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Yamaha April 5, 2010 posted by

Super Rare!! 1989 Yamaha FZR 250R

Ahh…the 80’s again, big changes in the motorcycle industry as bikes made quite a big advance in that 10 year span. I  had Yamaha’s back in the 70’s and then a YSR50 which I bought in 1991 to cruise around my small town with other friends that had them. Back then for like $800 you could thrash these little things all day long and they just wouldn’t quit, almost like my GSXR1100 of that time but that thing was a tank. I then bought a really bitchin’ 1988 TZR250 (reverse cylinder) in ’97  that was awesome and looked like a real GP bike. But back to this FZR250R, well as the owner states it is a pretty rare bike here in the US and that is a hard fact, definately one to add to your gray market collection. Even though Honda was pretty much kind of the inline 250 4-strokes this Yamaha is just dead nuts unique.

Located in Michigan go to the EBay listing 

Read The ad below:

This is an extremely rare Japanese domestic model FZR250R.  There are only 2 that I know of in the US.  Here are the hard numbers: 250cc four cylinder four stroke, 18,500rpm redline, EXUP exhaust, aluminum deltabox frame and swingarm, 45 bhp.  These were built at a time when the Japanese manufacturers were trying to beat each other in the ultra competetive 250cc japanese championship.  Of the four brands (Suzuki GSXR250, Kawasaki ZXR250, Honda CBR250RR, and the Yamaha) the Honda and Yamaha were the best.  This FZR has far more in common with the OW01 than with the mundane FZR600 that we got stateside and actualy cost more at the time than the 600 did.  Now here is whats wrong with it.  It has a few minor blemishes on the bodywork and a crack in the upper fairing near the left mirror.  The rear turn signals are not yet wired in (easy fix). The eyelet at the V were the two side fairing meet is broken, there is a small dent in the swingarm behind the exhaust can, there are minor chips in the paint on the wheels, and it needs new tires.  All in all it is in exceptional shape with very low milage for a 21 year old motorcycle.  I have been in the process of restoring this bike and have bought many new parts for it.  It runs like a watch and these motors are well known for easily cracking 100,000 Km.  This motorcycle is sold with a bill of sale only as it is not legal for road use.  There are ways of titling it, but that is up to you.   If you want a unique peice of motorcycle history for you collection, here it is.  But if you think I am asking too much, please wait and bid on the next one.  Cheers

To sum up things, it’s not the coolest 250 inline 4, but the rarity of this bike is king especially with the decent miles. For $4500 I think it’s in the ball park even though you need to chase it a bit cosmetically. I love the smaller bikes and this is just the little brother to the FZR400, 600, and 1000, what a cool collection that would be, “click and buy” !


Derbi March 22, 2010 posted by

2002 Derbi GPR race replica serie #422

2002 Derbi GPR Race Replica #422 with a scant 2395 miles on the clock.

Is there anything that makes us start salivating faster than a race replica? Okay, okay maybe a OW01, 998r or some other homologation special, but with those comes the big price tag. So what better way to be the envy of bike night than to cruise up on a mosquito killing, 49cc 2 stroke, race replica that hardly anyone knows about. And if you’re afraid of the low speeds you can always arrive early and post up before anyone else arrives. You know, sort of like “it’s better to appear slow than to fire it up and remove all doubt.” Looking fast while posting up on the cheap says a lot and you can definitely do both with this little gem.

Located in Los Angeles, CA and is .

Take a look:

Being a huge fan of small displacement bikes and Derbi’s being relatively cheap compared to most 2 strokes in the US, I can see myself owning one of these someday. Hopefully, I won’t have to “Fred Flinstone” to get it moving with my fat butt on board.

Quotes from the listing:

2002 Derbi GPR50 Race Replica street motorcycle.
Made in Spain. Only 2,395 miles. Fresh TOP-END REBUILD at 1,800 miles.
50cc 2-stroke engine(oil PRE-MIX required). 6-speed transmission. 17 inch wheels.

