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North of the border: 1986 Suzuki GSX750S Katana

For Sale: 1986 Suzuki GSX750S Katana

At first glance, this bike appears to be a very clean early 80’s Suzuki Katana, similar to what we saw in the US. Upon closer inspection, however, some things are very different. 750cc? U.S. Katanas of this body style were only 1000cc. And what is going on with that front headlight??

This, avid RSBFS readers, is a rare (non-existent in the US) 750 Katana with a pop-up headlight. As you can see in the picture above, the headlight retracts into the fairing, giving this Katana an eerie, hawk-like appearance. Other key details in this picture include the fact that the motorcycle is allowed in the house – a key to preserving a bike of this vintage during winter weather!

From the seller:
Rare Canadian version 1986 GSX750S pop up headlight, K & N Dyno carb kit, Iridium plugs with dual Accel super coils and 9mm Accel wires, Emco cone filters, Supertrapp 4:1 stainless steel header, new hydraulic clutch seal and Kevlar plates.Bike comes with stock exhaust and owners manual.Bike is in Vancouver,Canada and I can help getting it to a shippers dock or deliver it to Blaine, Washington for a small fee.Shipping is not included.Bike is sold as is.Please email if you have any questions or need pictures.This model was only available in Japan,Europe,Australia and Canada.Really stands out of the crowd.You can check online to see specs of this model Suzuki.A lot of the mechanical parts are comparable to the regular 86 suzuki gs750 and the GSXR models. This bike is 25 years old has signs of regular use.It has never been layed down.It comes with a clear title.

For all the people that asked about shipping to the United States.You have to check with U.S Customs about duty.They will give you all the information.Also for those that inquired about shipping companies.I have had friends that used U-Ship and they have had good luck.I can bring the bike across the border to Blaine,Washington for a small fee, but the paper work must be in order to do so.

To answer the question about what is a pop up? This was a nick name given to these bikes because the front head light pops up like those from a 80’s corvette or the 80’s firebird’s and trans am’s

These earlier Katanas definitely had a style all their own. And this particular bike is even more unique, given that none were imported into the States. If you like to roll your own way, and would prefer to never see someone else on the same bike at a gathering or ride, this just might be your opportunity. Besides, this model is already housebroken!

To check out all of the details on this wonderful, gray-market bike, click the link and . Good Luck with the bidding and importing!


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  • knightrider called- he wants his motorcycle back…

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