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Suzuki posted by

Nice Pair Mate: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R And 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OWO1


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

 Pair 1pair 2

Now that is quite a pair!  Before you pawn your wife’s wedding ring a note on location;  Australia.  Quite an opportunity for the locals.  Thanks to Spencer on our Facebook page for spotting these and making all of us not in Australia jealous.

gsxr right

This would be at the top of my list to Santa.

The info:

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase 2 of the most desireable race replica road legal bikes from the late 80’s.

These bikes along with the Honda RC30 and the Kawasaki ZZR750RR were definately the turning point for what was to become the normal factory process for homologation for racing.

Both bikes have been imported from Japan and have full aust import approval.

Suzuki GSXR750 RK (RR) 1989,

only 500 were produced to comply with racing rules,

18,304 Km, very good overall original condition, the fairing has been repainted at some point and the paint is a bit blistered

ow right

I’m not up the OW’s, the owner mentions upgrading to full power spec.  Is that just a result of it being a Japanese domestic bike?

The info:

Yamaha OWO1

Only 1000 were produced

This has been upgraded to full horsepower spec, also has a performance pipe, and in generally in very good condition.

The speedo only shows 1007 Km not sure if this is correct, I would assume it has been changed or reset after the upgrading ???

ow front

gsxr side

Check em out on Ebay Australia.



  • Registration nightmare for Australian buyers.Both those bikes are are post 12/88 production date,so they cannot be registered in most states without a rediculous amount of time and money aquiring approval,as no one has compliance approval for either of these machines.Factor that in.

  • Quote “Both bikes have been imported from Japan and have full aust import approval.”

  • Two of the sickest bikes ever. These are a little rough, but I’ve been looking for a RR for a long time. This one’s too rough, but if anyone has the Suzuki and is looking to thin the heard, I’m interested.

  • I have an absolute mint RR….would struggle to let it go for less than 27K…..be wary of these museum bikes, I bought a OWO1 from a museum, needed a lot of time and money to get it running! There was some porky pies told as well….”just been serviced, runs well” ……what a load of crap….my faith in the human race went down a few notches that day!

  • “Full Australian Import Approval” Under what clause I ask..Display?…Race?…either way I can not see how they can be registered unless they are on the RAWS list? in which they are not!

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