$600 in Performance upgrades include;
-MetraKit SP Series performance exhaust with Carbon Fiber Silencer
-24mm Mikuni TM-24 Carb upgrade with K&N Air Filter
-1/4 Turn Throttle Cable
-Carbon fiber oil pump block off
-Carbon Fiber reeds
-Nology Hotwire
-NGK V-Power Racing Spark Plug

Since it has the Metrakit upgrade that includes a carb upgrade and exhaust this one should scoot down the road quite nicely.

Price is currently at $1.499.00 with no bids and the reserve is still on. My guess is that this one will need to be around the $2,000 mark for you to be able to park it in your garage.



Yamaha March 21, 2010 posted by


Please welcome Jay as our newest author. He has an extensive racing and sales history with most of the bikes we’ve featured on these pages and should fit right in around here. Welcome aboard Jay!

What can I say? Located in Florida this is definitely a bike that any modern day collector should have in the garage. To homologate Yamaha’s 750cc race bike Yamaha had to make a street version for the public. In 1999 these bikes were about $33k and they really didn’t sell well at all; I mean who pays that for 750cc’s and oh BTW it looks like your buddies YZF750 he just bought for $8k. Once the body works off though there lies the difference, dual injectors (only one per cylinder is hooked up though) Ohlins, coil mounted spark plug caps, big airbox (holds two $5 foot longs), data logging ECU,etc, etc.

Capped at 105 hp you can buy the Yamaha race wiring harness that will enable the second injector and then install a proper race exhaust and a few other bits like neon grips and bingo, you’re near 135hp. One problem though, so you’ve got the bike, you’ve bought all the race bits and  $60,000 later you’re cruzin’ through your favorite “hood” and BAM, the crank falls out. Yup luckily Yamaha will replace your crank with a nice shinny new updated one for free since they all had this problem. This one doesn’t say its had a new crank but who knows maybe Yamaha may still honor the warranty. Anyone got $26,500 bones I can borrow?  See the ad here

Ad Reads: 

1999 Yamaha R7 Description

1999 Yamaha R7, All Original, Garaged, Mint Condition, Never Raced/Dropped or Safety Wired, never sold to end user. Yamaha Homologation model only 500 made/sold in the world only 50 in the US, Still shows nipples on tires. No other on the road and certainly not in this condition. A collector’s wish list item. No it is not a modified R6 or tricked out R1! This is the real deal!

The bike is a definite favorite for me, and if  it’s “as described” I think the price is not too far off, I’d like to be closer to the lower $20’s. It goes in my book as a “must have” if you are serious about collecting bikes like the RC45, RC30, OW01, etc,  just watch out for the flying cranks, enjoy!

– Jay

Ducati March 5, 2010 posted by

An unbelievable 20 Homologation Super Bike collection being auctioned

20 Homologation Super Bikes for sale!

A HUGE thanks to Matt for submitting this to I’m not sure how he found it, but it is a Super Bike Collectors dream come true. This auction consists of 20 factory homologation Super Bikes that cover the past three decades and a WSB winner to boot. Depending on what your cup of tea is there is something for every homologation fan. There are four 888 SPO’s, three regular RC30’s, a RC45, a 916 SP3, Desmocedici RR , three OW01’s, a ZX-7R K2, a 996R, a RC51 done up in Castrol racing colors and it has Colin Edwards signature, R1 SP2006 and a uber rare all white RC30 that is said to be 1 of 30. The bad part about this post is that this auction is taking place in the United Kingdom. I know there are some collectors that follow RSBFS that are probably chomping at the bit if they weren’t already aware of this auction. Some of these bikes are basically unobtainable by all standards, but yet here they are for the taking.

What I find crazy about this auction is that none of the bikes have bids on them yet; so either this auction is being kept relatively quiet or it’s a sealed bid type of auction. Whatever the case may be pull up a chair and grab your favorite adult beverage because you’ll be here a while. I think I’ve looked at it no less than 5 times in 4 hours. I just can’t get over it.

Check them out and lets see some comments:

One of the nicest collections we’ve ever had on RSBFS and you can view them all here.



