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Original Fizz: 1990 Yamaha FZR600

Before the haters and the interweb know-it-alls pipe up, we all know that the FZR600 – while a great bike in its day – is not rare. So what the heck is it doing here on RSBFS??! I can sum it up with one word: Condition. These bikes are not really collector material; Yamaha simply made too many, and they were really nothing special from a tech perspective. Fast forward nearly 30 years, though, and 98% (or more) of these bikes have been through about 6-7 owners, raced, hooned, crashed, trashed and rebuilt – and look like it. Here we have what amounts to a “nearly new” Fizzer 600 with enough miles on the clock not to be a garage queen (approaching 12,000), but clean enough to eat off of. The parts are original, and the bike looks it. This example is the 1% that had no chance to be special when released, but because of the preservation has become a unique find.

1990 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay

Yamaha introduced the FZR600 as an update to the FZ series. Born of the Genesis ideology, the liquid-cooled inline four is canted forward notably in order to shift weight onto the front of the bike. Unlike the 750 and 1,000cc Fizzers, the 600 makes due with only four valves per cylinder, not five; that makes it like the 400. Unlike the 400, however, the Delta Box frame on the 600 is steel, not aluminum. This was a cost move on the part of Yamaha. Another cost-saving move was the relative lack of updates to the bike over its 10 year run; aside from colors and graphics, only minor cosmetic changes were introduced to the lineup. Again, I’m damning the FZR600 with faint praise; it is nothing particularly special, yet somehow does most things right.

From the seller:
1990 FZR 600 – Immaculate condition. I hate to do this but I am finally willing to sell one of the best bikes in my collection. The reason for my decision is because I am older and my back is not like it was. In my opinion this has to be one of the nicest (if not the nicest) 1990 FZR 600’s in the entire country. The bike has all its original plastic that is in amazing condition. This bike has been garaged and babied it’s entire life. When I purchased the bike I took a year to replace any and all tiny little trim pieces that get worn overtime using ONLY new “out of wrapper” OEM parts to do so. This bike has brand new tires (less then 20 miles), a new battery, a brand new OEM fairing stabilizer bar (try to find one of those) and a new windshield that even includes the factory OEM rubber trim around it. Even the seat is like new on this bike. The bike runs like NEW and starts right up. Clutch is perfect and shifts like new. The engine has only 11,800 original miles on it. There are only two major aftermarket parts on this bike. The first is a one piece “period correct” Vance and Hines four to one exhaust system which sounds great and the other is a “Stage One” jet kit. You will be amazed at how nice this bike is. This bike turns more heads then most because young kids don’t know what it is and old people (like me) haven’t seen one in 20 years (ha). As I said, I hate to see it go but someone should be riding this!!!! The price includes a real wheel stand.

I challenge you to find a FZR600 that looks like this. Hit up the GoogleTube and do your worst. What you will end up with is a bunch of rat bikes, “naked” stunters, abandoned rust buckets and possibly even some tenable, high-mileage used bikes. If you want a period correct FZR600 – one that you can ride and one that shows well – THIS is your option. The bummer here is that the price is rather steep. The 600cc Fizzer was always a bit of a budget bike during the day; you could spend more with Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki, but you didn’t necessarily get more bike. Yamaha was smart about their trade-offs, and built a competitive bike on a budget. This particular FZR600 – while about the best we’ve seen in a long, long time – breaks the bank with a $4,900 Buy It Now option. There is also an auction underway with a $4k opening bid plus reserve (no takers yet). Sadly, this is the best FZR600 that we have seen, and it is not likely to be sold at these prices. A good bike? Most certainly. Great condition? Undoubtedly. Overpriced for a non-collectable model? Sorry to say, but true. Check it out here, and then share your experience with the most versatile of the 1990s 600cc set! Good Luck!!



  • I love this ere of bikes. They are not for everyone, but something about the square body makes it look mean. I owned a 92 model back in the day, and was a great back road carver.
    However, I see early 1990’s models all over Craigslist with far fewer miles for less that $4k. Maybe this one is special due to the year, but no changes were made(91/92) thru its life.

  • Well, at least it’s not that Katana post from a couple years back 😉

  • Totally agree with the commentary around this bike – these were great bikes, they were the best 600cc race bike for years, but otherwise nothing special and the least desirable of the FZR lineup (to me anyways – screw a steel frame…). But still, this is a rare bike in this condition and I love seeing these bikes on this blog. Like early Gixxers, Interceptors, Ninjas and the rest of the FZR line, these 80s and early 90s Jap sportbikes in nice original (or better yet – “resto-mod” with period correct upgrades) condition are mother’s milk to those of us “of a certain age”! Also I remember roadracing back in the mid 90s and we shunned the “old” FZR600s on our ZX6Rs and F3s, and it was a total embarrasment when I got waxed by a local hotshoe on a stock FZR600. Shameful!

  • Love these bikes. My first was a 1992 fzr600. Great bikes.

  • Bought a new one in 93. I can really appreciate a nice one they are far and few. So many bikes I would like in my collection I could see one of these in there some day. I also like some of the bikes posted you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy.

  • Always makes me smile to see a survivor on here. The rare model was the 92 with the flush single head light. If I recall right Yamaha produced these up through 1999. Except for the headlight in 92/93 no other changes. One could probably find a good condition 1999 model.

    All said this is a stunning example and I smile seeing it here.

    • Correction 91/92 was the year with single headlamp. The most memorable of that later config was the vance and hines repli-racer.
      I seem to also recall hearing these were somewhat evil handling if you put radials on this instead of bias ply tires. Think that had to do with the 3.5″ rear wheel on the erlier models though. I think a wider rear wheel came later. If I was looking for a rider I’d want one that could take the latest rubber I can get in 2017.

  • When you claim “Like new” and talk about all the nos oem parts bought, and ask for $4900 Buy It Now, you’d better believe I’m going to look closely to see if that’s backed up. So, why is it missing the black plastic chain guard? Why are there aftermarket aluminum foot pegs? Chopped rear fender? Needs a chain replacement and swing arm refinishing? Pretty basic stuff, and not too expensive to do. Like New?

  • I just sold my 92 for $2700. It had 17k miles with all original parts except tires and battery. It had a crack on bottom of fairing from loading on truck. Other than that, it was in very nice condition. I think $4900 is extremely hopeful. O.k. It’s rediculous.

  • Never had this bike, but did own the earlier 86 FZ600. It was a good bike, but not quick. Best ET I got with a slipping clutch was a 12.90. LOL! I remember it only topped out at 125mph too.

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