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One Owner 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 with just 2600 Miles!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale

We’ve enjoyed quite a string of original, low mileage bikes as of late and here’s another: A one owner 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 and damn it’s sexy! Not only is it all there, it still has it’s factory tool kit, original tires, both keys, and both seats. Personally I’d have to ride it a bit regardless of the miles so I think tires and some fresh fluids are probably in order. Nonetheless, it’s a no reserve auction and you can expect bidding to be brisk with a bike this mint.


1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This is it!!!Part of a private collection, one owner bought brand spanking new from dealership. Has 2645 original miles! Yes you heard me right 2600 ORIGINAL MILES! This bike runs flawless, Only needs a good home. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ITS EQUAL!! This bike is un molested in any way even has original stock tires, Never even had a tire change.The 1990 GSXR 750 is and was the pinnacle of the air/oil cooled Gsxr please check out the link here provided: at wikipedia.. Ebay wont let provide the link anymore… This motorcycle has clear open title, factory tool kit, owners manual., and Clymer service manual, And both factory solo/passenger seat as per photos provided. Also Ill include the retro Suzuki rear stand and old school bra.I have a 100% feedback so please bid with confidence! There is no stories, No drops and wrecks stunts or any stories. If you are looking at this you know how rare one is in this MINT condition especially one with this kind of mileage.




  • Wow, someone actually letting the market decide the value of a bike with a reasonable reserve. Kind of refreshing.

  • +1 The late 80’s / early 90’s is the Golden Era of sportbikes for me. I see the new CBR 1000rr sp with some old school graphics. I hope it catches on with the other designers. No more plain black bikes please!!

  • Always loved the looks with the dual headlights and a paint design that made sense. (RC 30ish.) This one looks great.

  • I have always thought the 1st gen of gsx-r from 87-89 were kind of ugly. Sure I know they are the 1st gen and are therefore more valuable than the 2nd gen like this one, but this one certainly looks much better imho. Plus its only an hour away from where I live….

  • It’s my personal feeling (from the soul obviously) that the L/M models of the 750 are the zenith of that model line,the frame,the twin headlights,usd forks,sensible paintjob(preferably blue/white) and a heap of other little touches that make the heart skip everytime you see one that hasn’t been molested by an idiot.

  • I tend to agree with everyone here . The bike is sexy , not molested with anything cheesy , has low mileage , and still looks great after all these years + the icing on the cake = only 1 owner ! It really does not get better than that !

  • That bike is mint!!! I have the same twin to that bike with yes a lil higher miles at just 4000. I thought i had the lowest and showroom all stock flawless mint 1990 gsxr750 bike with also stock tires ,windscreen and rivits “with” molding, grips , extra solo rear seat cowl all paperwork kept in heated garage .Same!Same! Bike !!! It almost makes me mad to see one as mint with about a lil less miles….. I wanna buy it!!!

  • Excellent example and I applaud the owner for resisting the temptations of times past such as mini turn signals, Vance & Hines pipe, K&N pod filters, coloured screen or a hacked off rear fender. The L model was the best of the bunch it pains me to say as I own both beautiful examples of the K and the RK. Its such a shame that the US L model missed out on the USD forks all the other countries got, but I could say the same for the 85 model GSXR which wasn’t permitted to enter these shores either. The colours on this model are also stunning and even more so in the blue and white (which of course are faster) ;o). These were some of the last beautiful paint schemes before the designers at Suzuki started experimenting with LSD just before designing a paint scheme from their sport bike catalogue. I’d love to put a bid in on this little stunner but alas now is not the time.

  • this bike is sweet! Someone is gonna get a very nice machine.

  • Thank you Mr Freeman,you answered my question before it was asked!
    I did not realize that the American market L models did not receive usd forks,rather peculiar for sure,for a cookie, does anyone know why?

  • You are welcome dukatikid. :o) I believe the reason the L model came into the US with J/K model forks and yokes/triple trees was due to the DOT dragging their heels on allowing the new USD fork to be allowed on Americas roads. I’ve worked in Suzuki dealerships in the UK and US and that was the story I heard at a Suzuki school. The awful reason the 85 F model wasn’t allowed in was due to the strict tests put upon it by the EPA. The 86 model was eventually allowed in, but unfortunately it had the 1100 huge muffler end attached and not the nice slimline muffler the rest of the world got.

  • That may well be the case, but I have an issue of Cycle Magazine Jan.1990 that states the following “Even the GSX-R750 sold in Japan is different than the one we get here. Both Japanse and European market versions receive an inverted fork. Why isn’t it used on the U.S. model?
    American Suzuki judged the added benefits not worth the several hundred dollars the fork would have added to the GSX-R’s price.”

  • 5900 current bid will still 4 days to go….sadly, now out of my price range… 🙁

    • Looks like some schill bidding going on to me.

  • Hello,
    Just wanted to know why this 90′ model doesn’t have his front upside down ?
    Maybe a damage before ?

    • Laurent, Becuase it’s a US model, there were some differances with the first and second gen GSXR’s back then we always seem to get “things” a year late.

  • *facepalm.

  • I was trying to under why the price of this bike was popping up so high for a 14 year old bike and then I found this on carolenash.com, which I think explains it…just thought I would share


    The 1990 GSXR750 was the first truly modern 750cc class sportsbike

    The Slingshot GSXR750 models form 1988-91 were lardbuckets compared to the first GSXRs, but the extra 40 odd pounds of dry weight was more than offset by a defter handling chassis and a beautifully revvy engine. The frame got thicker, as did the front forks, (43mm), with new damping rods inside.

    A new `Full Floater ‘monoshock linkage at the back improved things too, although it wasn´t firm enough for the road racing boys. New 4 piston calipers on the front disc brakes did prove popular however, as did new 17 inch diameter three spoke wheels, which allowed wider tyre choices.

    But the meat and two veg of the new model was the re-worked motor. A shorter stroke, bigger valves, 36mm carbs pumping in the go juice and a stronger crank, running in 50% more oil too. Power was up to a claimed 112bhp at 11,000rpm, aided by two air intake ducts set next to the headlights which were one of the first `ram air ‘type performance mods seen on bikes.

    The `89 GSXR gained 5mm on its wheelbase to aid high speed stability, a stainless steel cover on its exhaust end can and revised gear ratios to optimize high speed performance. 1990 saw more noticeable changes, with the revised body graphics and the all new 4-into-2 stainless steel exhaust system being obvious improvements. A larger, curved oil cooler, upside down front forks (a world first) and new disc brakes were all added.

    Interestingly, Suzuki opted to learn a few lessons from their many racetrack successes and go back to the ‘long stroke´ engine design, with new, lighter pistons, stronger con-rods and a re-worked cylinder head, plus bigger (38mm) carbs to boost performance. Tyres got slightly wider, a different monoshock mounting arrangement increased the overall ride height, and in turn improved ground clearance for hard riding GSXR owners. Taken all round, the 1990 GSXR750 was the first truly modern 750cc class sportsbike, but quickly overtaken by the 1991 Yamaha EXUP 1000, then Honda´s Fireblade appeared in 1992.

    • 8000 usd with 2.5 hours left, how high will it go I wonder?

  • $8,350.00… hoped it wouldn’t have gone that high… but needed it 🙂

  • Nice pick up!


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