Bimota February 21, 2010 posted by

1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci Located In Washington State

This is a nicely restored YB10 with some extensive engine modifications.  Located in Bremerton, Washington is a 1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci.  The YB10 features adjustable, 42mm, USD Marzocchi forks; 38mm downdraught Mikuni carbs, and Ohlins adjustable rear shock.  The YB10 weighs in at 407lbs dry, 65lbs less than the FZR that donated it’s motor.  This particular example is restored in a stunning yellow that looks very nice if not correct.  The seller states that it has extensive motor mods that include:

Falicon lightened and balanced crankshaft,performance rods,wiseco 1040cc 11.5:1 piston kit,rd valve springs,OW01 camshafts,41mm Keihin flat slide carbs,Has been ported and polished cylinder head. Custom paint,remus exh, ohlins rear shock,custom body work,custom oil cooler.

This bike isn’t original but it looks to be in fantastic condition.  The odometer looks to have less that 500 miles on it.  With the unoriginality of the bike and extensive engine modifications, this bike should be a weekend rider but, at $20,000; it’s price puts it higher than any YB10 I believe I’ve seen and too expensive to put any measurable mileage on.  If it strikes your fancy as it does mine, see it on CycleTrader here.


Yamaha December 28, 2009 posted by

1999 Yamaha R7 OW02

Located in Valrico, Florida is a 1999 Yamaha R7.  This appears to be the same seller, Ozzie, that has contacted us in the past with his rare collection of bikes.  We posted a R7 in the past with these photos that was only listed at $18k; I believe based on the sellers name and asking price that this current listing is a legitimate ad.  Quote from the seller:

1999 Yamaha R7, All Original, Garaged, Mint Condition, Never Raced/Dropped or Safety Wired, never sold to end user. Yamaha Homologation model only 500 made/sold in the world only 50 in the US, Still shows nipples on tires.

The asking price is $26,500.  See the bike on ClassyBikes here.


Yamaha December 25, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha OW 01 750 FZRR

Yes, I had to obtain special permission from the Boss man to post a non US listing, but since I know he is a sucker for OW 01’s I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. This one has 6,998 on the clock, which I think is necessary for a 20 year old bike. Much like the other Super bikes I’ve posted recently, I think it is important to ride them every now and then to keep everything lubricated and working properly. It also allows the new owner to have less guilt when he/she takes it out for a spin. Garage Queen bikes are good, but what fun are they?

The late 80’s/early 90’s Homologation Super Bikes are my absolute favorite. I know, I know I have a lot of favorites, but this era is the pinnacle for me.

Some information:

YAMAHA FZR750R OW01 SUPER BIKE first registered April 1989. Completely original bike in near perfect condition. Very hard to find like this and probably the best one we have been able to offer. Low mileage with only 6988 miles covered. These bikes are amongst the greatest bikes of all time and a collector’s dream. Frame type # 3FV – 300kph speedo. Road use only, not tracked. UK registered with log book V5 and MOT.


The paintwork is excellent.The frame is exactly as it left the factory – not polished and the fork lowers are again spotless. This bike has the twin Ohlins remotes and the aluminum top shock mount. The exhaust end can is perfect with no marks The bike stops, steers and rides beautifully and there are no strange noises . The motor pulls sweetly from low revs and idles evenly. Yes, it is expensive, but the best always are.

It is being offered in US dollars for $14,392, if my conversion is correct, or 8,995 pounds. As the seller states “it is expensive, but the best always are.” It looks to be all original with the exception of the tires and chain/sprocket. We posted a few RC’s recently, one with original everything and the other with replacement tires and chain/sprockets. The difference in bids really amazed me; the all original fetched bids up to 28g’s and the other stalled around 20g’s.

At $14,392.00 usd this is an absolute steal!

I would like to thank Jeff, one of our avid fans, for setting me straight on the valuation of these bikes.

These are super rare and this one looks like it would make a fine addition to any Homologation Collection.



Uncategorized September 14, 2009 posted by

Catch up Night!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the great submissions! That annoying full-time job keeps getting in the way of my posting, but I have some beauties lined up to fire off tonight, including an NSR250R2R SE MC28, CBR250RR, OW01 and RC30 from the same owner, and a cool RZ350!

Later this week I’ll be starting a new feature for testimonials. The decal giveaway (I’ve got more, email me!) provided a great means to get in touch with several happy shoppers that found their new treasures via this website. I love hearing about your experiences, keep them coming!


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