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Ducati August 17, 2013 posted by

2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom #151 – Now No Reserve!

2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom for sale

This one has been on the site before, but this time it’s selling for good as it’s a $1 no reserve auction. It has been relisted twice since we saw it the first time and at it’s lowest reserve price of $14k, failed to get a bid. So if you were on the fence this might be your chance to get a deal. Good luck to buyers and seller!


2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom for sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

I’m selling my all-time favorite bike.

This is a 2002 Ducati 998s Ben Bostrom limited edition super bike. It is built to commemorate Ben Bostrom’s 998 and is signed by him on the gas tank with a clear coat on top. There were only 155 of these built. This is number 151.

Unlike the Troy Bayliss edition with 400 produced, the Ben Bostrom edition is much more rare and only seen in magazines or online. I’ve never seen one on the road or at exhibitions.

This bike is totally fresh with a new lithium battery, brand new tires and fluids. Belts are fresh and everything is stock except the exhaust which is a Marving Carbon. I have the original system as well. Some of the stock highlights are carbon fairings, Ohlins forks, Ohlins rear and Ohlins steering damper. Carbon chain guard and fender, carbon license plate assembly.

There is a small scrape on the back fairing that happened when I swung my foot over the back the first time.

I’ve wanted this bike for a long time and am really sorry to see it go. I guarantee the next person to own it will never feel like any bike will ever compare. These bikes are appreciating quickly so this is your rare chance to get one. I’m starting this auction for $16000 even though the bike is worth well over that. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, don’t buy this bike. It is far from a sleeper and absolutely flies down the road.

This is the bike that even the Ducati dealer walks out to check it out.


2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom for sale

2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom #151 – Now No Reserve!
Sport Bikes For Sale May 9, 2013 posted by

2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom with less than 2500 Miles!

Ducati 998S Bostrom For Sale

998 Bostrom bikes are always a hit around here and this example is barely broken in with just 2200 miles. Bidding is brisk and already up to $8400 (reserve not met). While the reserve is likely alot higher, it will be interesting to see who’s really in it to win it.


2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom For Sale on eBay


It’s a 2002 Ben Bostrom Replica #002/155 with 2.2K miles. Recent work:

Belts, oil and filter, Tires (Q2’s), Ballistic battery, Frame and front fork sliders and tune.

Current Mods (that I know of):

Harris Rear Sets (still have stock)
Full FBF Forza Exhaust (don’t have stock)
FBF Clip-ons (have stock)
Carbon Rear Hugger and Chain Guard (stock is just chain guard which I have)
Carbon Air Intake Ducts (have stock)
DID 520 Kit (have stock rear sprocket)
Power Commander
Front Sprocket and Clutch Cover (have stock)
Dunlop Q2 tires, New (have stock)
Stainless Steel Clutch Springs
Ballistic Battery (New)

Aprilia August 14, 2012 posted by

Mailbag Tuesday and Feature Listing Price Goes Up Sept. 15th. [RS250 Chesterfield, 998 Bostrom, Muth Katana’s, Raymond Roche, CX500T, Haga RSV1000R, Guzzi Sport 1100, FZ600, Superlight]

Hey guys,

Sorry we’ve been behind on these catch-all entries based on your emails. Between sheer email volume and weekends out and about, it’s been on the back burner. Here are the best of what’s still active.

Also I wanted to alert all you guys who are planning to sell your bikes at the end of the season that our Featured Listing is going to get upgraded in the fall. This means that for a limited time you can still take advantage of the low, low price of $25/mo before it goes up. The price will expire on September 15th. Email me now on how to get started. More details on the new and improved Feature Listings coming soon.

Good luck to all the buyers and sellers out there and keep the emails coming!


Marty was spending a hot evening surfing ads in Europe and came upon this 1987 Cagiva GP C587 ridden by Raymond Roche. Yours for only $104k USD.

A few of you emailed us this Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield for sale in the Bay Area for $7800. Ad states 10k miles and like new. Do some investigation though as it’s missing about half of the factory decals. Possible they were removed cleanly as they were on top of clear coat from the factory. And it does have a plate.

Philip sent us this Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 available on eBay for $7500. These have a strong cult following with people emailing them to us all the time!

Jeremy had another stack of bikes for us to consider in the Bay Area as well, and this Ducati 998 Bostrom stood out to me with less than 1k miles. He’s accepting offers and suggests that $12k isn’t an offer, so bid accordingly!

David emailed us this 2003 RSV1000R factory Haga race replica for $8495 in Minneapolis, which is down from $9250 in just 11 days since I got the email.

Shay on our Facebook page alerted us to a guy in Los Angeles with 4 Suzuki Katana’s for sale and all of them look pretty interesting in different ways.

