept from the harsh salt elements that plague most aluminum and steel on the Japanese island. Consequently, there is none on this chassis.

More from the seller:
The Japanese Documentation is included, along with the 2 Dealer Keys, Manual, Warranty Book, and Factory tool kit.

As evident in the photo’s we did an extensive time consuming service and a borderline OCD detail job on the Chassis. The body is original, shiny and beautiful. All fluids, Fuel system, Carbs, Plugs, Air, Gear Oil and Coolant. The front suspension was also refreshed with new seals, bushings and Bell Ray fork oil. Rear shock refreshed and checked.

Finally a new set of Dunlops were spooned on and this beautiful RGV/SP is ready to;
– add to your collection.
– blast thru the canyons to Alice’s for lunch.
– Use a daily/Sunday rider.

Enclosed, Private delivery is available in the Cont. USA. and included at $24,000.
We can also crate the machine and assist with air or sea freight anywhere in the world.

Asking Price: $24,000
(price includes personal delivery in the continental US – no risky shipping companies!)

Speedwerks Sportbike Service
101 Weston Dr. suite-8
Dover,De 19904


You can also email Steve directly: steve@speedwerks.com

As highlighted, this is a home market VJ23 imported directly from Japan. That means that this particular example is restricted in terms of power output. This affects any Japanese home market bike, as the government imposed power limitations in order to curb high-speed street riding. Suzuki did produce these models for export outside of Japan, and those bikes do not have the power restriction. Steve from Speedwerks notes that full power export models will have a black VIN plate riveted to the right side of the frame, just behind the neck, a non-restricted ECU, a modified airbox, a 240kms speedo, and a black cap on the rear master reservoir. If you are shopping for a full power model don’t give up: Speedwerks has one available for restoration with the identical color scheme as today’s home market example (contact Steve for details).

As with all the bikes we have seen come out of the Speedwerks shop – whether they are race bikes or really rare gray market examples such as this 1997 Suzuki RGV250 SP – this bike is immaculate. It has a wonderful back story as a one-owner ride, and the numerous pictures show what is perhaps the best of the VJ23 breed we have seen. As the last series produced by Suzuki, these are rare and sought after bikes. The SP configuration is the one you want, and with only 7,300-ish miles showing this one looks like it will bring joy to a new owner for many years to come. Did I mention that this is the LAST of the factory two strokes ever offered? How about electric start? The best by Suzuki presented by one of the best shops we know, Speedwerks is now offering this exquisite example of RGV250 SP VJ23 imported goodness for an asking price of $24,000 (includes deliver in the continental United States). Here is a link to all 100+ photos of this amazing machine. Contact Steve directly (steve@speedwerks.com) for more details. Good Luck, and thanks to Speedwerks for being such a long time supporter of this site!


Honda December 13, 2022

Stocking Stuffer: 2004 Honda NSR50R

For many a factory race bike is the end all, be all of the motorcycle world.  It represents the pinnacle of what is possible.  The OEM has a budget that few can fathom and when they pour R&D money into a platform some amazing things can happen.  Rarely sold directly to the public these rare machines are coveted by collectors and racers alike.  Sure you can modify a street going bike into a racer and develop it over time.  But taking the short cut and starting with a purpose built race bike yields many dividends.

As with anything there is a spectrum to consider.  When talking factory race bikes people understandably go right to the top tiers and think MotoGP bikes.  While those do come to market from time to time, they demand eye watering price tags and require a team of people to attempt to use them in anger.  For the NSR50R one has to think about as far down the food chain as possible.  All the way down to a 50cc pocket bike.  Sure that might not sound like much and some haters at the local pub will claim it is a scooter.  But what they fail to see is that this offers the first of many steps up the ladder of greatness.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

This 2004 Honda NSR50R is equipped with a liquid-cooled 49cc two-stroke single paired with a six-speed transmission and is finished in white with a black number plate on the front fairing. Equipment includes a twin-spar aluminum frame, full-fairing bodywork, a telescopic front fork, an adjustable monoshock, 12″ alloy wheels, and disc brakes.No title. Message for any questions or concerns.

If one is in the market for a small displacement track bike like the NSR50R it is actually not that hard to find a brand new example like the one here today.   Many were bought with the intention of use, but sadly not all of these dreams came true.  Some were also purchased to be stashed away in collections, or on display in man caves.  It is always impressive to be the owner of a factory built race bike.  Anyone in the know will tell you that these bikes are weapons on go kart tracks.  Offering a very cost effective way for riders of any skill level to hone skills.  You need not be a child to get anything out of this bike.

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