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Loris Reggiani Replica: 1996 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

I found this little gem while searching the “Other Makes” section of eBay. I was hoping to find something truly offbeat to share, but a first-generation Aprilia RS250 in this kind of low-mileage condition is always worth a post! If the seller is reading this: I’d recommend you list this under the “Aprilia” category, as you might get a bit more attention over there… “Other Makes” seems like the place where listings go to get lost among weird off-brand scooters and die these days… Anyway, don’t let that put you off, as this looks like a very clean machine!

All of the RS250s are slick little sportbike, but I prefer the earlier style bodywork, particularly the more traditional gauge cluster seen here, with surprisingly restrained graphics for a race-replica. It’s not quite as distinctive as a Ducati 916 or a Honda RC45, but it somehow embodies all the best styling bits of the 1990s in one little sportbike.

Whichever version you prefer, the bones are basically the same: an utterly gorgeous aluminum and magnesium beam frame with a matching swingarm, wrapped around Suzuki’s RGV250 two-stroke and six-speed gearbox. Aprilia made a wise choice here, as the liquid-cooled v-twin is highly tuneable with plenty of power to motivate the lightweight machine.

From the original eBay listing: 1996 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

At 75 and primarily due to the passing of a family member, as well as for other reasons, I have begun liquidating my small collection of motorcycles. I’m willing to consider all offers and to work with a capable buyer absent any prolonged negotiating drama. Can provide loading help. Bike is in excellent condition, ran strong when last ridden two years ago. Has always been kept indoors in temp and humidity controlled storage.

No rust or corrosion. Paint and graphics are excellent. No dings/scratches/cracks/chips. Good tires, engine, trans, brakes, clutch, electrical, gauges, etc. She is in excellent all around condition for a 23 year old lady. However, she has been sitting and will need to restart up attention and a new battery.

I just no longer want to play around with doing so, although I would like both buyer and seller to be happy with this sale transaction she is being sold as is, where is, no returns. I’m the second owner. Has a 17 digit VIN number so she can be registered in California for road use. Two-cycle, v-twin, liquid-cooled (70hp?) engine, auto oil injection. Comes with an original, printed out in English, factory-issued workshop edition service manual. Has a clear open title for your use. Your prior inspection is welcome, and your questions are always welcome. Opportunity is knocking. Thank you.

Aside from some scuffing on the end of the brake lever, this looks to be in extremely good condition, with the original exhaust and turn signals, parts that don’t often survive on bikes this old. Mileage is listed at 9,033, but the speedometer reads in kph, so I’d assume it has 5,612 actual miles, making this a very low mileage bike for the $9,200 asking price. Move fast as I don’t think this one will be around too long.



  • The Buy It Now has been lowered to $8250.

    Love these bikes, and this sure seems to be a nice one.

  • You all need to stop with the 70 hp remarks when it comes to these RS 250’s. Real world power is like 60 max to the rear wheel for one in a stock maybe a set of pipes street tune. You might crack 70 in a full on racetrack tune and it sure won’t last as long.

    • I didn’t claim in this case that the RS250 made 70hp. In fact, I didn’t mention power at all. The seller mentions the 70hp, but you’ll have to take that up with him. When I have mentioned power figures in past posts, I’ve usually said something like “a claimed 70hp.” Which appears to be true: Aprilia provided that 70hp number when the bike was new, although I’ve also seen 72hp quoted as well. Feel free to contact Aprilia directly to complain. I’m aware they don’t actually make that at the rear wheel. Assuming they aren’t just making that number up, they probably meant “at the crank,” which would make 60 at the wheel believable. I’m sure you can find other posts I’ve written that say exactly that.

  • I bought this one.
    Can anyone recommend shipping companies that will ship it enclosed from Michigan to Oregon.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Congrats man. I really do love these, and this one looked very nice!

  • Keyboard carriage is really really good…they will go pick it up, transport it inside and will deliver to your door. Also they are cheaper than forward air and their shit shipping boxes. Onlyminor problem is they can’t guarantee a delivery date (they will call you 23-48 hours before delivery). Transport time is usually 7-10 days because it has to go to a central depot somewhere in the midwest (kentucky I think).

    Anyway I have used multiple times and highly recommend.

  • Nice purchase

  • Congratulations Jason! Loved my RS250 Cup and sometimes I regret selling that one.

    Be sure to keep that crappy ethanol loaded fuel out of that tank! Mine swelled up so bad I could barely get it back in the frame.

  • Lucky me my local gas station sells ethanol free premium.

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