Brian shot us a note that his 1982 Honda CX500T Turbo is available for $5500 in Los Angeles. Good luck with the sale!

J.D. sent us a note that his 86 Yamaha FZ600 has only 345 miles and is just $4k on Colorado Springs Craigslist. Good luck!

Garrett in Boston emails us the budget bike of the day with his Honda Hurricane for $1500! Looks damn good at that price, good luck with the sale!

And finally Greg just spotted this Ducati Superlight with 7200 miles in Florida on Craigslist. $10.5k seems a bit lofty but I know when I list on CL I expect low balls…


Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monday Medicine: MV Agusta F4 Serie ORO, Ducati 996RS Ex Bostrom NCR, Suzuki RG500 MKII

If you dread Monday’s like I do, hold your calls, push the files to the side of your desk and enjoy a little UK dreaming for the start of your work week.

Is there any other MV Agusta to own? The ORO still gets the largest “Wow” factor in my book. Wow best describes the asking price as well, approximately $36,000. They are open to offers though and I highly suggest that route.

It is basically new, old stock. It has only traveled 11 kilometers. Sometimes MV’s start to look generic to me since they all basically have the same shape. When I see close ups like this though I realize how beautiful they actually are.

The bike is actually located in Italy but is listed on Ebay UK. Don’t worry, they will ship if the check clears. Place a bid or make an offer here.

How about an Ducati 996RS ex NCR race bike to fill out the old Ducati collection?

What shes’ got:

Super rare genuine RS Factory 1998 bike with certification. Bike has all the “works” upgrade as 16,5″ wheels, big tank, magnesium swingarm, doulble water radiator, rear monoblock caliper, etc. 1998 WSBK and 1999 as spare bike of Bostrom/Team NCR.

Bet you’d like to take that apart and see what lies inside. The price you ask to be able to do so? $54,000 OBO. A quick search brought up a parts bike 996RS advertised at $30,000 and a BSB Champion 1999 996RS for $75,000. I think I can afford the race stand it sits on.

All business. What would you do with it? Ride the hell out of it or worship it in your garage? Here is the auction.

And lastly one for the premix crowd. A fully restored RG500 MKII with a TT race history. It apparently was restored by a well known ex Suzuki technician.

Do you really need another photo? I’m ready to plug my ears.

To pretend you are a TT hero of the late 70’s will set you back roughly $44,000 + premix. Sorry, no best offer on this one.

I’m not sure if this is the same bike but it is well worth a look if you are interested in the restoration process. Click here to see the classified ad.

Now stop dreaming up ways to empty your bank account and get back to work!


Ducati May 14, 2012 posted by

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Edition Superbike

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Edition Superbike

Location: South Weymouth, Massachusetts
Mileage: 990
Price: $13,000 will park it in your garage

Update 5.14.2012: Listed again with a $12k starting price. We’re a sucker for these so we’re posting again. Links updated. -dc

Update 3.15.2012: Listed previously in Sept 2011, this Bostrom rep is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Ah yes…. It’s been 10 long years since BBoz was in his prime and killing it on the factory L&M Ducati. The 998’s are getting a little long in the tooth and the Bostrom editions are getting on about as well as Bens pork chops. Nonetheless, I still have a soft spot for these and I will probably never grow tired of them (or the Bayliss edition for that matter)

A flamed paint job makes anything faster right? It must add at least 5hp and if you don’t believe that then you have to admit it looks good on top of the carbon fiber fairings that were standard on the 155.

From the seller:

Wow, Very rare Bostrom 998s, very low miles,stored indoors always, #69 of 155 imported to the usa. original owner have all records,very rare bike cover and stand. Has exhaust and ecu upgrade and also have original parts, also have many other collectible items including bostrom soumy helmet,model of bike,signed artwork,magazines,started to collect parts to change to bi-posto,have rear frame,body work and seats,also have spare tank and couple side panels.

I like this one a lot because it has all of the collector accessories and it’s still sporting the original Dunlop hoops. But, then again, what would you expect from a 920 mile LE Ducati?

Did I mention it’s #69? That has to be worth a little something extra 😉

Click here for a look at a few more photos and to place your bid-



Ducati September 1, 2011 posted by

Eric Bostrom’s Bike – 2004 Ducati 999S

So a 2004 Ducati 999S is not the rarest of Sportsbikes but the one that Eric Bostrom used as his daily rider is certainly a bit different.  The bike by itself is rather sexy but adding the Bostrum heritage takes it to an extra level.  Now I could go on about how special the bike it with names like Brembo, Ohlins and Termignoni simply rolling off the tongue but if you are looking at this I am not sure I will need to.  There is no documented evidence of Bostrom having owned this bike in the auction but the seller does lay out details of the background for the bike, along with details of people who can validate its authenticity.  If you are going to bid I would suggest you make the call.

