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Not Blue and White: 1991 GSXR-750 in Black and Silver


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.


The Suzuki GSX-R750 is an icon and prices for the first and second generation bikes are already on the rise, with pristine versions of the “slabbie’ and “slingshot” bring top dollar.  This is a 3rd generation bike (it has the glassed in dual headlight) and prices for these haven’t started to climb…yet.

The 1991 model was the last Suzuki GSX-R to use the oil-cooled SACS engine.   For 1991 the focus of the changes was more on usability and comfort than performance, so the bike had a more comfortable seat as well as different headlamps and tail lamps/lights.  The changes resulted in the bike being 15kg heavier than the 1990 model but performance was still good with the bike putting out 116 bhp.

The 1991/3rd edition bikes also offer a new style of bodywork;  a black/silver blue instead of the previous years red/black/white.  Most people seemed to want the classic Suzuki blue/white, probably because it was similar to the bodywork on the Suzuki race bikes and the black/silver/blue didnt sell as well, which makes this particular bike something of a rarity.

Note:  This color scheme was offered for one year only.  All Suzuki GSX-R750 color schemes can be seen here.


1991 GSX-R750 with Black/Silver/Blue bodywork for sale on eBay

This GSX-R750 shows about 28000 miles so it hasn’t been a garage queen but the condition looks to be truly excellent.  The seller indicates that the bike might have some small scuffs and scratches but I am not seeing anything significant in the pictures attached to the auction.   The engine area, seats and tank all look to be in excellent condition.  The bike even appears to come with the standard exhaust which was something that often got removed/replaced with an aftermarket piece.

gsxblackandblue engine mergedgsxblackandblue4

Whats this 3rd generation GSX-R750 worth?  Well pristine examples of the 2nd generation bikes have gone for prices up to 8300 USD on RSBFS.   The current bid price for this one is under 2000 with reserve not yet met but I expect the price to go up before the auction ends.  Personally I think this one will appeal to someone who had one previously who wants to relive a bit of their hooligan youth or a collector who wants to take a bit of a gamble on whether these 3rd generation bikes will increase in value like the 1st and 2nd generation have.  Or maybe somebody who just likes the blue wheels…



  • Header Title is wrong (says 1997).

    • opps! thanks for catching that….guess I need even more caffeine


  • Ahhhhh,the best of the breed in my mind,which is a statement considering the lineage before and after.Whilst the SRAD moved everything upwards and onwards the beautiful M model embodied everything the slabbies and the slingshots had before with a beautiful sprinkling of “modernization” whilst retaining those classic lines of that beautiful frame.
    Doing a “runner” from New Zealand’s finest on a glorious Saturday afternoon at 260 km/h (indicated your worship) whilst doing some impromptu speed-testing on the Ngatea straights in mid ’95 is still fresh in my memory. Blue and white she was,86000 kms and still going strong,excuse me I think I’m going to cry.

  • Suzuki does not list this color as blue in the official brochure. It was called “periwinkle”. This mouth-breather from back in the day will never forget the salesman showing showing me that.

  • Umm… That’s weird. Unless you guys have short memories this model year was known to be a pig. I’m sure it’s fun and you can get your jollies on it, but performance wise, Suzuki went a little downhill on this bike. And furthermore, how rare is this thing? I still see them around a bit.

    I think I might sound like an asshole here but it’s very generous to have this bike on this site, although it’s a lot better than the Katana that was listed a couple years ago. 😉

  • It’s ok david,its a free world you’re certainly entitled to an opinion,they slowly gained weight until the advent of the SRAD but do you honestly believe that this bike and others of its vintage will be overcome by your,as yet, undiscovered talent???………..didn’t think so. In short bikes of all types bring on a varied range of emotion/feelings unique to each individual,that’s why old-stagers race Brit singles from the 60s,its not logical but bugger me,ITS FUN!!!!
    I had an experience on one of these bikes that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it,it was a little bit naughty and I got away with it..just!

    That’s why we ride bikes,cool?

  • Sold for $2800

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