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Once Smitten – 1990 Honda VFR-750R / RC30

If there was to be sportbike bubble, the grail-like Honda RC30 might be leading the way, prices rising as you watch, with collector auctions drumming up some truly outlandish numbers.  Still it is a venerable model which stood the WSBK universe on its head for a few years - lightweight, powerful, easy to ride, and just a few thousand exist.  This one has low miles, few modifications, outstanding condition, and a knowledgeable owner.

1990 Honda VFR-750R RC30 for sale on eBay

Bred and born for superbike racing, the RC30 has the goods, sometimes well hidden.  Titanium connecting rods and 360-degree crankshaft timing help make a torquey flexible 102 hp.  The single-sided swingarm is novel for the era, and quick-release front axle is also race-derived.  Rideability is enhanced by the factory slipper clutch, and the endurance racer fairing protects the monoposto up to its 149 mph top speed.

Careful enough that he raked the gravel in the photo shoot area, this might be a unique previous owner.  Evidently having owned a few RC30's over the years, this one was preserved and carefully modified with just a polished exhaust and matching 17-inch wheels from an RC45.  It certainly shows beautifully, even without the fairings, making the pictures a must-save for RC30 fans or owners.  From the eBay auction:

As you can see from the pics, the bike is in exceptional stock OEM condition and has no period performance modifications other than the wheels and exhaust noted above. The bike still wears its original paint, and it is in very nice condition for its age. As best I can tell, all of the original Honda warning stickers and decals are still in place and looking good. There are a few very minor nicks and scuffs here and there, but you have to examine the bike very closely to find them. The most notable are on the lower fairing chin (see pics) and a scuff on the right side of the original windshield (see pics). Some of what you see on the fairing chin is actually the clear plastic chip guard lifting around the edges and trapping a bit of dirt, but there are a couple of chips at the very nose of the “chin” (it is not cracked through anywhere to my knowledge). There are also a few areas around mounting points that show some minor stress cracking in the paint which is quite common for an RC30 with any mileage, but these are minor enough that I could not get them to show in the photos. The front of the lower forks also have some discoloration in a few spots which is also very common for these bikes (see pics). The above said, the overall appearance of the bike is excellent. 


The RC30's balance and powerband led it to a long career at the Isle of Man and under endurance racing privateers.  Reviews said it was light handling and Honda-easy to maintain.  Prices had been in the mid-twenties until recently, in varying levels of miles and restoration.  A couple of zero-miles examples have popped up this year, one selling at Bonham's for over $90K including commission.  Nothing like that here, but this is a great specimen that it wouldn't hurt to ride once in a while.  That is what it's all about, isn't it ?



  • What a great looking bike. RC-30s are some of the best looking sport bikes ever made. Shame I could never afford one……..

  • “the selected item is no longer available”. Anyone know what it was bid up to?

  • I saw it just over 20 this morning…BIN was 40 obo. I wish eBay would ban sellers who use the site for international publicity and then make deals under the table. There could have been several legitimate bidders who were bumped out of contention.

  • You snooze you lose. If there’s a bike on ebay that I really want, I don’t waste any time to contact the seller and see if he’s willing to make a deal. If you don’t, someone else will. As they say, money talks… I hope he got his $40k or close to it, that’s an extremely nice example and based on the spring auction prices, $40k is actually reasonable.

  • He indeed got what he wanted. Amazing bike that was well cared for by the owner. I was the previous owner and sold it to him several yesrs ago. (Add was listed here on RSBFS.) Owner is a great guy and a true enthusiast. I thought I got a good price when I sold it but these bikes have appreciated like crazy the last several years. I have a feeling he could have gotten a fair bit more but regardless it was a nice increase over what he paid. Kicking myself for ever selling it!!!

  • Good for the Seller, excellent example indeed! Really happy I already found mine but the completion date on the motor build has been pushed another month…no worries though as I want to be able to take her out for an occasional ride. Still can’t get over what’s happened with prices in the last 7 months…really amazing! And yes…I’ve made quite a few side deals as there are just too many people on ebay that bid without the means to purchase. Bird in Hand all the way IMO.

  • Small and not so important detail. It sould be “17” wheel” from an RC45″, not “wheels”. RC45 carried a 16″ front.

  • Yes! Good catch. When I owned the bike I was able to source a NOS RC45 rear wheel and a front wheel from an F3. Had them both powder coated and wrapped with the Pirelli Rosso corsa tires that are still on the bike. Those RC45 rears are now tough to find.

  • Motoman, sounds like an awesome build!! Your collection sounds nothing short of amazing!

  • Thanks my friend, it’s all going into our museum for everyone to see. We do sell some bikes to keep the lights on (consignment and such) but the Ninja R’s, RC’s, OW’s and some other rare girls are just for our guests to enjoy and rekindle old memories. Can’t foresee selling them as they are much more valuable to me then $$ and I don’t want that “kicking myself” feeling ever again 🙂 If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, stop by Iconic Motorbikes and say hello!

  • RC30, RC45, GSXR750RK, OW01. These rare bikes are getting hotter all the time. I was at deals gap this weekend with my RG500, RGV250, and MC28. The interest in these bikes in alive and well, from young and old. Having them in a museum is nice, but the real joy comes from experiencing them on the pipe and on tight roads. If only a Spondon RG500 would be listed.

  • Motoman, I didn’t realize you guys were behind iconic. All makes sense now!! 🙂 Great idea and great collection of bikes. I need to make a trip down. Keep up the great work!!

  • Funny you said that Jeff. My wife just said this morning, when can you ride if you’re open sundays? Thankfully we have another good friend that’s also on this site and he’s promised to help when he retires later this year. Gotta keep these fluids flowing in these girls with a nice ride from time to time. Tad took out the hypermotard yesterday so seems we have lots of support from this board, Dan has been wonderful too (which is amazing by the way). And yep, Iconic Motorbikes is A few of us that love bikes to no end!! My only question is, can we ride 2 strokes with dealer plates? Hmmmmmmm.

  • Hello motoman
    Where is iconic motorbike located is Los Angeles?
    Would love to drop in and see what happening.

  • Hey there Scott, thanks for reaching out brother. We’re opening up on July 1st but people continue to flow through (don’t even have the signs yet :). Danny and I are still recovering from putting in this damn flooring…place was a wreck (would much rather turn a wrench or a throttle!!!). Anyway, we’re right on the border of Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey, we share a wall with that huge Harley Dealer (Bartels) and the Exotic car place on other side. 4161 Lincoln, Marina Del Rey. We’ll be in Laguna Seca with a big booth and sponsoring this site in July-Sep as well. Look forward to seeing you sometime! Adam.

  • Sounds awesome. I will come visit and meet you guys.


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