The seller gives details of the background as to how he came by the bike:

Ok, so here is the story.  2005 when Eric Bostrom rode a Ducati 999 in AMA Superbike, he was given a daily driver 999S which is this bike that I am selling.  It was configured for him and has the suspension done by his personnel guy that did his race bikes.  When he was done with it, the bike was auctioned by The Ducati Factory to the Ducati dealership where it was retailed to me.  I just put $1637.82 into the bike after pulling out of storage for 4 years.  Ducati Santa Barbra did all work and can be called to verify the receipt you see in the pictures.  The bike with new tires brakes and a ton of other items is practically brand new.  Every thing that moves was serviced so the bike would be ready for the next ownerThe parts that were professionally put on by Ducati for Eric Bostrom who signed the tank as you can see from pics. are as follows
Ducati performance slipper clutch
Cycle cat rear sets
Olins front and rear adjusted by the best there is
Ducati performance ECU (power commander)
Stainless full exhaust system with titanium cans
Carbon rear hugger
Other carbon pieces that can be scene in the pics
This bike rides like the way Ducati built it for the guy that had all the money and did not care what it cost, unlike todays Ducati’s which are awesome but not built like they used to be.
Please feel free to call Carlin at the Ducati store for any info regarding this bike.  He is a racer and knows whats up
My feedback is perfect cause I take great pride in being 100% honest.  I have sold Harleys, boats, motorhomes, and more and never had a problem.  Please do not ask reserve because its going to sell as long as the price is not at a level that I would keep it as ART work instead of selling it. This bike has never been down.   I love this bike but times are different and extra stuff has got to go.

The auction can be found here on eBay.

Currently it is at $6400 and has not met the reserve.  I would expect this normally to go for around the $12000 mark but the Bostrom relationship may well push that higher.


Ducati January 2, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Replica

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Replica

2,950 miles

B.I.N. $13,000

Yardley, PA

Didn’t get that blazing red duc under the tree that you wanted? Well, here’s a chance to treat yourself!

This bike appears to be a really clean example of the 998s Bostrom replica. There are typical top line Ducati upgrades featured throughout: Ohlins front forks, rear shock and steering damper, CF rear hugger, airbox cover, and bodywork, along with Marchesini 5 spoke wheels. This model was produced in a limited number of… guessed it….155 units (a homage to Ben’s racing number). From the seller:

For Sale – AMAZING 2002 998s Ben Bostrom Replica with only ~2950 miles!

The bike is a dream and surely a collector item. #108 of 155 in the USA!

No issues or worries – just a beautiful low mileage Ducati that has been meticulously taken care of.

Totally stock except for these fine and very tasteful upgrades; Termigoni exhaust, clear tank pad, acculign rear sets(amazing amount of adjustments, upgraded clutch slave cyclinder, open red clutch basket and red pressure plates,

Comes with blue stand and cover as well LOT’s of fun Ben Bostrom memorabilia (clock, signed pictures, hat, etc.)

Reason for selling – simple, I am moving and can only take 1 bike as the wife says, so my loss is your GAIN!

Feel free to give me a call @ 610-710-1332 or email me: if you have any questions or would like to see it. Sorry no test drives.

Truly A GEM!

Like most LE ducs, this model has not realized an appreciated market value (new list price was $22,695). Well, that turns out to be the buyer’s gain in this case as the $13K B.I.N. is well in line with the past sales for other Bostrom bikes, check them out here. The busy paint work can be a polarizing element – the part of me that doesn’t hate it kind of likes it. The carbon termi pipes on this bike are a great mod, almost mandatory for this model (how did Bologna let this leave the factory with aluminum cans?!?). The seller’s wife pulled the old “you can only keep one bike” trick with him, yeah, I’ve heard that before. and pick yourself up a piece of Ducati history.


Ducati August 1, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom race replica

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom #59 of 155

Mileage: 4720
Price: $12899
Location: Reading, PA

Submitted to by it’s owner is this fine piece of Ducati exotica. Oozing with Carbon Fiber, Ducati mystique, racing heritage and Ben Bostroms signature on the tank.

It looks to be in great shape and well cared for. The Bostrom 998s is on my short list of bikes to own and I’ll be searching for one of these right after I own a 2 stroke for a year or two. So, if you’ve already owned a few of your dream bikes and the Bostrom 998s is the next one on your list now is your chance. Jami has it priced fair at $12,899.00 (why not make it 12,998? 🙂 ).

The seller also has a few other Ducati’s for sale and has made a nice video on youtube.

You can view the CL ad here

No, I didn’t forget to embed a Youtube video of Ben working his magic on board the L&M Ducati during his glory days..

And for the fun of it…. Here is were old Ducati’s go after they’ve been retired and their racers go back to AMA..



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